26 December 2006
Chapter 6

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Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 6 - Dan, Karen, family and friends spend a very interesting Boxing Day together..."So tell me Wendy, when are you going to give Dan his Christmas present?" "What do you mean? I thought we decided not to exchange gifts so I didn't get anything for you and Dan." "But you do have a gift for Dan," Wendy looked at Karen questioning her comment, "A gift you've had with you all your life. It didn't cost you a penny, yet it is priceless."

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   mt/Fa   Mult   BiSexual   Fiction   Incest   Interracial   Exhibitionism   Oral Sex   Petting   Voyeurism  

One of the kids at the next table threw a toy onto the floor and the Dad had to lean over closer to Dan to pick it up. Dan’s fingers froze inside Wendy’s pussy. All the man had to do was look up and he’d see his hand between her legs. While her husband was leaning over, the woman looked directly at Wendy. She gave a knowing smile and a slight hand wave. That’s when Wendy realized that the woman had been watching Dan fingering her pussy.

Wendy was too far gone to care they were being watched and waved back at her. The woman motioned with her right hand across her chest. Wendy pointed to herself. The woman moved her hand across her right tit as if opening her top. She wanted Wendy to show more tit to her. She undid another button on her blouse opening it further. The inner halves of her tits already easily showed. Wendy looked at the woman who gave her the thumbs up sign of approval. Her husband sat up putting the toy on the table.

“Jake is quite a young man. You should be very proud of him,” Dan mentioned.

“I am,” she said sipping her cooling coffee.

“He’s very worried about you.”

“He doesn’t have to be.”

“I know but he sees his world falling apart right before his eyes. He said he thinks you and Dave are going to get a divorce. I told him that if you and Dave do divorce, it has nothing to do with him or Timmy.”

“That’s what I told him.”

“Some parents just don’t love each other anymore. Even though he knows that Karen and I are getting married, Jake approves of you and me being together. He says I make you feel happy.”

“You do, very happy.”

“He also said that if having sex with you would be part of making you happy, then he said to, ‘Go for it.’”

“Do you think he knows that we’ve already been fucking?” she asked looking to him.

“If he does, he’s hiding it very well.”

“I’m not going to hide our fucking from him any longer. You’re doing a great job on my pussy, keep it going,” she urged. To please the woman watching, Wendy used more hand action to rub Dan’s cock and spread her legs open even wider.

Again a toy went flying onto the floor and this time, it slid next to Dan’s left foot. He slipped his fingers out of Wendy and leaned over to pick it up. He stood and walked over to the table and took a fleeting glance down the woman’s sweater. He didn’t realize she could see the full six inches of his hard cock pressing against his jeans. He stooped down between the oldest boy and the woman on his right.

“I didn’t know Darth Vader could fly so well,” Dan smiled to the boy. He placed his right hand on the table near the woman. She could see the glisten of Wendy’s pussy juices on his fingers.

In his best Darth Vader imitation, Dan said, “I am Darth Vader, are you Luke Skywalker?”

“Yes I am,” the young boy giggled.

“I am visiting your planet to eat some of your apples, oranges and peanut butter sandwiches,” The other boy and girl giggled at his pretend voice.

“You have a very wonderful family,” Dan smiled to the woman.

“Thank you very much,” she replied smiling at him and slightly rubbing Dan’s right fingers as a thank you’ She noticed that he had double wedding rings on his right hand. She touched his hand as a thank you, making sure she transferred some of Wendy’s juices to her fingers. She leaned a little left giving Dan a better view down her sweater.

“How old are your kids?” he asked.

“Five, three and one,” the woman said pointing to each child.

“Wow, you two sure have been pretty busy,” he joked.

“We love being busy,” the husband replied. Wendy saw the woman take Dan’s right hand in hers.

“My husband and I also like to be busy with other couples too ... if you know what I mean,” she stated directly. She gave a little tug on her sweater showing Dan more of her chocolate cleavage.

“That sounds rather interesting. If you’ll excuse me, I should get back to my wife,” Dan stood and nodded to the husband and returned to his chair. The woman made sure Wendy saw her lick her juices off her fingers.

Wendy put Dan’s hand directly back to her pussy. He worked his fingers into her and continued pleasing her.

“You seem to have a knack with kids,” she noticed.

“They are a nice looking family,” Dan replied glancing at them.

“Do you ever wish you could have more kids?” Wendy tested.

“At my age, Brad is only twelve years older than my grandson Danny.”

“What would you do if Karen ended up pregnant?”

“I’d be really worried about her health and the baby’s, of course.”

“But how would you feel, you know, about being at new daddy at your age?”

“I’d have really mixed feelings. First of all, I’d be ecstatic about being a dad again with Karen but wonder what sort of life I could give to him or her. I’d be seventy-three when he or she was only twenty. Imagine me holding two young children in my arms and introducing, ‘In my right arm is my new granddaughter and on my left is my new son.’”

“Sometimes it’s the quality and not always the quantity of time you spend with children. I hope to have more kids someday,” Wendy remarked, dropping the bombshell by mistake.

Dan looked at her, “You’d want to have kids with me?”

“Yes, possibly,” she blushed, lowering her eyes. She only regretted the timing of the subject, not the topic.

“Why would you want to have kids with me? I’m way too old for you.”

