Hyacinth Has the Red Bottom Blues
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2016 by harry lime

Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The spanking fetish has poor Hyacinth so enthralled that she had lost her common sense and her logical attitude about right and wrong.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Spanking   Anal Sex   Cream Pie   Oral Sex  

The ultra-reserved and upper-class wannabe Ms. Hyacinth Highbottom was in one of her moods on a rainy Monday morning that started just like any other depressing Monday with only five days of labor staring all of the common-place workers right in the face.

Fortunately, the staff at the exclusive gentleman’s and ladies apparel store called simply “The Posh Palace” was all too familiar with her drama-laden idiosyncrasies. She was only in charge of the two person feminine undies counter at the expensive establishment but in her mind she was really the manager of the whole shooting match if the truth be known to one and all. Her only subordinate, the lush-looking Miss Honeysuckle constantly looked into her purse mirror just to check her lipstick and eye shadow was in perfect order. One never knew when one’s “Soul Mate” would walk in the front door and make a proposition she could not refuse.

The last thing on Ms. Highbottom’s mind was an opportunity at true love and in point of fact she chased any thought of ignorant men from her mind because they were creatures of illogical thought processes and not worthy of her consideration on a day that already started badly due to being pressed between a pair of common laborers with bad breath and untamed appendages bouncing around haphazardly just above her knees. It was an affront that she would remedy just as soon as she was able to corner Miss Honeysuckle in a position where she had to listen to her lecture about proper etiquette at all times. After all, they were representatives of a proper elite store with superior goods and supposed well-behaved service personnel dedicated to customer satisfaction. She had no qualms about obediently servicing any customer at her counter in any way that would boost the sales figures for her department. At least that was one area Ms. Honeysuckle excelled at in the role of obediently serving customers with no trace of insolence or disrespect no matter how unusual the request.

Hyacinth frowned at the abbreviated length of Miss Honeysuckle’s skirt and made a plan to admonish her in the lunch room about correct dress at all times when on an official shift. It was far too much of a distraction for young Mister Willowbee causing him to wave his arousal around like some wastrel in one of those hoochie-coochie shows at the Gypsy camp. She was of a mind to make the young rascal pull down his trousers and she would make him sorry for his disturbing hardness right in front of her God-fearing face. Still, she didn’t move away when he squeezed past her behind the counter and let his thick member slide across her cock-deprived bottom with teasingly hard substance on her yielding flesh. Of course, she acted like nothing untoward had happened but they both knew the truth of the matter from the way she pushed back to get his business good and proper. It certainly wouldn’t be appropriate her to be lowering her position to his crude brand of devil-may-care attitude about carnal relations, but she knew deep down inside, she wouldn’t mind a secret tumble out of sight in the back storeroom. It was on the tip of her tongue to suggest to the young lad that they might jointly repair to the isolated room to resupply their dwindling stock of packing materials for the mid-afternoon rush.

Dwight beat her to the punch by suggesting the identical expedition and she merely nodded her head in agreement because she was that excited she was afraid her words would come out all in a rush betraying her desperation for a bit of slap and tickle. She did her best to act prim and disinterested but the way she swayed her hips in front of Mister Willowbee as they walked down the dimly lit hallway caused a couple of the shop-girls to giggle behind their hands, it was that transparent and amusing.

As soon as the door closed behind them in the supply room, young Mister Willowbee had Hyacinth’s skirts tucked into her waistband and her knickers down so fast that she had to look down to see why her ass cheeks felt like they were in a sudden breeze. He addressed her flanks with his rampant staff and she wanted to admonish him for his rude behavior. but kept quiet because she didn’t want him to think she was reluctant for his services. Fortunately, she was so much in a state of anticipation for his impetuous action that he slipped inside with little difficulty and she released her first orgasm with practically no drama of an audible nature.

It should have dismayed her when he started to beat a sharp tattoo on her bare cheeks with his long slender fingers and she was fully ashamed that all she could muster was a whimper and quivering acceptance of her discipline. It was totally out of character for her forceful persona but in such situations, Hyacinth had discovered the advisability of full cooperation and limited speech. Soon her backside was beet red with the imprint of the young man’s punishing palms and she was grunting her pathetic acknowledgement of his attentions to her plump and pleasing posterior.

Dwight pumped his superior with expert skills and she started to fall into her much more audible orgasm sequence that generally resulted in a spraying of female liquids in every direction at the same time. He was familiar with her juicy responses and wrapped a towel around her bottom to protect his trousers from obvious signs of wanton behavior and bring their depravity to their co-workers attention. He did his best to stay deeply buried knowing that his cream would be best spurted inside her beautiful bum than on the outside where it would add to the chaos of her liquid reaction.

