Swap Meat

by realoldbill

Copyright© 2017 by realoldbill

Sex Story: Trading daughters for fun and sex.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Incest   Father   Daughter   .

When I saw that the invitation to this month’s daughter swap prescribed “teddy” as the required dress I was both excited and pleased. About a year before, the last time the girls all wore teddies, Amber, my eager little beauty, had slipped into a light blue lace number with bows that tied down the front, one the matched the color of her eyes, and was the star of the show, bringing the club more than $2,000 in the silent auction. I certainly remembered watching her let the winner take her up against the doorway of our meeting room, her ass in his hands and her legs high on his back as she arched and squealed. By now, she had outgrown it of course, but I did not mind getting her a new one.

At a specialty store called Pretty Pussy I found a size two teddy of black lace covered by gold fishnet and brought it home for my fuck toy to try on. She wiggled into it and I smoothed it down between her thighs as she tossed back her huge mob of golden hair and stood up straight, thrusting out her young breasts and smiling as I tied the gold bows down the back. When we started swapping three years ago, she was a 28-B and now, at age 15, she was a 34-C and, I hoped, still developing. Her lovely pink-tipped breasts now filled her hands when she offered them up to my mouth, but they were yet to fill my big paws. Pints when it was quarts I wanted, but she was getting there.

She turned, bent over, strutted away and came back to me, sank between my knees and licked my glans as it stood quivering out before me. “Oh Daddy,” she sighed, “it’s just beautiful, but can I have one of the open ones next time, you know, that are just strips of cloth from the crotch to the boobs and nothing at all behind?”

She sucked my prong in, and I smiled down at her and said, “Of course you may if your breasts get a little bigger.”

She smiled and swallowed my cock, squinted her eyes as it went down her quivering throat. I buried my hands in her golden curls and thought about how lucky I was. My shrew of a wife had run off with my best friend five years ago and then divorced me and married him. My son was in graduate school and living with a lovely girl that he brought home from time to time and shared with me while he bonked his eager little sister and none of the three women I was seeing from time to time ever suggested marriage.

After I filled my little girl’s talented mouth with my jism, I sent her off to do her Kegel exercises with the toys I had bought for her and called a buddy of mine whose kid was also in the bi-weekly swaps. He asked me where I got Amber’s teddy and I promised to send him pictures.

I trotted upstairs and sat on the side of her bed and enjoyed watching her use her green two-headed weight that she now could move in and out of her vagina without using her hands. When she had done a hundred contractions and her forehead was beaded with sweat, I helped her get back into her sexy new teddy. I took three pictures and then unsnapped the garment so she could insert her pair of shiny Ben Wa balls and get down to her school homework.

I let her rest up and stick to her exercise regime for the rest of the week and then watched her apply her makeup and get into her lace teddy on Saturday afternoon. The swamp meet, as usual, was held in the basement church hall of one of our members, a randy minister with twin girls of sixteen that I had avoided because both were overweight and smelled strange.

About twenty members and their girls were present and we enjoyed cookies and punch while we admired each other’s daughters and waited for the awards and auction to begin. A handsome lawyer named Bob and I agreed on a swap after I saw that his kid was really well developed, and we posted it, and I made another deal with an Asian fellow whose name was unpronounceable but whose 12-year-old was a long-legged beauty that he claimed could do it inverted. Of course the fact that all the girls were wearing heels helped the shape of their legs and buttocks.

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