The Little Trailer

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2017 by Tony Tiger

Sex Story: The girl who lives in the little trailer teaches young man big life lessons

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Mult   Teenagers   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   Group Sex   Prostitution   .

She were strugglin with a big baskit of clothes at the laundreemat so, lak the perlite boy my Maw raised, Ah went over to help. “Miss, kin Ah help yew with thet?”

She looked up at me with big blue eyes and smiled a pretty one, “Why Ah’d be much obliged if’n yew would. Kin yew git this out ter thet waggin out front?”

Ah picked up the two big baskits of towels with ease and set em in the shabby red waggin lak she assd. “Where yew going with thet?” were mah next questin.

“Ter the Shady Rest park.”

“Thet’s a long way to pull a waggin,” Ah said. “Let’s put it in mah truck and Ah’ll give yew a lift.” She smiled agin sew sweetly.

She got in Paw’s old pickup with me and Ah said the yewsyewal prayer it’d start and it did. Ah had tew skip secund gear caus it were gone but we got to the trailer park OK. “Which wun is yers?”

“Way in the back. The little wun.”

Ah’d seen it when Ah went drinkin with a short-tahm friend a while back and he said a whore lived thar. Must a got a new renter cause this didn’t look lahk no whore, not thet Ah really knew whut a whore looked lahk. Ah were only sixteen and wimmin were mostly a mystery to me. Maw had been gone befur Ah started gittin manly and Paw wouldn’t say nuttin about them.

Ah carried the baskits in fer her. “Wud yew lak a beer?” she assd sweetly. She got one too. Ah didn’t know how ter talk to such a pretty gurl so Ah asked, “Yew shur have a lot of towls fer one person.”

She looked away as she answered, “Them’s fer mah wurk.”

“Oh, gud,” Ah thawt, “Ah found sumthin ter talk about.” Ah lahked bein with her. So Ah assd, “Whut kinda wurk is thet?”

Still not lookin at me she talked quiet lahk, “Ah’m a whore.”

There were thet word agin. “Miss, Ah do’t rightly know whut a whore duz.”

She stared at me. Ah later learned that she thawt Ah were funnin her but figgured Ah were fer real by the look on my face so she splained, “Ah has sex fer money.”

Thet didn’t help me much so Ah kept askin, “Ah don’t know nuthin about sex cause my Paw won’t tell me.”

“Yew ain’t never been with a gurl?”

“No. Yer the furst one Ah’ve talked to except a little at skool.”

She seemed real interested in me all of a sudden and came over to sit by me. “Whut’s yer name and how old are yew?”

“They calls me Slim and Ah think Ah’m sixteen.”

“Well, Ah’m Loreen and ah’m eighteen. Since yewr old enuf, wud yew lak me ter teach yew about gurls and sex?”

“Ah’d be much obliged, Miss, but Ah have to get some feed and take the laundry home. Kin Ah come back later on fer yer lessons?”

“Yew shur nuff can. She looked at a little piece of paper. How ‘bout six oclock. Ah’ll even fix a little food cause yew were sew nice to me.”

Ah got mah chores dun and even took a shower and put on clean Big Smiths, mah Sunday ones. At the 7-11 Ah bought some chips too. Ah got there a little early and saw a man come out of her little trailer. She kissed him at the door and had some money in her left hand. Ah figgered she had sex and got some money. Ah didn’t have any though but Ah waited till the raht tahm.

She seemed glad ter see me though and were still wearin that same bathrobe Ah saw earlier. Guess she laked to be comfy at home lahk Ah did. Ah sometahms went nekkid in hot weather.

We started with names fer parts Ah didn’t even know had em. She done me first and touched em and mine stood up big and proud. She seened to lak thet. After she touched it she even sucked on it and my white stuff flew out and she caught it in her mouth and swallerd. It felt real gud, better’n when Ah rubbed it to happen even.

Ah knew her parts wuz different but no perticulers. Ah lerned about breasts, or “tits” which Ah did know about. Then Ah got to zamine between her legs. She took me to the toilet and Ah got ter see where her piss came out.

Back on the bed she shewed me the bigger hole fer sex. Ah put some fingers in it and it were wet and warm feelin. She tole me thet when a “cock” got big it cud go in there and move and shoot the cream lahk Ah did in her mouth. It felt even better than thet she said and she lahked it better too. Thet were mah lessons fer thet day.

The next day Ah went bak fer more lernin at the tahm she said. We practiced whut Ah lernt yesterday and she tole me she had a client cumin who wud shew me how full sex were dun. Ah rekunized him. It were the owner of the big farm equipment store and he shuk mah hand then commenced to get nekkid raht in frunt of me. Loreen said he wanted to be watched doin her so this were purfect. Ah were supposed to stay dressed tho.

