Charming the Snake

by uksnowy

Copyright© 2017 by uksnowy

Incest Sex Story: A rich 18 yr old Indian youth seduces his 16 yr old sister, with a snake, then helps himself to her body

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Coercion   Reluctant   Fiction   Zoophilia   Incest   Brother   Sister   Anal Sex   Bestiality   Indian Erotica   .

I liked the idea of this story base. It was posted anonymously in another web site and I wanted to develop it in my own style, It is with sincere wishes to the original author and trust I have not contravened his copyright or aroused his displeasure.

Since reviving this story from my archives, I have received the original author’s approval. By mistake he used his given name so I won’t state it here and it was in 20004, I have edited it in various ways, some spelling, some continuation, some grammar but not in great detail. The tale is the same.

My fucking little sister Safi is come to stay me again. Last time I saw her - whilst visiting our parent’s home, she got me into real trouble, telling my parents that I jerked off using my Mom’s panties. I had – I was desperate, not having screwed a girl for two days and needed some cunt juice stimulation, nothing better, other than the real thing.

My Dad said it was natural at only eighteen years old, but Mom was furious and said I should have a girlfriend if nothing else. My Mom’s panties were not exactly the little delicate ones I was used to from my girl friends, but they had a very smelly gusset which was all the stimulus I needed to jerk to. Mom looked at me ever so strangely long after that event, but gradually it seemed to be forgotten.

Well this time it was going to be Safi’s troubles. Our parents would leave for a funeral in Vishakhapatnam on the east coast. It was nearly a week long trip as they were staying with some long lost relatives, but this time I knew my sister was in my control. I lied seriously when I told my parents that I would enjoy the company of a sixteen year old.

She lives with our parents on the south side of our city Hyderabad and thinks she is the favourite of the family, because she is Soooo gooood! Safi helps Dad in the huge export business he built up when she finishes school most days.

I do – occasionally, but I’ve got other things on my mind, like screwing as many girls at school that I can. I may be Indian, but my dick is one solid piece of brown/black meat and with the allowance I get from Dad, I’m fucking loaded, got a cool auto and the girls like that.

The one concession I made to Safi – at least more to my Mom, because she would inspect the house before leaving Safi, was the day before she came, I did all I could to get the house ready – initially getting rid of a lot of evidence. In my searches I found three bras, eight pairs of panties – three dirty left over at my request from slimy local fuck princesses, one pair of panty hose, two used condoms down the cushions of the sofa and a packet of tampons – one used under the bed. I trashed everything but the used panties which I put in my bedside cupboard for sniffing at my leisure.

As I was cleaning up the house my new neighbours called in from across the street. They wanted me to look after their snake for them for the next two days. I was so pissed off because I didn’t want to take care of it as I had other things on my mind – like how to get Safi out of the house when the next girl was round The neighbours said it never bit anyone and was about 9 to 10 inches long. In the end I couldn’t refuse because they had the most delightful daughter aged about nineteen with tits to die for and she was in my sights. I might get closer to her through them.

After they left, with me having agreed to look after it, I pondered on how it could be used to scare Safi if needed – to keep her under control. Later on that day I stopped over and picked up the snake. There was no sign of the daughter, but her Mom, not a national - Jewish looking, had a huge butt, was bending over a table reading some magazines in the kitchen and I noticed her cleavage that virtually split her chest up under her chin where her big floppy tits rested on her arms. She hadn’t taken to dressing local so in her home there was a lot of flesh on display rather than just a slice of brown midriff as with the local old biddies. Fuck! I was so horny, I would have fucked the old bag given the chance.

When I picked the snake up, the father gave me a monster jar full of live worms for its food. I finished cleaning up the house and I fed the snake – it was easy and went out. I picked up and ass fucked a little Asian princess back in my pad. I was really evil and didn’t use a condom. She was one of my regular lays.

The next morning I woke up with a huge hardon. I rolled my foreskin back and found some greasy stuff from last night. It smelt horny, the Asian girl being incredibly wet and on heat with a strong ass smell had left early, so I delved into the cupboard and jerked off into a nice pair of white silk panties - soaking the gusset. There were already stains in the gusset and also round the back but I couldn’t remember whose they were. The best find was two black pubic hairs trapped in the lacy edges.

