My Speedo Fetish

by Aussie Speedo Guy

Copyright© 2016 by Aussie Speedo Guy

True Sex Story: This is a story written by one of my fans (Justin) about how his speedo fetish developed and his speedo experiences with Nathan. Swim team mates make the best kind of speedo friends.

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Ma   Consensual   Gay   BiSexual   Sports   Anal Sex   Analingus   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Voyeurism   Water Sports   .

Guys in Speedos had always been a turn on for Justin. He remembered the first time he went to the pool and saw the lifeguard clad in a red Speedo, he got an instant erection. Justin bought a red Speedo himself right after this happened and spent hours rubbing the smooth bulge and watching his cock tent the nylon. He loved the silky, slippery feel of the nylon against his skin, and he enjoyed rubbing and caressing his cock through the fabric. Justin never understood his Speedo fascination, but he certainly knew he was very attracted to other guys in Speedos. He started training with the swim team and soon discovered this was the best way to satisfy both his attractions. Justin also discovered he was not the only guy who stiffed a woody in his Speedos. He watched several of his teammates with erections just like his own in their Speedos and even once walked into the shower and caught another swimmer jacking off into his Speedo.

Justin was addicted to juicing his Speedo several times a day. He would wear it to bed at night and awake often with hard erections he would rub to climax inside his Speedo. He had to buy another Speedo for swimming practice because his first red suit became so stained with his daily jerkoff routines. In fact, he began a Speedo collection to feed his growing obsession with them.

By now Justin had begun to fantasize about having sex with other guys from his team. He would get so horny during practice playing around in the pool. Some of the bigger guys on the team invented a game of tag, and their favorite way to tag another player was diving under water and grabbing a handful of Speedo. Whether it was an ass or a cock didn’t make much difference, as long as the result was a Speedo hardon for the rest of the team to see. Justin noticed one particular guy named Nathan always tagged him, usually bringing his hand over Justin’s cock. Nathan followed his tag with a big smile.

Justin thought Nathan was the hottest swimmer on the team, even before the Speedo tagging started. After the first few tag games, Justin knew Nathan wanted him, too. So Justin changed lockers in the gym and moved his gear next to Nathan. Another big smile greeted Justin the first time Nathan saw his teammate changing out of his Speedo after practice. They quickly showered that first day and headed back to Justin’s house for their first encounter.

The door to Justin’s room had barely closed before they were both stripping off their clothes. Nathan dropped his gym bag on the bed and reached inside to reveal a well-worn Speedo he had prepared for his first time with Justin. And like Justin’s red Speedo juiced during endless masturbation, Nathan’s swimsuit was also covered in cum stains. He turned to face Justin and asked him to put it on, kissing Justin passionately as he held the Speedo in his hand. Justin couldn’t believe his fortune. Not only was Nathan the hottest swimmer on his team, now he offered Justin his own juiced Speedo as tribute to their first sex together. Justin pulled the Speedo over his massive cock, already hard and dripping because he realized Nathan liked to juice his Speedo, too. Now it was Justin’s turn to make Nathan as hard as he was. He opened the drawer where he kept his favorite red Speedo and handed it to Nathan. Nathan’s appreciative eyes told Justin he had just found his perfect sex buddy.

Standing in Justin’s room wearing each other’s Speedos, both guys embraced and felt their hard cocks touch through the fabric. They were so hard and big it was nearly impossible to keep their cocks tucked inside their tight Speedos. Each time one guy’s cock would pop out of his Speedo, his buddy would gently rub it back into place, keeping the nylon bulge full and hard. Nathan knew even more ways to pleasure Justin’s hard Speedo than Justin had tried when he was alone.

Besides rubbing his pouch against Justin, Nathan would rub his fingers against Justin’s tight asshole, pushing the Speedo up inside the crack while pumping his hard cock against Justin’s bulge. They took turns doing this to each other before finally moving to the bed. They rolled constantly into different positions on the bed while rubbing and stroking their Speedo bulges, sometimes side by side pumping pussies through their hard Speedos, sometimes in a 69 rubbing each other’s cocks through the tight nylon.

The slow stroking of hard cocks was often accompanied by frequent pouch sucking, and their bulges became wet and shiny from sustained licking of their Speedos. Nathan and Justin were slowly priming each other, building the pressure inside each bulging pouch until they were ready to cream their Speedos. They eagerly awaited the first release of juice inside their Speedos as they pumped their cocks in unison.

Justin and Nathan came at the same time, horny cocks pumping furiously into their bulging pouches. Their lips locked as they juiced their Speedos, creaming the nylon clinging tightly around their hard cocks. They both moaned as cum squirted inside their Speedos, spurting stream after stream of man juice into the pouches. They pumped their hard, cum-soaked Speedos together, feeling the slippery juice spreading inside the nylon.

When their cocks finally stopped squirting, they would reach inside each other’s Speedos and smear cum over their hard cocks. Each guy wrapped a slippery hand gently around his buddy’s hard cock inside the cum-drenched Speedo, wiping the creamy juice over their cocks and stroking slowly until they each dumped a second load of creamy spooge into their soaked pouches. Neither guy had ever experienced such ecstasy, made even more intense because they shared for the first time their mutual obsession for juicing their Speedos. Then they would swap Speedos and repeat their routine of pumping, stroking, and Speedo sucking until they shot another load of juice into each other’s nylon pouches.

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