Betty Jo's Brother Reminisces

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2017 by Tony Tiger

Humor Sex Story: Good ole country boy tells us about some childhood family experiences

Caution: This Humor Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult   Consensual   Humor   Slut Wife   Incest   Group Sex   Pregnancy   .

NOTE: While this story can stand alone, reading “Betty Jo Reminisces” first will give you some background and, hopefully, more entertainment.

Hi, my name is Jethro Hatfield and I’m Betty Jo’s oldest brother ... by about four years. I still live with my Pa and three younger brothers. I have a sister who’s in the middle of us boys and y’all will hear more about her later. There’s also a woman named Beverly who isn’t married to Pa but she acts like a wife and ma to us kids. She’s a bit younger than Pa but way older than me ... sorta in between, I guess. It was her idea to tell this story and she’s a’writin it down cause I can’t. Never did get along with school much.

Beverly’s real interested in sex, and ah guess ah am too, so we’ll tell a lot about that.

When I was in school I’d heard about sex but didn’t believe it until some boys shewed pitchers in a magazine and read to me what it said in there. I was gettin to know why there was differences between me and Betty Jo like I seen during baths and swimmin down at the crick. Our house was pretty small and Ma and Pa’s bed only had a curtain cross whar they sleeped. We wood hear some unusual bed creakins and moanin and groanins from time to time when they were in there. Us young uns wondered why they was in bed in the day time sometimes. Now I knows they musta been doing sex.

When we growed up a bit us older boys wud get stiffies in the morning afore we peed. We also got them when Betty Jo would get nekkid to go swimmin with us. At school I learned about beatin off and me and my next brother tried it out in front of each other and later we would do each other. It felt real good to have the white stuff shoot out of our stiffie.

We showd Betty Jo at the swimmin place. She felt bad she didn’t have a stiffie so we let her make ours shoot. We had lotsa fun there. Them magazines showed girls suckin on stiffies so Betty Jo tried it and boy was it good. She liked the taste of the white stuff so did it even at home when Ma and Pa weren’t around or were behind the curtin.

Betty Jo’s titties started to grow so I brought anuther magazine home and showed her about fuckin. She wanted to try it so my next brother put his smaller “cock” in her “pussy”. It only went part way in so he moved it in and out and shot his “cum” in there. I did it next and did it feel good. Both of us did that every day and the suckin too.

One day my brother was pumping pretty hard and somethin in Betty Jo’s pussy broke and he went in lots deeper. She loved it even more and we commenced to puttin our cum down deep a lot. After a while Betty Jo started throwin up every mornin and didn’t want to do fuckin no more. That’s when we larned the white stuff made babies inside a woman.

Ma took her to a dockter to get it fixed and Pa beat us even tho we told him we didn’t know and we was sorry. I think he was kinda pissed that he wasn’t gettin any of Betty Jo’s fine pussy. She was right purty with boobies thet were gettin bigger all the time. We knowed he feeled em up too.

When she cum back she was kinda sick. Ma told us we couldn’t fuck her.

Ma also told us that when a man starts afuckin he needs to keep doin it or he’ll get “blue balls”. That sounded bad so we were glad when Ma told us that sh’d fuck us as much as she could when Pa wern’t around so he wouldn’t get mad again. Her pussy wern’t near as tight as Betty Jo’s but her titties were big and floppy and fun to play with so it was lots better than no pussy atall. We wuz worried about babies but she said she couldn’t have no more so shoot away and she shore enjoyed us a’pumpin in there whur we’ed cum out of.

When Betty Jo got better she commenced to fuckin us agin. Ma wanted to chek on our dick development so she would still fuck us once in a while until she got sick. Then Betty Jo had to start takin care of Pa too. Didn’t seem to hurt her pussy none, gettin all that dick, though it was sometimes purdy slippery when I got my turn to stick my pecker in.

Betty Jo got a job with them moonshiners in the next holler. Her pussy got looser and slipperier cause she was afuckin them three cause they didn’t have no woman. She brought some dollers home tho and thet helped buy more beer.

When the sheriff busted the still Betty Jo lost her job. I wuz hopin she’d be around more fer more pussy pumpin but thet big old deputy Billy Bob come sniffin round and started spooning with Betty Jo. Purdy soon he was a bonin her too. Didn’t seem to hurt her cunt none but she wasn’t around so much. She made us shoot quicker when we dipped our tallywhackers or she just sucked us.

After a while Betty Jo brought a woman named Beverly around to start takin care of us so she could move to town and shack up with Billy Bob. Beverly was a widder woman who was not as old as Ma. She was built a bit thick but had nice titties which she showed us after a Sunday dinner. Betty Jo had us pull out our peckers so Beverly could see how well they stood up. The widder was smilin and said that this looked like a good “project”, which didn’t make no sense to me.

She started her helpin the very next day and Betty Jo showed her about the kitchen. She had been missin cock since her husband died and, between cookin and cleanin, managed to take all of us behind the curtain into Pa’s bed twice each that day.

Beverly fucked reel different than Betty Jo or Ma. She made us take a bath and brush our teeth and take all our clothes off. She didn’t just turn around and uncover her puss like a dog would, but laid nekkid on her back and I got between her legs to stick my pecker in. She made me slow down and suck her titties while I was doing it too. After my dick aspurted she wrapped her legs around my ass and made me stay inside. Golly gee, I stayed purdy hard and she started amovin her hips and I got a stiffie again and shot more stuff. That was real nice and I wanted to try it again but it was Pa’s turn for her cunnie.

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