Hunting Dragons

by Ka Hmnd

Copyright© 2017 by Ka Hmnd

Fantasy Sex Story: After a gate opens and dragons and their kind come through the realm becomes chaos. That starts one man's trek to the distant dwarf mines to make weapons to kill dragons. Of course there is a young woman left out as a sacrifice to the dragons and drakes to face. Once the weapon is made it proves deadly to dragons but takes every bit of courage he has.

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   .

The rift between realms remained open for eight days before closing. Dragons and their cousins came through and spread like ants. There was no one that lived to give a number as the dragons and drakes flew away. Huge lizards crawled and ate anything green and wingless dragons hunted anything that moved.

My father was a smith and my mother a mage alchemist. I did not have magic and did not want to be a smith. I did enjoy the way a weapon felt in my hand. When the dragons began raiding and burning, people fled to caves or built huge Keeps with stone. I had seen several as they stole cows or sheep and they were huge.

A sword would never go deep enough even if they could penetrate the scales. Arrows were the same unless they blinded the dragon. Of course killing it before it regrew new eyes would not be easy. I had a plan or an idea and was going to hunt and kill dragons. I had skill with a sword or axe but started searching for a long spear.

When I could not find one strong enough I decided to travel to the dwarves for star silver. I had an ancient receipt to make admantium and needed the star silver to start with. I was sixteen and old enough to leave home. My mother did not want me to go with the dragons in the sky. My father was different and gave me weapons and advice.

I pulled the large mule after me as I left the safety of Sonder’s Reach. The large town had emptied and moved to a set of caves on one side of the valley. Farmers and herdsmen still returned to tend fields or watch animals graze. At the far end of the valley was Shay Keep and an old city built out of stone.

I would have to go to one side and up and over a pass. I stayed out of the fields and led the mule through the forest. I carried a long bow and war arrows, the nobles no longer worried about poachers. I waded across the shallows of the valley river and continued north. It was evening when I walked out of the forest.

Before me in a clearing leading into the pass were two large trees stripped of limbs. Tied between them was a naked teenage girl. I looked around and then studied the ground and saw large tracks and prints. I snorted as I started pulling the mule again, “stupid people.”

The girl had been crying and looked up as I came closer. She sniffed and glanced around while trying to speak. She croaked, “free me?”

I smiled as I let the mule go and walked to her, “sure but you know the idiots would only bring you back.”

She started crying again and I bent and used my long knife to cut the ropes. I pulled her up and turned her just to look at a naked girl. She stared at me and I grinned as I caught her hand, “so would you like to come with me so I can breed you?”

She was following and smiled, “it would be better than eaten by a dragon.”

I shook my head, “those morons were feeding drakes, not dragons.”

I caught the rope for the mule and started pulling it. I pulled off my water bladder and handed it to her and she took a drink as she minced her steps. I finally turned into a small side draw and led the way to the back where a tiny stream of water fell into a pool. I unsaddled the mule and tethered it while the girl sat.

I began to make camp and glanced at her, “I am Smoky.”

She smiled while rubbing her feet, “Elizabeth.”

I did not make a fire and handed her dried meat from a goat. I made my bed and sat and opened the pack and pulled out a roll of leather. I gestured and she turned and I measured her feet and ankles. I cut the leather and began to sew as she sat and I kept lifting my eyes to look at her pussy. She finally giggled and spread her legs and reached down to rub it.

I looked up and she grinned, “later?”

I nodded and went back to work. I finished one leather shoe and used a long leather string for laces. I gave it to her and started on the other and she put it on to see if it fit. She smiled when she pulled it off and moved to lay back in the bed. I glanced up when I heard the roar and could see a dragon high up in the sky.

It was gliding and slowly circling to the south as it searched for something to eat. I finished the other leather shoe and turned to set it down. I checked the mule as it began to grow dark and moved it under a trees close to us. I returned and stripped and moved onto the bed and looked at the naked girl.

She reached out and stroked my cock and I moved over her as she spread her legs. I pushed and forced my cock into her and she groaned. I held her as I pressed and relaxed and kept doing it. Her pussy was very warm and gripped my cock. I finally pulled back and then pushed into her and buried my cock.

She gasped and clutched me as her pussy clenched, “ooohhhh!”

I did it again and again and it was not long before she was struggling and lifting her hips. Several minutes and her pussy was wet and slippery. She was still clinging to me as I fucked her and began to do it harder. She lifted and cocked her legs as I planted my cock as deep as I could, “yyyeeeesssss!”

I covered her mouth with mine as I continued to fuck her. She thrashed and bucked and after a few more minutes she jerked and spasmed. I shoved into her and held her as I pumped huge spurts of seed. Her pussy grasped and kept squeezing as she shook and wiggled, “aaaahhhh!”

She was panting and shuddered as I gave her another kiss and started to fuck her messy pussy again. She grinned and hugged me as she lifted her hips. It was awhile before I stopped and held her as she fell asleep. I shifted and reached out to move my cut down battle axe and my altered long sword.

I closed my eyes but a moment later I heard the mule. I rolled and grabbed both the long sword and the battle axe. I was afraid it was the dragon as I moved out of the shelter. I went to the mule and looked around and a moment later I saw the drake stalking closer through the woods.

I moved away from the mules and when the drake lunged I shoved the sword into the mouth. I leaped and twisted and swung the axe with all my strength. The drake jerked back so instead of the middle of its neck I hit right behind the head. The axe was ripped away as it stuck in the spine and the drake fell.

