Mrs Willoughby Goes Digital

by Mark Cane

Copyright© 2017 by Mark Cane

Flash Sex Story: Sue and Tom Willoughby, a middle-aged married couple, take up digital photography and find that exhibitionism and erotic photography enhances their sex life. Sue posts some naughty images on-line and is thrilled with the feedback.

Caution: This Flash Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Wife Watching   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   Water Sports   Public Sex   .

When Susan Willoughby married her husband, almost 25 years ago, she was a pretty, size 12. Now, still pretty she fits into a size 16. Before getting married she had limited sex experience. Her husband being the first, and only, person to engage in full, penetrative sex with her. Before that there had been some groping and fumbling in the back seats of cars or the back seats at the cinema with a couple of boyfriends, but that was about the sum total of Susan’s sexual experience. Susan enjoyed the physical side of their married life. She and her husband, Tom, both enjoyed sex and experimented with new positions and ideas to keep their love life interesting.

Tom Willoughby was a keen photographer. He had a good SLR camera and developed and printed his own pictures in a darkroom he had created in the roof space of their home. Early in their married life Tom started to take saucy pictures of his lovely wife. She posed for him in her nicest lingerie and they both were eager to see the results when Tom developed them. Of course this all pre-dated the digital age. In those days you either took your pictures to a photography shop or a chemist to get them printed. You could hardly take a film of nude pictures into Boots. So that was where Tom, a skilled photographer had the edge. Gradually their photos became naughtier and naughtier. Susan would wear a pair of split crotch knickers and pose open-legged so that her vagina was on display to Tom’s probing lens. He would focus on close up shots, which would show the pink folds of her womanhood in intimate detail. When they were developed and printed Tom and Susan would look at them. Susan, who had never really studied her own pussy was excited to see herself nude, exposing herself so lewdly. Looking at the photos would lead inevitably to a torrid love-making session.

Tom started to set up his camera on a tripod and using a timer device, took pictures of them making love. Susan thrilled at the sight of Tom’s cock penetrated her. Her favourite was when she rode Tom cowgirl style. Tom had positioned the camera so it focused on his hard cock penetrating Susan’s hairy cunt. On some of the shots Tom had a finger in Susan’s tight bum.

Of course all these pictures where strictly private. Susan kept them in a little box at the back of her wardrobe.

As the years rolled on, Tom started to take less interest in the rude photos and concentrated more on taking pictures of woodland scenes and other landscapes. He sold some for use in calendars and greeting cards, making a small amount of money that he used to pay for his hobby.

It was not until after the millennium that the Willoughby’s joined the computerised age. Like many other families they purchased a personal computer. Their son was away at university and he showed them the rudiments of using their newly acquired PC, but to learn more Mrs Willoughby, who worked part-time at the local estate agency, used some of her spare time to enrol on a computer course. Mrs Willoughby learned the basics and even went on to learn about digital photography and as a group exercise they set up a web site on which they posted some of the pictures they had taken. It was all very interesting.

Mrs Willoughby bought Tom a digital camera for his birthday. He had not been attracted to one before, because he said he would not be able to achieve the quality for calendars with a digital camera. However when he tried it, he found it was ideal to slip into his pocket for quick snaps and it was useful on their holidays. When they went to Spain, Sue sun bathed topless on a quiet beach and quite enjoyed it when Tom took some pictures of her. When she was sure the beach was quite deserted, she slipped off her bikini bottoms and let Tom take some nude pictures. They reviewed them later at their hotel and although Sue had lost the sylph-like figure of her youth, there was something very attractive about her ample curves. Although the little monitor screen on the camera did not do the pictures justice, they found it erotic and a bit naughty as they reviewed them back at their hotel. They made love and whispered to each other how sexy it was to take pictures of Sue’s naughty bits and how erotic it was to do it in public places. As Tom thrust his burgeoning cock into Sue’s wet slit they planned something even naughtier. They would try to take some very saucy ‘flashing’ pictures in public places. Revelling in the sexy idea they soon found themselves working up to a wet climax as Tom shot his hot sperm into Sue’s already wet vagina.

The next day Sue wore a short skirt and tee shirt, with a skimpy thong as her only underwear. They began their saucy photo shoot in a small supermarket. As Sue crouched down to take something from the bottom shelf she allowed her skirt to ride up, exposing her crotch, barely concealed by the tiny thong. Tom snapped away with his compact digital camera. Next they went to a museum and art gallery. In a gallery of statues, Sue stood next to a sculpture of a male nude and hiked up her skirt, displaying herself to Tom’s camera. Then she lifted her tee shirt to show off her ample bust, her nipples erect with excitement. Sue felt so naughty in this public place with the possibility of someone coming in and catching her. In a final act of naughtiness, Sue pulled her thong to one side to expose her pussy. She had carefully trimmed her usually bushy pubic hair for her holiday in the sun. Tom snapped away as his wife stood with her legs apart to show off her vagina to his probing camera.

Intoxicated with the excitement of their new hobby they sought out further thrills. Sues greatest thrill was to flash her tits and vagina when there were people in the area; Men and women who might see her. In a café, where they had a coffee, Sue brazenly opened her legs to Tom, allowing him to take pictures with the ever present danger of discovery. Thoroughly horny they went back to their hotel to spend some time on the bed.

‘First another picture, ‘ said Tom. Sue lay on her back and slipped her thong off. She drew her knees up and opened her legs wide displaying herself brazenly. The pink lips parted in her excitement and her labia peeled back like the petals of an exotic flower, exposing the pink interior of her vagina.

‘Mmmm that’s good enough to eat, ‘ said Tom, leaning towards Sues open thighs he could smell the musky aroma of her excitement...

‘Don’t let me stop you, ‘ responded Sue in a husky voice. So Tom knelt down and ran his tongue along the length of his wife’s inviting vagina. He poked his tongue into her moist hole, relishing the special taste of her love juices. Then he gently nibbled her clit, breathing in the scent of her arousal. ‘Oh, I’m going to cum, ‘ gasped Sue, already excited by her morning’s naughty flashing adventures. Tom quickly undid his belt and yanked his chinos and shorts down his thighs, allowing his prick to jerk loose. Holding the shaft he thrust his cock hard into Sue’s receptive hole. He fucked her hard and Sue thrust her hips up to meet him. Her vulva was wet with juice and as Tom thrust into her, they could hear the squishy noises of their passion. Soon they both achieved orgasm and they lay joined together on the bed, until Tom’s cock subsided and slowly, slick with their mingled juices, slipped out of Sue’s cunt.

Back home they uploaded their photos onto the PC and were thrilled to see them enlarged on their monitor. Mrs Willoughby said ‘Oh look Tom, what is it like to be married to a porn star?’ Tom laughed at her little joke.

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