8 December 2006
Chapter 4

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Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 4 - Attending their high school dance, Brad professes his love for Abby. The night ends perfectly for Abby...She held out her hand to him, "Come with me, it's time," Abby smiled. "Time for what?" Brad asked. "Do I have to spell it out for you?" He still didn't quite understand, "Where am I spending the night?" "Here," "And who am I going to wake up next to in the morning?" "...me?" "Clever boy! Come with me Brad, it's our time," Abby took him by the hand leading him upstairs.

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Abby came down to the rec room and Brad wondered why she was empty handed. “Is all the pizza gone?”

“No, there’s plenty left for us,” She held out her hand to him, “Come with me, it’s time,” Abby smiled.

“Time for what?”

“Do I have to spell it out for you?” He still didn’t quite understand, “Where am I spending the night?”


“And who am I going to wake up next to in the morning?”

“ ... me?”

“Clever boy! Come with me Brad, it’s our time,” Abby said taking him by the hand and leading him upstairs.

“I’ll send a search party for you if you’re not back in an hour, no make that two!” Dan kidded.

Brad noticed his mom in the kitchen. “I laid a soft blanket on the bed for you. You can have some pizza after you’re done. When Abby gets through with you, not doubt you’ll need to get your strength back!” Karen smiled.

“But in your bedroom?”

“Didn’t you say to Abby you get only one first time and want it to be perfect? Your bedroom needs to be more presentable for you and her.”

“Thank you, Mrs. Hayward. Come on, Brad,” Abby led him into the master bedroom and he closed the door behind him. “Please, leave the door open. I want your parents to hear you make me cum,” he smiled, opening it.

The bedside lamp was the only light in the room but Abby’s eyes still sparkled. Brad went to her and they embraced, “I love you, Abby.”

“Mmm, I certainly can get used to hearing you say that. I love you too, Brad.” Her arms around his broad shoulders, her firm breasts pressed flat against his chest. She gazed into his soft green eyes, hers filling with mounting desire, “Please love me, Brad.”

Their lips met and they hugged tighter, breaths quickening through their noses. Brad smoothed his hands up and down her back feeling the sculptured shape of her beautiful body.

Abby grasped the hem of his shirt and pulled it up over her head, “My fuck, what a chest!” her eyes widened running her hands over his pronounced muscles. She kissed and licked his nipples.

“Like I said before, it’s your body baby!” he smiled.

“I am an explorer who is going to discover every square inch of your luscious looking body!”

“You had better wear a gas mask around my asshole,” he joked and they laughed.

“I love you, Brad.”

“And I love you, Abby,” he embraced her again lifting her effortlessly off the floor.

Abby’s eyes shone with growing love and lust for her man as she felt his hands raising the hem of her dress. Passed her thighs and waist, ribs and to her breasts. Her eyes remained locked on her lover as she raised her arms above her head. Her young heart was already bursting with anticipation.

Brad laid her dress on the bed and marvelled at the naked beauty that stood before him, “Are you sure my breasts are an okay size for you?” she asked her hands cupping under them.

“They’re perfect, everything about you Abby, is perfect! You are so incredible and you’re in love with me?”

“You bet I am! I am yours now and forever!” Abby didn’t feel embarrassed to be naked for the first time in front of her true love. Her arms caressed around his broad shoulders, pressing herself to him. He smoothed his hands over the same parts of her back feeling the silky softness of her skin. Their lips met again in a long, passionate kiss.

His hand came up her side, caressing her yearning breast, “Yes my love, touch me!” she urged. Abby’s young breast fit in the palm of his hand and her nipple easily hardened to his touch.

She smiled shyly and taking his hand, guided him onto the bed. His upper body covered hers as they caressed and kissed. She glanced briefly around the room, “Your mom sure has lots of candles.”

“She likes to burn them for a more romantic mood when she and Dad make love.” Then he thought for a moment, “Would you like a few candles lit?”

“Yes, if you don’t mind.”

“Be right back!” he kissed her hard.

“Mom, do we have any matches or a lighter?” He asked interrupting Karen sucking on Dan’s cock.

“We do, what for?” she asked staring at the obvious bulge in his lounge pants.

“I want to light a few candles to burn while Abby and I make love.”

“Why you romantic little devil,” she teased, “There’s a lighter in the cupboard by the fridge.”

“Thanks, Mom,” and he hurried to retrieve it. Dan then guided her mouth back to his hard cock.

Brad returned and lit two candles on each night table. He looked at her naked on the bed. “Wow, you are so incredibly beautiful!” he complimented again going to her side. His lounge pants dropped to the floor and Abby admired her love’s perfectly sculptured body.

“And you are my perfect man. I never need another,” They embraced again, the golden glow of the flames now reflecting in their eyes.

