Jason Cole

by Jax_Teller

Copyright© 2017 by Jax_Teller

Sex Story: A chance meeting leads to discovery and awakening. This story is a stand alone story that shares an event with two other stories all told from different points of view. "Super Night" and "Aikira"

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult   Consensual   BiSexual   Fiction   Workplace   BDSM   FemaleDom   Humiliation   Rough   Spanking   Torture   Group Sex   Interracial   Black Female   White Male   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   Needles   Public Sex   Prostitution   .

I was at the porn shop on the seedy side of town, in the booths in the back watching porn when I heard a female in the next booth tell the guy with her about a bondage club near by. I over heard her describe a nondescript building just out side the city limits. There was no sign, no windows to see in, but if the parking lot was full it was open. It was a members only club and there was a door man at the door to check membership cards. I discretely followed them out side and as I suspected the guy left quickly. I saw her hang around the pay telephone for a few minutes and I went over and asked if she had a light proffering a cigarette. She handed me her lighter and asked for a cigarette which I handed her with her lighter back.

I told her that I had over heard her talking about an exclusive club for bondage. I asked if she was a member and she confirmed that she was, I told her I was interested and that if she would like to go, I would be happy to escort her. She giggled at my escort comment and said she would need to go back to her place and change first. I told her that would be cool, and led her to my car. As I drove her, we talked and she divulged that she was a pro- Dominatrix, and that the guy she’d met at the porn shop only wanted a blow job, not the kind of service she offered. I said that I was submissive and would be interested in serving her for the night if she was willing. She looked me over for a second and said for the right price she would. I agreed and stopped at the ATM to pay her on the way to the club.

When we arrived I opened her door and she led me to the building’s door and the doorman and she showed him her membership card. He opened the door and a heavy deep base beat at a low volume could be heard. The house lights were low but the booth’s around the out walls were varied lighting, some slightly brighter that the house lights and some that were not lit at all. There was a center area of the floor that was tables and all the chairs faced the raised stage. As we were seated at a table center stage, she told me more about the club and what to expect, like people in the audience masturbating or having sex, and that there was no alcohol sales but people were allowed to bring their own as long as no one was obviously drunk. She also said there were no limits to sexuality in that there may be all sorts, male-female, female-female, male-male, shemales, and other sorts as well, you never knew exactly what would go on.

A female voice came over the sound system as the lights gradually came on and said there would be a five minute break and then the stage would be open for who ever wanted to go on next. It was odd sitting there watching as people shuffled about some undressing others pulling their clothes back on. The lights dimmed and a woman who looked to be in her fifties stepped on stage and the lights went back down except for on the stage. Music came on and she removed her clothing and pulling some devices from her bag. As she moved about she was almost dancing, gliding about her routine. She got close to the front edge of the stage and produced a strip of cloth with medical looking needles, with out the syringe portion, and began to stick needle after needle through her nipples making an Astrix looking design.

When she had used all the needles she pulled a set of clamps from her bag and spread her legs in front of a stage light, spot lighting her pussy, and put the clamps one each on the lips of her pussy. She once again dance - glided around for a minute and then pulled same weights from her bag and as she glided she would stop and put a weight onto the clamps. Her lips stretched at the weights and as she put the last weights on, the music lowered to reveal the sound of the weights clanking against each other to the rhythm of the music at which the audience clapped and cheered until the music ended. She bowed and sat in a chair removing her devices as the house lights slowly came back up.

Once again the announcer came over the sound system and after the five minute intermission this beautiful dark skinned woman got up as the house lights dimmed and approached the stage. The energy seemed to ramp up, people who had been around the edges moved to tables. Music came one she did a very erotic strip tease until she was completely naked at the end of the second song. As the third song came on she motioned to this guy sitting at a table near the stage. She curled her finger at the guy and he made like he was shy and she coaxed him to the stage with and she placed a chair center stage and sat him on it. Once he was in place she went about giving him a lap dance, loosening his clothes, rubbing his cock through his pants, putting his face in her cleavage. The next song began and she stood him up, kicked the chair to the side, and pointed making him lay on his back. She danced around removing parts of his clothes until he was naked. His cock was standing tall and proud and The woman stood over him with her feet on either side of his chest and leaned down sucking his cock, very dramatically with over exaggerations.

