Sharon and the Teacher's Pet

by Dick Ever'ard

Copyright© 2017 by Dick Ever'ard

Young Adult Story: Sharon wants to be her teacher's pet but Miss Pampers has a far more profitable role for her to perform. While Sharon daydreams of lesbian delights, 'Miss Pampers' prepares to make her next hot porno video!

Caution: This Young Adult Story contains strong sexual content, including Teacher/Student   .

As I awoke I found I was sweaty and naked; and hugging a big brown dog!

I was feeling real groggy after experiencing the most bizarre dream of my life!

But as I struggled from my ‘doped’ slumber I faced another freaky event.

I found Amanda tending me in an unfamiliar room!

Amanda Panders was an agency teacher at school; who had recently been assigned to our six-form class for biology lessons!

I’d developed a crush on her from the start. She wore her long flaxen hair in a French twist; enhancing her slender white neck.

I could imagine her hair at night, tumbling onto her breast as she slipped into bed. How I dreamt of getting into that bed with her; become a lesbian. I could tell she liked me too; often I caught her gazing at me.

Then during a lunch break near the hall we’d got chatting and she told me she lived alone in the hills with just her dog for company. I asked if she got lonely in such a place but she said she always had her dog close to her; even in bed at night. Miss Panders said it would be nice if I was to visit her and her pet dog one day because they could have such fun together.

Then yesterday she’d made a date to meet me secretly after school!

When she’d picked me up in her car I was so excited. I could see she was too; her nipples bursting thru her prim sweater. Her hand caressed my thigh before we pulled away and we’d driven out to a scenic spot and parked up.

It wasn’t long before we were necking and kissing; then she had her fingers up my school skirt twanging my clitoris like a banjo. But that’s the last thing I remember.

Letting go of the dog, I muttered, “How did I get here for heavens sake Amanda?

“O there you are Sharon, I was wondering when you’d come round; I suppose you’ll be ready for some coffee and lunch darling.”

In her gentle manner she explained I’d passed out suddenly while on our illicit date together. Not wanting to draw any unwanted attention she’d got me her place and given me a sedative; but the police could still be on the look out for me so it was best if I stayed put?

The coffee began to help and I began to suspect that Amanda Panders was not quite what I’d imagined; and may not be telling me the whole truth.

All I could do in the meantime was play along with her.

Then, while I was in the kitchen getting some lunch together, I spotted a phone. I realised how simple it would be to give my folks a call to let them know I was OK.

I picked it up and went to dial; but I could hear Amanda already on the line; in conversation with a man and what I heard was staggering!

She was outlining the erotic scenes she had captured on video of me with her brown mongrel; while I had been in an hallucinogenic drugged state; just hours ago!

She described me as being ‘ a complete natural’ who was totally hot for dog cock in every way imaginable. Her detail was made me cringe.

The man wanted to know if there were clear shots of the dog’s cock pumping into the girl’s snatch and if the girl’s face could be seen when the dog shot it’s load in her?

Miss Panders assured him that this video was the bes she’d ever shot; and it sure wouldn’t come cheap! This girl was box-office and there would soon be a sequel video to follow!

Miss Panders knew her sales pitch and the man began negotiating terms with her on acquiring the video. I gently replaced the receiver.

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