Super Night

by Jax_Teller

Copyright© 2017 by Jax_Teller

Erotica Sex Story: An Apartment Building Superintendents Adventures. This story is one of three stand alone stories that are each told from different point of view of a common event. The other two are "Aikira" and "Jason Cole"

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult   Consensual   Heterosexual   Workplace   DomSub   Group Sex   Swinging   Interracial   Black Female   White Male   Anal Sex   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Fisting   Masturbation   Voyeurism   Needles   Public Sex   .

I had been working as a live in building supervising superintendent in a upper class high rise apartment building for two months when I first noticed a young attractive black women entering the building. She was particularly beautiful and her skin was so clear and glowing. As the week went on I noticed her coming in just before five pm almost every day. I actually found myself placing my self in her path to see what she was doing in the building. We had personal care aides, family and various other service people who would stop at the buildings door and get buzzed in by a tenant. I was curious and the next day I got on the elevator holding the door for her, noting what floor she got off on. The next day I came from the end of the hall way she had turned when she got off the elevator the day before.

After a week I was able to find out she was going to Brian O’Mally’ apartment, entering without knocking. I came to the conclusion that she was most likely a personal care aide. Brian was a senior citizen who was in a wheel chair, but could walk very short distances. My assessment seemed to satisfy my curiosity and I let my growing obsession drop for the time being. I went about my job and for a few weeks I noticed her with less and less interest. The flow of people in and out of the building was almost constant. The good the bad and the ugly came and went regularly. I used the same techniques I used to find the ebony beauty and got a tenant busted who was dealing drugs. The blatant flow of traffic to his apartment was a red flag being none of the visitors stayed or even entered his apartment. I witnessed product exchanges at his door by him and placed a remote clandestine security cam to get confirmation on video. Once I established the time frames I notified the Police and gave them a thumb drive with all the pertinent video from the security cameras, and a log I kept with descriptions of characters presumably buyers.

A month later the tenant dealing drugs was busted while away from my building as I had requested. It was gratifying to keep the building as safe as possible while maintaining a good reputation in the eye of the media. That night while I was watching the news of the bust on the television, I heard the fire alarm go off and went to see what the call was. I went to the fire panel and to my surprise it was Brian O’Mally’s apartment, so I headed up to his apartment. I knocked and announced myself then entered as was policy. I had been trained in fire protection and there was thick smoke coming from the kitchen. I turned the corner going into the kitchen, and was startled to see the ebony beauty trying to put salt on the grease fire. I was startled because she was completely naked. I barked at her to go get dressed and used the fire extinguisher from the wall to put the fire out. I opened the windows in the living room and went to the bedroom walking by her pulling clothes on, to open the windows in the bedroom also.

I propped the door to the apartment open and opened the window in the hallway to create a cross breeze. The fire department was just getting off the elevator when I turned the corner. I reported the situation and the Lieutenant told one of his guys to get a fan and I rode the elevator back down with him and turned the alarm panel off. I held the door for the firemen with the fan and used my elevator key to take us straight back to the floor. After the air was cleared and the fire department had left the building, I began to asses the damage to the stove. As I took the top off the stove Dani came over and introduced herself, telling me she would pay for the damage. I told her the charges would be assessed to Brian and she could pay him. She was nervously fidgety and finely asked about my incident report. I told her that the report was a simple description of the event. She said pausing for effect and about her role? I showed her the report as I finished it.

Dani read it and thanked me for leaving out the part about her being naked. I told her it was not pertinent to the event and she thanked me for being so professional about it. I knew she was just being grateful, but in the back of my head it seemed like she might be flirting with me. I gave Brian a copy of the report and Dani told him that she would walk me to the elevator. As we walked she thanked me and kissed me on the cheek as I got to the elevator. The next morning I turned in the report and everything went on as usual for a few days. Then on Friday the thirteenth I got a work order to repair a leaky faucet in Brian’s’ apartment. No big deal for me, I went up with my rolling tool box and the parts to repair the faucet. It was 3:30 in the afternoon when I got to his door and knocked. Dani opened the door and as she turned to make room for me to come in I admired her bare ass as she walked into the living room.

I looked around the apartment and didn’t see Brian and asked Dani where he was. She told me he had an appointment and had just left a few minutes ago. I went in to the bathroom to fix the faucet and she followed me in. She put the carpeted lid to the toilet down and sat down as I reached under the sink to turn the faucet off. The proximity of my face and head were very close to her leg and I could not help but notice that her pussy was shaved completely and the wonderful scent of a woman. As I worked, I asked her why she worked naked, and she told me that Brian paid her an extra hundred week to do her job naked. She went on to tell me how he just liked watching her and that he never touched her, or even made advances. She told me how she had worked as a stripper before going to school for PCA personal care assistant. As she talked she had shifted to talk to me and spread her legs allowing me a unobstructed view of her hairless pussy folds.

