Meat Does His Sister

by realoldbill

Copyright© 2016 by realoldbill

Sex Story: A young man with a big weapon uses his sister's charms

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Coercion   Incest   Brother   Sister   Size   .

I don’t know how it got so big; it just did and it didn’t take long either. I had a growth spurt between twelve and thirteen and it was about six inches long when that passed, I mean when it got hard, and my sister caught me beating off and sucked it for me - once. And then when I was fifteen, I grew out of my clothes, got to be six-one almost overnight it seemed although it was really in six months or so and ended up with a nine-inch cock that I could barely get my hand around.

I remember the first girl I humped with it. She screamed for an hour and begged for another reaming. So now I’m “Meat,” Mike Meat McGill, and I can fire my splooge out almost two yards on the first ejaculation and usually get five or six more good thick ropes after that, flying wigglers. When my testicles are full, they feel like billiard balls, and they’re almost that big, and when I get ready for action, my scrotum tightens up its like I’ve got a baseball in the sac at the base of my eager ram. Most days, I can come three times with a short rest between each. I’ve figured out lots of ways of getting off and do it daily, usually twice.

So there I was, a fifteen-year-old badly in need of a pussy when I realized that there was one living with me, my luscious sister, the junior prom queen and all around pain-in-the-butt. She had boys on a string, dozens of them, but as far as I knew she had never really hooked up with any of them, just fooled around and spent their money.

Anyhow, this Saturday morning, after the folks left to go shopping and I satisfied my morning woody, I crossed the hall and opened her door. She was lying on the floor, wearing a frilly pj top, the babydoll type that didn’t cover anything, and doing leg-lifts, her arms outstretched and neck arched. Damn, but she was pretty. As good looking as any porn queen or centerfold. Currently she was a blonde but she had started darker, kind of mousy hair like mine, dishwater blonde somebody told me, and had so far tried a dozen shades - I liked the redhead best and told her so.

So I stood there in the doorway looking at her and felt my big cock filling rapidly. I had relieved myself when I awoke with an iron-hard erection as I usually did, but now it was coming up again. Not unusual but sometimes annoying.

She heard the door open I guess and turned her head and her mouth fell open. She stopped in mid-lift and her eyes got real big and then she squealed, rolled over to show me her fine ass and bulging vulva and started to crawl away. I pounced on her, pulled her to me and let my fast-hardening ram slide up her tight-lipped crack and poke at her tiny clit under its fold of skin. I don’t remember who showed where that thing hid, some girl I ate. She whimpered and I stroked gently with my horn as my hands filled with her bare boobs. It sort of looked like she had grown a cock as the big head poked out in front of her, dripping, dividing her slit.

“Get off me, you ape,” she snarled, wriggling and trying to pull free.

I plowed her unsullied ditch steadily, and she shuddered with each long deep rub as I mauled her tits and mashed her to my hard body. I could feel her getting wet.

“Come on, Sis,” I begged. “I’m dying of blue balls. You did it once, remember?”

“No, go away, get off me. I don’t want to play.”

I pulled back, the shovel-shaped head of my prick now well lubricated with her juices as well as my own. I rolled her over and straddled her waist and then laid my thick cock right between her high, firm breasts, pushed them together and began gently tit-fucking her, back and up, right to her chin, half-foot movements, all pleasure. Her jugs more than filled my hands and her nipples were jutting out like finger tips. I rubbed them against each other and she squealed. It felt great, and I was now iron-hard and blood-hot. My balls were throbbing like crazy.

She tried to push me off and humped and bucked and writhed, but I had her pinned in place and as my strokes got longer, I was touching her lower lip.

“Tongue it,” I begged.

She made some odd noises and then her tongue tip came out and flicked at the gob of pre-cum on my glans, and I smiled down at her and said, “Thanks, that was good. Do some more.”

“Now let me go. You can’t put that thing in me, Billy. You’d kill me. I’m a virgin you know.”

“Me too,” I lied as I rose and poised my cock head at her luscious lips, holding it so it aimed almost straight down and my balls bounced off her chin.

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