Safi, Mom and Dad arrived on time and after some coffee and doughnuts and the inevitable inspection, they drove to the station. Safi was under orders to pull her weight and amazingly she made me some brunch and after that we went shopping for food stocks to suit us both. As he left my, Dad had slipped me 200 notes for the favour. Mom didn’t see. I was made up because I could economise on the food and spend Dad’s money on partying.

Safi and I got back before noon. She wanted to rest for a little bit because she was tired from shopping – poor thing! She decided to lay out in the sun room, which was where I had put the snake. I grabbed a sandwich and beer, watched some TV and was about to start making some phone calls for a date when she called me in to the room.

“Anil, why is there a snake in here?” she trilled.

“Shit! I forgot to tell you. It’s my neighbor’s. They called me yesterday and asked me to watch it for the next day or two,” I replied, glancing at her very pert tits pointing at me from her tee-shirt, now she had removed her blouse and jacket.

Hmmm! No bra yet for those budding breasts. I tensed my dick at the thought, not worried I was thinking dirty about my own little sis. She was a fucking female for fucks sake.

“Oh really?’ I don’t know whether I like snakes,” she told me peering into the cage.

“Hard luck,” I answered tersely. “Well try to get to know it, because it’s here for two days and must be in this warm room. Hey! You want to feed it while I go to the bathroom? There’s some live worms in that jar.”

“Suppose so. If I like it, can I take it out of the cage?” she added bravely.

I know she loved animals and had two dogs, a cat, a parrot and a pet monkey at home.

“Yeah! Just don’t let it get too far,” I answered leaving her.

“OK,” she called after me.

I left her alone in the room with the snake and the worms while I went to the bathroom. While I was standing over the toilet, admiring my tool, I thought again about her tits and got semi wood. Delaying my not too urgent piss, I wondered how big her nipples would be and would I get to see them this week. Nice little brotherly peek would do no harm.

I finished my piss and went towards the sun room. Looking in - I saw her lying out on the lounger. Nearing her to check – I could see how she was doing. She seemed really peaceful. I looked around the room to check on the snake and I nearly shat myself seeing it was not in the cage. Luckily I spotted it, half under a table, squirming slowly on the floor. Was it watching Safi and me? It was a pale grey/brown mottled colour and seemed very passive.

Safi was lying out in her white bikini and she had untied her top, although laying on her belly. Her bikini clad ass was looking very cute and one half had sneaked into her crack in a classic wedgie. She’s much darker than me.

It’s great being Asian Indian. You are not considered Negro and can pick up Caucasians or black girls easily – if you’re loaded that is. My little sister’s butt was very inviting and sweet looking, with a delicate range of goose bumps all over the fit looking cheeks. By this time my sex hormones were raging. I could not control them. I wanted to fuck her so bad but I knew I wouldn’t get to do it with her consent. But soon enough the testosterone took over completely. I knew I had to do it. The incestual arguments flitted into my mind and just as quickly flitted out. There was a female body at my disposal and that was it.

I went into the garage and got out a long piece of soft rope. I grabbed Safi, waking her from her light sleep and before she had a chance to turn over – I tied her hands together and then lifted her off the lounger, her featherweight body easy to move to lay her on a towel on the floor. She screamed blue murder at me until I threatened her with telling our folks about how I had seen her monkey playing with something between her legs, when I visited home back in the winter. That shut her mouth up and she looked fearfully at me as I looked at her trim little body.

I hadn’t seen her pussy and she wasn’t naked - yet, but I did rip off her bra, hence my excitement now as I gazed on her firm, conical, black, glossy tipped boobs. I told her I knew she was using that primate for something sexy that sixteens are not supposed to do, judging by the way she moaned and groaned. Again she protested but my repeated threat shut her up – as she was stunned that I had seen her, but she pleaded with me not to hurt her. I had no intention of that.

