Raising a Kane: First Time Seduction

by Severusmax

Copyright© 2017 by Severusmax

Incest Sex Story: The first in a likely series about a young son of a televangelist and his elder sisters who raised him when their parents were sent to prison for fraud. They didn't just lose their faith... they lost their clothes and Kane lost his cherry.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   mt/Fa   Fa/ft   Mult   Teenagers   Consensual   BiSexual   Incest   Brother   Sister   Rough   Spanking   Group Sex   Harem   Orgy   Polygamy/Polyamory   Swinging   Analingus   Exhibitionism   First   Oral Sex   Petting   Voyeurism   Size   Nudism   .

Kane Hale frankly didn’t know what to expect from that morning, his 14th birthday, but he had the feeling that he would find out in short order. His sisters had been teasing him a lot about it lately, after all. He mostly brushed it off as being normal sisterly humor at his expense, but a part of him wasn’t entirely sure of it. They could be such strange girls, both of them, though admittedly most boys his age thought that way of their sisters.

“Kane Hale, come on down! We have breakfast for you, little brother!” Kane’s eldest sister, Kimberly, called for him.

Before he could get totally dressed for breakfast, however, their sister Katie opened his bedroom door and walked in on her rather naked kid brother as he changed. He hurried to cover up his cock, but she just giggled and stood in the doorway, waiting for him to get himself ready for the morning meal. Kane blushed a bit, especially as Katie whistled at his naked ass, but his dick didn’t soften even a little.

“Sis, can you give me some privacy here? I’ve got to finish changing,” Kane urged Katie, but she shook her head.

“Nope. You’re just gonna have to change in front of me. Morning wood and all,” she snickered as he blushed again.

“Sis, please! This isn’t fair. I can’t get comfortable in my boxers until I’ve showered and ... you know,” he stammered.

“Jacked off? It’s okay to say it. Go ahead and do it. Stroke that cock in front of me, little brother. I’d love to see you cum up close. You’re rather ... big, you know. Bigger than my boyfriend, in fact,” Katie laughed as she encouraged him.

“That’s because Tim is the same age as me. I still don’t get why you’re dating an eighth-grader, anyway. You two don’t ... actually have sex, do you? For God’s sake, Katie, he’s in my homeroom class and his mother is my math teacher!” Kane reminded Katie, who shrugged in response.

“Yes, he’s jailbait, but so are you, little bro. And, yes, I fuck him. You want to report me? Turn me in for statutory rape? Oh, come on, Kane, let’s see you stroke it. I love you and would never hurt you, don’t you know that? I’m not trying to be mean to you, just have a little harmless fun. Want some help? Kim’s getting impatient, I think, and she’s likely to come upstairs any moment now to find out what’s keeping us. You don’t want to flash her, too, do you?” Katie teased Kane, moving toward her baby brother while licking her lips.

“I didn’t flash you. I just, you know ... was changing. And I have a girlfriend, too, you know,” Kane pointed out.

“I know. Everyone knows. Dana Donnelly. Cute little Dana. Have you fucked her yet?” Katie questioned him.

“Not ... yet, if you must know. She’s only three months older than me. You know that. Kim set me up with her, since she’s Donald’s twin sister,” Kane pointed out, as Katie came uncomfortably close to him and started hugging him, her breasts painfully close to his face.

“Good girl. Kept her promise. Saved it for when you’re fourteen. Must have been hard, though,” Katie punned, even as Kim walked in on them.

“Katherine Maureen Hale! Quit teasing Kane and let’s get our little brother downstairs for breakfast! He only becomes fourteen once!” Kim scolded the middle sister, but she also winked at her, which had Kane even more flustered.

“Thank you, Kim, but I still need to ... shower before breakfast, if possible,” Kane insisted, just before Kim put her finger to his lips.

“Shhhh, enough of that. We both know why your showers take so long, don’t we? I’ve been meaning to talk to you about that, in fact. You’re a growing boy. It’s healthy and normal, but for now, you need to eat. Plenty of time to burn calories after breakfast is eaten. First, you have to get those calories in you, sport,” Kim ruffled his hair with her fingers as she embraced him.

“Okay, breakfast does sound good. I’ll deal with my blue balls until then,” Kane teased both of his sisters with that remark.

“Yeah, that can wait, dear brother. Trust me, you’ll soon be so busy stuffing your face that you’ll forget all about this for a little bit. Right, Katie?” Kim encouraged her sister.

“You got that right, Sis. Kim and I have cooked up a breakfast for you that will make you feel like a real grown man, we promise,” Katie said as she stopped her brother from getting dressed after all.

