Neutral Party

by Ka Hmnd

Copyright© 2017 by Ka Hmnd

Science Fiction Sex Story: A man dedicated to mediation between people or governments is asked to be the neutral party between two governments. Of course he dislikes working with humans who tend to try to kill him. This times is no exceptions as both sides negotiate by day and send soldiers for him at night.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   .

I walked out of the thick forest alone and crossed to the waiting flyer. The woman behind the controls looked at me as I opened the door and set my pack in the back and then climbed in. She lifted, turned and accelerated while I leaned back, “so...”

I kept my eyes closed, “they have agreed to stop killing humans.”

She snorted, “and?”

I turned and opened my eyes, “and a mating between the two hives was also agreed on.”

She shook her head, “why do we have to pull everything out of you?”

I smiled as I closed my eyes again, “because not everything I do or that is done would be accepted by the gal council.”

She sighed, “true and that brings me to a request.”

I sat up, “no. The council promised me time after I finished.”

She nodded, “and they will honor that. However ... the Donagan protectorate and the Ferguson Republic are meeting on War.”

I looked out a window, “diplomats?”

She growled, “of course.”

I sighed and shook my head, “I hate being a neutral party to humans.”

She laughed, “you are human.”

I grinned, “which is why I hate it.”

I finally nodded, “okay but you tell the Gal council...”

She waved, “we know. You need time to relax.”

I nodded again, “has anyone thought to warn War and their council?”

She looked at me and I closed my eyes and leaned back, “of course not.”

The alien courier ship took three days to get to War and I had sent ahead to warn their system council. I landed and the Tresis pilot whistled while I was shutting down. I smiled and whistled back and her mate chuckled. I stood and bowed, “may your mating flight be high and long.”

She nodded and I strode off the small bridge. Not many Tresis would allow a human to pilot one of their ships. I grabbed my pack by the airlock and cycled it open and used the ship lift. Five minutes and I was riding a drone cart towards a military looking flyer with a War council ident. The Donagan protectorate and the Ferguson Republic were already here so I was late.

I set my pack in the flyer, did a walk around it to check it before I got in. I ran a system test and called for clearance. Two minutes and I was lifting and accelerating to max the flier’s speed. It was two hours before I saw fighters heading towards me on a intercept. I ignored them as I slowed and began to descend.

They flashed over me and turned to follow and one locked me with their targeting system. I kept going and turned and slowed more before dropping to the ground in a clearing. I began shutting down and turned to send two text massages. I got out and grabbed my pack and went to the closest trees.

I pulled out a fiber tarp and made a shelter. I unrolled a weapon belt and checked the twelve millimeter pistol and put it on. I sat to wait and it was an hour before the first flyer landed. It was from the Ferguson Republic and six men got out. I watched as they touched weapons and looked around and then strode to me.

An older man stepped out and looked at me as the six men stopped. One gestured, “on your feet and...”

I snapped up as I pulled my weapon and aimed, “move or touch a weapon and you die.”

He licked his lips, “there are six...”

I smiled, “six dead men.”

I gestured, “turn around and walk back to the vehicle and get in. You tell the president the terms are not open to his demands. He is to be here alone.”

He turned and they walked stiffly back to the flyer. The older man looked at me as they spoke and one kept shaking his head. I had already put my weapon away and finally the six men climbed into the flyer. That was when the second flyer appeared and landed. The six men glared before the flyer lifted.

The older man walked to me while I watched the other flyer. This time four well dressed men got out with the Donagan protectorate president. The president of the Ferguson Republic snorted as he looked back, “and they get...”

I growled, “get sent back like your guards.”

He looked at me as the others started towards us, “you are not what we expected.”

When the other group reached us I gestured, “send these lackeys back. You were told the conditions.”

They stiffened and protested and I snorted, “fine. You can all return and start your war. All the other governments will stop all trade and relations.”

They looked at each other and their president finally turned and gestured, “leave.”

Of course they objected and his face reddened, “I said leave!”

They backed away and returned to the flyer. Once it lifted I relaxed and gestured, “relax and take off your shoes.”

They frowned and I sighed, “do you really want to do this in tight and uncomfortable shoes?”

I waited as they took off their shoes and then gestured, “walk with me.”

They hesitated before falling in on each side of me. I waited a moment and walked slow, “so what is the real reason behind this?”

They both cleared their throats and I shook my head, “not the bullshit your advisors created.”

Slowly it came out, the daughter of the first Donagan protectorate president’s descendant was to seal an alliance by wedding the president of the Ferguson republic. Of course they did not ask her or even consider she would refuse. She had other plans that did not include going to the Ferguson republic.

They took it as an insult from the protectorate and things escalated. By the time we had gone around the clearing once they were walking easily and were calm. I sat in the sun and gestured to each side, “and where is she now?”

The protectorate president sighed, “here.”

I nodded, “she belongs to me now. Send her to me when you get back. Now marriage is a poor way to create or seal an alliance. People are unreliable and unpredictable. If words alone can not do the job you need something to show each other. Tomorrow at nine each of you bring two people. A financial advisor and an engineer.”

I stood and held my hands down and pulled them to their feet, “also bring the locations of areas between you that are the most important.”

I let them use their comms and a few minutes later two flyers landed. After they left I accessed the sats and put in a council block. Next I carried my pack around to the other side of the clearing. I pulled out a roll of camo film and unrolled it and then unfolded it. I pulled it over a branch and added another and made a wider shelter.

