Camping With My Cousin

by BiGuy

Copyright© 2016 by BiGuy

Coming of Age Sex Story: Two fourteen y/o boys camping in Florida wilderness experiment sexually when two seventeen y/o male horseback riders find them on their fathers property. bestiality themed

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/mt   Teenagers   Consensual   Gay   BiSexual   Fiction   Cousins   Humiliation   Group Sex   Anal Sex   Bestiality   Double Penetration   Fisting   Oral Sex   .

(Fuck world is an alternate ‘time line’ just like ours but with one major exception, in fuck world there are no STD’s or aids or any other type of disease that might be harmful to a person that has sex with multiple partners who exchange bodily fluids.) Safe sex is an orgy in a bank vault.

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Chapter one as told by Billy Wiliams

Even for the west coast of Florida in August the heat was oppressive. The nights were in the high seventies or low eighties and the days were pushing the high nighties. The only thing that made camping bearable was the dense sub-tropical forest and the cool Peace River that meanders through central south-west Florida fed by fifty degree underground streams.

I was visiting my cousin who lived in Arcadia Florida, it was three weeks before school would start and I would have to return to Ft. Lauderdale Florida to start eighth grade. Ralph and I were born the same year we were both fourteen, but he just finished eighth grade. I was a year behind because I flunked fourth grade.

We were both typical fourteen year olds. We both loved fishing and camping and anything that didn’t have adults involved. Ralph is my father’s sister’s son and is my favorite of all my cousins. I looked forward to August every year when me and my family would visit his family, He and I would spend as much time as we could in the woods near the river.

In the past both of our families would spend a couple of days canoeing and camping and then my parents would leave me and go back to Ft Lauderdale. As my family was preparing to leave Ralph and I tried to convinced our parents that we were old enough to take a canoe down the Peace River and spend several days camping by ourselves. Ralph and I had done a couple of day trips by ourselves last year. So they agreed that we could do a three day campout.

That next Saturday Morning my uncle dropped us off at the Zolfo Springs public launch ramp and left us to ourselves. We were both so excited to be on our on for three days we almost left our tent and bedrolls on the dock, but an older man spotted it and called to us. When we retrieved our stuff we set off again. There were about five other canoe’s being launched that morning so we got out of there fast and paddled off down the river before the others. We wanted to be alone on the river, besides we already knew where we wanted to go and we didn’t want anyone following us. Having been on many Peace River trips, Ralph knew of several tributaries that fed the river and we planned to paddle several miles upstream on one of these tributaries because most people stayed on the main river for their camping. There was also another reason most people stayed on the river.

Authorized camping areas were marked and many campers were forced off of private land, sometimes in the middle of the night, and made to move further downstream. Ralph assured me that he knew of a spot that was safe for us to camp. We were both experienced at paddling canoes, when we reached the tributary and turned up stream we dug our paddles into the tea colored water. With sweat glistened on our lean youthful bodies as we steadily gained against the current. After about a hundred yards the stream widened and the current decreased and the paddling became easier.

We worked our way up stream for about another hour and a half when Ralph guided the boat to the shore and we pulled the canoe up from the water. There was a large white sand beach and a flat open area that was covered in thick bedding of rich green grass. In the middle of the clearing was a rock rimmed fire pit built by persons unknown. It didn’t look like in had been used in a long time. Weeds were growing in the pit alongside charred wood.

The day was young and we had plenty of time to set up camp so we striped to our briefs and walked out into the cool stream.

“Wow, Ralph this is an awesome spot.” I said excitedly.

“Yea, dad and I camped here a couple of years ago. There was a fire pit here then, but this one is even better.”

“Let’s pitch the tent in the shade of that tree.” I said pointing to a bushy topped tree that that was leaning radically into the grassy clearing. “Why is it leaning like that?”

“High water.” Ralph explained. “At some point the water rose due to heavy rains and washed over this area. That’s why it’s so flat and that’s why the tree is leaning so far over.”

