by Mystic47

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Fiction Sex Story: He discovers that his lifelong friend is screwing his 17 year old daughter and sets out to kill the friend but gets interupted by his Goddaughter.

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Coercion   Consensual   Fiction   Incest   Father   Daughter   Oral Sex   Safe Sex   .

I needed a set of metric wrenches to change some parts on my foreign car and I knew Andy had some so I stepped across my yard to my best friend’s house to borrow them. I didn’t bother knocking, Andy and I had been best buds since we could toddle, we grew up, went to school and college together then after we married we bought homes side by side.

I wasn’t expecting to encounter hot sex when I went into his house but when I stepped around the door I saw him standing with his back to me, his pants around his ankles fucking someone bent over the back of an easy chair. I couldn’t see her face but I knew immediately it wasn’t his wife Sybil. I knew for certain she wasn’t home; she was out with my wife, they had gone to some holiday sale in town. His cock was plunging into someone much younger than us, I could tell by the taut smooth skin of her thighs, the firm round tightness of the ass he was holding. As his cock slammed the girl, she was gasping, keening softly, I could tell she was enjoying his hard pounding shaft, he most definitely wasn’t raping her. It flashed through my mind that the only other female that could have been in his house just then was his own daughter, a seventeen year old sweetheart that had transformed from an awkward tomboy to a beautiful young woman in the last couple of years.

I shook myself out of my shocked stillness and stepped quickly back around the corner, unsure of what to do. I saw my best friend fucking his baby with my own eyes but I couldn’t believe it. What the hell kind of fucking pervert was Andy? I heard the girl cry out just as the noise of their fucking increased to a steady applause of slapping bodies, she wailed her orgasm into the room while he huffed deep gulps of cool air. I fled his house, hoping he didn’t realize I’d just seen him screwing his girl Sally.

I retreated to my garage to think but the shock of what I’d witnessed wouldn’t wear off. Ten minutes later I was leaning on the back of my car thinking hard when a car pulled up in front of Andy’s house. I watched as Sally got out of it, kissed her boyfriend goodbye then went into the house. Sally? If that was Sally, who the hell was Andy fucking?

For the next half hour I was in a stupor, barely aware of what I was doing as I brooded about who Andy had bent over the chair. I knew only two things, she was young and she liked what they were doing. Even though I was vastly relieved it was not my Goddaughter he was screwing, I was still stupefied that he was cheating on Sybil. I finally shook the numbness from my mind and started working on the car again. Just as I opened the hood to get at the engine I noticed Sally and my daughter Carol come out of Andy’s house, hug quickly then split, Sally back into the house, Carol crossed the yard and went into our home. Sally and Carol are just two months apart in age and grew up side by side, they are as close as Andy and me.

When the hell did Carol get home and how did I miss her going to see her best friend? I didn’t. I couldn’t have missed her when she crossed in front of the garage, I had a clear view of Andy’s house and there is a tall fence in the back, Carol wouldn’t have climbed over it to go to see Sally. She wasn’t with Sally when she came home so the only plausible explanation was that she was already in the house when Sally went in. As that realization slammed into my mind my entire body began to shake. Did I step into a hot sex session between my best friend and my only child? I couldn’t believe Andy would be fucking somebody when he knew Carol was there waiting for Sally, so the only choice left was that he was fucking her. I stumbled from the shadows of the garage into the house to demand from Carol where she had been and what she had been doing. When I opened the door to her room she wasn’t there but I heard the shower flowing in the adjoining bathroom. I went to knock on the door but halted just past her bed, her clothes were lying in a heap on the floor, her bra and panties on top of the pile. I picked up the panties and found exactly what I didn’t want to find. The crotch of her yellow cotton briefs was stained with a large spot of cum. The spot was still wet, still fresh. I was looking at the evidence, it was Carol that Andy had bent over the chair, there could be no other conclusion. My young daughter, his Goddaughter.