I drew out the task of fixing the faucet until it was close to quiting time. Dani didn’t seem to notice and I asked her when she got off working for Brian tonight and she told me, he had dismissed her for the evening when he left. I asked he if she’d like to go out for dinner. She told me that she’d really like that, and she dressed as I gathered my tools. I told her I had to change and shower and that if she’d like she could come to my apartment to wait. I dropped my tools off at the shop and she met me at the elevator and we went to my apartment. She complemented me on my apartment and I offered her a glass of wine while she waited, and she agreed. I poured her a glass of wine and then went into my bedroom and started taking off my uniform. As I stripped off my shorts and picked them up to put them in the laundry basket Dani whistled. I turned to see her leaning in the door way to the bed room. I said well I guess it’s only fair and stepped into the bathroom and into the shower.

Dani came to the door way to the bathroom and complimented me on my toned body as I washed trying to keep from getting hard. I finished showering and stepped out expecting to see her standing in the door way watching me, but instead I noticed her clothes on the floor out side the bathroom door. I finished drying off as I stepped into the bed room and Dani was laying naked on my bed her hand lightly rubbing circles on her clit. She looked like an angel her skin was Carmel in the light from the window behind her glowing like a photographer had set the lighting. I almost had to pinch myself at the reality of what beauty was before me. I sat on the edge of the bed and leaned into kiss her, and as our lips touched it was as if lightening had struck. We kissed and I began to fondle her breast melting down beside her. Dani took hold of my cock, stroking it to full hardness and then broke our kiss and repositioned herself and enveloped the head of my cock with her mouth.

She was so deliberate and sensual as she sucked my cock like she had thought out every second of it before hand. She took her time, building the pressure in my balls to come. Dani slid her hot mouth off my cock looked me directly in the eye and told me she wanted me to come. When she returned to sucking my cock it was different, she stoked harder with her hand and her tongue wound around my cock like a snake. She also moved slightly and I spread my legs farther apart to allow her to do as she pleased. She tugged at my balls as she stroked my cock the opposite direction causing me to gasp in pleasure. As she felt my balls tighten and her pace reached maximum speed, she slid a finger in my asshole touching a spot that maxed out my pleasure center and I came with greater force than I ever had before. It was as if a dam had broke and I was coming buckets more than I ever had before. My cock actually hurt I was coming so much and so hard. Dani directed the flood of come in her mouth and on her magnificent tits milking every last drop of my seed onto her body.

I was drained literally and figuratively but was still hard as she let go of my cock and began scooping the come off her body and into her mouth. She made sure she had my attention as she licked her fingers clean, and pulling her tits together scraping the come up to and off of her nipples and into her mouth. I watched her in absolute fascination as she seemed truly enthralled with my come. She a natural born performer as I watched her look to make sure my attention was on her as she licked more of my come from her fingers. She sat up and asked if she could shower off before we went to diner. I said sure and watched as she slithered off the bed and into the bathroom. I was grateful for the blow job of my lifetime, but curious as to what fucking her would be like. When she was finished taking a quicker shower than I had ever seen anyone ever, we both dressed and went to dinner.

As we sat waiting after ordering our food, Dani told me that she had a confession and told me she had lied to me earlier. I asked about what and she told me that she was still stripping, but she wasn’t motivated by the money that she enjoyed people watching her. I wasn’t surprised and asked her if that was all, and she said all that she had fibbed about. I dug deeper and said and is there anything else that you’d care to share? She said might as well, and went on to tell me how she belonged to a group of voyeurs that would often meet to have sexual encounters in front of each other, often with out contact but some times things would get weird. I smiled at the weird part and she fake slapped my hand and we laughed. I told her I liked being watched and watching as well, and that I had done a few video sex chats for the experience. As we ate diner we talked a lot and became very close very quickly.