“You mean the water could wash over this camp site?”

“It’s possible but very unlikely it would have to rain a lot up stream for the water to get that high. Besides the weather report is sunny to lightly scattered showers for the next five days. We don’t have to worry about anything but snakes and cows.”

“Cows?” I asked.

“Yeah, this is range land. The land around here is mostly owned by cattle ranchers. The rest is owned by citrus growers. This is grazing land.”

“How do you know?”

“Buffalo chips.”

“Buffalo what?”

“Cow shit. See those brown piles right over there.”

I stood in the clear brown knee deep water, my skivvies dripping water down my hairless legs and looked where he was pointing and saw several brown/grey piles.

“That’s why the grass is so green, ... fertilizer.”

Standing there in the cool water I looked around. “It’s so quiet.” I whispered.

I could only hear the trickling of the stream over some rocks a little further upstream and the call of a lone grackle in the distance.

I sat back down in the water and drifted over next to Ralph. “Cool. Three days all to ourselves.”

“Yeah.” And he reached over and shoved my head under water then tried to scramble out of the water, but I caught him by the foot and tried to pull him back.

We had wrestled many times in the past and we were so evenly matched physically neither of us had ever bested the other. Neither of us ever cheated or resorted to foul play to insure a win. I guess that is why we were such good friends we respected each other. It was more like two puppies playing for top spot and neither of us could dominate the other.

Ralph stood on one leg and pulled me like a fish on a hook out of the water and onto the beach where he fell to his back and I leapt upon him and grabbed him around the thighs. My face was hovering over Ralph’s crotch. My cousin rolled over onto his stomach and forced his cotton covered penis into my face. Ralph laughed and said. “Perfect, just where your face should be.”

Ralph and I had joked about sexual stuff, but we had never engaged in any sexual behavior. I was embarrassed by having my mouth so close to his dick I let him go and squirmed out from under him as he was getting up I tackled him and sat on his chest.

“Now it’s your turn.” and pretended to pull the front of my briefs down.

He bucked his hips up and I flew over him and landed in the grass. Then he was on my back and tried to get me in a head lock but I caught his arm and we rolled over and over until we both stopped dead from the stench. We had rolled into a fresh pile of cow shit and we were covered in it.

We both jumped up and ran for the stream. I almost puked before I got a big glob of it off my face. We spent the next couple of minutes cleaning up when I looked at Ralph and he looked at me and we both started laughing. I got out of the water and got a bar of soap from my pack, scrubbed down and tossed the soap to my friend. My briefs were stained brown from the feces and I stripped them off and tossed them to the beach.

I sat in the stream and watched my cousin strip off his skivvies as well. The water was cold and his nuts were shrunken up close to his nearly hairless body as were mine. His penis was shrunken like a turtle’s head retreating into its shell. He looked at me and saw where I was looking. Then he sat in the water next to me.

“You ever have sex with anyone?” he asked.

“You mean a girl?” I asked.

He shrugged. “Anyone.”

My face turned red. “Kinda.” I admitted.

“What do you mean kinda.”

I paused not sure if I wanted to admit what I had done.

“I have a guy friend back home and we have done a couple of things together.”

“What kind of things?”

“Well it started off by him jacking me off.”

“He jacked you off just for the hell of it?”

Despite the cold water my dick was getting hard at the thought of the encounter.

“Well we were at his house. His parents were still at work. He suggested that we play strip poker and he had lost all of his clothes so we decided that if you lost after you had no more clothing to forfeit you had to perform a penalty. We had each written three penalty’s on scraps of paper and put them in a coffee can. I wrote, Jack your dick for one minute. Jack the other guy’s dick for one minute and jack the other guy off until he cums. He lost and drew, Jack the other guy’s dick for one minute.

“So he grabbed my cock as if he had jacked another’s cock all the time and beat my meat. I was so hot I almost came in that minute.”

