Three for the Summer

by realoldbill

Copyright© 2016 by realoldbill

Sex Story: Finding work and pleasure for the Boss's kids

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   .

The boss was a nice guy, but sometimes he did goofy things. Last summer was one of those times. In early June he brought these three beautiful blondes to my desk and said, “Bill, I want you to meet my daughters. They’re called Pine, Oak and Maple because they’re such wooden heads.” He laughed; the girls didn’t. “They want to work here this summer. OK? So put ‘em to work. They’re out of school until September.”

I found some chairs and they sat. They could have been triplets, almost. Three golden blondes with long legs and exciting bodies, all dressed for success. “You all can type, I assume, you know, keyboard.” I made with the fingers. They nodded. “And you all can read and write and stuff, no handicaps I should know about?”

They shook their pretty heads. One said, “Our names are really May, that’s me, June and she’s the youngest, April. Our mother wasn’t very imaginative. She ran off, our mother, with a piano tuner Daddy says, but he’s always joking.”

I was thinking fast, thinking about two things at once, bedding these beauties and finding them work, not necessarily but probably in that order. “OK,” I said. “We’ve got three days left this week, so I’m going to try each of you in three jobs and then Friday afternoon, we can make some decisions. May, you’re the oldest, right, so you go down to the mailroom and work there today. The guys can be rough and crude, but I’m sure you can take it, right, protect yourself and follow directions?”

She nodded and smiled.

“June, let’s try you in the art department. The guy in charge knows his stuff, maybe you can model for him. Can you draw? Letter? He might just ask you to clean the place up; it’s usually a mess.”

She nodded and said, “OK.”

“Good, and April, you’ll be my PA, that’s what we call secretaries now. And now we’ll I’ll show you around, introduce you to some people and meet some other managers and then to the Graphics office and mail room and back here. By then it’ll be lunch time and I’ll take you to the cafeteria. The way you’re dressed is OK, but you can dress down some when you do the mailroom and Mike in the art place might ask you to bring a swimsuit to work. But for up here, in my office, you look great.” They did, all three in short, crisp, sleeveless summer dresses and white sandals with low heels. It was difficult to look at them with getting a hard-on.

So I did the grand tour, introducing them as we went along having figured out which was which, mainly by boob size and dress color, and I took them to the mailroom where they got whistles and groans. I introduced them to Jim, told him the deal and he shook May’s hand and promised to look after her. I suspected that meant he was going to do his best to corner her and put it to her, but she was a big, healthy girl so I assumed she could cope. Then we went to the cafeteria and had a quick lunch. May headed for the mailroom when we finished and the other two stayed with me.

We went back to the Graphics Department and deposited June. I looked around and all three guys were drooling so I was pretty sure she was going to have a busy time of it.

We got back to my office and April plunked herself on my lap and said, “You’re nice. Can we have some fun or is it all work?”

I slid my hand up under her skirt and she bent to kiss me as I pulled the zipper down the back of her dress with the other hand. She shrugged off her top and I unsnapped her bra and after that we moved the action to my big, leather sofa. “April,” I said, a worry crossed my mind as I wiggled out of my trousers and she yanked off my shirt, “I forgot to ask how old you girls are.”

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