On the Road With Diane

by Mystic47

Copyright© 2016 by Mystic47

Incest Sex Story: A one day road trip with my younger sister turned into a two night stay at a motel where she learned about sex.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Incest   Brother   Sister   Cream Pie   First   Oral Sex   .

Man it was fucking cold! I hate sleeping in my clothes but there were only two options, go to bed cold or go to bed freezing. I struggled under the covers of the cheap motel bed fully dressed thinking I could take my pants and shirt off after the bed warmed. I never did that night. I shivered and chattered for hours, forcing myself to get up and desperately twist the useless fucking thermostat knob 720 degrees in both directions. The clerk told us when we got the room the heat might be out because the fuel oil hadn’t been delivered because of the blizzard. I swore my allegiance to any god that would find a way for me to get the fuck out of WayTooFuckingCold Vermont the next day. As an afterthought I included my sister in the deal, she was in the second bed and I’m sure she was as frigid as I was just then.

The next morning my little sister Diane and I sat in dining room where the motel served hot chocolate and pancakes courtesy of an electric stove. I watched the morning news to catch the weather forecast and the news was as glum as the fucking clouds over the mountains. More snow, more wind, more icy freezing cold. I wouldn’t be able to even start my car much less move down the road. Diane groaned “Piss! I’m not going to make it to Beth’s for the party!”

“What party?”

“Her birthday, she’ll be fourteen and I wanted to be there but now we’re stuck in this stupid motel in this stupid town because you’re too stupid to drive in the stupid snow in your stupid car.”

She irritated me “Kiss off twit! You think being stuck out here with a vestal fourteen year old is fun? Shit little girl, you ain’t even old enough to take advantage of.”

Diane paused with a fork full of pancake, “Huh? What does that mean?”

“Nothing,” I growled, “I gotta call home.”

I pulled out my cell and called our parents to update them on the drive. My sister and I had flown out to Buffalo to pick up a car I bought on eBay. It was my high school graduation present and I would be taking it to college in the fall. The trip was supposed to be a long one day drive back home but the fucking snow drifts from an unexpected storm got in the way. “Hey dad, me and Diane are in still Bristol Vermont and won’t be coming home today. Yeah, we’re snowed in; we are at a cheap motel with no damn heat but we should be able to get out tomorrow according to the road reports. Okay, here she is.”

Diane took the phone “Daddy? I’m okay but dufus here doesn’t have snow tires on his pretty new piece of junk so I won’t make it to Beth’s party. No, it’s not really a piece of junk. I heard that, tell her don’t worry and we love her too.”

As my sister punched in Beth’s number she mumbled, “Mom says she loves us.”

My sister and I had a good relationship because being five years younger Diane never got in my way or fought with me like some of my friends sisters did, the ones that were separated by only a year or two. Diane looked up to me like a hero and I enjoyed playing with her, teasing her, generally being a loving big brother. She was with me on the trip because we had grandparents near Buffalo and after Grandad inspected the car I wanted they insisted Diane fly out with me when I came for it. I was just nineteen and would be graduating High School in a couple of months and this was my first road trip without my parents. It kind of irked me that I had to take her but since the car was a gift I couldn’t refuse. When we started this trip she had never been away from our parents longer than a school day so she was as frothy, bubbly and happy as any young girl on a big adventure. After three days in upstate New York we started back, right into the teeth of a freak of nature late spring blizzard that froze out her sweet personality and turned her into a whiny brat.

We spent the rest of the day trying to keep warm. It took only a few minutes to walk the length of Main Street and decide there was nothing in the little shops we wanted. Back at the motel the manager called me to the office and gave me an electric space heater. He still didn’t have any fuel oil but the hardware store had a stock of heaters so he got one for each of his guest rooms. The little heater helped a lot, my sister and I finally shed our coats and got more comfortable as we surfed dispiritedly through 14 channels of cable on a TV screen that looked like flowing water colors.

Diane and I ate a bag of Frito’s for dinner then decided to rest. The bathroom was still cold so she undressed in the main room to undershirt and panties then slipped on a long flannel night gown. I watched her with mild curiosity because she had begun puberty and starting to show signs of change, my little sister was maturing, her new curves and contours hinted that she would be a well developed young woman in a couple of years. Just as she pulled back the blankets on her bed, the power went off, everything was black, inside and out, not a light was on anywhere in town. The moon behind the clouds was the only hint of light in the room. It took about two minutes for the heat from the heater to plunge to near freezing. Diane put her sweater and coat back on then cowered under her blankets and cursed a vivid picture of what she thought about the storm, the cold and me.