I don’t remember what I did in the next few minutes. If I had to swear in court what my next actions were I wouldn’t have been able to say. I only know that when I shifted back to reality I was standing in front of Andy with Carol’s panties in one hand, my Colt pistol in the other. He looked terrified as I waved the panties then the gun at him, yelling and ranting something I still don’t remember. Just as I was about to do something I would regret for the rest of my life, Sally came running into the room and wedged herself between me and my target “What the hell are you doing!?” she screamed as she locked her hand around the wrist holding the weapon, “Uncle Mike!! What’s going on??”

She pushed me back as Andy moved away until he bumped into a wall; I looked down on the girl “He fucked Carol. He fucked her right here in this house just before you got home today. I saw them, I was here then I found these” I handed Sally the stained underwear.

She glanced quickly at the mess, dropped them then turned to her father, “Get out of here. Now! I’ll handle this.” Andy quickly retreated from sight leaving his girl to talk me down from my murderous mood.

I yelled at him “I’m not done with you, you son-of-a-bitch! You can’t use your family as a shield forever!”

Sally slapped a hand over my mouth, “Shut up, you aren’t going to hurt him, you two are like brothers and you couldn’t do that to him”

I pulled her hand away and repeated “He fucked Carol! Right there, she was bent over that chair and he had his cock jammed right up her cunt!”

Sally gently pulled the gun from my hand then said “Uncle Mike, you need to sit down.” She tugged on my hand so I reluctantly followed along as she led me to the sofa. She put my .45 on the rug, nudged it under the couch with a toe then urged me to sit.

The pretty young brunette sat down and turned to face me then took both my hands in hers “My dad didn’t seduce or force Carol into anything; she came over here with daddy on her mind. She told me she thinks he is hot and she wanted to have sex with him. Uncle Mike, Carol came on to him and took him to bed the first time two weeks ago. She said for over a month he sent her away, avoided her, but she finally broke down his reluctance and got him to fuck her.” Sally paused to let the harsh words sink in “She chased him, caught him and screwed him. And she likes it; I know because she tells me when and how they do it.”

My rage dissipated as a fog of incredulity slowly engulfed my head. “You’re telling me that Carol chased after your father, seduced him then told you about it?” I shook my head, and yelled toward the back of the house “I can’t believe that, you’re lying to cover for that bastard. He raped my baby and if I don’t kill him, he’ll spend years getting his ass reamed in jail!”

Sally tilted her head back and looked directly into my eyes, anger in hers “No! She seduced him! We talked about it and she did it but that is only half the story about what’s going on here.”

“So what the hell is the other half? Is he fucking you too?” I snarled sarcastically.

“Stay here,” she demanded “I’ll be right back.” I sat rigid on the sofa and watched Sally’s back and legs as she left the room. A minute later she returned, “I just sent dad away, he’s going for a beer and to calm down, come with me, you need to understand what is going on” she offered me her hand again. I allowed myself to be pulled up then led to the back of the house to her bedroom. She stopped next to the bed, turned to face me then said “It’s your turn, take me to bed now.”


“Carol and I talked about this, she and my daddy, you and me. Now that you know about her and him, we are going to do it too, think of this as revenge if you have to.” For the second time that day I stood dumbfounded as the beautiful teen girl started pulling off her clothes. In moments she stood before me in bra and panties looking expectant, waiting for me to move. My heart was racing, I flushed with the same emotion I felt the first time I ever fucked a girl. My every thought was to run, to flee from the sexy young female but my cock was quickly becoming aware of her, it rose from its cozy home and strained against the front of my pants. Sally watched the reaction in my loins, smiled and said seductively “Take your clothes off Uncle Mike.”

As my shaking hands went to my buttons Sally continued “I was planning this for tomorrow, but right now is even better” she slipped her panties to the floor. My pants fell off my hips as she shrugged out of her bra then we stood face to face. I was looking her up and down, my eyes grazing the tight young body from toes to face, pausing at her crotch and breasts. My god she was beautiful! My erection throbbed, my balls twitched while she waited. I saw the nipples on her firm round tits stiffen and extend like miniature erections. She looked up into my eyes then stepped toward my open arms. I pulled her close, our bodies melded and bonded as a single entity.