Brad began leaving light kisses on her skin from shoulder to shoulder then down between her breasts. She wanted her nipples sucked on and motioned his head to each one. Her eyes gleamed, her fingers combing his hair as she breastfed her lover.

Each side of her ribs was visited then his kisses explored the sloping flatness of her stomach. He moved on the bed and she spread her legs for him. She giggled as his tongue circled around her navel and a hand lightly to his head prompted him lower.

Brad looked closer at the pussy that was his. Abby kept her’s shaved bare and he gazed at the slight gap that separated her lips. He kissed her mound purposely skirting around his target. He kissed and licked her inner thighs on each side of her flesh.

His fingers opened her, her wrinkly butterfly lips moistened with excitement beckoning him closer. Brad kissed them once, inhaling the fragrance that would imprint on his brain forever.

“You’re being such a tease,” as he kissed a circle around her swollen mound. “Please Brad,” her touch encouraged. He parted her opening, admiring nature’s design of her pussy. Abby’s breathing was already beyond control as her hand touched his head.

“Huhh!” she gasped as she felt his tongue finally begin to explore her. Brad tried to control his teenaged exuberance of experiencing his love’s pussy. Fingers joined his tongue, discovering her. Two digits easily slid inside her and he gently fucked her. A kiss and lick to her button sent jolting shivers through her body.

“I find your smell and taste irresistible,” he commented becoming acquainted with her pussy. He spread her lips wide, laying his face against her opening. His tongue moved every way it could, her moisture coating his face like an exotic shaving cream.

Brad adjusted his position and concentrated on pleasing his love. Tongue, lips, and fingers worked in unison raising Abby’s arousal to new heights. Britney and Amber had pleased her before but this was new to her, a man’s face to her pussy, her only true love.

His efforts were soon rewarded with appreciative moans and movement of her body to his mouth. Her breaths quickened and soon became short gasps. “Brad!” is all she uttered softly, “Uhhh, uhhh, uhhh, uhhh!” she sensually released. Her back arched, as her surge of pleasure was released.

His hands cupped her tiny ass cheeks for support as Abby unleashed the strongest climax she’d ever experienced. Her middle gyrated in all directions as if they would intensify her pleasure.

Abby gasped through opened lips, swallowed, then continued as her body coped with its new found pleasure.

“Oh Brad, Brad, oh, I’ve never felt anything like this before!” He was in his own heightened state of arousal and her sensual words made his cock twitch in its own mini-climax.

Abby’s body released its secret, exotic cream to his lips and tongue. The pure essence of her being would imprint on his mind for life. Brad lapped up her sensual ointment as if it was life giving nectar.

“Oh Brad, Brad!” she continued to coo. Her knees remaining bent, her hands pressed her lover’s face to her mound. Still short on breaths, she urged him up her body. His tongue left a track to each nipple then she forced her lips on his. Abby smothered her love with countless kisses. “I love you! I love you!” she repeated.

Abby wanted to return the pleasure and motioned him onto his back. She began to kiss her was down his taut frame, her long brunette hair trailing behind. His body jolted as she kissed his sensitive stomach and lower to his soft hairs.

She bit her lip in sexual frustration as her hand gripped the shaft of his leaking cock. She stroked it up and down a large clear bead appearing. She lowered her mouth and her tongue swirled it around the sensitive head but her hair blinded him to seeing her mouth taking in his cock. Abby gave it several sucks then swept her long hair to the right out of the way. She wanted him to see her pleasing his cock as much as he did.

“Careful, you’ve got me so fucking turned on, I could cum in two seconds!” he jokingly warned.

“We can’t have that just yet. I’ll give you a blow job later on. Your first cum belongs inside my pussy.” Brad could feel her hot breaths cool against his skin as she sucked several more times on him.

It was now time and Brad motioned Abby up to his side. Her eyes transfixed on her lover as he eased himself between her legs. They both panted short breaths as they exchanged long, passionate kisses. She caressed the shaft of his cock, bending her knees, guiding it closer.

Abby rubbed the head up and down her slit, her lips easily parting. She rose on her elbows looking down. “I want to see your cock enter my pussy for the first time.” she watched intently as the head of his cock slid into her moistened hole and smiled at him.

The head firmly inside, she lay down, eyes glistening with uncontrollable love and lust for her man. Brad could feel the warmth of her pussy surrounding his cock as he began to gently thrust deeper and deeper into her. Their eyes locked on each other, experiencing their first time.

She cupped the sides of his face as she felt him going further inside her. “What’s wrong?” she asked as he paused.

“If I don’t stop now, I’ll cum. This is the experience of my life and I was ready to cum before even being inside you.”

“Please try to last,” she desired, hugging him close to her breasts.

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