My First Group Bate

by Skatenaked

Copyright© 2016 by Skatenaked

Erotica Sex Story: Two friends that I've previously masturbated with get together with me for a circle jerk and more

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Ma   Gay   True Story   Group Sex   Analingus   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Water Sports   .

I have known Danny for many years and met Mateo on here. When I did, I learned that he and Danny had already been chatting online. It was an interesting coincidence. We all talked about knowing each other and experiences I had playing with each one, which I wrote about earlier on here. Early on, we got the idea of a group bate with the three of us. It took some time, but we finally did it last week.

I picked Mateo up at a train station and we drove to Danny’s house. We were all a bit nervous but started to relax after Danny and Mateo met and got to know each other some. Danny is a nudist so we all helped each other get naked right away. Danny lives alone except for his dog who was jumping around like crazy to have visitors! Danny got the dog settled down and took us for a tour of the house. The last stop was to pick up towels and go outside to his swimming pool.

Danny and Mateo sat on the steps and played and licked some. I swam a couple laps on my back and came back and joined them fooling around. We messed around in the middle of the pool for a while then decided the sun was getting to us and went over in a shady spot on the edge of the pool. Mateo hopped out, sitting on the edge, and Danny went between his legs and started going down on him. I got behind Danny and held his mid-section with one arm while I jerked him off with my other hand. This was a position he had shown me a pic of that we both thought it would be nice to try, comfortable, and allowing one guy to be held. Danny was enjoying being between us and raised up on his feet backing onto my cock underwater and squeezing it with his ass cheeks.

Next, Danny also hopped up on the ledge so both guys were side-by-side with their feet in the water. They played with and sucked each others cocks while I took turns licking their ball sacs. Then Mateo laid back and let Danny work on his dick while I sucked on his balls taking them in my mouth. We fooled around a while like this when Danny and I both decided we needed to pee. We had talked about maybe doing piss play but hadn’t decided until now when Danny suggested we got to his outdoor shower.

Mateo lounged by the pool while Danny and I walked over to the shower. He sat down first and had me pee on him. I have a shy bladder but finally started streaming over his chest, shoulders and crotch. He had me aim some in his mouth, which I did, and he said it tasted nutty. When I finished it was his turn so I sat down and he pissed all over me. It was fun seeing him stream though his semi-hard on and for my first time doing piss play I liked the experience and would do it again for sure. Danny told me he especially liked seeing my piss drops all in his bush.

We showered off and went to get Mateo, then went inside for lunch. We munched on pizza and pasta salad washed down by a glass of wine. We talked some and stayed naked this whole time. When we were done, hard ons appeared again and we stood around feeling, kissing and stroking each other. Danny got his phone to take some pics of us holding our cocks together which are posted in my albums.

Now we decided to go into Danny’s bedroom and get on his bed. We all puppy piled in together laying naked and playing with each others bodies and cocks. We took turns jerking off ourselves and the other guys or double teaming at times. Danny wanted to suck Mateo’s uncut cock some more so he did on all fours, with Mateo spread in front of him, while I milked Danny’s cock and played with his awesome low-hanging balls. By now we were pretty comfortable playing and started to get adventurous.

Mateo and Danny folded into a hot 69, going down on each others cocks while I watched and jerked off. Eventually, they reached father into each others ass cracks and started licking each others holes. This was incredibly hot and, like a wrestling ref, I got into the best positions to watch my two friends pleasuring each other while I jacked my own cock.

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