“Is it deep enough for you, my love?”

Hyacinth sighed with satisfaction and looked back over her shoulder with a hint of tears in her eyes.

“Yes, dear, that is quite satisfactory and that’s a fact. Kindly wipe me clean back there and help me to restore my attire to a proper degree of respectability.”

A moment later, they were both looking all shipshape and as innocent as churchgoers on a Sunday morning. They returned to their service stations and the only visible sign of their kinky behavior was the way Hyacinth walked with her feminine folds trying desperately to keep all of Mister Willowbee’s spunk inside until she was able to make repairs in the ladies at lunch hour. It was obvious that he was still ogling Miss Honeysuckle’s plump rump with his bad boy eyes but Hyacinth didn’t mind any more now that she had drained him of his cream and his motivation for immediate action.

Hyacinth had a thought to make Miss Honeysuckle make the repairs to her female parts, but dismissed that right away because it would be far too dangerous to give the girl some ammunition about her superior’s conduct during working hours.

A customer required a signature for a return of a pair of undies inside a box clearly marked with their distinctive logo. She took the young lady into her office and inspected the undies finding signs that they had been worn and soiled with male emissions probably as recently as the evening before because the scent of male spoor was strong and pervasive. The young girl was embarrassed because she suspected Hyacinth could tell it was not a proper return.

Hyacinth picked the object up with her long wooden ruler and held them under her nostrils with visible distress at inhaling the scent of masculine release. Actually, Hyacinth was quite enjoying the scene and she was determined to make the girl beg for her signature to make the return. Eventually, the girl broke down and admitted that her boyfriend had bent her over the kitchen table and drenched the undies with his seeds. She couldn’t take them home because her father would suspect right away that she was guilty of depraved activities and would probably give her a whipping that she deserved full well.

She made the girl put the things back on even though they were damp with spunk. Then, she pulled them to the side and inserted her wooden ruler into the girl’s thickly thatched bush. The poor thing whimpered and hung her head down in abject shame for her terrible behavior. It was so delicious that Hyacinth pushed her thumb up the girl’s brown eye for good measure and told her,

“Loosen up, darling, mama wants to see if you have been a bad girl back there.”

The girl, whose name was Dolly, begged Hyacinth to sign the return permission and promised to let her use her “strap-on” in the picture show on Friday night after the store closed. That promise was all Hyacinth wanted to give the girl what she requested. She knew there was a chance the girl would renege on the arrangement but it was worth it just on the possibility she would be true to her word. There was nothing Hyacinth liked better than to give it to a shy girl from behind in a darkened theater surrounded by unsuspecting couples fumbling in sinful explorations. Usually, once she was inside a submissive female, they would give her access to any place she wanted to tease with her eager fingers and her demanding tongue. Sometimes she would force a particularly willing girl’s face down into her lap and allow her to lick her way all the way to that special spot that she loved best of all. It was a test of her ability to take it without making a fuss because a single word or shout would give away their kinky coupling and expose them to ridicule because they were gender challenged in a world that didn’t appreciate such delicate relationships.

Dolly did show up after work and before they went to the picture show, she led her into the alley and shoved her strap-on all the way up her hindquarters just to show her that she was in firm control. A couple of girls taking a short-cut through the narrow space saw how Hyacinth had Dolly bent over and well in hand and they giggled in nervous appreciation of her absolute control. She smiled thinking that perhaps she had given the pair something to think about and they would be buying a strap-on of their own before the week was out. It made her smile and she pulled Dolly’s bum closer to ride her with both knees locked tightly around her hips and her both hands twisting the girl’s naughty nipples until she was forced to an unwanted release right out in public like some street walker with absolutely no morals whatsoever.

The picture show was not all that interesting but about halfway through, it got a lot more exciting with Hyacinth buried to the hilt in Dolly’s pretty bottom just like a boyfriend with anal-fixated desires. Dolly kept her palm over her lips the entire time not wanting anyone to hear her guilty pleasure at her degradation with the lights turned down real low. Hyacinth inhaled the scent of the girl’s feminine heat and hoped that the others around them were so engrossed in their own brand of illicit coupling that they would show no interest in their unusual style of getting off in the dark.

It was the following weekend that she went to the same movie with Mister Willowbee and it was a shameful fact that they never saw a single moment of the boring movie, but Hyacinth had a total of four orgasms making the price of the tickets well worthwhile.

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