I moved back and shifted my sword to my right hand as it writhed around and jerked while dying. I heard the roar above and spun towards the clearing. A second drake was dropping down and flared its wings. It was to close to the trees and the left wing caught a branch and spun and flipped it. It roared and twisted but I saw my chance and lunged.

I shoved the point of the sword into the spine above the front shoulders. It collapsed as I twisted and ripped the sword free. It thrashed but the wings and legs did not move. The head whipped around and struck out but I was to far away. I looked at it before moving back to the first drake.

The mule was screaming and fighting the rope around its neck as Elizabeth appeared. I stepped on the drake’s head and caught the axe before I yanked and pulled. Once it came free I swung it again and started chopping until the head was cut off. I moved to the second drake with the bloody axe and waited before I stepped and swung the axe.

When I was done I set the axe and sword aside and struggled to pull the two horse sized bodies out and into the clearing. For as large as they were they only weighed a quarter of what they should. I went to get my weapons and the heads and then got my skinning knife from my pack. I skinned the two drakes and rolled up the hides before I walked to the pool of water.

I walked in and sat and began to wash the blood off and the excitement finally wore off. I started to shake and my hands trembled and Elizabeth walked in and pulled me into deeper water. She washed me and pulled me out and used my shirt to dry us. The mule had finally quieted and I laid down with Elizabeth. We did not sleep but just held helped.

When the sun rose I got up and went to wash again and then cleaned my weapons. We packed up and I gave Elizabeth a shirt to wear. I struggled to put the two drake hides on the mule with the pack. Finally we were walking out and starting up the pass. She was walking much better with the leather shoes I had made for her.

Of course her bare legs made me want to fuck her again. She grinned as I kept looking and lifted the shirt to show her pussy, “better?”

I grinned and then laughed, “only if you want me to fuck you right here and now.”

She flirted and teased as we climbed the pass until an hour before the sun set. To the north was a narrow cleft with trees. At the back was another set of tiny falls that crossed and went into more falls. The mule had finally adjusted to the smell of the drake hides and ate grass and bushes along the way.

I tied it to a tree and removed the pack and rolled hides. I went to bring it water and then rolled out my bedroll. The sky was clear so I was not worried it would rain. We had not even seen a dragon in the sky so maybe it had fed and was asleep. We ate dried meat and journey bread and then I unrolled a hide and started to scrape it clean.

It took five days to get over the pass and by then I was done with the hides. I had them on a frame of slim branches to stretch when we walked out of the pass. There was another town made of stone with a Keep rising above it. People stared as we walked through the streets and I saw ballista everywhere.

In the market I stopped and a merchant walked to me, “you killed a couple of drakes lad?”

I nodded, “I was hoping to sell the hides for enough to buy clothes for the girl.”

He glanced at her and then chuckled, “I think I can help you.”

An hour and we had three skirts and three blouses as well as rations and Willnot herbs. We left and headed north along the mountains. The dwarf mines and city were two weeks away but the people in the city had not heard from them. Three days out of the city we heard roars ahead. The mule wanted to flee and I hobbled it and tied it to a tree.

I had Elizabeth wait with the mule and slipped through the forest with my sword and axe in hand. A huge wingless dragon was fighting a strange looking winged dragon. Trees had been broken and knocked down. I was watching from back in the trees as they lunged and bit and tore at each other.

The fight was almost over with the wingless dragon ripping the other’s throat out with claws. Great cuts and bites were in both of them. Finally the one with wings spasmed and thrashed as the other shook itself and turned and started moving away to the east. I watched until it was gone and went back to Elizabeth.

She smiled and relaxed when she saw me and I untied the mule and took the hobbles off, “two dragons were fighting. One was killed and the other left.”

I went a little to the west and around the destroyed area with the dead dragon. That night we camped in the middle of a thick stand of trees beside a tiny creek. Since there were no clouds we tied the mule to one side and spread out our bed. We cooked a rabbit and roasted roots for dinner.

We cleaned up in the creek before putting everything away and covering the fire with dirt. We slept looking up at the stars and holding each other. The next morning we were up and walking as the sun began to rise. The closer we got to the dwarf mines the more signs we saw of dragons. The last few days we stayed in and under trees while moving.

The last narrow valley leading to the mines was filled with broken trees and torn up earth. When I saw the closed stone doors I began to look for a way in. From the devastation around the doors at least one dragon had tried to enter. I grabbed a rock as I pulled the reluctant mule after us. When we reached the door I started using the rock and hitting the door.

Ten minutes and finally a bolt from a crossbow slammed into the earth beside me. I turned and glanced up, “about time.”

The dwarf was on what looked like a ledge, “leave human.”

I snorted, “I see the damn dragons have made you more charming. I need ore to make admantium dwarf. Admantium spears to kill dragons.”

The dwarf straightened, “you are a mage?”

I shook my head, “the son of a smith and a mage alchemist. I have a recipe to make the admantium. You do not really need a mage.”

He gestured, “stay there.”

He spun and vanished into a crack and I looked at Elizabeth and then into the sky. It was a couple of minutes before one huge door slowly began to open. The dwarf was not alone and gestured, “inside quickly!”

I gestured to Elizabeth and followed her while pulling the mule. As soon as the mule started in they began to close the thick doors. They closed with a huge echoing boom and the mule lurched forward until I pulled it back. I looked at the dozen heavily armed dwarves, “so who do I see about getting ore?”

One snorted, “you are going to give us the recipe.”

I sighed, “very well but it is in the old mage language so you will not be able to read it.”

They looked at each other and one took off his helmet and grumbled, “follow me.”

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