“No need for clothes, honey. If you want to walk around naked in this house, it’s okay with us. Mom and Dad wouldn’t approve, but since they’re in prison where they belong, it’s not up to them, is it? We love them, but they should never have committed fraud, should they? Oh, well, enough talk of white-collar crime. It’s so boring and stupid,” Kim reinforced Katie, much to Kane’s shock.

“So, wait, you want me to eat breakfast in the buff, while still hard as steel? Is this some sort of mind game or prank?” Kane grew suspicious.

“Just trust us, please, Kane? Come on, little brother. It’s no prank. It will be fun for all of us,” Kim reassured him, but the hands fondling his buns didn’t.

“Sorry, bro, but you have such nice skin. I can’t help but want to touch it,” Katie blushed, though she didn’t let him see that.

Kane groaned, but grudgingly went along with it, his stomach now rumbling as he contemplated eating at last. He stopped only long enough to wash his hands, which his sisters also did, not letting him out of their sight while they did so. When Kane reached the breakfast table, he found a huge platter of Belgian waffles, along with orange marmalade, raspberry preserves, maple syrup, real butter, and whipped cream. There were also nice, long strips of crisp and sizzling bacon, delicious sausage patties made with sage, and plenty of eggs fried over easy, the yolks runny just as Kane liked them. This was made with him in mind, after all.

Breakfast continued to go strangely, if deliciously, as Kim insisted that Kane should now sit at the head of the table, and she plated all of his food for him. Katie brought him his orange juice and coffee, too. All through the meal, the girls waited on their brother hand and foot, not giving him a chance to rise from the table. He also noticed for the first time that they were barefoot ... both of them. They both joked and even flirted with him, too, which he found rather strange, though they had been what society would consider inappropriate increasingly of late. This was simply far more teasing and risqué humor than usual.

When Kane was about to get up from the table to relieve his needs, Kim actually pushed him back into his chair, while under the table, Katie crawled toward him to kiss her way up his calves and thighs. Kane froze now, completely stunned, even as Kim began running her fingers through his hair and kissing the back of his neck. Soon, her hands started wandering over to his shoulders to rub them, even as their sister finally reached her goal: his cock and balls.

“Girls, this feels good, but why are you doing it? And why push me back into my chair? Won’t your boyfriends get jealous? Dana probably will, too,” Kane objected a little, but Kim silenced him by planting a lip lock on him.

Just then, Katie started sucking and licking Kane’s dick, while playing with his balls. That entire time, Kim kissed his arms, his chest, and even his belly, working her way down toward his cock. They pushed back his chair, and then stopped long enough to pull him up, leading him to the master bedroom, which Kim had taken over some time before from their parents. Pushing Kane back onto the bed, they both aggressively sucked his dick and balls, making it difficult to even think straight. He hadn’t struggled earlier, mostly because he was so curious and aroused that he wanted to find out their intentions. Now, he was fighting a losing battle with his raging hormones, which undermined his attempts to be faithful to Dana.

Finally, of course, Kane lost his self-control and came all over his sisters’ faces, expecting them to get upset. Instead, Kim and Katie licked each other clean before lying down next to him to snuggle for a bit. Kane couldn’t believe that his own sisters wanted to service and pleasure him like that, but clearly they did, and pretty soon he dozed off for a little nap.

He awoke about half an hour later, realizing that Kim and Katie were still lying next to him, their breasts pushing against his flesh. They smiled and winked at him, before kissing his neck, shoulders, and chest again. They also began stroking his cock and balls, their soft hands feeling incredible on his private parts. Both ladies were eager to play with him, which made him wonder what effect this would have on their relationships.

“Penny for your thoughts, little brother,” Kim asked him, while Katie began giving him a hickey.

“I can’t believe this. Isn’t this illegal? It feels incredible, but you both have boyfriends and I have a girlfriend. What about them?” Kane asked her.

“Hey, Dana will get her chance with you, too. She’s been chaste for three months since she turned fourteen, waiting for you to come of age. She’s definitely earned it. Of course, we let her watch us fuck our boyfriends ... and each other’s. She jilled off a lot while she watched us, I can tell you that. Not to mention watching us girls eat and fuck each other, as well as Tim and Donald together. Yes, we’ve been a bisexual foursome, but now the four will be six.

“I’m going to love eating Dana out, as will Kim. Tim and Donald look forward to sucking your cock, as well as having you fuck them in the ass. We chose carefully. The boys had to be bottoms who knew their place and they do. They’ll both have sex with Dana, too, but she will marry you, not them. I will marry Tim and Kim will marry Donald when they’re old enough, but the master bedroom is yours now. Your stuff will be moved into it, as it should be,” Katie announced after leaving her mark on him.

