Performance Incentive

by Mark Cane

Copyright© 2017 by Mark Cane

BDSM Story: In order to keep his job, Jason has to submit to a viscious bare-bottom caning by his beautiful but sadistic boss.

Tags: Blackmail   Heterosexual   FemaleDom   Humiliation   Sadistic   Spanking  

‘Jason, Amanda would like to see you now.’

Jason’s stomach knotted up and he swallowed dryly. He had expected the summons, but the shock still scared him.

‘I’m sorry Jason.’

‘Its Ok Sue, ‘ said Jason with feigned optimism, ‘I’m sure it will be fine.’

Jason knew it was not fine. Whatever Amanda wanted, it definitely would not be fine. Jason had got the job on the trading floor of the bank on the strength of an excellent MBA. Unfortunately he was finding that the theoretical models that had worked so well in academia did not seem so effective in the real world. He knew that his results were far from satisfactory and he also knew that Amanda did not condone poor trading results. Amanda was the bank’s top player and she led the strongest team, consistently achieving the highest bonuses. Only the best were good enough for Amanda’s star team. Jason knew that Amanda was a total bitch. She was utterly ruthless in the pursuit of her goal. Jason was in fear of losing his job. Sue squeezed his hand as he left his desk to make his way to Amanda’s office.

‘Good luck, Jason.’

Sue, Amanda’s PA, was the only person on the team who had shown him any kindness. Everyone else was too busy chasing their own bonuses to take any interest in the new boy.

Jason knocked quietly on Amanda’s door and entered. Amanda did not look up from her monitor screen. After a few moments of silence Jason gave a discreet cough to announce his presence. Still no response. After an age Amanda broke the silence. ‘Jason, your trading figures are shit. Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t fire you right now.’

‘I know I’ve not done very well, Amanda, but I know I can improve.’

Amanda thought for a moment. ‘What kind of car do you drive?’ she asked.

‘Toyota coupe, ‘ replied Jason. Amanda’s lips curled as though she had just discovered she had stepped into something unpleasant. She drove a Masserati Gran Tourismo, the £95,000 price tag of which had cost her a good part of a month’s salary. ‘Do you have any ambition, Jason?’

‘Oh yes, Amanda. I want to get to the top, like you.’

Amanda pondered for a moment and then tapped a few keys on her PC. ‘Ok Jason I have transferred some stock to your account. It will just be enough to get you out of trouble. Not enough to earn a bonus, but enough to keep your job.’

‘Gosh thanks Amanda, that’s really kind of you.’

‘Jason, I don’t do kind. I’m a bitch. Anyone here will tell you that. They all know I’m a bitch.’

‘I am sure everyone has the greatest respect for you Amanda.’

‘Don’t bullshit me, Jason. They hate my guts and more to the point they are all scared of me. I like it like that. Keeps them on their toes. So Jason, you owe me and you can start paying me back tonight. Be at this address at 9pm and don’t be late. Come by taxi. I don’t want your crapppy car parked outside my apartment and you may not be fit to drive home by the time we’re done.’

Jason pocketed the card bearing Amanda’s address and considered what her last remark might mean. Perhaps he might be a bit tipsy after enjoying some of Amanda’s wine collection or maybe exhausted after a night of hectic sex. Maybe a combination of both. Sadly Jason’s conjectures were far wide of the mark.

At the appointed hour Jason approached the concierge at Amanda’s exclusive apartment. After a brief telephone call to ensure that he was expected, the concierge directed Jason to the lift to the penthouse suite. Amanda admitted him into her sumptuous apartment and Jason immediately took in the luxurious fittings and furniture and the view over the capital. Amanda herself looked stunning in a figure hugging cat suit that showed off every curve of her gorgeous figure. Amanda looked at Jason coldly and without any preamble ordered him to remove all his clothing. Although surprised at her direct approach, Jason complied and began to remove his clothing as Amanda watched, aloof and apparently quite disinterested in him. When he got down to his Calvin Klein underpants, Jason paused and looked at Amanda, wondering if he should continue or wait for some signal from her.

Amanda showed no sign that she was going to undress too. ‘Those too Jason, I want you naked.’ Jason eyed Amanda’s curves appreciatively as he peeled off his pants. As if reading his mind, Amanda said ‘You are not here to fuck me Jason. I don’t need it and I don’t want it. I am a bitch at work and a bitch in my private life. I am going to cause you pain.’ So saying, Amanda picked up a wicked looking cane that Jason had not noticed. ‘This is what floats my boat, Jason; I’m going to cane you. It is what I enjoy. I am a sadist. Now you have a simple choice. If you do not want to play, get dressed again and first thing in the morning clear your desk and go. I will give you a reference that will get you a job as a counter clerk at a high street branch. Or you can oblige me and maybe, just maybe you might just make a career on the trading floor. Bear in mind while you think it over, I am serious about this. I will cane you as hard as I can. I never make any concessions for inexperience. Every stroke will be delivered as hard as I am able. I can assure you that is very hard. I am very experienced. You may have heard the expression “six of the best,” well I have gone decimal. My minimum tariff is ten strokes. So that is what you will receive - ten very hard strokes of the cane on your bare arse. You could complain to the bank, but frankly it would get you nowhere. You must know that banks have no morals, only profits. I bring them profits. End of story.’

Jason swallowed hard. He looked at Amanda’s face and knew she was serious. This was not what he expected.

‘Turn round Jason, ‘ ordered Amanda.

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