She moved her lips from mine to my ear “We don’t need to play around right now; I am so ready for you.” Sally stepped forward pushing me to the bed. My knees folded over the edge of the mattress and I fell to my back, she was on top. Her hot smooth skin was caressing mine from thighs to chest, her tits mashed against me and she locked her lips over mine while rolling her pelvis against the rock solid erection trapped between us. It had been many years since a woman came on to me so suddenly and heatedly but my body remembered the thrill of hot first time sex. My balls solidified against the base of my cock and I grabbed her ass then pulled her over to lie completely on the bed. I rolled up and over her; she opened her legs wide, giving me freedom and permission to fuck her. I looked from smiling eyes to open legs then put the heavy swollen head of my cock to the tender entrance to her body. Sally arched her back and grabbed my waist then pumped her hips which caused her cunt to slide on my erection. I dipped lower into the girl and after the third stroke, we were fucking. I wondered briefly if she was virgin but I found out quickly that she knew what she wanted and how to get it. I was not a bit disappointed that I wasn’t her first.

I had built a strong flood of adrenaline and energy when I found Carol’s cum soaked panties and even more when I confronted my friend. Now that I was fucking Sally all that tension, energy and stress was being delivered through my pounding shaft into my Goddaughter. I raided her cunt, ravaged her body, forcing all my pent up emotions and hormones into that one wild fuck. I reverted a thousand years to the days when a conquering warrior would reap the rewards after defeating a worthy foe. I was raping his daughter and making her mine and Sally acted like she loved every moment of the sexual savagery. She wrapped her legs around my thighs, her arms around my neck and held me close as I pummeled her.

She let go of my neck then pushed on my shoulders, urging me to lift off her. I lay between her legs and fucked her wildly, my groin slapping loudly against her. Sally looked into my eyes, “I like this Uncle Mike, I knew I would, cum for me.” I braced my feet and forced my erection as deep into her as it would go; she groaned “Uufff!” as my balls tore loose and poured all my anger, all my violence into her as surges of enraged sperm.

Sally relaxed to the mattress when I rolled off to her side. She pulled my near hand to her and rested it on her heaving stomach “Oh my god, I can’t breathe!” I knew exactly what she was saying; my body was desperate for fresh oxygen, my chest pumping rapidly as I gasped for cool air, I hadn’t been that used up by sex in a decade. We lay quiet, side by side, I watched her fresh firm tits rising and falling and after a period of calm she turned her head to me, “Do you still want to kill my daddy?”

I reached between her legs which were still splayed wide and smeared my fingers in the fluids seeping from her cunt. “No sweetheart, I may still be in shock over all this but I don’t want to shoot your dad. What I want to do is fuck you again.”

She bumped her hips slightly and gasped when I caressed her sweet spot with the wet tip of my finger but said, “We can’t right now, I have to talk to Carol.” She looked into my eyes, hers serious, “Can you face him again? I told him what I was going to do with you and that Carol and I planned this. Go see him Uncle Mike, have a beer with my father and make it okay that he screwed Carol and we fucked too.”

I had only one question “Will we do this again?”

My best friends daughter put her arm around my neck and pulled my head to her for a long soft kiss. The sensation of her warm, moist lips on mine affected my cock which began to reform. “Not now,” she whispered, “but soon, maybe tonight when mom and Aunt Georgia go get their hair done, they have salon appointments and will be gone over two hours.” She kissed me again then got off the bed.

I found my lifelong friend, the man who I had just traded daughters with at Tom’s Hideout. I approached him cautiously, unsure of what to say, how to act or what we might say or do. I knew I wasn’t going to fight with him again but I felt as nervous as he looked.

I nodded to Tom who started to draw me a beer as I sat across the booth from Andy. I started the conversation “I just fucked Sally.”

He stopped breathing for a moment, an unknown emotion shaded his eyes then he answered “She said she would.”

The tension thinned slightly “I haven’t fucked a seventeen year old since Margo, remember her?”

Andy’s eyes drifted back, “Yeah, her and her friend Vanessa. Man, those girls were fuck machines.”

“Carol came on to you?”

“I tried to avoid her Mike, I really did but the girl kept coming at me, she finally did a complete strip for me before I caved in. I knew it was wrong but Jesus, that hot young thing had me trapped in our bathroom and wouldn’t let me out until I put it to her.”