“Wait, you’re proposing that the six of us all be lovers? Isn’t that wrong or something?” Kane wondered openly, but his cock responded by hardening almost instantly.

“Maybe, maybe not. Wrong according to whom? Society? The law? They can fuck themselves. We love you and want you to be happy. We want to be happy, too. Frankly, we don’t want you to ever leave us. We want to all stay together. Yes, we know that you’d have to agree or else it would be rape, but so far, have you felt raped? Or was it just that we seduced you and persisted until you gave in?” Kim answered him, kissing his face repeatedly.

“No, I didn’t feel raped. Maybe it was rape, but that’s a legal matter for someone else to decide, if they knew about it, and they never will, because I would never turn you girls in for this. You made this the best birthday I’ve ever had. Talk about your birthday gifts!” Kane grinned at that.

“Oh, it’s not done yet, sweetie. Time to take your virginity. Since Katie got a jump on the oral sex, I get to take your proper cherry. You don’t mind eating her pussy while I ride you, do you?” Kim spoke seductively, while removing her pajamas and panties to plant her naked twat above his dick.

“God, no! Let me taste it! I’ve fantasized about it for a long time!” Kane confessed.

“So have I, little brother. Alright, here we go. Eat me, bro!” Katie encouraged him as she took off her bottoms and underwear to sit on his face.

Kane heard of some guys disliking the scent and taste of pussy, but Katie always smelled so nice, he never had any doubt that her cunt would be delicious, too. Sure enough, she smelled and tasted so great it wasn’t funny, while Kim mounted and used his dick for her own pleasure, giving him his first experience of a live snatch around his cock. Kim was taking his virginity and he knew that he would never forget the pleasure of that moment. He grabbed her ass with one hand and Katie’s with the other, taking advantage of the opportunity to fondle his sisters as they had with him.

Kane would have cum a lot sooner, but he already came before and that gave him the ability to hold back. He eagerly dove in to dine on Katie, while he felt Kim tightening on his dick, their bodies all shaking and jerking together. Both women moved their hips vigorously, soon moaning as Kane’s tongue invaded Katie and his cock explored the depths of Kim. Finally, however, Katie started screaming, followed by Kim, and they gushed on him, splashing his tongue and his dick with their fluids. Kane himself began twitching and soon splattered Kim’s pussy with his seed. He had just fucked his eldest sister bareback, while he ate his middle sister out.

“So, how was that?” Kim teased him, while Katie slid back down on the bed next to him.

“Damn, that was incredible! My own sisters seducing me like that, I never expected that for my 14th birthday present. So ... all six of us together? Including the guys? Won’t somebody get jealous?” Kane asked them.

“Sure, but we just remind ourselves that it’s worth it to have so much love and pleasure. We aim to give you no reason or excuse to ever leave this house ... or us. We want to keep you around for life, bro. I note that you didn’t object to the idea in principle, just that you worried about Dana’s feelings, and also that you didn’t seem to mind the idea of doing it with guys. Are we right that you’re bisexual, little brother, just as we are?” Katie teased him a little.

“That is all correct, Sis. I am bisexual, and yes, it’s true that I only worried about it from the perspective of Dana’s feelings ... well, and the law, of course. Incest is illegal, after all,” Kane reminded them.

“Didn’t stop you in the end, though, did it? Clearly, you want us, too,” Kim answered him.

“Touché, Sis. Look ... when I marry Dana, not if, will she get to share this bed with me?” Kane asked them.

“Well, I imagine that we’ll swap beds a lot, but sure, she will be your wife, and we don’t mind at all. It’s a nice bed, but as long as we can borrow it now and then, we don’t object to turning it over to you. You’re the Boss now, not us. You’re 14 now. That means that you are becoming a man. Pretty soon, you will be one, so might as well get started on being man of the house, prepare yourself for full manhood, right?” Katie reassured him.

“So ... what I say goes? What about homework, school, bills, etc.?” Kane inquired, but Kim and Katie silenced him with kiss after kiss to his flesh, making it impossible to think.

“Just relax. It’s a transition. We’ll train you for it. By the time that this is done, you’ll be more than ready for life as a man. The world will be your oyster. Mom and Dad left us plenty of money to protect the family fortune, once they knew that they were going to prison. Since they handled that correctly at least, we never technically have to work again, though life without a job would be very dull indeed. We’re investing wisely and preparing you for the day that you take complete control of the family estate and holdings. Naturally, we put some money into charity, too, so as to try to make up for what Mom and Dad did. We didn’t buy a nicer house because we didn’t need one. This was good enough and we always loved it. How about it, stud? Like this house?” Kim encouraged Kane with several kisses to his face.

“What will happen when Mom and Dad get out of prison?” Kane probed.

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