“I lost the next hand and lost my skivvies and was naked. Then I lost again and had to draw a penalty.” I paused wondering if I should tell my cousin what happened. I decided that we were good friends and he wouldn’t do anything to betray me. “I drew a piece of paper from the can and it read. Suck the other guy’s dick till he cums in your mouth!”

“Did you do it?” Ralph exclaimed.

“I had to. My friend had done what his paper told him to do. So I felt obligated to do what my paper said, besides he is bigger than me and would have pounded the shit out of me if I welched.

“Had you ever done anything like that before?”

“No, in fact that was the first time I had even been naked with another guy in a situation like this. I had never even thought about putting a penis in my mouth. I mean I knew people did it, but I never thought I would.”

“So you blew this guy.” It was more of a statement than it was a question.


“What was it like? Describe it.”

I looked into the water and noticed his hand was wrapped around a hard dick.

“At first it was really weird. My friend lay back on his elbows, spread his legs and looked at me.”

When I didn’t move he said. “Well?”

My friend is a year older than me and he had a big patch of pubic hair surrounding his dick where I was practically bald. I looked his dick standing straight up between his legs and his balls were hanging down his ass crack. Too me his dick looked quite a bit larger than mine. I crawled between his legs and hovered my face over his cock. He arched his groin up at me and pressed his dick against my lips.

“Open up.”

“I opened my mouth and he arched further, driving his cock deep. Then he moved his ass back down and my mouth followed. He laid all the way back and his fingers tangled in my hair and he used my head to jack off his prick. I was kind of stunned, but I remember thinking how soft the skin of his cock felt in my mouth. Then I thought this isn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Then he shoved up and almost gaged me and shot his sperm into my mouth. I tried to move my mouth off of him but he still had my hair and he was holding me on to his dick, so I just waited until he caught his breath and relaxed. I sat up and looked around to spit out his cum and I heard him say.”

“Swallow it.”

“I shook my head no and ran to the bathroom, spit it into the sink and washed my mouth out at the sink.”

‘You punk. You were supposed to swallow my cum!” he shouted angrily.

“No.” I said, “The paper just said to cum in my mouth it didn’t say I had to swallow it.” I thought he was going to beat me up when he cooled down and said.

“Yea, you’re right. You did what the paper said. Next time it will say swallow.”

Ralph asked me, “Was there a next time.”

“No, that was three days before we left to come here; I just stayed away from him for the next three days.”

“Is there going to be a next time?”

“I don’t know. It was very exciting and when I got home I beat off and it was the best nut I ever shot. I’m just not so sure I want to swallow someone’s sperm. I don’t even remember what it tastes like I got it out of my mouth as fast as I could.”

We were both silent for a few minutes then I asked. “Have you had sex with anyone?”

He nodded and looked down. “You know our cousin Anita?”

“Big fat Anita?” Our cousin was not only fat she was about as ugly as a girl can get.

He nodded again. “We went for a walk in the woods behind our house and she sucked my dick.”

“All the way?”


“Did she swallow?”


“Did you like it?”

“Fuck yeah, but I was kind of ashamed too. I mean it was FAT Anita. I think I would rather have a guy blow me than Fat Anita.”

“Yeah, I know what you mean.”

We were silent again.

Ralph said. “I guess we should make camp.”

“Yeah.” I answered. We both stood up and our cocks bobbed in the air. The water ran off of our bodies and it looks as though we were peeing into the stream. Ralph trudged up to the canoe and dug a pair of shorts out of his pack and put them on without underwear. I did the same and we began unloading the canoe. Before we set up the tent we collected some fire wood and lit a small camp fire. The wood was damp and made a lot of smoke when we first lit it but it soon cleared up and would be ready to cook on by noon.

We set up the tent in the shade of the leaning tree and sat down in the folding lawn chairs that we brought with us. Ralph leaned back and pulled his air mattress across his lap and began to blow it up. I sat across from him and when he picked up his air mattress to blow into it I could see right up the leg of his shorts. His cock and balls hanging there clearly visible and I had difficulty concentrating on blowing up my mattress. The scene before me encouraged my penis to get hard and I struggled to keep it from showing.

