by Sailbad

Copyright© 2017 by Sailbad

Fantasy Sex Story: A companion story to Ovi-Surrogate, Shelly finds she is not alone in her service to the strange, alien forest dwellers. She witnesses another young woman providing for their reproductive needs.

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual   Mind Control   Horror   Aliens   non-anthro   Light Bond   Gang Bang   Group Sex   Bestiality   Voyeurism   .

Shelley was low on supplies. She needed to go down to the village to collect her mail and pick up some essentials. It was not too often that she left her cabin here on the outskirts of the Brazilian savannah. She had lost all faith in humanity after her bitter divorce and now thrived on independence and trusted only her seclusion. Nonetheless, she had needs and they necessitated a periodic trip to the village on the river. The local people scattered sparsely about the area had a deep, superstitious fear and respect for her so she really was not too afraid to move about the region alone. Shelley was a Bearer.

She always tucked her hair up under an old straw hat and then donned an old tattered shirt and a beat-up pair of canvas trousers. It made her look like a little old man from a distance, no need to attract undue attention to herself, a lone female, superstitions or not. It was a day’s round trip journey so she started out early. She dragged her rickety two-wheeled cart from the underbrush and trudged up the path to the road. It was a fair day and she lost herself in her thoughts as she walked.

It was about an hour into her walk when Shelley crossed the path that led down to the old woman’s house. The old woman lived with her young granddaughter in a shack a short distance from the main road to the village. Shelley always stopped to check on them when she passed to see if they needed anything. She pushed her cart into the bushes and started down the path to the old woman’s house.

About three-quarters of the way to the shack Shelley came to something hung on a bush beside the path. It was a dress. Shelley recognized it as one the young girl wore. It was draped over the bush as if put there deliberately. Shelley assumed it was hung there to dry and went on to the house.

Shelley called out when she came in sight of the shack but nothing stirred. She walked up to the porch and found the door open. She called again but got no response. She stepped up onto the porch and peered into the doorway. She could faintly hear what sounded like a rapid muttering. She stood at the door trying to adjust her eyes to the light and then she saw her.

The old woman was kneeling on the floor in the corner of the room, rocking back and forth, clutching her rosary beads, and hastily uttering her Hail Marys. She was obviously very upset about something. Shelley stepped slowly into the room and approached her. Seeing Shelley the woman frantically crawled toward her and reached out to her. Shelley knelt in front of the woman, braced her shoulders, and tried to understand what was wrong. Shelley did not speak much Portuguese but she could make out ‘forest’ and ‘demons’. Shelley asked, “Maria?” trying to find out about the woman’s granddaughter and the woman just broke down crying and talking more about demons but Shelley finally picked out the term ‘Bearer’. The girl was a Bearer! She’d been called for her union!

Shelley hugged the poor woman and rose to her feet. She moved toward the door and the woman clung to her legs, urgently trying to keep Shelley from going outside saying ‘no’ and ‘demons’. Shelley braced the woman’s shoulders again and pulled herself away, leaving the woman wailing on the floor.

Stepping into the open, Shelley looked out into the forest. The creatures were out there someplace implanting the girl. She knew she had nothing to fear from them if she respected their seclusion. She knew what the girl would be experiencing, rapture like human sex could never be. She just smiled to herself and proceeded back up the path toward the road.

She reached the point where she found the dress draped over the bush and then something suddenly hit her. Arousal. Shelley was overwhelmed with a mysterious urge that was luring her. She stopped and sniffed the air around her. It was coming from the right. She realized what it was almost immediately. It was the pheromones they used to summon her into the forest for a mating encounter. ‘They’, of course, were the strange alien creatures of the forest, those unearthly, octopus-like beings unknown to the civilized world that inhabited these forests. Creatures that maintained a bestial, symbiotic relationship with local human females, the Bearers, to mate and produce their young. The same creatures that once a month lured Shelley into the forest to implant an ovum in her uterus and then impregnate her.

Without thinking she plunged into the undergrowth, seeking out that irresistible call and the familiar delight waiting at the source. Shelley started unbuttoning her blouse and pulling it over her shoulders almost giddy with anticipation. She paused to reacquire the scent and then resumed her search. The only apprehension in her was how she would be received. These may not be her mating pair and that it wasn’t her time of the month. Shelley didn’t care; the pull was too strong. She started to unfasten her trousers for she sensed she was close now.

