Valley of Dead Kings

by Ka Hmnd

Copyright© 2017 by Ka Hmnd

Fantasy Sex Story: I was a full mage finally and had put a lot of thought and research into the valley of the dead kings. I knew hundred or maybe more had tried to enter and steal the treasures but I wanted golden the libraries of the kings. I would have to fight magic with magic but also use elements to protect me from it, or from special traps designed to break magical defenses.

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   .

I was born a mage like both of my parents. All my life I have had to listen to the warnings not to let the normals see or know about us. First it had been my uncle who was my master and teacher and then the mage school. Once I was out of school I was free and headed to jungles in the far east. Everyone knew where the valley was even if it was isolated and hidden.

The local normals stayed away as far as they could. They knew entering the valley was death and most mages knew the same thing. I got rides when I could and walked carrying my heavy pack when I could not. When I went through the last village the people stared and made warding signs. I followed a game trail up and into the mountains until I reached King’s Pass.

I found tents and a lot more that had been abandoned or left by those that had died. I checked each and smiled as I began to collect things. I took over one that looked like a ten man cabin tent. Inside it was five times larger than the outside and had a separate bedroom and bathroom. It even had a small library with almost everything about the Valley of the Dead Kings.

Most I had read many times and ignored. I was sitting while reading when the door opened and a mage stepped in. I glanced at him before I went back to reading, “I am Kai.”

He snorted, “another walking dead man.”

I closed the book and looked at him, “why do you say that?”

He shook his head, “you are like all the others.”

I leaned back, “and you are not? I came to see the libraries the kings left and yes I will take treasure away.”

He smiled, “you think it will be that easy?”

I stood, “no I think it will be extremely dangerous and deadly.”

He nodded, “exactly. Which is why you should leave.”

I headed toward the bedroom, “after you.”

Everyone had the same books or texts or scrolls. They were all speculation or hints at the few tombs or burial chambers. For two years I had been studying everything about the mage priests that had built the tombs or chambers. The order was still around but much reduced with less power. I had copies of two dozen grand master texts from them.

I also had a half dozen from the last burial master from the time when they were still putting kings in the valley. I knew from his writings that there were a lot more tombs than people thought. I stripped and looked at the bedroom door when a girl stepped in. At first I thought she was young but even though she was short and small she was a teenager.

She looked at me as I checked the bed and pulled back the sheet. I glanced at her and slipped into bed, “yes?”

She grinned, “I am Eira.”

I nodded and she moved to the bed, “you are going into the valley?”

I nodded and she began to take her clothes off, “you can have me if I can go.”

I waited and then pulled her into the bed and rolled until she was under me, “and how many have you let taste your charms?”

She blushed, “I tried the other mage but he refused.”

I lifted and started to push into her and stopped, “do you have your maidenhead?”

She bit her lip and nodded and I moved aside. I covered her mound and chanted and she groaned and spread her legs and tilted her hips, “what...”

I gave her a kiss, “I removed your maidenhead.”

She shuddered and humped, “I feel...”

I turned and lifted and forced my cock into her extremely tight pussy. She grunted and lifted and cocked her legs as I pushed deeper. I settled on her and gave her a kiss, “why do you wish to go into the valley?”

She shifted and her pussy squeezed as she put her arms around me, “my father went in last year.”

I sighed and rolled and hugged her as she lay on me, “he is dead.”

She put her head down and her tight pussy kept grasping my cock, “I know but I need to see his body.”

I rubbed and caressed her back, “that is not a good idea.”

She shifted and sat up, “I need his ring and amulet to pass to my children.”

I looked at her as she began to rock and rub her pussy on me. I put my hand on her chest and murmured and blinked, “you are a witch.”

She groaned and shuddered as her pussy clenched, “mmmm!”

I pulled her down and rolled and began to fuck her with deep thrusts. She lifted and spread her legs as she hugged me, “aaaahhhh!”

I kissed her and continued to plant my cock as deep as I could. Several minutes and she was spasming and jerking. Her tight pussy kept clenching as she thrashed around and bucked, “yyyeeeesssss!”

She was clinging to me as I shoved into her and held her and pumped sperm. She jerked and wiggled and squirmed while I flooded her. When I was done she was panting and grinned, “again?”

I laughed and gave her a kiss before I pulled back to fuck her slimy pussy. I woke to a chime and glanced to the side of the bed. I shifted and then rubbed the girl’s bare butt, “time to get up and wash your pussy.”

She groaned and lifted her head, “but I went to a lot of trouble to get your stuff in there.”