The next time I looked at my cousin’s cock it was hard and sticking out the leg of his shorts. He made no move to hide it while I was still trying to conceal mine.

When he had his mattress blown up he tossed it into the tent and walked over to where I sat. When I realized that he was standing inches of me I looked up. He had pulled his shorts up high around his waist and his dick and balls were completely exposed and within two or three inches from my face.

I looked at his package then looked up into his face. He smiled down at me and said. “What are you thinking about?”

I timidly said. “Swallowing.”

“That’s cool, because I was thinking that I had something that you might like to swallow.”

He stepped over me and kicked my air mattress from my grasp. He grabbed his dick with his right hand and put his left behind my head. He hoisted his cock and rubbed the end of it across my lips. “Open up cuz.”

I opened my mouth and let it slide deep inside. It surprised me how much I liked having a cock in my mouth. How sexy it was and how hot it made me to be subservient to this piece of meat attached to my cousin. He started rocking his cock in and out of my mouth going deeper each time till he hit the back of my throat and I gaged a little. I put my hands on his thighs to keep him from pushing in too far. He began fucking my mouth faster and faster.

Then he said to me. “When I cum you are going to keep my sperm in your mouth and then when I tell you to you will swallow it right cuz?”

With his dick fucking my face I nodded yes.

“Now you’re not going to spill any are you?” he groaned.

I shook my head no.

“Ok cocksucker here it comes.”

Ralph jerked spastically and his knees almost didn’t support him as he filled my mouth with his sperm. My cousin jerked several more times filling me to the brim. He kept his cock inside me until he was steady on his feet. Then he said. “You look so much better than Anita with my cock in your mouth. Now I am going to pull out and you are going to show me the reward that I just gave you. Be careful not to spill any ok?”

I nodded again.

He pulled back and my lips squeegeed his cum off of his cock as it slid out of my mouth.

“Show me.” He commanded.

I tilted my head back and opened my mouth. He looked inside and smiled. That’s a nice size load. He stuck his finger into the goo in my mouth and drew it out and wiped it on the tip of my nose making sure a drop of sperm trickled down into my left nostril then he did the same with the right nostril. Now my nose was clogged with sperm and it was getting hard to breath. The scent of his sperm was very strong.

“Ok, swish it around in your mouth like mouth wash then you can swallow it.”

I did as instructed.

“How did it taste?”

“Bitter, not great, but not so bad I couldn’t get to like it.” Then I covered my face, embarresed at what I had just said.

“Know what I think?”

“What?” I asked.

“I think you already like it. I think you like it a lot. I think that you will be happy to suck me off whenever I get a hard on wouldn’t you?”

I couldn’t explain it, but I knew he was right. I would. I would drain his nuts anytime he asked me to without hesitation. I told him. “I might. It depends.”

“It depends on what?”

I didn’t answer.

“I know what it depends on. It depends if I tell you to or not.” He grinned at me.

Again I said nothing.

“Tell you what, Finish blowing up your air mattress and I will lie down on it and you can suck my dick till it gets hard again then I can feed you some more lunch.”

I didn’t say a word, but I reached for my air mattress and finished blowing it up. I was a little confused as to why I was complying with my cousin’s demands. He didn’t have the physical strength to make me do the things he requested, but I felt compelled none the less.

He took the air mattress and dropped it in the shade of the tree. He pushed his shorts off of his slim hips and kicked them toward the mouth of the tent. His limp prick dangeled infront of him.

“Drop your shorts cuz.”

I pushed my shorts down and my dick hung on the waist band and when it slipped free it slapped my stomach with an audible pop. I could not remember a time that my cock had been this hard.

“Looks like your prick likes you sucking my cock.”

Again I said nothing.

Ralph lay down on my mattress and crooked his finger at me and then pointed to his dick. “Let’s go cocksucker it’s feeding time.”