I tried to envision my sweet innocent daughter chasing after a forty year old man but the only thing I could think of was how Sally took me to bed so quickly and willingly. “Your girl came on fast too, she thought that if she fucked me I would be okay with you and Carol.”

My beer got delivered so Andy and I paused for a couple of swallows, the tension faded more with the sips of beer. My friend looked over the rim of his mug “Are you?”

I nodded cautiously, admitting silently to both of us that things were right again, he continued as the stress eased from his eyes “Was she virgin?”

“No, she knew what she wanted and I gave it to her, I had my cock so deep in her I could feel the end of it knocking on her heart.”

Sally’s dad looked intently at me, that was the same line of bullshit I used to tell him after a night of hot sex while we were screwing our way through school. He smiled at the memory, the realization I wasn’t mad, and replied with his own teen aged answer “Well, I fucked mine five times and made her claw up the walls.”

Andy studied me for a moment the asked “If you saw me fucking your girl why didn’t you do something then, you waited until she went home?”

“I didn’t know it was Carol, I couldn’t see her face, just her ass so I thought you had your dick in Sally and there was no way I would interrupt that.”

He spoke over his beer mug, “Shit, that’s fucking incest, that’s over the top even for me.”

We had gotten over the events of the last two hours, regaining our composure, our friendship. If my daughter wanted to fuck him then it was okay with me, after all, he is my best friend and I would do anything for him, even let him screw my baby. Besides that, I would be enjoying the hot supple body of his girl again. “Sally said that Sybil and Georgia are getting their hair done tonight, they’ll be out for a couple of hours.”

“How do you want to work it? Let the girls come to us, Carol to me and Sally to you?”

As my cock started lifting from rest I had a different thought “You remember those nights we used to take our dates to the Hard Rock? We’d party with them in the Casino then take them upstairs?”

“We used to fuck those girls side by side, a private fucking orgy. You want to that with our daughters? Is that what you’re getting at?”

I watched Andy’s eyes, I could see interest and intrigue building “You and me, Carol and Sally; think they would have a problem fucking us while their father is beside them banging the other? Of course we wouldn’t swap them like we used to but I’d have no problem watching you fuck my baby. We can tell our wives we are taking them on a daddy/daughter night, for ice cream or something.”

His mouth turned up in a large grin “It will be a daddy/daughter night alright, but it won’t be ice cream I eat.”

We ordered another beer while I took my phone out to call Carol. I knew Sally would have told her that I caught her fucking Andy and she screwed me so I figured my daughter wouldn’t be too shocked at the direction of my call.

She answered tentatively on the fourth ring “Dad?”

I went straight to the point “Hi sweetheart, don’t be afraid of me, I know what’s going on. I’m sitting here with Andy and he knows what Sally and I did too.”

I heard her take a deep breath “It’s all okay? Sally said you tried to shoot Uncle Andy but she stopped you.”

“Listen, that’s over now. I called to ask if you and your best friend in the whole world want to go to the Hard Rock with me and my best friend in the whole world tonight for dinner, we’ll even throw a few quarters in the slots.”

“Yeah, that would be fun.”

“Wait, there’s more,” I paused, “Andy and I are thinking of getting a room then we could go up after dinner and celebrate our new relationships. You and him, me and Sally.”

“We go to some rooms and have sex?”

“Not rooms baby girl, singular, one room, two beds.”

After a moment’s hesitation I heard a soft “oh”, Carol was silent until the full realization of what I was proposing hit her then she said quietly, “I have to talk to Sally.”

She covered her phone so I couldn’t catch the muffled conversation between them but it was spirited. After a full minute of indistinct chatter she came back on, her voice carried a hint of excitement “Okay dad, we can do this if you don’t’ mind seeing Andy’s dick in my mouth.” She dropped the Uncle from his name.

If she was trying to shock me it didn’t work, I held my thumb and finger to Andy as the OK gesture; he smiled then took another sip of beer as I tried to shock her back, “Little girl, I already saw his fucking meat stuffed up your tender young pussy, why do you think I got mad?”

I felt her smile through the phone “Oh right, that”, she paused and I heard Sally say something then Carol spoke to me again “Dad?”