I unrolled a thin mat and touched the switch and it expanded to almost fifteen centimeters thick. I tossed an extremely light but warm blanket onto the pad before I went to the flyer and returned with a couple of rations. I sat inside and made a bet with myself on which side would send soldiers first.

What I did not expect was the flyer from the protectorate. It landed and a soldier got out and turned as an angry teenage girl followed. She yanked her suitcase away from him and he got in and the flyer lifted and sped away. The girl started for the tarp and I cleared my throat, “this way.”

She spun and glared before stomping towards me, “if you think...”

I grinned, “that I can strip you and fuck you for several hour? Tie you spread out on my bed for a week or two? How about permanently attaching neural stimulators to your clit and nipples? See how many men it takes to fill your womb with sperm?”

Her mouth dropped open as she slowed and I laughed, “careful or that could happen.”

She snorted as her eyes looked me over, “you are strange.”

I gestured, “set the suitcase inside and take your shoes off.”

She looked down, “why?”

I smiled, “why not?”

She looked into the camo shelter I had made and set the suitcase inside, “why are we...”

I turned her and pulled her blouse up and off. She tried to stop me and then covered her breasts. I ignored it as I carefully searched the blouse. I yanked two buttons off and pulled my knife and broke them, “hidden vid cameras.”

She was growling and stopped, “what?”

I handed the broken buttons to her as I dropped the blouse and gestured, “take the skirt off.”

She was looking at the tiny circuits inside the buttons and glared, “those bastards!”

I sighed and moved and pulled the skirt down and she shifted and stepped out of it. She leaned against me as I searched it and found another hidden vid camera. I broke it and looked at her and she looked down, “what?”

I smiled, “the breast support.”

She looked at me and blushed before taking it off. I glanced at her pretty nipples and took the support, “nice nipples.”

I found the bug in the support and worked it out, “tracker and listening devise.”

She shook her head and pushed her panties down, “this is crazy.”

I looked at her trimmed pussy, “um ... very nice.”

I shook myself and checked the panties, “nothing in these.”

I tossed them onto the bed and pushed her back and into the shelter. I sat her down and sat beside her and looked through the camo film before I pulled out a couple of rations, “I am Keith.”

She was blushing and looked around, “Smokey.”

I pulled the tab to heat the rations and handed her one, “hopefully I will finish this in a few days.”

She looked at me as she held the ration, “you are really a mediator?”

I shrugged, “a neutral party.”

I looked away from her nipples, “those are very distracting.”

She laughed and rubbed one, “you like my girls?”

I smiled and relaxed as I took the pistol off and then my shirt and shoes. We ate and I pulled out a disposal container. I showed her where we would go to the bathroom and then we took a walk around the clearing, “tonight you stay in bed. If you need to get up, wake me. Soldiers from one or both sides may come and I do not want you hurt.”

She frowned, “why would they come?”

I shook my head, “where do I start? Okay, the protectorate is a military based government. It runs everything and being forced to mediate this will make them look weak. The generals or those with power will want to force issues or conditions onto the republic. The republic likes to pretend the people decide how the government runs.”

I looked at her as we returned to the camo film shelter, “actually it is the rich that run the government. They control the advisors and even the military to some extent. They do not want to bargain or lose any control of any part of the republic. They will both consider removing the neutral party as a way to gain the upper hand and control of any negotiation.”

She shook her head as she crawled into the shelter, “that is dumb.”

I laughed as I finished stripping and followed her. I pushed her back and down on my bed and started kissing down her body, “that is why I hate working with humans.”

She sighed as she opened her legs a little. I sucked on her nipples and then kissed my way down to her pussy. I pushed her legs apart more and licked through her pussy. I nibbled on her inner lips and began to wiggle the tip of my tongue on her clit. She shuddered and spread her legs wider. I captured her clit and continued to use my tongue to tease it.

She shuddered and lifted her hips as she moaned, “mmmm!”

Several minutes and she was humping and shaking. When she tried to cover her pussy I moved up and slowly forced my cock into her. She groaned as she spread her legs even more and tilted her hips. I pressed and relaxed and kept doing that as she hugged me and squirmed. A few minutes and her slippery pussy was clenching and she was bucking, “aaaahhhh!”

I began to pull out more and fuck her with long, deep thrusts. She clutched me as she thrashed around and lifted and cocked her legs, “yyyeeeesssss!”

It was awhile before I shoved into her and held her as I pumped sperm. She twisted and jerked as her pussy kept squeezing, “FUCK!”

I kissed her while she squirmed and when I was done I pulled out. She was panting and laid back and I rolled her over. I spread her legs with my knees and she tilted her hips. I sank my cock back into her and fucked her for a couple of hours. We stopped and I held her as she slept. I dressed and laid back to wait.

It was the middle of the night when the first team of soldiers moved out of the forest around the tarp. I moved out and began to crawl as one of the soldiers knelt and fired into the shelter. I aimed and squeezed and a subsonic round exploded through the head of one. Before they could react I fired three more times and the other three men died.

I moved back and away before returning to the camo film shelter. I laid beside Smokey as slowly the sounds of the forest returned to normal. I closed my eyes and rested and it was just before dawn when the second team of soldiers came. My eyes snapped open and I turned my head as a soldier slipped past a few paces away.

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