Angel: A Chance Encounter

by De Von

Copyright© 2016 by De Von

Young Adult Sex Story: A short story of a chance meeting, the way it should have been, between a boy and an older girl from his school. She finds out that flagging down random guys can be enjoyable, but might also have unintended consequences.

Caution: This Young Adult Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Drunk/Drugged   Heterosexual   True Story   School   Cream Pie   .

The night’s cruising had been rather uneventful, and certainly hadn’t yielded any opportunities to get laid. I was fairly disappointed as I pulled onto the on ramp to make the 20 mile journey down the interstate back to my little home town in time to make curfew. I was debating rubbing one out on the way or waiting until I got home when I noticed a car behind me. It pulled up on the left and I saw the driver, a girl with long black hair, giving me a hard look. She slowed and pulled in behind me, then flashed her lights at me just before we got to the next ramp.

“Nothing to lose,” I thought, and swung onto the ramp, watching her headlights follow along. I pulled off into the empty lot of a closed store at the top of the ramp, and she pulled in behind and just to the right of my car. I got out and walked around the front of my car just in time to greet her as she emerged from hers. I could tell she was tipsy as she got out and said “Hey sexy!” I recognized her from school. She was a year or two older than me, and her name was Angel. She didn’t seem to know me, though. “What’s up?” I replied, giving her a nod. She was a slender, pretty girl.

“Want a beer?” she semi-slurred. I made a rapid assessment and decided to take a bold chance. “What I really want is right in front of me” I replied while moving forward and quickly closing the distance between us. I put my right arm around her waist and with my left hand I grabbed the back of her head and pulled her to me as I leaned in and kissed her hard. My quick actions caught her off guard and had the desired effect. She kissed me back almost immediately. Keeping my left hand wrapped in her hair, I let my right slide down to grip her firm ass, eliciting a gasp. I started walking her back until we got to the back door of her car. I pushed her up against the car, still kissing her, our tongues battling frantically. I slid my right hand around and stroked her pussy thru the soft pants she had on. They were like full cover leggings, and let me have a good feel of her even with them on. She gasped again as I rubbed her, and caressed my sides with her hands.

I moved my left hand down and opened the car door, then shielded her head as I pushed her sideways and down into the back seat, kissing her all the way. As I climbed in on top of her, I slid my right hand up her shirt and felt her breasts, which were small but firm. Her nipples stood up with excitement under my fingers. I slid my hand back down, sliding inside her waistband this time, and straight down to her pussy. She was quite wet already and I easily slid a finger inside her and began rubbing her with long strokes, pulling my finger out of her and rubbing her clit, then reversing back down over her clit and inside her again. Her body was bucking underneath me as she fucked my hand. She seemed not to notice that I had shifted my left hand and was now using it to unbutton my jeans and push them and my underwear down around my hips.

I thought briefly about my condoms, but they were in my glove box, and I wasn’t going to risk losing this fuck to stop and go get one. I shifted my right hand away from stroking her to the side of her pants, grabbed the other side with my left and pulled them to her knees before swiftly returning to stroking her pussy. She lifted her legs, bound at the knees by her pants, between us as I moved forward into position. I was pulling her head upward with my left hand and still kissing her passionately. I pushed my hips forward until my cock bumped into my other hand as I stroked her pussy. I shifted pace slightly, pausing my strokes long enough to grasp my cock and line it up with her entrance.

I rubbed my cockhead up and down her slit to get it coated with her juices, then lined up at her opening and thrust my hips forward, pushing my cock almost all the way into her in one smooth stroke. She cried out in pleasure as I entered her and began stroking my cock in and out of her body. I shifted forward slightly more and went balls deep into her with the next thrust. She gasped as our hips slammed together. I rocked my cock up and down in her pussy, enjoying the feeling of being completely inside her, before beginning to long stroke her again. She came suddenly, grasping at my sides and bucking her pussy up to meet my thrusts as the spasms racked her body. I kept fucking her thru the orgasm, prolonging it for her.

“Damn, this is an awesome fuck!” I thought to myself as she rebounded and began thrusting against me again. I began to feel that telltale tingle, and knew the end was drawing near. I considered slowing down and dragging it out, but just then she started cumming again, and I changed my mind and started pounding her pussy, driving her orgasm longer and harder. I could feel my cock growing into that steel hard state that always happened right before I came, and my thrusts began to lose rhythm. Angel seemed to notice some difference, too, but she was still cumming hard around my cock. She muttered something that was probably don’t cum inside me, but it came out “dun cuh Si me!”

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