Suddenly she heard a loud gasp followed by a lilting, young voice uttering words she could not understand. Shelley quietly turned toward the sound and slowly crept around a bush. There, in a clearing a few feet away was the girl, her naked skin glowed in the dim forest light. She was already lying on her back with her legs spread and her knees up. Shelley froze. This was not her ritual, it was not her time, and she must not intrude. Interference at this point would not only disturb their reproductive rites, but she could also endanger herself. She knew the creatures were very strong and there was no telling what they might do to an interloper.

Shelley melted back into the shadows. As afraid as she was of being detected, she was still drawn to the strong scent of the pheromones the creatures were exuding to lure and subdue the girl now in their possession. Resolved to stay back, Shelley took up a good vantage position and used this opportunity to witness the ritual from a fresh perspective. Shelley stood toward where the girl’s feet were pointed and slightly to one side. The creatures must have just arrived because the procedure was just beginning. Two of the creatures were positioned at the girl’s side, even with her chest and two more were between the girl’s feet. In the dim light she could make out the shapes of the creatures. They were roughly shaped like octopuses with a body about a third of a meter in diameter, six snake-like tentacles, and a smaller, special function appendage at the back of their bodies. They had large black eyes mounted on the top front of their bodies and a smooth, clammy, leathery skin. She could tell the males from the females by their seventh, ‘stinger’ tendril. The female’s was larger and housed her ovum depositor and the male’s was narrower and more deft.

The two creatures between the girl’s legs were the mating pair while the two at the girl’s sides, the guardians, were there to restrain her during the process. Both of these creatures were males and they were just laying hold of the girl. They anchored themselves to nearby growth with their strong tentacles and wound a tendril each around the girl’s wrists and just above her knees. They didn’t draw her tight, she had plenty of slack to move her arms and legs, and she was bound just to control any violent thrashing. The female creature approached the girl’s crotch, its tendrils slithered and rolled over the ground to propel her up to the girl’s pelvis, which the female heaved herself upon and settled. The girl lifted her head to watch as the female lay herself squarely just above the pubic patch. The female’s middle tentacles crept around the waist of the girl and the hind-most tentacles wrapped around her upper thighs. The stinger that was arched over the female’s body curled the other way and arched downward to the girl’s sex. As the stinger came in contact with her vulva it started to secrete a thick fluid from the tip. The girl dropped her head and rolled it from side to side as the tendril’s tip pushed into her thick, wild, curly mat of pubic hair and started to smear it slowly up and down the slit of her labia. Her young, pert breasts danced and jiggled in unison on her chest as she moved, her nipples and areolas hardened to sharp points.

Shelley slowly let go of her pants, which fell around her ankles and pushed her hands down into the front of her panties almost subconsciously. She knew the delights that were in store for the girl and she was living vicariously through her as she watched. Two of her middle fingers of one hand slipped into her vagina as two other fingers on her other hand surrounded her clitoral hood and ground slow circles. She heard the girl cry, “Ai. Ai, sin. Ai, min.” and then the heavy chemical potion of pheromones released with the creature’s secretions hit her. A sudden wave of ecstasy swept over her as the scent triggered a surprise orgasm. The suddenness robbed Shelley of her strength and she fell to her knees.

The stinger continued its work. It had made a patch of wet, matted hair as it slid slowly up and down. Lips at the end of the stinger opened and a pink, finger-like probe emerged and started licking around in the dense pubic tangle as it sought out the girl’s labial slit. Finding it, the pink inner tendril curled back and forth between the labia, parting them, and pushing the thick hair out of the way. Once the girl’s sex was satisfactorily opened and exposed, the finger surged down, hooked into the vagina, and then twisted in a circular motion around the opening. The girl gasped as she was entered and arched her hips upward. The stinger centered over the speared sex and its lips stretched open in front of the afflicted girl’s vagina and then mounted the vulva. A slight gurgle became audible as the implanted tendril charged and plundered the girls’ captured inner reaches, working its tantalizing magic in a way Shelley knew only too well.

