The Importance of Being Honest

by harry lime

Copyright© 2017 by harry lime

Romantic Sex Story: Lucy is growing up fast and she is not yet secure in her own identity. All she knows right now is that if she doesn't get Amanda her boss's attention and close personal contact, she would just absolutely die.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa   Mult   Consensual   BiSexual   Fiction   Oral Sex   Petting   Squirting   .

Lucy sat looking at the screen in front of her.

She knew that if anyone glanced in her direction, they would see her intensity in the glare she sent with daggers of pure venom for her reflection. The words she had typed stared back at her with a sense of complete and utter failure.

“I fucked up!”

The stunning young woman with honey blond hair chewed a loose strand at the side of her mouth in absent-minded disregard for the fact it was entirely inedible.

The horse was out of the barn and she knew with tummy-turning certainty that Amada had seen that hidden side of her that discovered mature women to be the objects of her affection rather than the customary feminine yearning for a suitable male animal with his constant pestering for humiliating submission and surrender of her control to his needs without question. The thing that bothered her excessively was that she had yet to meet a single member of the opposite sex that considered her an equal, much less, possibly, even superior in several categories.

What made matters even worse, if that was at all possible, was the fact that her beloved Amanda, with her voluptuous breasts and firmly packed posterior, was her boss and the one that would decide if her services would be required for the next project. She loved her work almost as much as she secretly loved the “stacked” married woman that threw her into fluttering tizzies every time she bumped into her with her hip in close quarters.

Lucy was definitely not a virgin in any sense of the word.

She had been used long and hard by her mother’s artist-type boyfriend during the long, hot summer at the shell encrusted beach out on the island. Of course, her often besotted parent never suspected her innocent teenaged daughter was being tutored in matters of carnal delights by her newest male protégée. The virile hunk of masculine muscle took great pleasure in sharing her hedonistic lifestyle in her queen-sized bed and seldom covered his nakedness when Lucy happened to come into the room. He found Lucy to be “easy pickings” because of her immature attitude and complete lack of guile in such matters.

The artistic boyfriend paid dedicated attention to training her in all varieties of love-making including those that employed degrading use of her mouth and her forbidden rear entrance. He made her do things that were only whispers in her pre-loss of innocence stage hinting at humiliations and degradation said to be the source of the worst carnal sins imaginable.

She managed to keep her sinful compliance with the boyfriend’s orders a secret from her mother even after the pretty man took his leave along with some of her mother’s jewelry. For a short time afterward, she was somewhat apprehensive about the possibility she might be impregnated. The happy humping hunk considered condoms to be impediments to his pleasure and Lucy was not in a position to object.

The nice folks at Planned Parenthood gave her all the tests and even a full examination for STDs to set her mind at rest. It was there that she met Sandra, the health care specialist that changed her attitude about female on female love-making as a lifestyle to be seriously considered as a way of life. Lucy allowed Sandra to show her all of the techniques that surpassed her previous hetero encounters and often resulted in orgasms of intense proportions.

It was during that harvest moon period with Sandra that she realized she enjoyed playing the role of the “man” in such encounters and she took great pleasure in extracting every last ounce of passion from the joyful nurse with an itch for pounding just as long as it wasn’t from an actual man. For some reason, she had been turned off on masculine intimacy and Lucy suspected that at some time in the distant past she had been raped by one or more of that gender entirely without her consent. Lucy learned from Sandra that being a bit “rough” was not a carnal sin, but just a variation on scratching that itch in a slightly different way.

She experimented with a complete stranger shortly after and found that she had the same reactions as Sandra when push came to shove and she hated herself for it, but accepted it as part of human behavior and her ingrained submissive persona.

As time went on, Lucy avoided romantic or lusting relationships with the opposite gender because she was certain it would involve her giving, giving and never really getting anything of value in return. Her infrequent affairs with close personal female friends were mostly satisfying and she was always able to “move on” without any sense of sadness or recriminations.

Now that she was filled with disgusting lust for the “perfect” Mrs. Amanda Honeypot and was willing to kneel at her feet in adoration of her “Goddess on a Pedestal” boss and service her in any kinky way desired.

Unfortunately, the aforesaid Amanda was quite the target for salesmen and sports-type Lotharios, all eager to pound her into screaming release.

Lucy knew that Amanda was a bit open-minded in that regard and would often accept the odd invitation for “drinks” after closing hours because her husband was a dedicated doctor more interested in his medical emergencies than in frequent carnal relations with his beautiful wife.

Once, she had overheard two of the salesmen talking about, “What a great piece of ass!” the beautiful Amanda was after she had a couple of drinks and an inquisitive tongue in just the right place to get her to open the doors to her secret garden.

She was so desperate to learn more about her boss that she cornered one of the salesmen in that risqué conversation in the supply closet and gave him a “promise” that insured his complete attention. Of course, it was “an offer he could not refuse” and he followed her like a trained puppy right up the stairs to her locked-door apartment to collect on his promise just as she knew he would. The poor lad was far too quick off the mark and as she waited for him to re-build his stamina, she pumped him for all the details about Amanda’s surrender to his charms.

At first, Mark was a bit reluctant to disclose all the seductive details, but he quickly changed his mind as Lucy used her hands to motivate his complete cooperation. She received a depraved description of the special trigger points in Amanda’s anatomy and was surprised they were very similar to her own special places for happy humping. In fact, she was so pleased with the collection of intelligence that she quickly turned over and spread her cheeks for Mark much to his surprise and joyful delight at her kinky ways behind a closed door. He had not expected it at all because the impression he had in the office was that Lucy was somewhat “turned off” by the male gender and most of the men failed to engage her in conversation because they feared rejection or derision at their efforts to gain her compliance in matters of a physical nature.

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