by Ahaz

Copyright© 2016 by Ahaz

Sex Story: A guy picks up a t-girl at a bar. Warning. this is a nasty little story about revenge.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Ma   TransGender   Revenge   Anal Sex   Oral Sex   Caution   .

Chapter 1

I knew as I watched her walk up to the bar and take a seat about ten feet down the bar from me. I can’t say it was any one thing, it was a combination of several things, the proportions of her limbs, the line of her neck in profile. Like I say I was certain about her and I wanted her.

I noticed the girl behind the bar was trying to ignore the girl so I ambled over and attracted the bar girl’s attention. I ordered myself another bottle of San Miguel and turning to the cutie I was after asked her what she was drinking, the expression on the bar girl’s face as she poured my new friend’s drink only confirmed what I knew about the girl.

When the bar maid left I introduced myself as Micheal McGregor, not my real name but it will do for tonight. The cutie told me that her name was Karen Norman. We made small talk as I casually looked her over, shoulder length brown hair, she was pretty, could never be called beautiful. Medium sized breasts but judging by the shape I suspect she cheated, long slim legs encased in dark nylons, slender body covered by her short dark blue dress.

She noticed my scrutiny as we talked, a worried frown was doing battle with a pleased smile to see which would get control of her face. I smiled to reassure her then led her out onto the dance floor. The music was a little fast but I pulled her close to me and we started moving to the music, as we danced I nuzzled her neck, after a couple of minutes I could feel her interest beginning to grow. She tried to pull her lower body away from mine, glancing at her face I could see the fear in her eyes.

“Don’t worry,” I whispered in her ear, “I know.” I kissed her earlobe and pulled her tighter to me. She groaned and ground her crotch into mine.

A couple of drinks and a few more dances and we were leaving headed for her flat.

While she was in the bathroom “freshening up” I had a quick look around the two bedroom flat, it was a reasonable size and well kept, good quality furniture, this girl wasn’t broke that’s for sure.

I turned towards her as I heard her leave the bathroom, she tried to look sultry as she stood in the doorway, didn’t quite pull it off. I crossed to her and kissed her hard, our tongues dueling with a frantic urgency.

As we kissed I unzipped her dress and stepped back lifting it from her shoulders and letting it drop to the floor. Standing in front of me in just her underwear and high heels she looked nervous. Smiling at her I release the front catch on her padded bra, she sighed as I traced a finger across an erect little nipple. Her breasts were tiny hormone created mounds sitting high on her chest, they were adorable, I couldn’t resist and bent down and sucked on of the tiny morsels into my mouth. She moaned and clutched my head tight to her chest. A couple of minutes later she nudged me over to the other breast so I suckled on that one for a while before I dropped to my knees and pressed my face to her panties, I rubbed my face to her crotch inhaling her musky scent. Pulling down her panties I must admit I moaned myself at the sight of her smoothly shaved sex.

Her Orchiectomy had been done beautifully, most of her scrotum had been removed leaving a smooth line from her perineum up to her little cockette. She was about three inches long and only semi hard, the tip of her cockette was glistening with precum

Moving closer I took her tiny prick into my mouth, my tongue swirling around her head tasting her musky flavour. Her soft moans increased as I massaged the sensitive patch of textured skin where her balls had been.

I ran a finger down to her pucker finding it slippery with lube, her hole slightly open where the little sweetheart had prepared herself while she was in the bathroom. Two fingers slid easily into her back passage, she gasped and started bucking her hips, sawing her soft member in and out of my mouth as her moans become grunts and with a final thrust she cries out, her body trembles as a little more of her precum oozes onto my waiting tongue.

Standing I kiss her deeply, her tongue searching out her taste in my mouth.

“Thank you,” she murmurs, “guys don’t usually.” I stop her with a kiss.

“It’s ok, I wanted too.” I whispered.

She pulls away and starts to unbutton my shirt, her hands caress my lightly haired chest, her finger pause at my nipples feeling them harden at her touch. She drops to her knees and works at my belt as I shrug off my opened shirt, as soon as my belt is undone she drags my trousers and boxers down, there are several soft sounds of appreciation before she sucks my rigid cock into her mouth. She’s good, her agile tongue seems to be everywhere, one hand gently playing with my nuts, the other drops to her lap to toy with her soft cockette. Before long it’s my turn to thrust into her mouth as I groan and unload my seed into her willing mouth.

“Don’t swallow it all” I gasp as my cock spurts the last of my come. Pulling her up I kiss her, delving into her mouth for what’s left of my spend. As we kiss passing my come back and forth I reached down for her cockette and wrapped my hand around both of us jacking both of our cocks.

As she feels me hardening she breaks the kiss and smiling happily leads me to her bedroom by my hard prick.

Her bedroom is very feminine, lots of pink and frills, it often seems girls like her go more over the top with pink and frills than the genetic girls. I chuckle as I spot a long dildo beside of the bed, she blushes when she realises what I’m looking at and tries to push it under the bed with a foot.

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