Sexy Young Thing

by mysteria27

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Erotica Sex Story: After being away from home, a young man accepts an invitation from his father to spend the summer with him before starting law school.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   BiSexual   Group Sex   Cream Pie   Oral Sex   Sex Toys   Voyeurism   Prostitution   .

My dad loved fast women and the high life. He liked to party and hook up with hot women. My dad traveled a lot. My mother never really knew where he was. It was the end of their marriage when my father was photographed with some hot babe he met at some stripper joint. My dad had a weakness for strippers. He couldn’t help himself around them.

My mother was constantly embarrassed seeing her husband photographed with younger women. She was upset and left him. She had a nervous breakdown and needed to be committed. My father got full custody of me. Years later, my mother overdosed and passed away. I never really knew her.

I was cared for by staff that my father hired. My father was quite wealthy. I could remember my father having all kinds of parties. There were always lots of women around the house. He’d always have me call them “Auntie.” They were never my aunts though. Dad married and divorced so many times. He had a weakness for pretty women. He loved to entertain and would have parties all the time. Anybody who was anyone would attend his events. When I was older, I read about his interesting parties in the rag style magazines.

My father was quite secretive in what he did for a living. I just knew we were wealthy. Dad couldn’t care for me on his own and sent me to a private boarding school for boys. I lived there for the next four years. I maintained good grades and when it was time, I was accepted into a prestigious college.

I studied long and hard for the next four years. I was studying to be a lawyer. My father said he could always use a lawyer in his line of work. The plan was, after college, I’d take the summer off before finishing up the next three years at law school. My father invited me to come home and have a relaxing vacation and spend time with him. I never spent time with my dad. I was looking forward to the experience.

I think I had read in some magazine that my father had married again. He must have been on wife number seven or eight by now. I don’t know why he married them. It seemed much too complicated to me.

I hadn’t been home in years. I was hoping dad would be home. He promised we’d spend time together. I had been away for a very long time and looked forward to getting to know him. My father was more like a friend than a father.

My limo pulled up to the gate and a sexy lady came out of the house to greet me. She was young and attractive. I wondered who she was. She was much too young to be my father’s wife. She looked younger than me.

“Jack, is that you?”

“I’m Penelope. Your new mother!”

“Yes. Nice to meet you.”

Penelope took my bags, and I followed her into the house. She walked with a cute wiggle. She was beautiful. She wore black yoga pants with a pink sports bra. She wore her sneakers and slouch socks. Her hair was in a loose ponytail. She smelled like fresh cut flowers.

“It’s so nice to meet you finally. Your dad and I were married last year.”

“You’re the new flavor of the month? I’d say you’re the youngest wife he ever married. Jesus, you could be my sister!”

Penelope smirked at me. She didn’t seem amused by what I had said.

“I met your father on my birthday. We married shortly after that. It was love at first sight. He gave me a ring and the rest is history.”

“Is that the crap he told you? Was he even sober when you met?”

“Of course, he was. He wanted to marry me. I wanted to wait.”

I always wondered why my dad married his women. I bet it would be cheaper just to give them an allowance. I guess he wanted them to be happy. I think he just liked cheating on his wives. It gave him a sense of power.

“Your dad said we were destined to be together. He said he never loved somebody so much! He’s just amazing!”

I loved watching her defend his honor. I loved how hot she was. She was young and had a tight fit body. She had big tits which he must have bought her. She had a great ass that looked amazing in her tight yoga pants. Her boobs looked amazing in her sports bra. She was a hottie. I could feel my briefs getting tight in my shorts. I was getting hard looking at my new stepmother.

“Honey, I do hope this is a fairy tale for you. I bet next year you’ll be divorced. My dad loves women. He loves to have sex with hot girls. Think of it as an honor. He must buy you anything you want. Just enjoy it for however long it lasts. My dad has a roving eye.”

“He’s mine, and I’m his.”

“Dad likes them young I see. What are you like twenty?”

“I just turned nineteen.”

“Holy fuck you’re younger than me. You could be my sibling.”

“Jack, I’m your stepmother. Your dad married me. Do the math.”

“Penelope, he must have told you he’s had many wives. You’re hardly the first one he ever had. I know he’s your first husband. Jesus, you must be like wife number eight by now.”

“Eight? He never mentioned he was married that many times.”

“Oh yea. Dad loves pussy. I bet yours is sweet. Dad likes whores and strippers. Were you one of those professions?”

“That’s not appropriate. I’m your step-mother. You should be ashamed of yourself. Your dad would be pissed that you’re speaking to me like that.”

