The Magic Pet

by Grandad1950

Copyright© 2017 by Grandad1950

Erotica Sex Story: Suzy's Grandad shows her his magic pet which lives inside his jeans.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Incest   Grand Parent   First   Petting   .

Suzy and her grandad were chatting in her bedroom.

‘Grandad, tell me another of your magic stories.’

‘I can do better than that. Do you want to see my magic pet?’

She started to jump up and down. ‘Ohh yes, please Grandad, ‘ she squealed. ‘When can I see him? Now?’

Grandad smiled. ‘Yes, of course. He sleeps in my jeans. Do you want to take him out?’

‘Oh, can I?’ she answered with an innocent smile.

‘Yes, but you must be careful and gentle as he’s asleep. I don’t know exactly where he is, so you’ll have to explore.’

After Grandad pulled down his zip, Suzy slipped her hand inside and explored. She found the gap in his underpants and pushed her fingers inside. She searched around until eventually, with a happy laugh, she said, ‘I think I’ve found him. Can I pull him out so I can see him, Grandad?’

Grandad nodded, so she took him out and studied him as he sat on her palm. She looked up at Grandad and whispered, ‘Is he asleep?’

When Grandad confirmed it, she added, ‘Can I wake him please?’

‘I don’t know.’

Suzy was surprised. ‘Why don’t you know?’

‘Only a special princess has the power to wake him and I’m not sure if you’re the one.’

‘Pleease, Grandad, ‘ she pleaded. ‘I want to wake him so we can play.’

‘The first thing you must promise is not to tell anyone you have a magic pet.’

‘Oh, that’s not a problem.’

‘Good girl. Now, stroke him and if you’re his princess, he’ll wake up.’

Suzy lifted her hand and placed a finger on the rounded end. She inspected it and saw his tiny mouth. ‘He’s so cute, ‘ she whispered, then smiled when the pet stirred.

‘Is he awake, Grandad? He moved a little. Did you see?’

‘Yes, baby, but he’s very sleepy. You’ll need to stroke him again until he’s fully awake. He loves to be caressed.’

‘Oh yes, please, ‘ she squealed. ‘Oh, yes.’ She stroked along its length and, without asking, continued to slide her fingers all over him. With each stroke, he grew.

‘Grandad, he’s bigger and look, ‘ she added with a chuckle, ‘his head is coming out of his jacket.’ She frowned. ‘Oh, he’s lovely, but he doesn’t have any eyes.’

‘I know, baby. Magic pets don’t have eyes. They’re like moles. They live in the dark, so have no need of them.’

‘Does he burrow like a mole?’

‘Oh yes, he loves to burrow.’

‘I would love to see. Shall we take him into the garden so he can dig a hole and burrow? She watched in fascination as her magic pet dribbled on her palm. He’d been dribbling from the moment she stroked him. She couldn’t understand why, but didn’t mind.

‘No, darling, he doesn’t burrow in the ground.’

‘That’s strange. So where does he burrow?’

‘Keep stroking him, baby and I’ll show you. Sit on the bed.’

Suzy chuckled. ‘Okay, Grandad, ‘ then looked in surprise as he lifted her dress up. She was even more surprised when he leant over her and undid the buttons down the back of her dress.

He bent his knees so she could continue to caress her new pet while he pulled down the front of her dress.

‘Why have you pulled down my dress? You’ve uncovered my nipples.’

Grandad stroked them. ‘I like them, sweetie and want to pet them.’

Suzy shrugged and whispered, ‘OK, Grandad.’ She didn’t mind him looking at them. Besides, his fingers made her tingle as he gently cupped her small buds, plus she suddenly realised the way he gazed at them made her even more tingly. She sighed as he continued to play with them. She hoped he’d do it again when she was older and her boobies had grown larger like big girls. What he did next was an even bigger surprise and she was sure he shouldn’t have done it. He lowered his hands from her chest, put his fingers inside her panties and pulled them down to her ankles.

‘Grandad, I don’t think you should have done that.’ Her face was burning with shame and her embarrassment was even greater when he spread her legs and studied her smooth, pink lips.

He softly whispered, ‘Its ok, baby girl, ‘ and his sweet voice of authority convinced her he was right to do whatever he wanted. In her heart she had an overwhelming urge to allow him whatever he wished. She knew what he was doing pleased him. She loved that he was giving her this special attention and allowed her to play with his magic pet.

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