Randy Had a Secret

by realoldbill

Copyright© 2016 by realoldbill

Sex Story: I young female explores and discovers many things

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Incest   Brother   Sister   Oral Sex   .

Randy had a secret; a wonderful secret that she didn’t even share with her best friend. At the funeral for her grandmother in January, her smiling grandfather had given her a present and whispered that her Gram wanted her to have it, that is was one of her favorite things and that she should hide it. It felt like a flashlight wrapped in velvet and it was too big to fit in her purse so the girl held it under her coat until they got home and then hurried up to her room and unrolled it.

It was, she figured out after a while, a walrus tusk, a more-than-foot-long piece of hard bone, cream-colored ivory. She had to go on-line and search a lot of ivory before she saw things like her huge treasure. She discovered that her tusk was about average in size but she did not see another that was the shape of her grandmother’s wonderful present.

Sometime, probably long, long ago, a very skilled carver, very likely a sailor, had honed the tusk down to the shape of an erect human penis and then had decorated it with erotic scrimshaw showing carefully outlined men and women joined in a series of incredible positions, all of which defied gravity. The gently curved object, topped by a very large, dome-shaped and life-like glans complete with rolled ridge, deep split and a tiny eye, was nearly a foot long and the wider base had been fashioned into a globular imitation of a tensed scrotum, just the right size and shape for gripping. The helmeted head itself was more than an inch and a half deep and as big around as a ping-pong ball if not a golf ball. It filled the girl’s palm and she was sure it would barely fit in one of her mother’s delicate demitasse cups.

Randy could get her hand around the shaft just under the flared head, but her fingers barely touched near the striated root. When she stroked its smooth surface, she found that her vagina quivered and her nipples hardened.

For a week Randy slept with the object under her pillow and closed her eyes each night with the hard, warm, make-believe penis in her hand. She conjured up all sorts of erotic stories and at week’s end, as she sat at her desk with the ivory rod in her hands, standing up between her thighs as if she had grown a penis, she bent and licked its blunt head for the first time and discovered that it was lightly pebbled and slightly rough, unlike the rest of the silk-smooth, iron-hard rod.

She jerked her head back, surprised and delighted. It was a rich and soothing sensation, a feel of luxury for she knew immediately that the carver had spent many hours creating that strange surface, lightly bubbled and very gently undulating. She licked some more, all around the asymmetrical, helmet-shaped head and then stretched open her lips and eased the whole cream-colored glans into her mouth. She gagged and pulled it out at once, shivering.

Randy did not know the proper name for what she had inherited, but a quick Internet search produced the word “dildo,” a word she had never seen or heard. She found the picture of a fat, straight one in a science museum and admired its carefully-carved head. She even found out what the word “balls” meant in the process and saw some devices that were as long, but nothing like as beautiful as hers and very few that were curved so wonderfully although some were more sharply curved at the head end and said to be for a special kind of stimulation. There seemed to be hundreds of them in various colors and shapes.

Randy explored on-line some more and found videos of several naked young women using dildoes and whimpering in what she assumed was lusty pleasure. All of them were using straight devices and none of them seemed to be pushing more than an inch or two into their pussies. “Pussy” was another word Randy had learned in the process although she had heard it before, and like the word “fuck,” was not exactly sure what it meant. She smiled when she used “pussy” in her daydreams and in whispered conversations with her friends.

One day, alone in her home, she got her mother’s sewing tape and measured her prize possession and discovered that it was fifteen inches long with about eleven inches smooth and polished and penis-like, and it was more than six inches around at the head, five and a half on most of the shaft and at least seven in circumference near the base.

She Google-searched penis size and found that the average erect length was between five and seven inches and the average circumference about five inches. Her beautiful piece of carefully fashioned ivory was much longer that average but about normal in diameter. After watching women pushing rods of various sizes, colors and constructions in and out of their slits, Randy was tempted, but resisted, apprehensive and sure it would hurt. She had never been able to get more than a fingertip into her secret place. However she did manage to get the domed head into her mouth several times and make it slick with her saliva and then gently rub it up and down her pursed labia. It felt good, good and exciting.

One day at school, she asked her best friend, a tall girl named Amy who lived two streets away, is she used a dildo. Amy blinked at her, smiled, licked her lips and nodded. “Where did you get it,” Randy asked, very curious.

“My sister, she got a new Rabbit, and she gave her old toy to me. Its green but it feels lifelike and everything, just like real skin.” Amy shivered and said, “I use it almost every day.”

“And you put it in your, in your hole?”

Amy grinned. “My pussy. Yes I do, almost every day after school and I get off on it too. Don’t you have one?”

Randy shook her head. “You’re lucky to have a big sister. What’s a Rabbit?”

“A vibrator. I’ve got to run. See you Saturday.” Randy had well developed young breasts, about teacup size, but Amy had much bigger boobs, and Randy felt some jealousy.

When she got home, Randy looked up vibrator and rabbit on her computer and learned a lot, especially from the demonstration videos. She sat on the side of her bed with her feet wide apart and eased the rounded head of her ivory dildo into her warm, wet slit, excited by what she had seen on the Internet. It wouldn’t go in, so Randy licked it until it was dripping and tried again. She closed her eyes, changed the angle several times, tilted up her pelvis, spread her lips open with the other hand and when the base almost touched her belly, she rocked it back and forth several times and the head popped in. Her pink pussy lips closed behind it. Randy stopped breathing. It was in her; she was no longer a virgin she was sure.

“Ah,” Randy gasped, and pulled it right back out, looking down to see her puffy lips clamping closed behind its sloping head ridge. She put it away in its velvet cloth and tried not to think about it. Her pussy was neither sore nor stretched, just excited.

Several days later after more experimentation and just before she slept with her wonderful toy in her hand, Randy had an odd thought: “My brother has a penis.”

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