That was the second time he called me cocksucker. The first time surprised me this time a jolt of excitement shot through me. I am, I thought. I’m a cocksucker. The admission sent my head spinning. I guess I am gay. I never considered myself gay. If I am gay why do girls turn me on. All this was spinning through my head as I lay between my cousin’s legs and put his dick in my mouth and started bobbing my head up and down on it.

“Lick my balls too cocksucker.”

I took my mouth off of his dick and bathed his nuts with my tongue. Then I licked his entire groin before I put his stiffening cock back into my sucking mouth. In less than two minutes he was fully hard. I made this blowjob last by going back to his balls and groin from time to time.

“Quit fucking around cuz. I’m ready to feed you. Don’t waste any.”

I went back to bobbing and sucking. Ralph tensed shivered and shot seven or eight spurts of his goo into my mouth.

“Ahhh. Dam you suck cock good. You can swallow, but keep my dick in your mouth until I tell you can take it out. You understand? I nodded with his softening dick firmly ensconced in my mouth. Ralph leaned back and within minutes he was asleep. I continued to lay there and suckle on his cock. After a while I started playing with his balls, my fingers tickling them and the space under them. Soon his cock began to grow again. Then I heard something in the distance.

“Ralph! Somebody’s coming.” I said shaking him.

Ralph woke up and grabbed is shorts and pulled them up. I did the same and just got them buttoned when two men rode into the clearing on horseback. A big mean looking dog followed them into the clearing.

The dog barked and one of the men shouted at it and it shut up but it was still tense and ready to attack.

The two trotted over to us and we looked up at them. I was scared, but Ralph seemed calm. The dog alone could rip our asses to shreds not to mention the men able to pound the shit out of us. Then I looked at the two men and they were a lot younger than I first thought. They were older than Ralph and I but not by much, two maybe three years older.

“What you doing on my daddy’s land.” The taller of the two said.

I stepped back and Ralph said. My dad said he had an agreement with your dad. Your dad told my dad that if any of his fence riders came by that we should offer them a few bucks. A camping fee so to speak.”

“How much you got?” the tall boy asked.

“Twenty bucks.” Replied Ralph.

“Twenty!” spat the boy. “that aint near enough.”

“It’s all we got shrugged my cousin.”

“Well I guess we’re going to have to beat the shit out of you and confiscate all your shit.”

I was shaking but Ralph was still calm.

“Well the only other thing I can offer you is blow jobs. My buddy here loves to suck cock. He will suck you off as much as you want.”

“Ralph!” I screamed. “Why the fuck did you say that?”

“Why?” Ralph looked at me surprised. “Did I lie? Didn’t you just suck my dick dry not twenty minutes ago? Twice.”

All I could was stutter.

The tall boy looked at the shorter stockier boy with him and said. “I could use a blow job, how about you Sonny?”

“Sure.” Sonny replied. “Ridding makes my dick hard.”

The young men dropped down from their horses and left them to graze on the lush grass. The dog had noticeably relaxed and was no longer on guard. When the horses wandered away he put his nose to the ground and checked all the interesting smells floating on the summer breeze.

“Look guys. My cousin was just joking I don’t do that.”

“Do what?” The taller one said.

“You know, ... what he said.”

“What the fuck did he say that you don’t do?” The tall boy demanded.

“Give blow jobs.” I said exasperated.

“You don’t give blow jobs?” Sonny asked.

“No, I’m sorry guys but it was just a joke, right Ralph?”

“No, it wasn’t a joke. You’re a cocksucker.”

“Let me get this straight. The tall boy said. Are you sure you don’t want this in your mouth.” Then he hauled his cock out of the fly of his jeans.

“Well no.” I stammered.

“You don’t sound as confident.” The tall one said stepping closer.

I stared at his stiffening cock protruding from his dusty blue jeans like albino snake and I absentmindedly licked my lips.

“See.” My cousin said. “He can’t wait to wrap his lips around your dick.”

“No, that’s not true, I, I, I just didn’t expect...

