Sushil's Wife Shares Him

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2017 by Tony Tiger

Sex Story: Desi wife gets to explore sex. She thanks her permissive husband with her unhappy sister during a visit.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Slut Wife   Incest   Polygamy/Polyamory   Indian Erotica   .

Author’s note: There are other stories with the main characters of this story and precede this one chronologically and give some additional background. The titles all begin with “Sushil’s Wife”.

Nisha very much appreciated her husband’s support as she had explored her sexuality, even taking it to the commercial level. She had been looking for a way to balance the books when she was contacted by her sister Mohana. Three years younger, she was still in India with a husband who worked way too many hours a day and neglected her. Nisha quickly arranged a travel visa and an airline ticket.

When her sister arrived there was much visiting and showing her around this whole new world. She had never been outside of her native country.

The first night she was simply recovering from the time change and the next day the girls got down to serious talk. Mohana said that she needed her big sister’s advice. It had been an arranged marriage and she had learned to get along with this man but the sex was not like she read about in the magazines. He would put his khada lund (erection) in her for a few strokes and then his stuff would shoot out and he would withdraw. That was not which she expected and she was terribly frustrated.

Nisha was sympathetic and said that she had an idea that would help. At dinner she served a lot of wine to a sister who rarely drank. That night when her sister went to bed, she sent Sushil to get under the covers with her. “Your sister and my wife has sent me to give you the pleasures you deserve and are not getting from your husband. Just relax and I will show you what your body is capable of.”

He carefully explored all of her erogenous zones, something her husband had never done, and when his lund filled her choot she was writhing with new feelings. Her husband’s organ had never stayed in there long enough to give her real delight. Sushil stayed the night and repeatedly demonstrated his skills to her utter satisfaction.

Knowing that her husband would be occupied, Nisha had spent the night with one of her special men to return in the morning to find them exhausted in bed. She slipped under the covers and asked her sister how it had been. Mohana hugged her sister, oblivious to the fact that they were both naked, and thanked her profusely for showing her the gifts that nature had provided. She loved feeling the seed sprayed on her womb’s entrance.

Sushil had some things to do during the day so the women visited some more and the younger sister’s eyes were often open wide when she learned about what Nisha did with her life and body. “Oh my God, so Sushil allows you to do this?”

Nisha laughed, “Over here it is much different. I am not ‘allowed’, I can choose what I do with my body and Sushil can either accept me as I am or leave. He chooses to stay so I am rewarding him by sharing him with you, which seems to be a success so far.”

Mohana was thrilled with the idea of control over her own body. She fucked Sushil so often he asked his wife to get her to back off a little.

When Nisha spoke with her sister, she was informed that Mohana did not want to go back to India. That situation was now repulsive to her. They consulted with an immigration attorney and the younger sister happily fucked him to expedite the process. As she later told her sister, “These other cocks are better than my husband’s. Why would I want to go back to that pathetic man?”

So Sushil got well laid every time his wife was busy with friends or customers. When she got her green card, Monaha began developing her own list of customers with her sister’s guidance and, like her sister, invited Sushil between her legs when the others were not satisfying enough.

Sushil was grateful to his caring wife and showered her with frequent gifts and special attentions. That just goes to show that if you let a woman have her way and support her, it is the best course of action for all concerned.

By the time Mohana got her green card she was really ready for action, even more than Sushil could provide. Her birth control from India had been interrupted by this transition and she was pregnant, probably by Sushil. Nisha marketed her as an exotic pregnant Desi woman and she had at least four customers a day dumping sperm into her welcoming female receptacle. The money rolled in until the ninth month when she decided she had to stop for a while. That is, all except Sushil who was deep in her vagina when her water broke. He hurried her to the women’s clinic after texting Nisha.

The little brown boy was very cute. The sisters gushed over it and Sunil was a proud son-of-a-bitch. He hovered over his sister-in-law every day and helped with the baby while his wife was out fucking customers. His attention actually caused Mohana to fall in love with him. She’d stopped selling her pussy to take care of the baby and asked Sushil to give her pussy pleasure with his tongue whenever she needed it. He enjoyed the oral satisfaction she gave him too.

Nisha finally realized that she was losing her husband to her sister. She confronted him with, “Do I need to have a baby to make you still love me?”

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