“There you are going on again about our age difference. I don’t care about the difference. I love you.”

“What would Karen have to say about us having kids?”

“We sort of talked about that subject already. She’s in favour of it too. You know the actors Chandler Thompson and Sasha Ekelstone? He’s sixty and she’s thirty-five and she just had his baby. That’s twenty-five years difference between them. We have only fourteen between us. Besides, I love you Dan and I’m hoping it would be a natural progression for us as a couple, to have children,” she admitted.

“Children ... as in more than one?” he asked wrinkling his brow.

“Perhaps three??” she asked sheepishly with a nervous laugh.

“You want to have three?!” Dan’s whisper exclaimed. He stopped fingering Wendy’s wet pussy, “I can’t promise you one way or the other right now about having kids. But what I do ask you is that if you value our relationship and our love, that you don’t go off the pill and get pregnant without discussing it with me first. I went through that with Karen and it took twenty years to find out that Diane, Brenda, and Brad were my kids.”

“Karen told me her reasons why and I understand her. I love you too much Dan to deceive you like that.”

“I promise that the three of us will discuss you and I having babies as soon as you and Dave are divorced.”

“Ok, now finish making me cum!” Wendy whispered urging Dan’s fingers inside her. Dan continued working his magical fingers on her.

The black woman enjoyed the exhibition both live and on her cell phone, “Do you want me to see if they might be interested in being with us?” she asked her husband, “If you want but why them, we could have chosen any other couple in here?”

“There is something about him I can’t figure but want to find out.”

Dan was really enjoying finger Wendy and it didn’t take much longer for her body to tense up. “Oh fuck Dan!” she whispered. Wendy covered her mouth and grunted her climax into her cupped hands. She exhaled deeply between her fingers, sharp breaths trying to escape. Dan could feel her thighs wiggling her pleasure. “Thank you, honey, I love you,” Wendy sighed in relief.

“I love you too Wendy,” he said giving her a light kiss on the lips. The black woman stopped her cell phone and the other hidden viewer, Cindy went back to serving customers.

“I definitely must have Dan do that to me too in public,” Cindy smiled feeling the wetness between her legs.

“When I was talking to the woman at their table, I think we got propositioned by her.”

“What do you mean?”

“When I asked her the ages of her kids, I said they must have been very busy, you know fucking, to have three kids in five years. She said, ‘My husband and I also like to be busy with other couples to ... if you know what I mean.’”

“You think they want to get together with us?”

“Maybe they do.”

The woman at the next table stood and went to the washroom. Dan and Wendy both looked her figure. She stood about five foot four and maybe 150 pounds with long, shoulder length hair in loose curls. She definitely filled out her low cut v neck sweater and her black skirt was about six inches above the knee. She knew Dan and Wendy were looking her and smiled politely at them.

“She’s very pretty,” Wendy observed.

The woman did her business, took off her panties and wrote a note on a piece of paper she had in her purse. She gave her vital parts a fresh spray of perfume and walked back out. Passing their table she dropped her note beside Wendy and sat down.

“Hi honey, we’re here!” Vicky announced loudly from the doorway. “Hi gang, glad you’re here,” Karen replied greeting them. She and Vicky exchanged brief kisses and breast to breast hugs and the same with Scott.

“Don’t forget me,” offered Abby holding out her arms for embracing. Tiffany’s eyes widened in surprise seeing the girls kissing as a normal greeting, “This is Jake’s girlfriend, Tiffany,” Abby introduced.

“Hi Tiffany, you’re much more beautiful than Abby described to me.”

“Thank you, Mrs. Hayward,” she blushed.

“Pete and Derek aren’t coming over?”

“I guess they preferred to visit friends they don’t see very often,” Scott reasoned.

“Thank you for letting me bring Molly over,” Abby smiled patting her head.

“I’ve heard you talk about her so often, it was about time I met her, “Hi Molly it’s nice to meet you,” She wagged her tail and licked Karen’s hand.

“I thought I heard voices up here,” Brad said coming to his mom’s side. Abby’s eyes lit up like night time fireworks seeing her love. She and Brad hugged tightly unashamed to kiss passionately. His nostrils flared at the fresh brown sugar and vanilla scent perfume she was wearing. Their heart rates instantly increased. Brad gave Molly a playful scratch behind her ear.

Brad held out his hands asking to hold Molly. She went to her licking his chin, “Hey, at least she isn’t going for the killing bite at my throat,” he joked and they laughed.

“I love my necklace,” Abby said touching the unique pendant hanging between her firm breasts.

“Same here, I’ll only take it off to shower,” he said and looked down Abby’s inviting top at her beautiful mounds.”Hi, Tiffany, nice to see you again,” Tiffany blushed remembering Brad fucking her during the girl’s sleepover on Liver Donation Day.

The four took off their coats and boots. Vicky and Abby wore short skirts and low tops as usual. “Got to keep the guy’s eyes glued to the prize,” Vicky joked. Brad smiled admiring tiffany’s low cut top and short skirt.

“I told Tiff that us girls only wear low tops and short skirts or dresses around the guys and each other,” she added boldly taking Tiffany’s hand in hers.

Karen’s eyes darted over Tiffany’s petit frame, “You sure must keep Jake pretty busy with a body like that,” she complimented.

“I do my best and quite often,” she winked.

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