In one swift quick motion she stepped forward and squatted over him and took his cock straight into her pussy right to the base. The crowd was silent and enthralled with the show as the talented woman bounced and rocked on his cock. The beautiful dark skinned woman finely got tired and she laid down with her feet on the railing edge of the stage and then pulled her legs up to her chest, and curled her finger at the man once again. He moved to her and knelt between her legs and guided his cock into her very wet pussy. We could see her pussy her juices were pushed out by his cock entering her. He began slow slamming his cock in her until he bottomed out in her pussy and then he pulled back out until the head of his cock felt cool air and then slammed back into her. The guys toes were locked on the rail of the stage for balance and he picked up the pace rocking, plowing into her.

The woman screamed at him “fuck me white boy, fuck this nigger whore cunt, fuck me”. The music ended and the sound of his body and cock slamming into her was making rude sloshing slapping sounds, only covered by her screaming. She was yelling at him to fuck her harder, calling him a pussy and he picked up the slam factor and grabbed her throat with both hands grabbing her with enough force to keep his balance but not so tight that she couldn’t yell. She began to tremble under him and she kept repeating don’t stop I want to come you cracker, fuck me harder, and then Fuck, fuck, fuck. She started to buck wildly under him and then she went silent, shaking and then the squirting all over the place. The guy continued pounding her until she went limp, and he stood up and jerked his cock unloading buckets of come from her head to her pussy.

As he stood back looking her over, her feet were hanging over the bar rail, and she was rubbing her clit and small spurts of come were coming from her pussy. He knelt down and kissed her as she drew a finger of his come to her mouth and she squirted one more large stream of come over the rail and into the front row of tables. When she finished coming he pulled her to a sitting position and the picked her up in his arms and took her to a chair at the back of the stage. The lights came on as the cheering and clapping began and I could see many naked folks in the crowd, some fucking, some masturbating. I head never heard such racism during sexual encounters or in porn for that matter and I was slightly taken back by it but not enough to want to do anything about it not that I could or that I would leave over it.

Mistress Rose asked me if I liked being insulted or degraded, and I said it did nothing for me at all. The announcer did her thing, announcing a fifteen minute intermission. As the couple that had finished their performance sat down, several people stopped by their table and congratulated them for a great performance. I was amazed to see another biracial couple stop and talk with them, almost glowing over their magnificent performance. The two couples were pleasant and it was sort of odd, the two fit white men and the two beautiful dark skinned women and I wondered if it was some kind of fetish they were into. Mistress Rose told me that performers get a lot of attention and invites go unanswered for the most part but some times people would hook up later. The lights dimmed and everyone made their way to their seats.

The next performer was a single male and he just stripped with no music and Mistress Rose said Oh this is going to be good. A large guy sitting at a table across from us barked get off the stage you faggot. The now naked man on stage said make me you limp dick come rag bitch. The guy jumped up on the stage and they began wrestling back and forth, and with in a couple of minutes they were both naked and wrestling on the stage floor. I was concerned at what I was seeing might escalate, but Rose said just watch, and the large man from the crowd was now pinning the other guy face down. He hit the other guy a few times in the back demanding that he spread his legs. Finely the guy complied and the guy on top forced his cock in the other guys ass and began dry fucking him. There were whistles and cat calls from the crowd as the guy on the bottom attempted to escape the seemingly brutal attack and was put back down by the larger man.

As much as I valued consent and loving relationships I found myself aroused and in fact with an erection. I was ashamed of myself and thought to leave, but was so drawn into the scene I couldn’t move. As the two men wrestled for control the guy on the bottom managed to get to his hands and knees, but that didn’t stop the other guy’s invasion of his ass. The guy on top reached down and was jerking the guys cock, and I realized the guy on the bottom was actually enjoying being raped. The guy on the top moved quickly and jerked the guy over on his side and was still jerking him off and fucking him on his side so everyone could see the violation. The guy being fucked struggled and fought to get away but suddenly stopped and laid back against the other guy. Just then his dick erupted and come shot out his dick as the other guy was still jerking him to the rhythm of his ass fucking.

When the guy finished coming the other guy let go and grabbed his hips and began furiously fucking him, his cock becoming a blur of speed plowing the other guys asshole until his orgasm exploded and showered the other guys stomach and face. The crowd went wild clapping and cheering as the bigger guy stood up jerking the last few jets of come over the other guy. To my surprise the guy covered in come got to his knees and sucked the last squirt of come from the big guys cock. As they finished he turned to face the crowd and licked his fingers of the come, and said thanks for volunteering, come again some time. The lights came back on and the guys toweled off, gathered their clothes and went to a booth off to the side.