I grinned as I shook her and moved away and out of bed, “I will put more back in if we live.”

We washed and then got dressed and I grabbed my pack and looked around. I murmured and a glowing door appeared to one side. I turned and walked out with Eira following. I kept going to the end of the pass where a stone pillar stood. I looked at Eira before I put my hand on the pillar and began one of the priest suspension spells as I pushed magic into the pillar.

I reached back with my other hand and caught one of hers and gave it a squeeze. When I finished the spell, rays shot down and into the valley. I lifted my hand and sighed, “that is a good start.”

I started to walk, “now it become dangerous.”

I pulled Eira up beside me and murmured. An area several paces across shimmered and heat followed fire as it became a curtain around us. The priest spells here had become wild and a few moments later the sky darkened. A huge serpent rose up and the head flattened into a hood. It swayed as I stopped and then looked away, “do not look at it.”

The eyes had begun to glow red and there was a haze around the head. I gestured and murmured as I took a step and started walking and the curtain of fire flared. The huge body of the snake thrashed around with the head burning. It was a moment later that we came to bodies, some old and some recent.

I nudged Eira, “is he one of them?”

She was clinging to my arm and shook her head. I looked at the bodies and what had happened to them before I started moving again. The salt crystal spear streaked out of the forest and towards us. I knew it would be immune to magic as I gestured and earth exploded up and to the side. The spear slammed into the earth and was shoved away.

Next would be the undead temple guards if they had not decayed into dust. A huge lion charged out of the forest and straight into the curtain of fire. It leaped as fire exploded around, on and through it. I had whispered and a tall shield appeared and the lion crashed into it. Before it could rip the shield away the fire flared into a tall pillar.

It collapsed and a moment later it was only ash. I nodded as Eira stared with wide eyes. The fire curtain ignited the thick forest as we kept going and plants were not the only thing burnt. Any normal animal would flee which was why I knew the huge spotted cat was not normal. This time I brought earth up inside the curtain as it rushed through.

It tried to leap and claw its way over but flames were already leaping high into the air. They consumed the dead animal and I let the earth fall. Before we had taken more than another dozen steps I saw the yellow cloud drifting out of the forest. I murmured and drew out a tiny bottle that began to grow larger very fast.

I gestured and it floated through the curtain of flames and settled to the ground. Another gesture as the yellow cloud reached it and the cork popped out. There was a huge sucking sound and a heartbeat later the cloud began to turn and spin. A funnel touched down in the neck of the bottle. A couple of minutes and the cloud had been sucked into the bottle and the cork slid back into place.

We started moving and came to a fast moving stream a few minutes later. Stuck on rocks and along the bank were many old bodies. Eira hissed, “those were my father’s friends.”

I looked and moved closer before I pulled her back, “is he here?”

She nodded and pointed into the stream, “against those two boulders.”

I looked at her before I knelt and began to draw runes. Outside the curtain a mound grew and took shape. A few minutes and a large earth and stone giant strode into the stream. From the first step it began to struggle as the water boiled around its legs. Slowly it moved out and lifted the body and turned. It barely made the bank before staggering and starting to fall.

It tossed the body and swayed before falling back and into the steam. A moment and the huge body was torn apart and swept away. The bodies around us shifted and began to move. I ignored them and chanted and a ring was pulled and ripped from the bloated finger of her father. It floated to us and I pulled a silk handkerchief.

It flared as it came through the flame curtain and any and all flesh was destroyed. I wrapped it when it reached us and then pulled a small very thin disk. Her father’s body was standing now and moved to us and I shifted and threw the small disk. It flashed and grew large and went much faster than anyone could throw it.

It went through the neck of her father’s corpse. The head fell and the body collapsed and Eira clutched my arm. I whispered and a chain with a silver amulet rose up and away from the body. The flame curtain was turning the bodies that touched it to ash as the amulet went through. Like the ring any flesh was burnt off and I opened the silk handkerchief.

I let it drop in with the ring and carefully wrapped them and handed it to Eira. She nodded and I looked around before I started to walk. I saw the thousand arrows in the sky a few moments before they struck and yanked Eire close and knelt as I shouted commands. Fire and earth snapped up and over us barely in time and the arrows struck like rain.

I murmured and chanted and drew symbols and finally I stood, “that would be a tomb or burial chamber.”

I waited with Eira and smiled before I slipped a hand into her blouse and cupped a breast. She looked at me and then grinned, “tease.”

I laughed and suddenly the dark clouds became a lot thicker. It was a few minutes before it started to rain and I relaxed, “I could really use a good fuck when we get out of the rain.”

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