26 December 2006
Chapter 9

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Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 9 - Dan, Karen, family and friends spend a very interesting Boxing Day together..."So tell me Wendy, when are you going to give Dan his Christmas present?" "What do you mean? I thought we decided not to exchange gifts so I didn't get anything for you and Dan." "But you do have a gift for Dan," Wendy looked at Karen questioning her comment, "A gift you've had with you all your life. It didn't cost you a penny, yet it is priceless."

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   mt/Fa   Mult   BiSexual   Fiction   Incest   Interracial   Exhibitionism   Oral Sex   Petting   Voyeurism  

The house phone rang. Karen stood up and suddenly lost her balance for a moment to go answer it.”

“Are you okay Mom?” Brad asked.

“I suddenly felt dizzy. I sure hope I’m not getting something. This is the season for colds and the flu, though I have had a drink or two this afternoon,” she said sitting again.

“I’ll get the phone Mom,” Brenda offered.

“I noticed earlier that her face was flushed,” Wendy mentioned.

“When was the last time you had a period, Mom?” Diane asked.

“Maybe you’re pregnant,” Brenda added answering the phone.

“I wish!” she smiled looking at Dan.

“I guess I’m just having early menopause symptoms,” she regretted. “I haven’t had a period in about six months.”

“Angie wants to know if there’s anything you want her and Cindy to bring?” Brenda asked.

“Just their hot, sexy bodies,” She looked at the time on the Grandfather clock. “Cathy, Ben, and Danny should be here soon. Dan, you and Tiffany have enough time to fuck before we get supper started.”

Dan walked over to Tiffany and held out his right hand. She hesitantly placed her hand in his and he lifted her to her feet. Dan moved to the empty space on the couch. He cupped her face in his hands, his thumbs feeling her soft skin.

“Tiffany, I want you to feel totally comfortable with me fucking you. If you have any hesitations, you can sit down and no one will think any less of you,” he whispered and asked, “May I fuck you, Tiffany?”

“Yes, you can fuck me, Mr. Hayward,” she replied softly. Dan cupped her chin and lightly kissed her. She met his kiss and accepted his tongue into her mouth. She cupped his head in her hands pressing her firm body to his.

“Do you want me to use a condom?” he whispered.

“No,” she softly replied.

He took the hem of her top and pulled it up revealing her bra filled tits. He put his hand behind her and unsnapped her bra with two fingers.

“Dan has always been able to undo a woman’s bra with just two fingers,” Karen kidded getting a laugh.

Her bra fell to the floor showing her petite, firm breasts. Tiffany kissed Dan as he began to pull her skirt down, it falling to the floor. She was now fully naked and put her arms around Dan’s neck. Both their heart rates increased. Dan admired her young, teenaged body. She blushed, looking to Jake. He nodded his acceptance of them about to fuck.

Her small mounds stood out firm and he could easily count her ribs that supported a flat stomach. Tiff’s hip bone and pubic bones protruded. Her long, slender legs met painted toenails. The slight puff of light brown pussy hair proved Tiffany was a natural blonde.

“I’m a little nervous,” she whispered in his ear.

“I am a little too. Do you want me to stop?”

“No,” she said softly.

“Why don’t you decide how we’ll fuck,” he suggested fondling her left tit.

“I hate the small size of my boobs,” she said seeing Dan’s hand fully cover her tit.

“You can’t expect them to be adult size at your age. Besides, to me your breasts are absolutely perfect on you,” he praised.

“Jake says they are too.”

She nodded her approval pulling Dan’s shirt off and kissed his nipples. She then undid his jeans. Tiffany knelt, her cute ass inches away from Jake left foot. She pulled at Dan’s jeans and underwear. His semi hard six-inch cock popped out into her sight and he stepped out of his clothes. Tiffany hadn’t seen a cock this big before except for nude pictures she and her girlfriends had looked at on internet sites and joked about.

Jake felt a little jealous seeing Tiffany smiling up at Dan having a much bigger cock. “It’s only natural that you’ll feel a little jealous seeing Tiff sucking on another guy’s cock, getting fucked by another man,” Wendy reassured Jake, placing her left hand high on his right leg. The heart rates of everyone in the room increased.

Tiffany grasped Dan’s cock and began to stroke it. She looked to Jake who smiled and nodded. She kissed the head and looked up at Dan as she took his cock all the way into her mouth. She tried to suck on it and winced, beginning to choke.

“Tiffany, you can’t take a cock that big into your mouth all at once,” Wendy cautioned and the others laughed. She slid her hand up Jake’s leg for support as she stood. Her fingertips brushed against his hardening cock, “Here, let me show you,” Wendy went to her knees beside Tiffany, his cock still in her hand.

Wendy smiled up at her lover. She kissed the head and slowly sucked his cock into her mouth. “Don’t take a cock all at once. You’ll gag if you let it slide down over the back of your tongue. Karen taught me to let the head slide across the top of your mouth. It might tickle but at least you won’t gag. Sometimes I’ll swallow as I pull the head forward like this,” Wendy then demonstrated sucking on Dan’s cock for a few strokes for Tiffany, “You had better take over or I’ll suck off him off for you.”

“No, I’d sooner do that myself,” Wendy watched Tiff suck on her lover’s cock.

“That’s better, you’ll have to practice on Jake more often,” she smiled at him.

