Handyboy's Weekend

by realoldbill

Copyright© 2016 by realoldbill

Sex Story: Our well-hung hero goes more than usual, some of it homegrown.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   mt/Fa   Incest   Size   .

Susie tiptoed into her brother’s room and pulled her football jersey over her head. She stood naked and shivering by his bed, looked at him peacefully sleeping and slowly pulled back the blanket and sheet that covered his strong body. She was not surprised to see that he had an erection because, until recently, for a couple of months, every Saturday morning, her brother had brought his upwardly curved stiffy to her room and buried it in her immature pussy, giving her unimaginable joy.

Now Susie eased herself up on the bed beside her naked brother and wiggled her buttocks back until she felt his cockhead at her ass crack. She closed her eyes and gritted her teeth in pleasure as she stretched upward, pressed back and reached under to guide his long rod gently between her thighs and along her warm but tight-lipped slit. When it rubbed across her hidden clit, she shuddered and bit at her lower lip and then moved back and forth several times, just an inch or so, barely quivering, keeping her breathing slow and steady.

“Now,” she thought with a tremor of anticipation as she began moving very slowly to and fro along his blunt-headed horn, now he will have to make love to me. Susie had, at her brother’s insistence and after several unfortunate occurrences, changed her way of dressing as well as her behavior. She decided that being a slut was OK for a kid as well developed as she was, but it was no way for an attractive 14-year-old to act. The trouble was, she needed sex; she thought about it constantly, she couldn’t look at a boy or a man without wondering how big his cock was and what it would feel like plowing her.

She had a fine, wooden dildo that she had found in the attic, and she had used bananas, carrots, and a miniature baseball bat in her pursuit of pleasure, but this morning, the ache was so severe and so deep, she just knew she had to have a cock. Her parents had left for the club, as they almost always did when it wasn’t raining on Saturday morning. This was the very time when her brother had taken her cherry, taught her to cock suck and even reamed out her asshole. The hour for sex.

Billy moaned and his hand found his sister’s shoulder. “Umph,” he said to himself. His hand stroked and his prick flexed between his sister’s legs. He opened his eyes and licked his lips as the world came in focus, and he could see the golden strands of his sister’s hair and the smooth rise of her back and shoulder. He knew at once where his penis was and in what condition it was, fire hot and rock hard.

“Susie,” he said, pushing himself away from her. ‘What are you doing?”

The girl rolled over to face her brother, smiled, raised her leg over his hip and brought her vulva to his cockhead with a thrust of her girlish hips.

“No, damn it, no,” he hissed. “We decided to stop.” He went to push her away and found his hand filled with her globular breast, the nipple hard in his palm. His cock surged and sought a place to comfort itself.

“Lie back,” Susie whimpered. ‘Just lie back.” Her labia had a truly captured his stalk, but she could not pull him into her throbbing vagina.

“Come on, Squirt,” he said as he rolled to his back, “you’re not going to ... oh damn, oh god, oh shit.” In to the hilt, to the balls, buried in a vibrating tunnel of velvet.

Susie mounted him and took his long, thick erection all the way up into her tight passage, her back arched as the big prick stretched her. She wiggled knowingly to get the blunt head past her tightly-closed cervix.

“Please, please,” the boy sobbed as his luscious little sister began to bounce on his loins, slap his haunch and cry out in joy.

“Oh yes, yes, yes,” she gasped as she pounded her brother’s piston into her slick cylinder. The bedsprings clanked and sponged.

“You fool,” Billy yelled at her, rocking from side to side but finding himself trapped between his sister’s clamping knees. She was grasping and releasing, clamping and releasing and smiling all the while, drooling with lust.

Susie grabbed her brother’s hands and brought them up to her jiggling breasts. He grasped them and began thrusting upward, faster and faster, deeper and deeper. His overheated prick was a tower of glowing iron, battering at the girl’s soft tissues.

Susie climaxed, grunting and creaming and kept right on bouncing, eager for more pleasure. Billy rolled her over, arched up on fully extended arms and pounded her for four or five minutes until he came and poured his hot seed into her eager body, crying out in relief. Susie felt the heat of his ropes of jism within her and orgasmed again, spasming on her brother’s rutting member. Sobbing, her teeth clenched and toes curled, she felt her own juices begin to flow.

The youngsters fell apart, spent and gasping for breath.

When Susie could move, she knelt above her brother’s hips and lapped his long cock into her wet mouth, sucking and licking the wide rod that had given her such pleasure. Billy moaned. He wanted to tell her to stop, but he could not. She was too good, too wonderful, so he petted her slim back, patted her firm butt and stiffened quickly as she raked his shaft with her teeth. He wondered who had taught her that trick.

Susie moved on down, put her hands on the foot of her brother’s bed, got her knees under her and lifted her buttocks and spread her knees. Her brother did not hesitate, but got up behind her and drove his ram into her dripping crevice with its wriggling lips. She squealed and rocked when he rubbed across an especially sensitive place above her pubic bone and then they began moving in unison, rocking back and forth as his throbbing manhood moved in and out of his sister’s tight channel.

At first he held her at the hips, but then he leaned over her and reached up to grasp her dangling breasts as his thrusts came faster and faster and his sister enjoyed a series of minor contractions and climaxes as their flesh smacked loudly together.

“Here it comes,” he cried through gritted teeth, and the girl’s head sank between her elbows as her brother exploded in her again and again, finally blasting himself away from her grip and falling back, arms extended, mouth open, sucking air, penis still erupting gobs of jism.

Susie rolled from his bed, his semen oozing down her thighs, picked up her jersey nightgown, smiled and said, “Thanks, big brother,” and headed for the bathroom.

When Billy recovered, he ate a quick breakfast, got on his bike and rode to Mrs. McKee’s home a mile or so away. He got out her mower and began working on the back yard and by the time he had trimmed around the gardens, a white Jag pulled into the driveway and long-legged Leonora Montjoy strode across the newly mowed grass and stood beside him, exuding sex and a very musky odor.

“Working hard?” she asked.

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