A New Life for My Mother
Chapter 8

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Sex Story: Chapter 8 - I was very young when my mother was jailed for killing my abusive father. I could hardly remember her but I wanted to be there when she came out!

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Romantic   Lesbian   Heterosexual   Fiction   Incest   Mother   Son   Interracial   Anal Sex   Exhibitionism   Oral Sex  

We slept late the following morning and missed breakfast, so we strolled around until we found a little cafe where we had coffee and croissants while sitting out in the sun, She phoned Mel who joined us within minutes and from there we took a stroll around the little market again before finding a spot at the base of a large sand dune where we could sunbathe and just sleep.

“When are you going to get naked?” I asked casually and they both guffawed in unison,

“It took you longer than we thought” mum laughed as they both stood up and shimmied out of their tiny thongs before lathering each other with sun screen.

I had to lie on my stomach because of my growing erection so I used the time to phone Don to see how he was progressing with the cottage.

“Brilliant mate” he said in answer to my query, “There’s been about a dozen people asking the price of it”

“That’s good news anyway, how’s Oscar?”

“Oh he’s in his element Michael, he has the run of the site at night and he’s getting quite brave too, he even chased a fox last night”

We chatted about this and that for a few more minutes before I rang off just as the girls scampered past me holding hands and laughing,

“Just going behind the dune for a pee” mum shouted so I was very sneaky and followed them round to the back of the dune, they pretended to be shocked when they saw me watching, but somehow I don’t think they were, in fact they both laughed but made no attempt to hide what they were doing!

A couple more men had gathered to watch also but even that didn’t stop them, calmly they finished peeing and gave the men a cheeky wave before going back to where we’d been lying.

We all dozed then while frying in the hot sun, but at about lunch time we decided that we were hungry again so Mel took us to a little cafe where we had a salad and then went back to our hotel.

I decided to get a few postcards to send home to Jack, Donald and Pete, I sat in the hotel lounge and quickly wrote them out before posting them and going back up to our suite.

They weren’t there, but I grinned and my cock jerked when I saw two tiny thongs hanging on the handle of the bedroom door, the little minxes had gone to bed together!

I opened the door slowly and watched as they kissed each other sensuously with only their bottom halves covered by a single cotton sheet,

“Is this a private party?” I asked with a smile, “Or can anyone join in?”

“Anyone who’s naked is welcome” Mel giggled followed by, “And with a hard cock” from mum, so I joined them in bed and watched as they turned into a sixty nine with mum on top.

“Your mum’s got a lovely little cunt Michael” Mel said as she ran her tongue slowly up between mums nether lips.

“And so have you” mum said softly, “And a very wet one too”

“Mmm I wanted to do this while you were pissing”

“You’d have got very wet”

My cock jerked as she used both hands to open mum up and snaked her tongue inside her wet hole,

“Your son’s looking at your bum” Mel said in between licks,”And stroking a lovely big hard on”

“Use it Michael” mum gasped from between Mels open legs, “Use it in my bum, sodomize me”

Her anus was much tighter than her pussy and she squealed into her friends cunt as I pushed in, but judging from the way she kept pushing her bum back at me, she was loving it!

I felt Mel licking my balls as I fucked my mother and I could hear her muffled moans as she squealed unto Mels cunt.

“I’m wetting her Michael” Mel grinned up at me, “She’s sucking the piss out of me”

I felt a flood of warmth over my balls and Mel squealed as mum returned the favour. Then I came and mum screamed as she accepted my seed in her clutching anus!

We lay entwined on the wet bed for a while as we recovered from our efforts, then the girls washed the top sheet in the bathroom and hung it over the balcony to dry in the sun, Mel left and mum and I just lounged around the hotel until dinner time when we dressed up in our finest and had it in the restaurant.

Much later that night we dressed down again and went for a walk along the beach holding hands the way lovers have done since time began,

“That was a first for me you know” she said as we sat with our feet in the rolling surf,

“What was?”

“The anal sex bit”

“Did you enjoy it?”

“Fantastic” she smiled, “I came really strongly”

“I noticed” I laughed and pushed her down onto the wet sand, “Do you know what would be a first for me?”


“Making love in the surf” and I felt her legs opening beneath me!

Mum said a tearful farewell to Mel and Martin at the airport and five hours later we were driving home from our local airport, as it was mid afternoon we went via the building project and I was pleased to see the glaziers had finished their work, Don was digging out for the water and waste pipes and the electricians were inside just finishing off.

Then we called in to see Pete at his home and were greeted wildly by our favourite guard dog who did his best to lick us both to death. The bills I had to pay to the various contractors came to over a hundred grand so I sat and wrote out the cheques that night with mum at my shoulder.

“Are you going to be all right for cash darling?”

“Yes” I smiled, “A lot better off than I thought at first, I deliberately over estimated all the costs”

“Clever” she smiled, “Hey, know what we forgot?”

“No, what?”

“The mail, there’s bound to be tons of it”

There was too, but most of it went straight in the bin,

“There’s one for me!” she yelled excitedly, “I’ve got a letter”

It was her sheer excitement at such a mundane thing that made me realise she’d probably never even had a letter before.

“Look Michael, it’s got my name on it”

“Why don’t you open it mum?”

She did, like a child opening a Christmas present, she read it and then showed it to me,

“Is this a wind up?”

It was from a major British film producer asking mum for a meet with a view to making a film of her life story!

“Don’t think so mum” I said, “I’ve heard of this guy myself”

“What should I do then?”

“Ring that number of course”

She rang it and after talking to a few minions, she actually got through to the writer of the letter himself.

Obviously I could only hear one side of the conversation, but what I could hear sounded pretty good,

“HOW MUCH?” mum said and then remembered her phone had a loud speaker, so I heard the producer say,

“There’d be a consultancy fee as well of course and we’d need you here for the filming”

“Yes, yes I see”

“So Mrs. Greene as I have a meeting tomorrow morning in Manchester, would it be possible to call in on you sometime in the afternoon?”

“Yes, fine, I’ll look forward to it”

She rang off and looked over at me,

“They want to give me a million pounds!”

“And a consultancy fee as well don’t forget”

“I need a drink” she went into the kitchen and returned with two large brandies,

“Here’s to being a millionaire” and we both drank the toast before going up to bed because I was going back to work on the cottage.

We made love slowly and tenderly that night, kissing and caressing each other until we both exploded in orgasm and we fell asleep with me still inside her body.

She got up with me in the morning to make my breakfast, trying to be helpful of course, but seeing her dressed in only a filmy little baby doll nightie wasn’t really much help at all, her sexy little bum peeping out at me was far too off putting.

As I prepared to leave she kissed me and held me tightly,

“I’ll be wearing stockings tonight darling” she whispered, “And my bum will need some attention.

Running a hand down onto her pert little buttocks, I promised her my full attention and prodded her tiny rear hole suggestively.

The first thing I did at work was to fuss Oscar again who was growing into a big dog, big but still stupid, then I had to find a floor layer, which I managed and he gave me a price to do all the floors that I thought was acceptable, as did the plasterer when I finally found one.

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