A Geek's Reward

by realoldbill

Copyright© 2016 by realoldbill

Sex Story: Girls used to be a mystery to this bright young man

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   School   Size   .

Damon was a geek and also a dork and a nerd, as anyone who knew him could tell you. He was inarticulate around girls, but thoroughly enjoyed looking at them. He was a nobody. But he was also very smart as his teachers knew and well hung as some of the guys he showered with knew. Damon was going to graduate high school at age fifteen with enough AP credits to equal a year of college, credits that would save him and his family more than $50,000. He had been offered scholarships to several universities but was still debating.

It was early spring when two lovely sophomore girls, girls his age, sat down beside him at lunch, smelling good and looking better. Vera, the bulging blonde who was on his right, put her hand on his skinny thigh while dark-haired Missy leaned her firm, young boob against his upper arm. “Damon,” she breathed, “we need a little favor.”

“And we’ll be very thankful, honest we will,” Vera said as she stroked his leg and her fingers neared his excited prick.

“We have this chemistry project, organic chemistry, and we need some help. We’re kind of confused.” Missy’s puffy nipple was hardening as she rubbed up and down his skinny arm.

“Sure, be glad to help. What the problem,” the boy said, forcing his voice not to break, enjoying the attention, something he had seldom had in high school. Damon was, of course, a virgin, a virgin with a vivid imagination who seldom got through a day without ejaculating. He had found a half-dozen pictures that were useful as well as some web sites and experimented with methods found on the Internet. He liked back-handed best, and he had an excellent imagination.

Missy pulled a slim laptop from her bookbag, put it in front of the boy and hit a couple of keys. He studied the screen. “OK, this is a solvent removal exercise. It’s sort of complicated. You’ll need a roto-vap or are you just going to show it with the computer?”

“What’s a roto-vap?” asked Milly, blinking at him as she rubbed her tit sideways across his slim biceps. Damon’s cock jumped.

“We just have to explain how to do it, make a diagram and tell what equipment we would use,” the other girl said as her finger tip actually touched his swollen member. She rubbed along it for a few seconds and then pulled her hand back quickly and blinked at him.

The bell rang. Lunch was over. “After school up in the lab,” said Damon, standing and holding his tray in front of his bulging groin. “See you then.”

The girls giggled and headed for their after-lunch classes. “It really is big,” whispered Vera. “Hard too.”

“Mac told me he never saw a bigger one.”

Damon waited for them in the chemistry lab where he had been a student assistant as a freshman. Both teachers had left for a meeting. The girls hurried in, dumped their stuff on a table and then sat on stools beside him. Damon showed them what they needed and went through the steps, and Missy copied his ideas on her computer while Vera pulled down his zipper, fished out his sizeable male muscle, stroked it upward until it stood by itself and bent over to take it into her mouth, holding back her long, silky hair as she put her experienced tongue to work.

Damon whimpered as he felt the girl’s tongue circle his glans, and she then bobbed up and down, moving his cock in and out of her tightly pursed lips. The boy shivered, delighted.

“I see, I understand,” Missy said, showing the suffering boy her screen. “Is this right?” Damon closed his eyes as he spurted, and Vera pulled back, swallowed and held his rigid cock as he came three more times, blasting the underside of the lab table.

“He’s still hard,” Vera told Missy, who quickly climbed up on the table, and spread her legs, smiling at Damon. “Come and get it,” she sighed, licking her lips and smiling at him as she raised her knees and tore open her tiny thong. “It’s your reward.”

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