As we finished diner Dani mentioned that she had a event she was going to later, that she was going to masturbate for the group. She said it was at a bar that the group had rented which had a small stage that had been used for bands to play on so lighting would be good and there would be plenty of seating and people watching. She paused and asked if I would be interested in fucking her on stage in front of everyone. I said yes and then quickly asked about pictures and video. She said that there were no pictures or video allowed and there were non disclosure waivers to be signed at the door. She also said we’d have to sign waivers too and prove our identity matches our signatures, she said it kept everyone safe. As we drove to the bar, Dani told me more about the club and what to expect, like people in the audience masturbating or having sex, and that there was no alcohol sales but people were allowed to bring there own as long as no one was obviously drunk. She also said there were no limits to sexuality in that there may be all sorts, male-female, female-female, male-male, shemales, and other sorts as well you never knew exactly what would go on.

As we got closer Dani told me she would start off by stripping and I could come up on stage pretending to be a client and we could go from there. I agreed to the plan and Dani got quiet for a second and had a nervous look and I asked what. Dani said well it’s just that when she comes, she gets very wet and on occasion she squirts, that she was kind of known for squirting. I said cool, and she said yeah, just thinking about squirting while fucking me was making her wet all ready. As we pulled up front she let go one last bit of information, that she’d never fucked anyone in front of the group before and never brought anyone before so not to be surprised when people take interest in me. I said ok, and we went inside, signed the waiver and we got a table. There was a guy on stage fucking himself with a large black dildo while masturbating with a scrubby glove like people use to wash dishes. The guy got off, coming on his chest and then removing the large dildo from his ass and cleaning up.

A female voice came over the sound system as the lights gradually came on and said there would be a five minute break and then the stage would be open for who ever wanted to go on next. It was odd sitting there watching as people shuffled about some undressing others pulling their clothes back on. The lights dimmed and a woman who looked to be in her fifties stepped on stage and the lights went back down except for on the stage. Music came on and she removed her clothing and pulling some devices from her bag. As she moved about she was almost dancing, gliding about her routeen. She got close to the front edge of the stage and produced a strip of cloth with medical looking needles, with out the syringe portion, and began to stick needle after needle through her nipples making an Astrix looking design.

When she had used all the needles she pulled a set of clamps from her bag and spread her legs in front of a stage light, spot lighting her pussy, and put the clamps one each on the lips of her pussy. She once again dance glided around for a minute and then pulled same weights from her bag and as she glided she would stop and put a weight onto the clamps. Her lips stretched at the weights and as she put the last weights on the music lowered to reveal the sound of the weights clanking against each other to the rhythm of the music at which the audience clapped and cheered until the music ended. She bowed and sat in a chair removing her devices.

Once again the announcer came over the sound system and Dani got up as the lights came on and approached the stage. The energy seemed to ramp up, people who had been around the edges or at the bar moved to tables. The lights went down again as Dani took the stage and the music came on people clapped. She did a very erotic strip tease until she was completely naked at the end of the second song. As the third song came on she motioned to me curling her finger and I made like I was shy and she coaxed me to the stage with her placing a chair center stage and sitting me on it. Once I was in place she went about giving me a lap dance, loosening my clothes, rubbing my cock through my pants, putting my face in her cleavage. The next song began and she stood me up, kicked the chair to the side, and pointed me to lay on my back. She danced around removing parts of my clothes until I was naked. My cock was standing tall and proud and Dani stood over me her feet on either side of my chest and leaned down and sucked my cock, very dramatically with over exaggerations.

In one swift quick motion she stepped forward and squatted over me and took my cock straight into her pussy right to the base. The crowd was silent and enthralled with the show as Dani bounced and rocked on my cock. Dani finely got tired and she laid down her feet on the railing edge of the stage and then pulled her legs up to her chest, and curled her finger at me once again. I moved to her and knelt between her legs and guided my cock into her very wet pussy. I was sure that as my cock entered her pussy her juices were pushed out. I began slow slamming my cock until I bottomed out in her pussy and then pulled back out until the head of my cock felt cool air and then slammed back into her. My toes were locked on the rail of the stage and I picked up the pace rocking my hips plowing into her.

Dani was screaming fuck me white boy, fuck this nigger whore cunt, fuck me. I had not expected the racist vulgarity from her but it was motivating and I could feel her pussy getting wetter. The music ended and the sound of my body and cock slamming into her was making rude sloshing slapping sounds, only covered by Dani screaming. Dani yelled come on, fuck me harder you pussy and I picked up the slam factor and grabbed her throat with both hands grabbing her with enough force to keep my balance but not so tight that she couldn’t yell. She began to tremble under me and she kept repeating don’t stop I want to come you cracker, fuck me harder, and then Fuck, fuck, fuck. I felt her start to buck under me and she went silent, shaking and then the squirting all over the place. I continued pounding her untilI felt her go limp, and I stood up and jerked my cock unloading my come on her, from her head to her pussy.

