All's Well

by JackSpratt

Copyright© 2017 by JackSpratt

Sex Story: A short story about two friends, who manage to get "closer"

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa   Drunk/Drugged   Reluctant   Fiction   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Sex Toys   Small Breasts   .

Mary answered her phone when she saw it was Dot calling, she had become quick friends with her and welcomed a female confidant. They chatted for a bit and then Dot asked if she could come over so that they could talk some more, to which Mary said yes. Mary had just gotten out of the shower and since it was Dot coming over, she just slipped her thick robe on, to fight off the chill in the air, after all, it was just girls and girl talk.

Dot came in and Mary offered her a drink and they both sat side by side on the sofa to chat about their lives. Mary had made Fuzzy Navels and both girls sipped as they talked. What Mary hadn’t realized, was that her robe had opened a bit and her small tit was in plain view to Dot and she found it hard to take her eyes off of it as they chatted.

“So, Mary, how’s your love life with your new fella?” Dot asked matter of factly.

“Dot, it’s going really good, when we are together. He’s been sick a lot, but when he’s here ... let’s just say we’re both satisfied,” and she smiled.

“Well, Mary, you know you can tell me anything, after all we are each other’s confidants,” Mary shook her head.

“Dot, he makes my pussy feel so damn good! His finger knows just how to excite my clit and make it throb, I have wonderful orgasms every time. And him, I just love his cock, so nice and smooth and it feels so good in my hand and my mouth. He takes pills, he has ED, because of the Diabetes, but he’s managed to fuck me a couple of times and his cock feels so good inside of my pussy.”

They both took big swigs of their drinks and Mary made refills, getting more relaxed and sitting half sideways on the sofa now. She had cinched up her robe and Dot could no longer see her tit, but her robe gaped a bit and Dot caught glimpses of Mary’s hairless pussy. Dot had experimented with women in her younger years, but had been married and divorced since then. Every chance she got, she stole glances at Mary’s pussy and she could feel herself getting a bit aroused.

After a couple more drinks, neither of them felt much inhibition and Dot asked her point blank, “How long have you been shaving your pussy?” Mary thought really nothing of the question, but pulled the robe open and let Dot have a good look and Dot feasted her eyes on Mary’s nudity, especially her bald pussy.

“They shaved me once for a procedure and I liked it, so I keep it shaved. Do you like it?” Mary asked with a smile.

“Yes, I love it!” Dot answered and tentatively reached for it, feeling the smoothness of her friends bald pussy, then exploring the lips, Mary was getting turned on. Dot began separating the folds and massaging Mary’s very sensitive clit, she sucked in a breath at the feeling. Dot worked Mary’s clit, then inserted a finger into the wet channel and Mary drew her in for a wet kiss. Their tongues battled each other and Mary began to play with Dot’s tits as they kissed and Dot sought to venture deeper into both Mary’s mouth and her pussy, they moaned at their arousal.

Mary moved a hand down and struggled to unsnap Dot’s jeans and then down her zipper. Her hand came back up and sought the waistband of Dot’s panties, edging her hand down the inside, until she felt Dot’s bush and delved to use her own finger as Dot was doing to her. It was odd feeling the fur, as Mary had been bald for so long, but Dot’s wet channel accepted her finger and Dot moved to allow greater access. They finger fucked each other and kissed, Mary abandoned Dot’s tits and concentrated on the two tasks at hand, kissing and fucking. They soon had each other on the brink of an orgasm and they both let loose about the same time, afterward just basking in the afterglow of their mutual orgasms.

“Damn, Dot, that was so fucking hot! I’m just sorry that your clothes were in the way, I’m sure I could have gotten you off much harder with a free reign,” Mary remarked. “But, we need to talk about this bush. I think I need to get my weed whacker out and clear this field,” she smiled and gave Dot a peck on the lips, “Would you mind?”

“Not at all, Baby. I’ve considered it, just not that easy for me, with my schedule and all,” and Mary offered her hand and helped Dot up, then peeled her jeans and panties down her hips and when she got to her ankles, Dot stepped out of them. Mary then grabbed Dot’s shirt and motioned for her to lift her arms and peeled it over her head, leaving her in only her bra, which soon joined the rest of the clothes and Mary’s bathrobe on the floor. The two went into the bathroom and Mary had her sit on the commode, with her ass almost hanging off, exposing all of Dot’s pubic area.

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