Mrs Willoughby Goes Further

by Mark Cane

Copyright© 2017 by Mark Cane

Flash Sex Story: Tom and Sue Willoughby continue their interest in photography, exhibitionism and sex. They get more adventurous in their outdoor sex activities in public places and try watersports.

Caution: This Flash Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual   Romantic   Fiction   Wife Watching   Exhibitionism   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Water Sports   Hairy   Public Sex   .

Mrs Willoughby was getting breathless.

“Oh Tom it seems a lot harder than it was the last time we did this.”

“That was six years ago Sue. Age makes a difference.”

Tom and Sue Willoughby were ascending the steep slope that led to the old castle.

“It is worth the climb, Sue. The view is gorgeous from the top.”

“Yes I know Tom. It will be such fun too.”

“Phew. Made it” gasped Tom as the looked out from the castle wall”

Scarborough Castle stands on the cliffs to the north of the bay, overlooking the sea and the town below. The view is spectacular.

“I wonder how many people visit Scarborough and never get up to the castle. They will eat their fish and chips and ice cream and probably never even look up to the castle.”

“Well Tom, they are missing a treat.”

“Well I hope not too many find their way up today, Sue. I’ve got a treat in store for you.”

“Oooh what is it Tom? A stick of rock?”

“Something like that Sue.”

Tom and Sue wandered around the grassed area enclosed by the ruined walls of the castle, admiring the different aspects. It was still fairly early. They saw just one other person – an elderly lady taking her dog for a walk.

Tom took out his new camera which was a big improvement on his previous model. It had a high-powered zoom lens and produced high resolution photographs. He carefully focused on the various aspects that the castle afforded, taking in the ruined walls and the beautiful views beyond.

“This a good spot Sue,” observed Tom, choosing a gap in the wall with a good view to the beach far below. If you lean over and look down in that direction you get a superb view of the bay.”

“Oh yes that is gorgeous,” agreed Sue as she leaned over the wall.”

“So is this.” remarked Tom as he caressed the globes of his wife’s plump bottom. “Time for some more photos, think.”

Tom Willoughby took hold of the hem of Sue’s skirt and eased it up over her bottom displaying her knickers, stockings and suspenders. Not, you may think, the most suitable apparel for walking in the countryside and exploring old ruins. But that was only part of the Willoughby’s itinerary.

Several years ago Sue became interested in her husband Tom’s hobby of photography (see Mrs Willoughby Goes Digital). It started quite innocently with Sue posing for some pin-up type shots but gradually getting closer to hard-core. Sue found she became very excited by exposing herself and then posting the pictures on the internet. When the feedback was posted, praising her pictures from both men and women she was ecstatic. It gave a real boost to Tom and Sue’s sex life.

Taking and posting pictures of Sue combined very conveniently with there other hobby of country walks and exploring noted places of interest. Whenever they visited a country park, an ancient monument or the seaside Tom would have his camera on hand. Almost always as well as photographing the views, Tom would take some pictures of his wife exposing herself. The thought of being caught in the act only added to their enjoyment.

Sue leaned over the ruined wall of Scarborough Castle, looking out at the view beyond. Her pantie covered bottom thrust out.

“Hold that position” Click. Tom pressed the shutter. He took several more pictures from different angles before stepping forward and peeling Sue’s knickers down over the curve of her bottom. He carefully lowered them to her thighs. He wanted to take a picture that took in her bared bottom and also her lowered knickers and stockings.

“Push your bum out, Sue” Click, click. “Now bend over a bit more and pull your cheeks open.”

Sue dutifully exposed her furry slit by using her hands to pull her buttocks apart. Tom knelt down to take a close-up view of his wife’s vagina as it peeped from between her thighs.

“Gorgeous. Spread a little more, love.” Sue’s fingers separated her labia to reveal the moist pink of her slit. Sue was excited and her pussy was deliciously moist. She knew her admirers online loved poses like this. She was sure to get a lot of compliments.

“A couple of nice close-ups now love,” Tom focussed his camera on his wife’s spread pussy. “That’s lovely. Hold it.” Tome clicked the shutter several times. “Mmm. Great. Now spread your bum-hole a bit, Sue.”

Sue obligingly placed her her hands either side of her anus and stretched the flesh apart. “Oh, that’s nice, Sue. The punters will love that.” Click, click click.

Tom stepped back and allowed the camera to hang on its strap around his neck. He unzipped his pants and allowed his erect penis to spring out. “Stay right where you are Sue,” he instructed as he pressed the head of his cock against Sue’s spread open vagina.

“Oh, Tom, you are a big boy today. That feels nice.”

Tom pushed his cock into his wife’s willing pussy. She continued to gaze out at the view from the castle. What could be better than this? The sea air on her face, the glorious view, a big cock fucking her and the risk of being caught.

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