As I stood back looking her over, her feet were hanging over the bar rail, and she was rubbing her clit and small spurts of come were coming from her pussy. I knelt down and kissed her as she drew a finger of my come to her mouth and she squirted one more large stream of come over the rail and into the front row of tables. When she finished coming I pulled her to a sitting position and the picked her up in my arms and took her to a chair at the back of the stage. The lights came on as the cheering and clapping began and I could see many naked folks in the crowd, some fucking, some masturbating. I handed Dani a bottle of water and gathered our clothes, the announcer did her thing, announcing a fifteen minute intermission as I led Dani to our table. As we sat there several people stopped by our table and congratulated us for a great performance. A couple of people left cards with phone numbers, and we dressed as the next performers went to the stage.

As we watched the performance Dani held my hand and in the low light I swear I could see into her soul through the dilation of her eyes. I never felt closer to any human than I did with her right then. I silently hoped she was feeling the same when she looked into my eyes, and it was like she had read my mind exactly and she squeezed my hand. The performers on stage acted out a bare handed spanking session and then left the stage. As the lights came back on, Dani and I both moved to the exit. Ramona the group leader pulled Dani and I to the side and said she would like us to call her in the morning handing us her card.

Dani handed the card to me after we went out the door, because she all ready had Ramona’s number. I opened the car door for her, and when I got in I asked her what that was about. Dani said it maybe that she wanted to book us for a paid performance or that she wanted my cock. I asked what she meant by that and she said Ramona was a card carrying lesbian, but on occasion she liked a cock. Dani said either way Ramona was a lot of fun and a good person and could teach pussy eating. I said it sounds like you know from personal experience, and Dani said hell yeah. I asked Dani to come home with me and we slept spooned together until noon.

I remembered the card and Remona as I woke up. Dani woke as I did and as if one mind she said we should call Ramona. The phone rang three times before Ramona picked up. Dani explained that we were both on the phone and it was on speaker. Ramona asked if we would like to do another performance like last nights for pay. She explained that she was part of another group that had a theater that they owned for sexual performances. They ran porn movies as well as living art performances, circle jerk meetings and gang bang events. She said they had all ready called her this morning after hearing about our performance last night.

They said they would pay $5000 for a live on stage performance in their theater. She told us that we could wear masks so our identities would be protected and we would each receive a digital copy of all cameras video both in the raw and in the edited final version. Ramona said it was the best offer that the group had ever made but they wanted to do it next Saturday night at the groups’ 10th anniversary ball, their biggest event of the year. Dani looked at me and I said I don’t know, Ramona interjected that we should talk it over and let her know asap. Dani thanked her and hung up the phone.

We talked about it as we showered and dressed. It was interesting how well we got along and how much I was enjoying myself. We drove to Navy pier to have lunch and I asked her what her living situation was and she said she was sharing an apartment, but wasn’t invested there at all, that her roommate was a gay man, who really didn’t need a room mate. He had seen Dani at a performance and she was staying in cheap motels from week to week at the time, so he offered to share his apartment and she accepted. He had fucked her once but had a difficult time keeping hard and didn’t come. They had talked about it and he said it would never happen again. Dani thought she had turned him off some way, but it was just him being homosexual and unable to crossover to bisexuality.

I listened until Dani became aware that she was running on, and abruptly stopped, I took her hand and asked her if she would be my girl friend and move in with me. She looked shocked for a second and then said yes and we leaned into each other kissing. We must have taken too long as when we broke our kiss there were several people watching us. One woman smiled at us as we left the restaurant to walk the pier. As we walked our discussion turned to the offer and we both agreed that we should only do it if we wanted to and not because we needed the money. I told her I would enjoy playing any “fucking” roll she wanted to, and we both laughed at that. So we agreed that we would do the performance and called Ramona confirming we wanted the job.

As we got back to my car Dani asked me if we could go by her apartment and let Figyle know she was moving and pick some things up. I asked her where to and she told me the address and I headed that way. Being we were having such open honest communication, I decided to ask her about the racial commentary during the performance. She was obviously embarrassed and said she didn’t know where that came from but it wasn’t the first time and it really got her off. I asked her if it went both ways, if she would be excited by me talking the same way to her? She said she didn’t know but maybe later we could try that out. When we got to her apartment Figyle came out to greet us as we entered. He was flaming gay, very nice and rather good looking too. He was very excited for us and helped us carry Dani’s things to my car.

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