Summer Seductions - Beth

by TheWatcher58

Copyright© 2017 by TheWatcher58

Erotica Sex Story: Beth is his fathers business partner. Scott introduces her to the big cock sex that she has been missing out on by fucking his dad. She doesn't know where to look when he leaves the pool naked, and leads her inside to his fathers study. The desk is a great place for sex.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Consensual   Size   .

“Scott ... Scott are you out here?” a female voice rang out across the pool area.

The voice belonged to Beth, the 35 year old business partner of his father. She had come to collect some papers that had been left in his fathers study the morning before his parents had left on their six month holiday.

“Over here” Scott yelled from the side of the pool. He was in the pool with just his head above the cool waters.

“Hey ... that looks good ... how’s the temperature” she asked as she approached him.

“Great ... just perfect” he replied whilst appraising her beautiful body. Today she was wearing a form fitting black business skirt that had a knee-level hem line. Her top was a white blouse with lacy inserts - the top showed off the shape and size of her full rounded breasts. He observed no stockings - just strappy black high heels that showed off her perfectly maintained feet.

Scott had had the opportunity to feel those nice braless breasts pressing against his chest - they had danced together during a New Year’s Eve party when she was just a little tipsy. He was having lots of fun with her, and was very annoyed when his father cut in on his dance with her.

“Sorry to disturb you ... but I’m here to collect some papers that your father left for me” she explained.

“No worries” he replied, boosting himself up out of the pool to stand dripping wet ... and naked in front of her.

She didn’t know where to look, but inevitably her gaze was drawn to his crotch.

He picked up a towel from the chair, and quickly dried off ... and instead of wrapping it around his waist he laid it back on the chair to dry. Staying naked, he reached out and grabbed her hand saying “Let’s go get those papers”.

Beth was stunned ... and conflicted. This was an awkward situation - she should tell him to cover up but she was enjoying the sight of his long fat cock - a cock that seemed to be hardening by the second.

She allowed herself to be led into the house by this young naked man - he was half her age she kept telling herself, and the son of her business partner ... and sometimes lover. But his cock was twice the size of his father - that didn’t come from his father’s genes obviously.

Arriving in the study ... still holding hands, she spied an envelope on the otherwise clear massive desk.

“Good ... just where he said that they would be” she commented only to be very surprised when Scott shifted her hand from his onto his erect cock. He held her hand there, and helped her stroke him.

“Scott ... we shouldn’t be doing this” she gasped.

“Oh ... so the quick feels that you gave me during those New Year’s Eve dances were accidental huh?” he asked with his other hand on the back of her neck drawing her into a kiss. Their lips came together - she was tentative for a few seconds until the dam broke and she returned his kiss with tongue-filled passion.

Truth be told she had not felt up his cock, but in her tipsy state there was no chance of her remembering everything that she had done.

He pulled her closer, trapping her hand around his cock, and with both between them.

The kissing had became very passionate with his hands wandering down her back to grab at her firm ass cheeks, pulling her against him. Leaving one on her ass, the other slid between them to cup her heavy breasts, feeling the hardness of her erect nipples.

“Oh ... oh my god ... we shouldn’t be” she gasped when he released her lips to nibble on her ears and on the soft neck skin below her earlobes.

With both hands back on her ass, he picked her up and placed her on the desktop. His hands went immediately to the buttons in her blouse, opening them quickly until he could push it off her shoulders leaving her in her white lacy bra. He could see her dark nipples through the material of the bra.

Reaching behind her he released the bra, pulling it free and dropping it to the floor.

“You have beautiful breasts - I enjoyed feeling them against my chest as we danced” Scott told her. She actually pushed out her chest at the complement that she had been paid ... even more so when he bent down to lick and suck on her nipples.

Her hand went to behind his head, holding it against her, and encouraging him to pleasure her. After a few minutes, he stood up.

“I want you naked” he informed her with his hand already on the side zipper, dragging it downwards. He pulled at the waist band of her skirt. She helped by raising her ass off the desk, and soon the skirt was on the floor ... leaving her in just skimpy white panties and her heels.

He grabbed the big chair at the desk and dragged it over to in front of her. He sat and wheeled himself closer until his face could reach her pussy. He looked up at her from between her legs saying “I bet you are so tasty ... they look wet ... and feel wet too” ... as he traced his fingers across the lacy gusset.

The panties were obviously quite expensive - lacy and with bows at each hip. He pulled on the ribbons and released each side, before pulling them free of her body.

“Beautiful ... fully shaved ... and with nice juicy lips” he commented gazing at her molten core entrance.

He then buried his tongue and lips between her swampy wet lips, tongue-fucking her channel and the entrance to her pussy canal.

“Oh fuck ... oh my god” she screeched when he hit all the right spots, including her large erect clitty. She orgasmed ... deluging his face with her sticky tangy juices. He kept his tongue buried in her whilst her hips convulsed all about the desktop for the next 30 seconds or so.

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