Divorcing My Wife

by Mystic47

Copyright© 2017 by Mystic47

Fiction Sex Story: My wife was a greedy gold-digger. For years she left me and our daughter alone at night while she fucked around.

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Fiction   Incest   Father   Daughter   .

She was at it again, complaining, bitching and berating me. For years I had to listen to my wife Carrie call me every kind of worthless because I don’t earn the kind of money she demanded to live a life style she dreamed of. She quit having sex with me, barely allowing herself to sleep in the same bed and that was only because we didn’t have a separate bedroom. I hadn’t been laid in years because “You haven’t earned it you lazy bastard! Get a real fucking job and I’ll give you a good fucking job!” was her favorite taunt.

I had a decent job, I earned enough to have to pay taxes every year, not get a refund. We had good cars, a nice home, our clothes were not rags. But Carrie couldn’t wear diamond rings, emerald necklaces or ruby tiaras. She lusted for the trappings of the uber rich and when I couldn’t provide those luxuries she turned mean, spiteful. The only reason she didn’t split from me was she couldn’t find a permanent rich lover. She tried, I know damn well she was fucking other men, men with money. My wife wasn’t a skag, she was a beautiful, sensuous woman and she knew how to use her charms to her advantage. Gradually over time I wanted nothing more than to rid myself of the grasping shrew, to flee, hide in a different city, maybe a different country. The only reason I toughed it out was because of our beautiful sixteen year old daughter Bethany. I couldn’t leave my baby to that bitch alone and I knew I wouldn’t be able to wrest full custody from her mother. If left alone with her I feared my girl would learn too much from the mother, to covet wealth, to drool with greed over baubles and chase after those who could give her those things.

When Carrie was done ripping my nuts off and force feeding me with them she fixed up and left. It was early evening so I knew she wouldn’t be back for several hours. I didn’t bother wondering where she was going or who she was fucking, I was just glad to have her out of the house for a while, I could get some peace, some quiet. It was the best time to get some work done as a sports analyst for ESPN.

It was a real fucking job and I loved it.

I was walking past Beth’s room when I hear her crying, sobbing behind the closed door. I didn’t’ even know she was home. I opened the door to find my girl lying face down on the bed her head cradled on a pillow crying, tears had soaked the cover. “Beth? Beth sweetheart, what’s wrong?” I was concerned.

She rolled over and looked up at me “Mom didn’t know I was home did she dad? I know she can be a bitch sometimes but I never heard her like today. Daddy? Is she always like that when I’m not here?”

I hung my head in shame that I had let things get this far, we tried to keep our shattered marriage from being too obvious but today Carrie had managed to destroy the last illusion. “She was being kind today baby, she left before she started on my bedroom skills.”

“You two still have sex? After what I heard I wouldn’t think so” she sniffled and rubbed her nose on a sleeve.

I should have avoided the question, it wasn’t something I should discuss with my sixteen year old girl but I told the harsh truth “You mother hasn’t fucked me in over three years, I can tell you the exact day she did, it was your thirteenth birthday. That night we got drunk and screwed half the night but right after that she changed. She started demanding more and better stuff but I couldn’t deliver. About two years ago I found out she was putting out for different men, getting her trinkets from them, and you know what Beth, by that time I didn’t give a rotten damn.”

Beth sat up and looked at me, confusion mixed with unease in her eyes “Three years? You haven’t had sex in three years? You’re an adult, how can you go so long with out getting fucked?”

Her words rattled me, I don’t think I’d ever her say that word before but I reacted causally “Actually, it’s pretty easy, especially since she is the only option available, I’ve never cheated on your mom even if she deserves it.” I left my daughter to find my solace in solitude.

Later Beth came in to say good night and kissed me on the cheek “I love you daddy, what can I do to help?”

“Nothing sweetheart, our marriage is a shambles but I’m going hang in here until you are old enough to leave home. Once you’re gone, so am I, but I love you for asking.”

Beth looked at me seriously “Mom is a stupid slut, she doesn’t know how well she could have it with you if she would quit looking for something better.” She paused then added, “She will never find better, she is a greedy gold digging bitch and she can’t hide that, her boyfriends are using her and she will never get one permanently because they know what she is.”

My daughter’s insight startled me but I cautioned her “Don’t call your mother a slut.”

“Why not? She’s cheating on both of us daddy, her whoring around is messing me up too.”

I went to bed an hour later and no sooner did my head dent the pillow when Beth tapped on the door then opened it “Can I come in?”

“Sure, what’s on your mind?”

She sat on the end of the bed cross legged facing me. She was wearing a full length cotton night gown decorated with sprites and elves hiding among flowers. She laced her fingers together and put her hands between her legs pressing the material to the mattress. The hem of the long gown pulled up to her knees, her calves and feet were bare. I caught a hint of nipples through the soft thin material. “I need to tell you something very private but you have to promise you won’t get mad.”


“No daddy, promise you won’t get mad and think I’m a bad person like mom.”

She looked so serious, her posture was timid but her hazel eyes were boldly locked on mine. I found the mixture of the meek pose and the unspoken brashness in her eyes intriguing. “Okay little girl, I promise I won’t flip out on you no matter what you say to me. And I will never, ever, think you are anything like your mother.”

She sighed a deep breath, shaded rose in the cheeks then announced “I’m gave my self to Pete Simmons five months ago, we had sex for three months before I broke up with him.”

As beautiful as my daughter is I wasn’t as shocked as she might have imagined. In fact I was mildly surprised she waited until after she turned sixteen. To let her know she wasn’t a slut in my heart and eyes I said “At your age it’s only natural, has Pete been your only boyfriend?”

She looked taken aback, I had the impression she expected me to blow up on her, get mad, to compare her to her mother. After a moment’s hesitation she nodded slightly and answered “Yes, and he’ll be the last for a while. I would still be screwing him except I heard about us in school, the bastard was bragging all over town about how great I could fuck and suck.

“Did you?”

“Did I what?”

“Did you suck him? Give him blow jobs?”

The pink rose blush turned to crimson, Beth lowered her eyes and admitted quietly “Yeah, I didn’t want to get pregnant so I let him cum in my mouth when I wouldn’t let him cum in my pussy.” She looked up warily “Is that bad daddy, am I like momma?” My unchaste little girl wanted reassurance she was still my good little girl.

I reached for Beth and pulled her to me, she unfolded her legs and let me bring her close; I told her how perfect she was, how I could never have wished for a child better than she. With our arms around each other I fell back to my pillow holding my girl. She snuggled close to my chest and put an arm over my stomach, “I like this daddy, I like being your daughter, you make me feel safe and loved.” She kissed me on the cheek, right at the corner of my mouth.

I turned my head to face her and kissed her back, full on the lips, our noses rubbed, her eyes stared into mine as our mouths pressed together for a few moments, a kiss of understanding and acceptance. When I pulled back I said “I love being your father, nothing could ever be better in my life, I love you.”

She chirped happily and squeezed closer to me, wriggling and jostling until she was comfortable, “I love you too dad,” her breast pressed against my ribs. As I looked a the top of Beth’s head my cock began to revive, to rise from a three year hiatus and become an erection. I knew I should send her back to her own room but she looked too settled, too content to chase away, I didn’t want her to think she wasn’t loved or needed just then so I relaxed as best I could and drifted to sleep with my daughter in my arms and a growing tent in my shorts.

I woke up to the shrill scream of an outraged woman “What the hell are you doing in my bed you little whore! Goddamn fucking teenaged slut! Fucking incestuous bitch, you’re fucking your own father!?”

Carrie was home!

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