Shelley watched the female’s stinger gyrating in all directions as it plied the entrenched ovum-depositing tendril within the girl. She could see the lips of the obscene organ clamp and clutch greedily over the black haired vulva like a hungry mouth sucking at a breast. Copious amounts of the creature’s lubricating fluid oozed out from between the enmeshed organs and drooled over the girl’s butt and onto the mossy ground.

Shelley’s panties were becoming a nuisance to her and they had to go. She pushed them to her knees and then rocked from side to side to get them past her knees before shoving them to her ankles. She fell back onto her haunches spreading her knees wide before plunging her fingers back between her swollen, pouting labia. She tried to push her fingers as deep as possible into her vagina to duplicate the sensations she knew the girl would be feeling. She inhaled deeply trying to gather as much of the narcotic aroma as possible as she twiddled her clitoris faster. She wanted to join with the pair before her and share in the rapture and the mystic ritual.

The girl started issuing long protracted gasps and the female’s stinger froze in a rigid arch. Shelley knew that the female’s tube-like tendril was now fully lodged in the girl and was pressed firmly against her uterus. The girl took a deep breath and held it, which Shelley understood immediately to be the implantation. Sufficiently prepared, the girl was having the creature’s egg slowly pushed into her womb. Shelley herself became still in empathy for this crucial moment.

The girl let out a steady, soft moan signaling that the female’s tiny inner tendril was delving up into her cervix to ensure proper placement of the egg. Obviously assured that everything was as it should be, the stinger began twisting and bending around between the girl’s thighs and more fluid spilled out over her crotch. The female was preparing the girl for the male’s mount. The girl uttered a sigh as the tendril slowly withdrew from her vagina. Shelley could see a bulge moving up the underside of the stinger as the tendril was extracted. With a wet plop the stinger pulled free of the ravaged mons and then started dobbing the girl’s entire pubic area, slathering gooey doses of the fluid over the girl’s thick, dark hair, making the perfect environment for the male to apply himself to the ripened surrogate. The female uncoiled her young captive and lifted herself on her tentacles above the girl’s messy pubis, her stinger still smearing and rubbing the matted locks. She stepped over the girl, arched her stinger tendril under her body, and then slithered off into the bushes.

The atmosphere was now saturated with the heady pheromones and before Shelley could even coordinate her efforts, a tremendous climax seized her and wracked her body in convulsions. Every muscle in Shelley’s body tensed as she responded to the signals triggered in her brain. Shelley gratefully accepted nature’s reward for reproductive receptivity as every nerve she possessed was treated to its absolute full capacity of pleasure. The orgasm hammered on her, like some tremendous leach it sucked the strength from her. Shelley felt like she had swam twenty miles and thrust herself on some soft warm beach with the last ounce of energy she had. She fell forward and collapsed balled up in a heap on the ground. Her head still turned to the scene in the clearing.

The two attending creatures had brought the helpless girl into position for the male to inseminate. They had pulled her knees up toward her chest so that her anus was now away from the ground and her vagina pointed skyward. Her brown labia puffed outward amidst her wet pubic tangle in an open invitation. The male was about to mount her. His leading tentacles lay over the girl’s crotch and crossed under her back. He lifted himself on his hind tentacles as centre tentacles hooked over her thighs. He pulled himself up onto her and began to bend himself to mold to her exposed crotch. Once in position he wasted no time in binding himself to her with his rope-like tendrils encircling her hips and thighs. She was his now. His tail tendril coiled and twisted beneath him between her butt cheeks, spreading the slick wetness from her matted pubes, lubricating its entire length. It was groping for her anus, looking for the hole through which he could plant his tail to anchor himself to her for his rigorous insemination enterprise. The tip whipped up and down her crack searching for her puckered anal cavity. He found it and the tip slithered over the accumulated fluid and then began to worm its way in. The girl squealed as the tip entered her. The remainder of the tail aligned itself in a straight arch and slid into her in a gradual movement. Shelley knew from experience that it was coiling inside her rectum and using the tight ring of her anus as leverage to pull itself in. The girl squealed louder as the tail thickness successively increased. The thickness grew closer toward the base until it became narrower right at the base. The tail disappeared into the girl’s butt right up to its thickest part and then it sank into her in a rush that the girl audibly hailed. The tail was massing itself just inside her rectum to make a secure plug that held him in place.

