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Sex Story: The high school nerd helps a beauty and earns an incredible reward

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   School   First   .

I was only fourteen when I became a high school junior. I had all the math and science credits I needed to graduate and if I took an English course in summer school, as I intended, would finish by August and could enter the university that had already offered me a full scholarship, a college freshman at fifteen.

I had everything a kid my age needed except two, a driver’s license and pussy. I was a 100% virgin and most high school girls wouldn’t even look at me. I masturbated regularly and pleasingly and could spurt semen across the bathtub most days, thick ribbons of it and get it back up and spurting again in ten minutes or so without touching it. I was proud of my phallus and after comparing it to others I found on the Internet was reasonable sure that I was, as they say, well hung. I measured it at 22 to 24 cm in length when fully erect, difficult since it tended to curve upward and slightly to the left.

So when Amanda Nicholsen sat down beside me at lunch, I was surprised and my stupid cock was excited. “Need some help with my science fair project,” she said with a smile. I waited and chewed. “Celestial mechanics, the Pluto question.” She took a deep breath which was pretty exciting because she has a prime plus body and tends to wear tight-fitting clothes. In a school filled with pretty girls, she stood out, a prime blonde, a ten plus.

“All settled,” I said. “Been done. Pluto’s out. A dwarf I think they call it now.”

“New wrinkle, Billy, the moons. You know Charon and those others.”

“Nix and Hydra,” I said, surprised she even knew my name. “Thanks to Hubble there are now, I think, five but they haven’t named the last two. Yep. There’s lots of questions; you’re right.”

“I’m doing the twin idea, you know, a double planet with Charon since it’s so big and close.”

“Hard to prove.” I gave it a thought and tried not to think about her ripe, young body. I could feel her warmth as well as smell her. “How about a foursome, no it would be a six-some whatever that is?”

She laughed, her tits jiggling. “Twice as bad, twice as hard to figure, maybe three times. That’s why I need help. The math’s confusing, I mean orbits inside orbits.”

“Yeah, barycenter, all six of them, all in motion. Neat problem.” I smiled at her hopefully.

“You’ll help?” she asked. Licking her lips. I found it hard not to look at her lips and imagine what they would feel like on my lips or, even better, around my cock.

I smiled. “For a price, a reward.” My prick trembled. I was going to do it, say it. She blinked and I leaned to her ear and whispered, “Sex.” With my hand on her plump thigh and rape in my heart.

She giggled, sniffed, licked her lips, put her hand atop mine and said, “OK, you’re on.”

So she drove me to her lavish home after school, in a brand new Z car, and I programmed her big iMac with the necessary formulas to deal with four unknowns in motion using the kinematic equations. Together we found some Hubble images and several papers. In a week of short, after-school visits, perhaps four or five hours of diligence, she had all she needed, all except a conclusion that could be verified, a thesis. And by then we were at ease with each other, but I could still not look at her without getting a hard-on. I suggested that maybe she should have started with that, and she smiled and agreed. By then we were almost friends and agreed to meet for a wrap-up on Saturday.

“Now,” she said that Saturday when it was all but done, tossing back her mountain of pale blonde hair, “about this sex thing.”

I smiled. “A suck and a fuck would be nice, in fact several of them, say every week until Christmas break.” It was my opening bid.

“So would chocolate ice cream. I assume you’re a virgin. Do you have some condoms? We could do it once, but just once, understand?”

I nodded and produced a package of Magnums XLs.

She laughed.

I blinked. “I checked the size chart. It said this was the right size, honest.”

“How big is it?” She blinked at me and blushed. I knew we were alone in the house and that made me bold I guess.

“More than eight inches, about 21 centimeters.” Some days it was more and once I reached 23 which was nine inches. “But these are big enough.”

She swallowed. “And around, circumference?” I could tell she did not believe me.

“Diameter’s 2.2 inches I think. It varies, depends on where you measure.” I smiled at her and she blinked at me. “Circumference is between seven and eight.” I hesitated, not wanting to scare her off. “And the head’s a bit bigger, the ridge.” It was more than eight, probably 2.75 wide.

“Very nice, undress.” She started by pulling off her polo shirt and fumbled with her bra snaps. She turned away and I unhooked it and then slid it off and tossed it aside, very excited, very eager. That morning I had resisted the urge and I knew my balls were overfull. Her jugs barely jiggled when she removed it so she obviously didn’t need support; her hard nipples pointed upward and slightly outward. I got out of my clothes quickly and my big cock flopped out and quivered with blood pumping into it like a flood into a reservoir. It filled and hardened and rose and the naked girl went right to her knees and grasped it with both hands, smiled up at me and all but swallowed it. Swallowed it!

I could not recall any pleasure like the feel of my big cock in her wet and moving mouth, the pressure of her pebbly tongue, the rake of her lower teeth, the hardness of her palate. She gnawed it, circled it with her tongue and then rotated so her head was upside down to me and swallowed it, the whole rigid thing, right down her throat. I could actually see the sloping head in her slim neck. I tried to ignore the gagging noises but when she beat on the floor, I pulled it out and lifted her up so that my thick ram was enjoying itself between her lush breasts. Up and back it slid, four or five inches of joy, its blunt head touching off her chin as she closed her eyes and sobbed.

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