I forgot the snake and ran into my room to get a condom. When I got back I saw the snake slowly get close to Safi’s feet. It’s movement was very sensual as it wriggled sinuously across the tiles. She couldn’t see it. I glanced at the tight bundle of bikini material at her crotch, the emphasised bulge due to her back arch as she was laying on her tied arms. It was the first time I really looked at her crotch that closely and boy was it nice.

It bulged upwards, she must have a large pubic bone and I guessed it wouldn’t be hairless. I knew what I had to do. I took her bikini bottom off, accompanied by her shrill shrieks of protest and saw the crisp, untidy growth of glossy black pubes spreading around the top of her dark slit. I nearly juiced my shorts on the spot, realising this was new growth, untouched by the fashionable wax or blade among my sophisticated set.

By now the snake - maybe attracted to her cunt odours, had reached her knees and suddenly my mind became wild with thoughts of the snake entering her pussy like a living cock. I let the snake go to work.

This snake needed no encouragement. It gradually moved towards Safi’s soft cunt. The snake slowly started to sniff around, raising it’s neat head slightly but then it shoved it’s nose at her gash and started to penetrate her. It peeked its head inside her cunt, and Safi began to move a little bit.

“That your finger Anil?” she whimpered. “It’s ever so dirty, you doing that to your sister.”

“Yeah it’s OK Safi, just enjoy it. No one will ever know” I murmured watching the reptile – but a little phased by her soft reaction.

Did she know what a man’s finger felt like inside her cunt? The snake went in a little further and Safi erotically stirred her butt upwards. The snake moved more and more – until in a very short amount of time, more than four inches of its cock width body was inside her cunt.

“Oh my god! What is going on? Oh! Aaarrrghhhh,” Safi gasped as I moved close to her head and grinned down at her.

She realised it wasn’t my finger playing with her snatch. I carefully lifted her head so she could see her crotch. I jammed lounger cushions under her head and shoulders and then grasped the reptile’s tail and showed her.

She cried out.

“What is happening to me? Why am I tied up? Holy shit! There is a snake inside me.”

The snake began to wriggle around again and it was almost completely inside her pretty cunt. It was great. I guessed that Safi had orgasm after orgasm. Never having seen a kid’s orgasm before I was guessing, all the girls I had fucked were eighteen or more - but her movements, her gasps, her moans coupled with the almost animal way she moved her hips round, like she was seeking satisfaction made me think she was cumming. Her head slid off the cushion and sagged back as she stared at the ceiling – panting. Her chest heaved and her tits almost flattened such was the arc of her torso.

After about ten minutes, I slowly pulled the snake out of her cunt. She was so wet – her juices saturated all round her pussy slit, which was oily dark with purple tints to the lips. I put the snake back into its cage. As I set it down I realised that Safi was still tied and there was more I could do. I saw the jar full of live worms. They were some three to six inches long.

Evilly - I thought how I could use these.

I took some by the handful and set them down on her belly. They slowly started to sliver all over her. Safi was wriggling around, whining at the sight as the worms slithered on her abdomen. Some of the worms were quickly making their way onto her cunt, treating her little black coppice of hair like a forest floor. They were sliding all over the place on there. This was my opportunity to look closer at her cunt.

I studied the tender puff of her mound, the way her slit carved from nothing on her belly into that long simple black gash. The pussy pouch I now found so delectable was being invaded by a handful of clinging slithering worms and then suddenly I saw it. One! Two! Three! Four! Four worms had suddenly disappeared into Safi’s slippery gash.

Wow! Was I hard.

I knew I could not fuck her while she had worms in her. Well I could but what would happen to them and would I lose some up there forever? So I decided to wait it out and wait for them to slowly come out, or till I had to pull them out myself.

“Ahhhhhhhhhh! This feels so good! What is going on? I have never felt this good before in my entire life. Aaahhh! Oh Anil, what is in me?” Safi lisped, trying to lift her head.

“It’s the worms for the snake that are in you right now sis. It’s fucking exciting. I think you like it eh little Safi? Do you know how hard this is making me? Safi I wanna fuck you right now,” I slobbered, kneeling alongside her and showing her my huge erection.

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