Mistress Rose said follow me and led me to anther part of this private club. There were doors on either side of the hallway and some were open others closed, windows to the hall next to each door some with blinds closed some open for viewing. We stopped at one window that was open, where a young man was whipping an older woman with a heavy looking leather flogger. He moved around behind her swiping at her with the flogger in an almost rhythmic step sequence. Mistress asked if I was up for similar attention and I said yes Mam.

She led me on to another open door, and there were tall bar stool seats around the outer walls of the larger room, so we went in and sat. Just after we sat, the one biracial couple came in and sat just down from us. There was a naked woman laying face down on a massage type table and the man standing next to the woman picked up a glass in one hand and swabbed the inside with one of two drum sticks in his other hand, and then lit the other drum stick on fire with a candle burning nearby. In one swift motion he used the flaming drum stick to ignite to fumes in the glass and placed it on the woman’s bare back. Instantly her skin sucked up into the glass and he went about repeating with nine more glass cups. He slid a few of them around making a design of the hicky suction marks on her back. The artistic design being created by such and intense application was fascinating. When he finished he pulled the glass cups off of her and she sat with her back to us exhibiting the art for everyone to see.

We went to another room that was empty and Mistress Rose and I discussed what she planned to do and I agreed, we met the D.M. { Dungeon Master }and he acknowledged our safe word and approved our scene. The door was opened and as a few people filtered in and sat down, including the biracial couple, Mistress Rose began by having me strip, and then secured me to the large leather covered St. Andrews cross. I was feeling a bit nervous, and frankly exposed, and once I was secure she began to use a nice set of rope floggers to whip my back, butt and upper legs. She was perfect in her execution, that was a mix of heavy pressure strikes and faster light stinging contacts. She used a very sharp edged leather flogger set next and really pushed me up to my pain threshold limits. Not knowing me, it was amazing how well she was able to read me and dance that edge. Next she turned me around to face the room and re secured me to the cross. I was slightly more aware of the number of people in the room now and my cock sticking out.

Mistress Rose took a set of plastic micro clips and put them on the tender bits of skin on my arms, nipples, legs, and lastly a row of eight along the underside of my cock. She took a large rather stiff feather and began running over the different clips causing me to twitch and jump at some of the contacts. She teased and tickled some, and then use the feather to swipe the clips off of me until all that were left were on my cock. When she put them on my cock was semi erect and still was until she started to use the feather to stroke my cock via the clips. The pain was exquisite and my erection started to build causing the clips to pull tight. The effect was more pain, and more erection until I was trembling and near orgasm. Mistress Rose was truly skilled and teased, keeping me on the edge by blowing lightly on my nipples and running the feather over me. I couldn’t take any more and she pulled a large goblet up to my cock as the first jetting stream of come blasted out of my cock.

She caught all of my come in the cup and as I bucked in orgasm she pulled a single clip at a time causing me to jerk and spurt another jet of come over and again until the clips were all off. My cock drooped slightly and she milked the last few drops out, and then sat the goblet down and began releasing me. She lead me to my knees after the last restraint was loosened. She ordered me to open my mouth and I did as ordered, and she fed me my come from the goblet. I was barely able to hold it all in my mouth and then she ordered me to swallow, which I did. There was applause and cheering, but it was so muffled in my mind by subspace taking over. The euphoria was amazing and I shook in a chill, Mistress Rose took a blanket from the D.M. covering me and hugging me through the space.

Mistress Rose was leading me out to my car before my head was really clear and she insisted in driving. I wasn’t sure where we were going or what we were going to do, when she pulled into a restaurant that I had seen before and assumed was closed because it was never open it seemed. But at this hour it was open, and she led me in and we sat in a booth. She ordered two deserts and asked what I wanted to drink. I asked for hot chocolate and she ordered two. I asked about the restaurant and she said it was a after hours establishment that caters to those who work alternative hours. So when others are open they are closed and when others are closer they are open. We ate and I recovered some more as we talked over the scene and some things about our selves.

Mistress Rose paid for the meal and handed me my car keys along with her business card and told me I was dismissed. As I looked to her to ask about her way home she told me she would take a taxi from there. I was confounded by the real concern for my well being, and then dismissing me like she did. I went home and was fast to sleep, I called in sick to work in the morning when my alarm went off and went back to sleep. I woke up mid afternoon, and realized that Mistress Rose was a true professional Dominatrix. She spent the time at the restaurant making sure I was ok to drive and then without making an attachment sent me on my way. I had got what I paid for, and learned a lot about myself.

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