Thus secured, he began to undulate and heave his body against her to maneuver himself into the right position to implant his other tendrils. Their bodies plopped and smacked amidst their slimy bond. Shelley admired the secure embrace their bodies made. This lump-like being was fastened to this tender, lithe young girl’s crotch so steadfastly that she could have easily risen and walked about while he passed his seed to her. Vines didn’t cling to trees as implacably, impregnation was so obviously his goal, and he would not relinquish her until he had accomplished it. Shelley wondered if any creature in nature were so well suited to cling to a woman’s sex as this and what a mystery procreation was. If not for the differences in color, they could almost be mistaken for the same being.

The girl excitedly exclaimed a long utterance too fast and intricate for Shelley to decipher. Knowing the procedure intimately, Shelley surmised he was working his tiny tendril up the girl’s urethra to plant in there the nutrient that his young would need before delivery. It was an indescribable sensation. Shelley only very slowly became accustomed to it herself. Once used to it, Shelley relished it. She liked the narrow filament gently entering her and reaching into her bladder, she liked the feeling as he drank from her bladder, she liked the feeling of him filling her with the nursing fluid, but what she liked most was the gentle tugging the small tendril made against her as the male drove his member into her vagina. Just recalling these sensations stirred fresh longings in her. She raised herself up onto her knees but kept her head resting on the ground. Her arms were still beneath her from when she collapsed and she lifted her hands in search of her sex. Plunging two fingers back into her abandoned vagina, welcoming the deep presence, she watched the impregnation of the young surrogate before her.

The girl was still now, her eyes closed, her head thrown back and her lips drawn into a broad smile of delight. He was entering her; there was no mistaking it. As Shelley made long deep strokes she knew he was extending his magnificently articulate penis from his body into the girl’s. Shelley could almost feel it herself, that talented appendage that so completely filled her feminine cavity and moved itself in so many delightful ways, stimulating her like no human penis could until it literally pumped its huge ejaculate directly into her womb. She could hear the gurgling noise as the penile implant delved and groped within. The girl began to moan rhythmically in response to the gentle ministrations she was being treated to deep beneath their entwined bodies. Shelley so much wished she were part of this, that she were there having that wonderful organ charming her from within, or at least to hold the girl in her arms as she enjoyed his sex.

Almost completely soundless, a mass suddenly obscured Shelley’s view and before she could reason what it was a tentacle encircled her neck while another wrapped around her body just below her chest, pinning her arms to her body. The tentacle around her throat drew tight seizing her breath and fear quickly replaced her lust. The blood flow from her head backed up and she could feel her pulse beat heavily in her lips and everything started to get dark. This would be her end, she thought. She had chanced an intrusion for curiosity’s sake and now she would pay the cost. She felt the creature’s tendrils travelling over her body. They groped around her upturned rump and then ventured between her thighs. Suddenly the tentacle around her throat released her. As the blood drained from her head her vision returned and she could see the rounded mass of the creature at her side. It was a male and not quite as large as the others were. His attention was now focused on Shelley’s sex. His body glided along the ground and over her calf as he moved behind her. His tentacles slithered in a coordinated effort about her crotch, they crowded between her thighs as the tips prodded and swiped over her puffy labia. Shelley pulled her hands away and spread her knees wide not wishing to be resistant to the creature’s attentions in any way.

The creature climbed up her thigh and rested itself on her butt. Shelley’s mind raced; did he suddenly identify her as a Bearer? Was he stayed by curiosity? Did he sense her state of arousal and deem her harmless? And then her reawakened lust asked, ‘Was he going to have sex with me?’ She raised herself up on her hands. The creature was faced toward her rear and as his hind-most tendrils circled her hips he began to ease upside down over her backside toward her pubis. Shelley felt his small inner tendril, the one it used to penetrate urethras, dart between her labia. One particular thrust found her vagina and it swirled around in her. Shelley wondered if he was discerning her menstrual state or just her arousal. His body slowly crept around her crotch, his tendrils reaching over her hips and thighs for support. He hung between Shelley’s thighs, directly under her sex. She felt his stinger start to slither and curl around her anus and she knew he was mounting her for intercourse.

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