26 December 2006
Chapter 10

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Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 10 - Dan, Karen, family and friends spend a very interesting Boxing Day together..."So tell me Wendy, when are you going to give Dan his Christmas present?" "What do you mean? I thought we decided not to exchange gifts so I didn't get anything for you and Dan." "But you do have a gift for Dan," Wendy looked at Karen questioning her comment, "A gift you've had with you all your life. It didn't cost you a penny, yet it is priceless."

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   mt/Fa   Mult   BiSexual   Fiction   Incest   Interracial   Exhibitionism   Oral Sex   Petting   Voyeurism  

“I need to know how to make Tiffany cum like that too,” Jake asked, “Can he teach me how?” he looked to his mom.

“I’m sure Dan will love to help you learn to please Tiff like that. I guess you’ll be out of action for a while and I’m fucking horny as hell!” Wendy stated, sexually frustrated. Jake eyes widened at his mom’s blunt comment, “I need to get fucked Dan, but you just fucked Tiffany.”

“Why don’t you get Scott or Ben to fuck you?”

“Because I’d rather be fucked by you, I love you,” she yearned.

Dan thought for a moment, “I just got it now. You haven’t been fucked by another guy since we met.”

“I’d feel nervous. It would feel like I’m cheating on you. I know I jerked off Aaron earlier at the Coffee Cup but this is real fucking.”

“But you’re okay with me fucking other women?”

“Yes I am, I know it’s your and Karen’s lifestyle and I do want it to be mine also. We’re a couple now and I’m just afraid, I don’t want you to feel disappointed in me or love me less if you see another man fucking me.”

Dan hugged Wendy tight, “You know why I don’t have a problem with you being fucked by one of them because you just paid me a great compliment.”

“I don’t understand, what do you mean?” Dan cupped Wendy’s face in his hands, his eyes darted over her beautiful features. His thumbs caressed her soft skin.

“I love you very much, Wendy. You consider me to be your husband and I didn’t realize that until just now. Besides being my loving partner I also want you to be a satisfied woman, sexually as much as possible. It intensifies our relationship for Karen and I and it will for us too. So tell me Wendy my love, who you would like to fuck you, Scott or Ben, your choice.”

“Really?” she couldn’t believe his offer.

“Yes or maybe you’d prefer Brad or Jake,” She blushed glancing at her son then looked at Scott and Ben.

“I’d like Scott to fuck me,” she said softly, a little embarrassed and looked to Vicky.

“I know he’ll be good to you, I hope he can make you have a good cum.”

“So how do I ask him?”

“Just go over to Vicky and ask her if you can borrow Scott. She’ll know what you want to do with him.”

“Okay, I’ll do it. I love you, Dan.”

“I know you do Wendy and I love you too.”

“I can’t believe that my man is allowing me to be fucked by another guy,” she smiled.

“Maybe you’d like Ben to fuck you too before the night is over,” Dan winked.

“Just maybe, as long as you fuck me too,” she raised her eyebrows.

“You want to have a threesome with a second guy?” he kidded.

“I would like to try that some day,” Wendy stood and went to Vicky, “Can I borrow Scott for a few minutes?”

“Hopefully it’ll take Scott longer than a few minutes to fuck you,” she kidded, “Wendy, you’ve earned the right never having to ask me if you can be with Scott.”

“Thank you, Vicky,” Wendy said kissing her on the lips. She looked back at Dan, who encouraged her with a hand gesture, then led Scott by the hand to the master bedroom and closed the door.

“Since Wendy is going to be busy, I’ll get you to give us girls a hand getting supper ready,” Karen said offering her lips to him. Dan didn’t mind helping with supper, able to feel the tits and bare ass of Karen, Vicky, Diane, Brenda, Cathy, Abby, and Tiffany. Angie and Cindy showed up in time and also helped.

Dan looked at the sexy women in the kitchen and thinking of Wendy, silently laughed. The one thing all ten women had in common besides being friends is, he has fucked them all.

“You had better take a little blue pill later on. I’ve got a feeling you’re going to be very busy,” Karen whispered caressing his cock, “There are ten women here. I think before the night is over, I’ll have your cock inside every pussy,” she predicted.

“I’ll definitely enjoy doing that but there’s no way I can cum ten times,” he smiled taking his love in his arms.