“That’s for sure!” he quickly agreed, getting a laugh.

“And Mr. Hayward,” Tiffany added.

“And Brad,” Wendy whispered.

Wendy stood and as she sat, put her hand again on Jake’s leg. She casually put her hand right on his cock and let it remain there. “I can’t believe how turned on I’m getting watching my Dan getting his cock sucked on by your Tiffany,” Dan helped Tiff to her feet and placed her on the couch. Her head was almost against Jake’s left thigh, his hard cock wanting to search for its home.

Tiffany spread her legs and held her arms out for Dan. He sank onto the couch molding with her slim body. Dan would normally eat a woman’s pussy for a while then fuck her. This time he wanted to reassure Tiffany that her body was perfect to him. He kissed his way up from knee to knee. He briefly nibbled her clit and pussy lips noting she was moist already and then moved higher.

Wendy enjoyed watching her man in action and couldn’t help starting to rub Jake’s cock through his jeans. She didn’t object to him putting his right hand high on her left leg. Dan smiled at his Wendy noticing her hand on Jake’s cock.

Dan kissed his way up her petite body, licking her flat stomach and nibbling on her pronounced curved ribs. He concentrated on each breast tracing his tongue around in smaller circles to her nipples. He tenderly nibbled each bud and sucking them hard.

“You may think your breasts are small, I think they are perfect for you,” he reassured her. “There is no need to feel self-conscious. You are perfect the way you are.”

“Thank you, Dan. That’s what Jakes tells me too.”

Tiffany kissed him and held him tight as if breastfeeding him. He concentrated more on her breasts for a moment, keeping her nipples rock hard. Dan knelt and put her legs over his and she watched wide eyed as he put the head of his cock to her pussy lips. They seemed to obediently part as the head entered her. Tiffany’s pussy swelled as it swallowed Dan’s hard cock. She looked from his cock to his eyes smiling brightly then began gently fucking her.

“Good position Dan, we want to get some pictures and video of you fucking Tiffany,” Karen said picking up the video camera and handing a camera to Vicky. She noticed Wendy rubbing Jake’s cock through his jeans.

A few minutes later, “Are you doing ok?” Dan asked supporting his weight around Tiff.

“Perfect. I can feel your cock fill my pussy. This is the first time I’ve been fucked by a man other than Jake.”

“I feel honoured to be that first fuck. You have a wonderful feeling pussy.”

“Thank you,” She pulled him closer to her firm body sucking his tongue into her mouth. Karen and Vicky took plenty of pictures and video of them.

“Can you fuck me doggy? I want to see Jake,” she asked. Dan leaned back, his hard cock sliding out of her, glistening with the mixture of their juices. As Tiff turned around, she sucked it a few strokes. She moved to her knees inches from Jake’s face. Dan put the head to her hole and it swallowed his cock again. He continued to gently fuck her caressing her slender hips.

Tiffany saw Wendy’s hand slightly rubbing Jake’s cock. “I love you, Jake,” she said softly. “Will you please kiss me?” she yearned, searching his eyes.

He found it strangely erotic that she’d want him to kiss her while another man was fucking her. He leaned slightly, their lips touching. Tiff parted her lips accepting Jake’s tongue. Dan’s fucking rhythm of Tiff pressed her lips against his more with each thrust.

“I need you to fuck me, Jake, please feel my tits?” she asked softly. Jake felt her left tit as Dan fondled her right one, “Oh ... this feels so fucking good!” she exclaimed softly. Tiff winced, pressing her ass and pussy back to meet Dan’s thrusts.

Wendy was growing more aroused by the minute watching this impromptu threesome with her man, her son and his girlfriend. She began rubbing Jake’s cock more aggressively. Jake broke their kiss, catching his breath. Tiff saw Wendy rubbing his cock and put her left hand on hers.

“Can you take Jake’s cock out of his jeans? I want to suck on it,” Wendy obeyed Tiff unzipping his pants and releasing his hard cock, caressing it for the first time, “I love your cock, Jake!” she exclaimed eagerly lowering her mouth to it. Wendy continued to hold her son’s cock for Tiff to suck on and couldn’t help stroking his hard meat.

“Don’t suck him off Tiff, I’ve got plans for his next cum,” Wendy winked at Dan. Jake looked wide-eyed at his mom wondering what she had in mind. She slowly stroked his cock as Tiff sucked on it.

Brad and Abby were aroused from the show and doing their own thing. Kissing deeply, Brad had her tits showing and fingering her pussy while she had his six-inch cock firmly in her grasp. Jake had to caution Tiffany and his mom to stop sucking and stroking his cock or he’s cum.

“Please, just a little longer?” they both wanted.

“I should give Cathy a call. I don’t want her and Ben to walk in with Danny and see all this wonderful sex taking place,” Karen mentioned.

“We’re just pulling into the driveway,” Cathy said. Karen went out the front door to meet them.

“Hi Cathy, hi Ben.”

“Grandma!” little Danny yelled running to her.

“I still can’t get used to being called Grandma but it does feel good,” she joked.

“Looks like Danny has no problem,” Cathy smiled as Karen picked him up for a kiss and hug. Karen greeted Cathy with a hug and customary good kiss and also kissed Ben.

“You look good enough to eat,” Karen smiled to her. Cathy’s open coat revealed a short black pleated skirt and a fuzzy pink sweater that hugged her full breasts.

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