“Honey, you’re not my step-mother. You could be my girlfriend. You’re not in charge of me. In fact, I bet my dad would like me to fuck you too. Dad has sent some of his lovers to my school to fuck me. You’re just a paid whore really.”

Penelope looked frazzled and I noticed her nipples were erect in her sports bra. I wondered if I’d have her in the sack by the end of the day. I was hoping to have sex with my new and very pretty stepmother. I’d have to work to get her in the sack. She seemed really in love with my dad.

“I have to get settled. I’ll see you later Penelope.”


I took my luggage and walked up to my bedroom. I was exhausted and needed to chill for a bit. I put my wash into the hamper and sprawled out on the bed. I noticed my father left me a note near my bed. I wondered what it said.

It was a nice note, but said he’d be out of the country for a few weeks. He wanted me to keep an eye on his new wife. Told me to take her out on the town. It even said, I could fuck her if I wanted. Dad didn’t mind sharing. He was like that. He liked for me to experience his hot women. He treated his wives like objects. Shiny beautiful pieces of art. Dad liked his girls with fake tits and nice bodies. He had impeccable taste for the women he fucked.

When I was eighteen, my father bought me a prostitute for my birthday. She fucked me for the entire weekend. It was an amazing birthday gift. I was a virgin until that weekend. He gave me a number and told me to call it whenever I wanted sex. The number was good all over the world. I never had to worry about getting laid. Sluts would fuck me anywhere. I sometimes would lend the girls out to my friends at college. I was a total player.

I was wondering if my father was in the prostitution business. I had no idea what he did for a living. I had thought he might be in the mob or something like that. For one thing, there was lots of women to enjoy. Although, I was thinking about my new stepmother. I wondered if she’d be into having a little fun.

I needed some pussy. I called the number which was programmed on my phone and ordered two hot blondes to come and play with me. I wanted my stepmother’s pussy, but knew that she’d be a lot of work trying to convince her to sleep with me. For now, I’d fuck some paid sluts. Paid sluts did whatever you wanted. They never said “no.”

I got into my swim trunks and grabbed a six-pack. I went into the backyard by the pool. After a while, Penelope brought the women into the backyard. They were exactly what I had ordered. Two blondes with big tits and great asses. They looked as good as my stepmother. They were probably as old as her.

“You must be Jack. I’m Candy and this is Macy.”

“Nice to meet you girls. Let’s go into the hot tub. Take your clothes off and join me. Penelope, would you like to hang out?”

“No. I’m your stepmother. This isn’t appropriate. Have fun.”

Penelope walked back into the house. I saw her in the kitchen spying on us. I figured I’d give her a great show. The girls stripped and we all went into the hot tub. They were gorgeous.

“I’d love to see you guys make out.”

“Sure, whatever you want, Jack.”

Candy and Macy sat next to each other in the hot tub. Candy climbed over Macy and they shared a passionate kiss. Their breasts were both fake and rubbed up against the other. They were moving their pussies up against the other. It was so hot. I knew what they were doing, and it was making me hard.

I stroked my cock while watching the girls make-out. I wanted to stick my cock in both of their twats. I saw Penelope watching in the window. I wondered if she was playing with her pussy. I was hoping she’d be horny and would fuck herself while I fucked the sluts.

“I want to fuck the two of you. Whose first?”

“You can fuck me first, bright eyes.”

Candy and Macy broke away from each other. Candy climbed on top of me and bounced up and down over my cock. Macy stood up behind her friend and played with her fake tits. Her pussy felt amazing on my cock. Even though she was a paid whore, her pussy was tight. I loved how good it felt up inside of her.

She was enjoying my dick while she rolled her hips and continued to ride me slow. I liked her big tits and her nice ass. I wanted to fuck Macy too.

“Change places, now!”

Candy got up and Macy sat down. She eased down on my cock and moved and rocked over my dick. Candy stood up and played with Macy’s big tits. Penelope was still watching. She had to be nude and playing with her pussy. I was hoping my display of sex would be turning her on.

Macy screamed out and came on my cock. I blasted her cunt with my come.

“I want you ladies to suck my dick. Let me sit on the chair.”

I stood up and got out of the hot tub. I walked over to a chair and opened my legs. Candy and Macy got out of the hot tub and knelt on their knees. Candy licked the cream from my cock and stuffed my one ball into her mouth. Macy licked the other side of my dick and put my other ball into her aching mouth. They looked at me while sucking on my balls.

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