“You don’t have to but imagine the feeling of dipping your cock into ten different pussies before the night is over.”

Forty minutes later, Wendy entered the kitchen. Her unbuttoned blouse and smile said it all. She walked to Dan and took him in her arms, caressing his neck. She gave him a long, long sensual kiss which left him breathless.

“So I take it you enjoyed yourself?” he asked.

“Did I ever!” she sighed. Wendy touched her forehead to Dan’s, “I feel embarrassed and excited at the same time.”

“Why would you feel embarrassed around us?”

“Because everyone knows I just got fucked by another man. I’m not used to the fact that Scott gave me a good fuck and I had a great cum.”

“I’m happy for you Wendy and it helps to prove that my girl is very desirable to other men.”

“That’s my man!” Vicky boasted, giving Scott’s crotch a playful caress.

“This is just the start, soon you’ll be more confident asking a guy for a fuck, I’ll help you,” he said, “Just think how exciting it will be when I pick a guy to fuck you and I get to watch the whole thing.”

“You want to watch me being fucked?”

“I sure do. I’ll even help you to find guys to fuck and you’ll pick out a woman for you to watch me fuck.”

“You are the perfect husband, letting his wife fuck other men.”

“And other women, you just wait until we go to the Hen House. There you can fuck all the guys you can handle.”

“I need a stiff drink besides a stiff cock. I’m getting drunk enough so I can’t drive home that way I have to spend the night in bed with you and Karen, she winked.

Everyone managed to crowd into the rec room and enjoyed their hot turkey sandwiches and fries. Each person had to control their roaming hands with Danny and Timmy in the room. There was no shortage of long sexy legs, ample breasts for viewing and the odd pussy flash during supper.

“Dan honey, can you and the guys do the dishes for us? Vicky and the girls want to do some planning for my bachelorette party and wedding.”

“Vicky planning your bachelorette party, I can imagine what that’ll be like, male strippers no doubt! Of course, we’ll do the dishes. It’s pretty easy to wash paper plates,” he joked kissing her.

“What kind of bachelor party are you going to have?” she asked her future husband.

“I don’t know if I’ll even have one.”

“Oh, you’ve got to have a sexy stud party. How else are you going to fuck a stripper before we get married? Knowing Vicky like I do, we’ll be fucking the strippers at my party for sure,” she teased kissing him again.

While the guys busied with the cleanup, the girls talked a lot about what else, men and sex. Vicky mentioned a point to the girls, “I’d like to know why we girls always have to be bisexual for the guys. I know we all love to fuck and suck cock but are also expected to eat pussy too. Not that I don’t mind a lot of honey pie.”

“Yeah, I agree. We should make the guys have to suck cock too,” Brenda suggested. Wendy thoughts turned to Dan’s offer with Jake.

“We should go on strike for better sex benefits,” Diane jokingly mentioned.

“And go without getting fucked? Could any of us last a week without fucking?” Karen joked. “I have a plan to get what we want from the guys, especially Dan. I’ll explain what we’re going to do to the men.”

About half an hour before the hockey game came on, Wendy was sitting beside Dan holding his hand, her skirt was up high enough to view her bare pussy. It had been four hours since Karen had made Jake fuck Abby and two since they watched Dan fuck Tiffany.

“I’m jealous of Karen because she got to suck on Jake’s cock before I did and I’m his mother!” she said.

“You sure you want me to take Jake to the garage and jerk him off or possibly suck him off?” Dan wanted to make sure of Wendy’s earlier request.

She looked at him, concerned, “Yes honey, would you as a favour to me? I’d sooner know you were making him cum than some stranger who might hurt him. I know you’ll be respectful of Jake when you suck on his cock. Afterward please tell me how it was?”

“I will and I’m also going to tell Jake to tell you about what we did. I told Karen what Jake and I were going to do and she set up the video camera to record it happening.”

“Good, I’d love to watch it.”

Wendy took a deep breath, “Okay ... I hope I’m doing the right thing,” she said rubbing his leg close to his cock.

“You should know me enough by now that I’d never do anything to hurt Jake. If he doesn’t want to try anything then we won’t. He is a pretty good kid as teenagers go. I’ll treat Jake as if he were my own son. If we do anything, great, if we don’t, that’s great too.”

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