They commenced to doin sum of the stuff she shewed me. She sucked on his pecker thet were smaller than mine but he didn’t shoot his stuff in her mouth, and he sucked on her boobies too. She were wet lahk our teachin so he got between her legs and Ah saw his thing slide inside her. Her pussy opened up to let it in and he commenced to pushing in and pulling out and she moved her bottom along with them moves and made happy noises lahk when Ah wuz likkin her there.

After a bit he lifted his head back and made a groanin noise and pushed real hard inter her. He rested a bit and pulled out and his pecker were getting soft. Thet white cream were in the rubber coverin he wuz wearin. Loreen pulled it off and dropped it in the wastebasket then wiped him off with a towel.

He give her money and said to me, “Ah heard yew kin fix things pretty good.”

Ah tole him, “Ain’t never found nuthin Ah cudn’t.”

“Thats whut Ah need at my shop,” he said and wrote sumthin on a card. “Ask fer this man and tell him Ah said to check yew out.”

Loreen had to read it to me. It said “Leroy”. She tole me he’d come to see her a few times fer sex.

The she tole me to get nekkid again and do just whut the man had done. Ah copied whet Ah seen and when Ah looked fer a rubber she said Ah didn’t need wun. Thet were fer clients cause their penises were probly goin in other pussies and she didn’t want to get their germs. It were better fer her without. Ah didn’t know.

When Ah pushed in her it were amazin good. Even better than when she sucked me. She begun kissin me which she didn’t do to clients and got to movin her body in amazin ways. Mah pecker shot stuff so hard Ah thought Ah might pass out and she kept her legs around me so tight! Ah didn’t even git soft the way her pusssy were grippin me and Ah kept on plungin. She were shakin and crying and tole me she were alright cuz it were just frum good sex.

Ah shot mah stuff agin and we lay there tagether fer a bit. She kissed me a lot and said Ah cud do that to her anytime. Ah ast if my sperm wud make a baby in her and she tole me thet she were takin speshul pills thet kept babies away. But Ah had to leave after a bit cause she had another client comin who didn’t want to be watched. But come bak tomorow naht. You bet!

Ah shewed up at the farm equipment place the next day and a big black man said he were Leroy. He give me sevral things ter fix and Ah done em raht quick. He said to start tomarrer but Ah’d have to git me a yewniform down at the Farm Supply. “Ah ain’t got no money”, Ah splained. He gimme a twenty and said it wud come out of mah furst pay.

Ah had some change after gittin mah yewniform and bought a bottle of her favrit wine. A client were just leaving so she jest put on a robe and we had some wine to celebrate mah furst payin job. She were so happy fer me thet she pulled mah overalls open and set on my dick raht there on the couch. Even thet made her shake with her pleasure and then we got nekkid and did it raht. She didn’t have any more clients so Ah called Paw and stayed there all naht. Ah were tarred but happy at wurk the next day.

When Ah got home Paw asked me where Ah spent the naht. Ah tole him he said, “Do yew know she’s a whore? Ah bin with her mahself a few tahms.”

“Ah knows, Paw, but she likes me the best so it’s OK with me. We are friends and she don’t charge me or make me wear rubbers neither.”

Paw shook his head and said, “Well, it’s yer choice and she’s mighty purty so jest enjoy, Ah guess.”

So Ah begun spending a lot of tahm at thet littl trailer. She and me would “fuck”, as she called it, jest about every day and sometimes Ah’d stay overnight and we’d do it several tahms. She says her clients don’t give her near as much pleasure as Ah do so she is glad when Ah visits. She telled me thet teachin made her feel reel good cuz the other men thet came already know how and just used her. It were speshul with me. Ah tole her it were speshul fer me too.

Ah bought the tools of a mechanic who were retirin and got promoted. Ah were a makin pretty good money so even after givin Paw some Ah checked out an ideer Ah had.

When Ah asked Loreen whut she done with the money she were makin she said a lot went to her Maw who were ill and had no income. When Ah asked how much rent she were apayin fer the little trailer, she said she fucked the manager once a week and got it fer free.

Ah’d noticed thet a single-wide nearby got empty sew Ah went to the manager and werked out to pay the difference frum the little trailer. Loreen were so surprised and happy. It were good fer all of us. Ah were closer to werk and coud fuck her every night. She wud have the other bedroom fer her clients. The little trailer didn’t have no privacy so now Ah’d have to wait outside when she were doing em.

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