“Sally says she’ll be wearing a tight black mid-thigh skirt and no panties, you should think about that. Bye bye daddy, I love you!” My cock swelled in length and girth, almost banging against the table top as I shut off the phone. My best friend and I began to make plans for the night.

Our wives said goodbye and wished us a fun evening at the Hard Rock with Sally and Carol. They knew we were taking our daughters to dinner but they didn’t’ know we were taking them for a toss and roll all over two queen sized beds. It was after the women left to get their hair done that their daughters made their appearance. My heart almost thudded to a stop at the sight of Sally. True to her word she was wearing a black skirt and blouse combination that molded to her playboy body like paint. The top two buttons were open which gave me a grand view of the smooth creamy skin of her breasts, deep bra-less cleavage beckoned my stare. The short, ass hugging skirt curved over the tight round cheeks of her butt and snugged around her thighs. From mid-thigh to spiked heels her legs were bare. She had spent time primping in front of a mirror; her carefully done black hair framed her stunningly pretty face. She stepped up to me, looked me directly in the eyes and asked “Have you been thinking about me?” I almost dropped a load in my pants when my balls trembled with anticipation.

Andy was staring at his daughter as hard as I until Carol came into the room. The two must have agreed to come in separately so we men would have time to appraise and appreciate them one at a time. It worked. Sally had our undivided attention until Carol appeared. Both of us shifted our eyes from Sally to take in the vision of my daughter. She was wearing a white bobbysoxer pullover that hugged her body, her tits projected proudly from her chest, the soft close knit cashmere couldn’t hide the peaks of her nipples, she wasn’t wearing a bra either. I glanced at Andy and thought he was going to start drooling as his eyes tore reluctantly from my baby’s tits then down her body. She too was wearing a short, snug fitted skirt but this one was dark red leather. She wore red net stockings that covered her shapely legs from white 3 inch stilettos. Carol stopped and posed for Andy, one hand on a hip, the other to her head, long fingers stroking her soft blonde hair.

At the sight of our dates I began to hyperventilate. Sally was my date but my mind flashed an unbidden image of Carol, an image that was purely carnal but taboo by our relationship. As if on cue, the two girls came to us, Carol to Andy, Sally to me and kissed us softly, “We’re ready,” said my daughter, “let’s go.”

We went to dinner even though I thought it a formality we didn’t need. Andy and I both would have skipped dinner and gone straight to the room if either one of the girls even hinted we could but I guess the two were going to enjoy their night to the fullest so we had a long enjoyable meal. The waiter didn’t want to embarrass himself or us so he didn’t challenge the girls age when we ordered them wine. Dinner consisted of light banter, overt flirting and a lot of seriously promising eye contact. Even though I was with Sally my eyes would stray to Carol as I marveled at how bold and easy she looked, how she was acting with Andy, there were moments when being her father wouldn’t have been a problem for me. After dinner we let the girls waste a few dollars in the slots, they were animated, laughing and flirting with us while the slots spun and clinked. As time stretched the father / daughter relationships faded and the evening became a double date.

It was Andy who finally urged the girls toward the room. As we walked through the casino to the elevator we attracted glares and stares from most of the people in the large room. All they could see was a pair of middle aged men escorting a couple of delicious young hookers upstairs. The thought of our daughters as prostitutes for the night made my hormones drip a little faster because prostitutes will do anything asked of them.

On the lift from the Casino to the top floor of the hotel the girls were silent, looking at their shoes. I thought it odd they would be shy after all the boldness and innuendo earlier until Sally put an arm around me, lifted her lips to my ear and told me what was bothering her “I never did this with anybody watching before.”

Carol heard her words and began to turn red and added in a little girl voice “Me neither daddy.”

I looked from one pretty face to the other “Don’t worry girls, Andy and I have and I know it won’t take long before you two start watching the other girl get fucked. You will both get turned on hotter and harder.”

Carol shot me a look laden with daring then challenged “I want to see what you put to her dad, I want to see your cum dripping from her.”

“You won’t see that, we have condoms, Andy and I don’t want to be grandfathers of our own kids.”

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