A New Life for My Mother
Chapter 3

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Sex Story: Chapter 3 - I was very young when my mother was jailed for killing my abusive father. I could hardly remember her but I wanted to be there when she came out!

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Romantic   Lesbian   Heterosexual   Fiction   Incest   Mother   Son   Interracial   Anal Sex   Exhibitionism   Oral Sex  

We were still locked in each others arms when we woke up in the morning, the first thing I saw was her eyes, big, blue and wide, smiling at me.

“Morning” I said and kissed her cheek,

“Morning handsome” she smiled, “You’re hard again”

“I’m in bed, naked with a beautiful, sexy woman” I laughed, “Of course I’m hard”

“Go and have a shower while I see to that little monster downstairs” she laughed and pushed me off while she scrambled out of bed, I watched her sexy little bottom wiggling as she walked out of the bedroom still naked.

I was drying off when she came back upstairs closely followed by a small hairy thing who wanted to play with my towel, so I threw it over him and followed mum into the shower stall,

She giggled when she realised I was there but then her laughter turned into moans of pleasure when I knelt down and began soaping her pussy with my hands,

“That feels nice” she said and then gasped as I kissed the puffy little slit,

“Ooh Michael, ooh yes baby”

She held my head and worked her groin against my mouth, she tasted like a dream and I lapped her juices up eagerly, I snaked my tongue up in between her soaking pink labia and licked the inner skin while she sobbed with sheer pleasure, her juices flowed freely and I swallowed every drop of them.

She squealed as I gently stroked her tiny rear hole and squirmed in my grip,

“Yes, oh fuck yes”

My finger sank in bringing another squeal from her lips and she jerked,

“I’m cumming, oh God, oh fuck Michael, MICHAELLLLLLL” and as her legs gave way she sank down into my arms,

“You’re sex mad” she grinned as we resumed washing ourselves, “What have you got planned for today?”

“Only spending some time with you”

“Well let’s get some breakfast and take Oscar out a walk over the fields, we can come back via the pub where we can have dinner, there are just a couple of things I want from the shops and then we can spend the rest of the day getting to know each other a bit better, preferably in bed”

“That sounds like a great idea mum” I said and pulled her close, “Especially the bit about bed”

“I’ll dress up for you if you like”

“I like”

“I bought some stockings!


Oscar took off like a bat out of hell as soon as mum slipped his lead off, but as he neared a small copse, a rabbit popped it’s head up, Oscar stopped, looked round at us, yelped once and ran like hell back towards us!

“Oh my God” she laughed, “Scared of a rabbit”

“Give him a couple of months mum and he won’t be”

He stayed behind us then for the next two fields and contented him self with barking at birds, well they were more his size!

“There was a time Michael when I wondered if I’d ever smell grass again” she said wistfully as we sat together by a small stream,

“It must have been really bad in there”

I was sat with my knees apart and mum had sat between them leaning back against me,

“It was” she agreed, “Nights were the worst when we could here some of the woman making love with their “special” friends.

“Weren’t you ever tempted?”

“Many times” she smiled, “The two girls I shared a cell with were lovers, I often watched them at it while I masturbated”

I draped my arms over her shoulders and slipped both hands down under her vest top, she sighed with pleasure as I cupped her breasts and ran my fingers over her nipples.

“I’d like to see you masturbating”

“In that case, you will” she smiled,

“Who was the fat lump of lard that you mentioned to Jack?”

“One of the screws, she was horrible, she always did the strip searches and believe me Michael, she did them thoroughly and she enjoyed doing them too”

“I think I’d enjoy giving you a strip search” I said softly, “I’d have to search your cunt with my mouth”

“Oh I’d enjoy that too” she laughed, “I’m getting hungry now, shall we head for the pub?”

We each demolished a T-bone steak with thick cut chips in the pub and Jack wrapped the bones up for Oscar, we took our drinks out into the pub garden and sat enjoying the sun,

“Is it really wrong, what we’re doing?” she asked,

“Probably” I replied. “It’s called genetic sexual attraction, I looked it up on the internet”

“What did it say about it?”

“Well it happens when close relatives have been apart for long periods of time, say a brother and sister who where separated at birth and then meet up years later, usually by accident, but oddly enough the law still calls it a crime”

“That’s ridiculous” mum said,

“Yes, but in France and Spain, it’s not a crime between consenting adults”

“So if you and I were in Spain, we wouldn’t be committing a crime?”

“That’s right” I said and smiled at her logic, “I’m ahead of you mum”

“Ooh we could have some fun over there darling” she laughed, “Just think we could lie on a beach holding each other and kissing”

“Mmm yeah, there are lots of nude beaches over there, we could both be naked”

“Oh what a nice thought” she laughed, “Will you take me there?”

“Try and stop me mum”

Oscar was exhausted by the time we reached the house, so I made him comfortable in his bed and followed mum upstairs, she was already in bed with only her big, blue eyes visible over the covers, but when I slipped in naked to join her I discovered that sleep was the last thing on her mind!

“I haven’t given you a blow job yet, have I?” she said softly as we kissed tenderly,

“I don’t believe you have” I agreed,

She slid down the bed and I felt her lips enclosing my rigid cock,

“Ooh yeah, that’s good mum” I sighed as she cupped my balls and her tongue licked my shaft,

“Mmm lovely hard cock” she moaned, “Nice and hard for me and full of baby juice”

“Keep your mouth on me mum” I hissed, “But turn round so we can do a sixty nine”

“Ooh yes, I like the sound of that”

She moved round still with her mouth on me and her lovely little cunt appeared in front of my face, still clad in a tiny white thong,

“You’re wearing stockings”

“Yes, do you like them?”

“Fabulous mum” I said as I touched my lips to the damp nylon of her thong,

“And you’ve left your knickers on”

I felt her head nod in agreement as she took one testicle into her mouth, but I heard her moan as I snaked my tongue under the skimpy nylon and onto the wet, pink flesh of her cunt, she tasted like nectar and I allowed the juices to slide down my throat as I licked.

Her thong had tie sides on it which I undid expertly before I French kissed her gorgeous slit and eased a finger in between her labia which brought a gasp of pleasure from her and I felt her groin pushing harder against my face,

“Michael” she gasped, “You’re going to make me cum again”

She gripped my cock again in her mouth and I felt her shaking as her orgasm began, she squealed and tipped her head back, suddenly my cock slid down actually into her throat at the same time as a sudden gush of fragrant liquid gushed from her cunt into my mouth,

I felt my legs stiffen and my cock erupted as she writhed beneath me in the throes of her orgasm, judging by the noises coming from under me she was almost choking, but she held onto my cock until I was drained of every drop in me and only then did we slowly ease apart and closed our eyes!

We only slept for a few minutes, but I awoke to her mouth on my cock again,

“You were hard” she giggled, “I don’t think your cock needs sleep”

“Not when there’s a lovely little pussy to explore” and pulled her up over my hips,

“You’re insatiable” she laughed and lowered herself down onto me.

I woke up to the smell of frying bacon and the sound of mum singing, the hot sum was streaming in through the bedroom window, so I walked downstairs naked and tiptoed up behind her silently,

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