The Slave Girls and the Lady's Dog

by Kathrin

Copyright© 2016 by Kathrin

BDSM Sex Story: Two slave girls take care of their mistress' Doberman - and each other

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa   Slavery   Lesbian   Fiction   Zoophilia   Anal Sex   Bestiality   Double Penetration   Fisting   Oral Sex   .

Dalia caught her breath, aghast. She almost just barged into the kennel of her mistress’ dog Hass, when, at the last moment, she spied a suspicious movement through the gap in the door. Yes, no doubt, she thought when she peeked into the room again. Hass sat in his cage and was obviously licking his penis. She saw, how his tongue moved quickly and rhythmically back and forth, and even though his crotch was hidden behind his back, it was quite apparent what he was doing.

Discretely she retreated and tip-toed over to her friend Lara, who had been a slave in the Lady’s court much longer than she had. “You won’t believe this,” Dalia whispered as confidential as she was excited, “I just saw the dog sitting in his cage and ... well...” Instead of finishing the sentence, she made a wanking motion with her fist.

Lara raised her eyebrows and sighed. “Really, again?” she asked. “That’s almost embarrassing now.”

Dalia looked at her surprised. “Does he do that often?” she wondered and leaned over to Lara with great interest.

The slave nodded. “All the time. It’s actually my job...” She stopped and looked around, as if she thought someone was listening in on them. “It’s actually my job to take care of that,” she finally continued confidentially.

Dalia blinked confused, as if she wasn’t sure if she heard correctly. Lara, the petite little slave, was the Lady’s dog whore? “What? Really?” she asked.

Lara nodded and shrugged. “Well, it’s part of the job, that’s what I submitted for after all,” she remarked casually. “And besides, I like him quite a lot. But he still keeps doing it himself. He must have sperm like a horse.” She laughed and watched the play of features that took place on Dalia’s face.

Her friend was torn between shame and arousal, until finally her curiosity got he better of her. “And what ... how are you doing that?” she asked.

Lara blinked at her naughtily. “Wanna watch?” she asked.

The young woman hesitated, but then just nodded, while she blushed deeply red. She watched her friend get up and straighten her skimpy skirt, pulling back her hair and then head towards the dog kennel with a swing in her hips, while she sheepishly scurried behind. Lara opened the door and played slightly surprised at the view, while Dalia had positioned herself a little beside the door, so she wouldn’t stand out.

“But Hass,” Lara said slightly indignant. “There surely is a better way to relieve the pressure, isn’t there?”

Dalia couldn’t hear if the dog gave any kind of answer, but watched as Lara went further into the kennel and began to loosen the strings of her top, which stretched across her firm breasts. Then she didn’t hear anything for a while, and finally she gathered all her courage and sneaked to the door, to peek around the corner.

She saw Lara kneel in front of Hass, with her head clearly visible from the door. She looked over at him, while she rubbed something between her small breasts – probably his penis, which was hidden by his body. The dog had his eyes closed and moaned, and something in his deep, lusty sounds aroused her so much that she involuntarily reached between her legs and started rubbing her crotch.

Suddenly Hass opened his eyes again and looked directly at her, watched every one of her motions and expressions, while Lara kept working his cock. She turned deeply red and opened the mouth to say something, but only managed a croaking stammer. Her friend looked over at her and smiled seductively. “Well, do you like what you see?” she asked.

Dalia swallowed and nodded insecurely. “Well, come on, help me a little,” Lara encouraged her and then bent down to the dog’s crotch again, who kept looking at the door, where the young slave entered slowly and reluctantly. She walked around the cage like she was on hot coals, when suddenly she caught her breath. Such a magnificent cock, that peeked out between the round tits of the petite slave. The head was already swollen red and almost pulsed from lust. Her mouth began to water, and without another thought she knelt down besides her friend.

She bent over and tried to get the tip of the dick, when it showed between the breasts. Her lips lightly kissed the top and then started to suck on it, while Lara kept working it with her tits. The situation made Dalia incredibly hot. Not only did she get to taste the dog’s fuck stick, but at the same time got to caress the wonderful bust of her friend, which she had dreamt of at least as much.

Her mouth moved from the dick to Lara’s nipples, and back, nibbling, sucking, licking, until she had salivated over everything, while Hass was moaning deeper and stronger above them. The nipples of her friend had gotten harder since she began sucking on them, and her areolae were now showing dark against the white skin. When Dalia licked them, she even thought to taste something tart, as if sperm was already dripping from them.

When the dog gasped harder and began to slide on the floor impatiently, she turned her attention back to his cock again. The tip was already pulsing and was almost exploding, and Dalia didn’t want to miss that for the world. She wrapped her lips again around his shaft and massaged him once more with her tongue, when she finally felt it: The warm, strong gush, filling her mouth with sperm until she choked on it.

Dalia coughed and gagged, as half of the load ran out of the corners of her mouth again, where it got instantly licked up by Lara. When the petite slave felt the lips of her friend so close to her own and the tart taste of sperm began to spread in her mouth, she suddenly pulled Dalia close and started to kiss her passionately. Above the tip of the dog’s cock the two slaves exchanged his sperm in a long, intense kiss.

Finally, Lara pulled back and held the slippery, knotted dick of the Lady’s dog in one hand, rubbing and wanking it carefully, while she over up at him. Dalia blinked a few times, feeling the intense caresses of her friend reverberate within herself, then licked her lips and looked over to her. “Mmmh, there’s some more, isn’t there, Hass?” Lara asked naughtily and licked encouragingly across the hole at the tip of the cock.

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