The tall boy stepped in front of me and put a hand on my shoulder and gently pressed down. My legs turned to jelly and I slowly dropped to my knees in the soft grass. His hardening cock was staring back at me inches from my face. A drop of pre cum had appeared on the tip of his cock and it sparkled in the noonday Florida sun. I looked up at the man/boy hovering over me and looked into his eyes. He smiled benevolently down at me and gave the slightest nod. I looked back at the slab of meat bobbing in front of me. I put my hands on each side of his hips and pulled his cock into my mouth until my nose disappeared into his fly. The rough material and the scratching of his zipper on my face heightened the sensation of debasement that was coursing through me. I am indeed a cocksucker and everybody knows it.

The tall boy groaned and my cousin said. “I told you he was a cocksucker Frank.”

The tall boy’s dick was still buried deep in my mouth as I looked over at my cousin and realized that I had been set up. He knew the two horsemen by name.

“He certainly is Ralphy boy and it seems he is a very good one too.” The tall boy responded. “Do you think I can pry the cum guzzling degenerate off of my dick long enough to get my pants off?”

My muddled embarrassed brain was trying to make sense of everything that was happening so I was not expecting what Frank did next.

The tall boy placed his palm on my forehead and shoved. His cock slipped from my suctioning mouth with a loud pop and I landed on my ass eyes wide in surprise.

The tall boy stuck his boot in my face. “Gotta get my pants off before you get any more of my dick pussy boy.”

I scrambled to my knees and tugged the boot from his foot and anxiously waited for him to place the other boot where I could remove it. As soon as both of his feet were back on the ground he disconnected the big shiny silver buckle from his belt, he popped the button on the jeans and pushed his pants to his knees. I grabbed the material and pushed it the rest of the way to the ground and he stepped out of them. He wasn’t wearing underwear and his cock that still had my spit on it waved enticingly in the warm summer air.

“Take them and hang them in the tree cocksucker.” Frank instructed me tilting his head toward his jeans.

I scooped up the blue material and hastily hung them on a branch.

“Boots too, and you might as well hang your shorts up there too, I don’t want to be the only one naked.”

I pulled off my shorts and hustled back and stood before the tall boy.

Frank stepped over to one of the lawn chairs and sat down. Then he scooted his ass to the front edge of the chair looked at me with a silent question in his eyes. I quickly moved between his legs and dropped to my knees. I held his cock by the root and slid my mouth down as deep as I could without gaging. I started bobbing on the end of his dick hoping that he wouldn’t make me wait long before he fed me his sperm.

“Hey he’s not bad Sonny. You’re gonna like this mouth.”

Out of the corned of my eye I saw Sonny kick off his boots and dropped his pants. He too wore no underwear. His dick was already hard and he was stroking it. Unlike the boy himself who was built short and stocky, his cock appeared long and thin and looked out of place on his body.

“Yeah, it sure looks like he loves kneeling in front of a hard cock, but right now I’m interested in something else.”

He walked over to Ralph and whispered in his ear. Ralph nodded and disappeared from my field of view. Sonny followed to where ever Ralph went. I looked up at Frank and he made that devilish smile again and said.

“You’re going to like this.”

The thought, Like what? flashed in my brain, but the cock in my mouth captured my full attention and Frank groaned in pleasure and filled mouth with his seed.

“Oh, Fuck, uhh, uhh.” Frank panted with each shot of sperm he unloaded behind my lips.”

For some reason I looked up at Frank for permission to swallow his load. When he realized that I was waiting he laughed. “Ralph, you trained this cum sucker real good. He’s waiting for me to tell him if he can swallow my cum.”

“No shit,” I heard my cousin respond. “Over the years I realized he was a pussy but I didn’t think he was that much of a sub.”

“Frank looked down into my expectant eyes. “I think that you should just hold that sperm in your mouth considering what is going to happen next.”

My eyes showed my puzzlement.

“Pull your mouth off my dick and lay your head in my lap. Don’t swallow my load until I tell you to, Ok?”

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