I was cold too so I peered through the dark in the direction of the other bed “Come over here, get in, maybe we can stay warm.” It took less than two seconds for her think it over, mutter ‘okay’, then scramble from her bed to mine. She dragged the top blanket with her so after she snuggled in I spread it over us. I rolled to my side, put an arm over her and pulled her close against me; her petite round butt was fitted against my stomach. It took only seconds to start warming up.

“This is a lot better” she announced as she nestled closer, pressing her legs and ass on me. Even through all the layers of clothing the cyclops eye in my cock recognized a female of my species. That it was my adolescent sibling didn’t matter.

My sister and I weren’t tired, just cold so as the temperature under the blankets increased she got less antagonistic and started chatting. Diane talked about the party she was missing, gossiped about her friends and babbled about the trip. I grunted occasionally to let her know I was still awake as she burbled incessantly. The longer we lay together with her talking and jostling against me the longer my cock got. I finally got to the point where my thoughts were as shameful as any I’d ever had, I pushed her away from me saying “Move, now it’s too hot.”

Diane rolled over to face me “Yeah, I’m going to take my coat off.” She sat up and pulled off her jacket and sweater then dove back under the covers. I struggled out of my coat then peeled my shirt off too. I was in jeans and a t-shirt when my sister and I lay back down, face to face on our pillows. The strain of my erection against the barrier of my zipper hurt but I wasn’t about to take off any more. We stayed still for a few seconds, looking at each other then she whispered shyly, “I’m still hot so I’m going to take off my nightgown but you can’t look. Okay?” Her eyes sparked briefly in the dark, I saw a pale flash of teeth behind a timid smile then she ducked completely under the covers and pulled off the flannel night dress and undershirt. When she lifted the blanket to drop it to the floor I saw the pale outline of a training bralette covering her tits. She squealed sharply, then laughed as she drew the cover back up then crushed against me as if magnetized and declared “Omygaud, its cold out there!”

She had one arm around my back, her budding breasts were pressed against my shirt, I could feel her legs rubbing on mine. I put an arm over her waist and pulled her closer to me on the pretext of warming her up again, my chest was tingling where the tips of her small breasts were denting my skin. I wanted to hold her tighter against me but my cock was stretched and thudding so I was careful to keep it from touching her, Diane wasn’t aware my my condition or what her nearness was doing to me and I was determined to keep her clueless. She repositioned slightly then pushed back and said “your pants are scratchy take them off, you’ll be warm enough.”

Her request drove a hot spike of tremors though my nuts, she couldn’t know what being near nude with her would do to me and I almost refused but I’d been wearing my jeans for over 36 hours and it would be a relief to get out of them so I thrashed around under the blankets taking them off, in moments I was mostly naked in bed with a fourteen year old girl who was happy to be warm again even if she was wearing only bra and panties. Me? My heart was pounding, I was overheating. She quieted down as if to sleep so I rolled over; we were back to back. My sister cozied up to me, her butt covered only by thin soft cotton was rubbing on the back of my thighs. In a few minutes I sensed she had dozed off. I began to drift to sleep while I tried to tame the animal in my shorts.

I came up slowly out of a hot dream about my girlfriend. It was still cloudy moon gray in the room. No streetlights glowed, the power was still out. I was on my side facing Diane who was on her back next to me, my hand rested on her stomach, her hand covered mine. I could feel her body shaking under my touch, her breath rapid and warm across my cheek. Diane pushed my hand down the smooth bare skin of her midriff until my fingers were over her crotch, she moved her legs apart then held still when I almost involuntarily started caressing the hot damp cloth over the form of her pussy. She shivered, flexed, and gasped lightly as my fingers massaged her. She nudged closer until her hip was crushed on my ever present boner which was aching with pent up need to fuck a girl and the only girl available was my young sister who at that moment felt more like a grown woman in heat.

I eased my hand into her underwear and began to stroke her warm, wet sex. I was pleasantly surprised to feel the tips of my fingers sliding through soft silky down; juvenile pubic hair, the beginning of womanhood. I pushed my long finger over the puffy lips of her vagina; her stomach and hips started to undulate as I rubbed her. It was so dark I could barely see but I knew when she opened her mouth for more air, I could hear her heart thudding in her throat, her legs moved even wider apart. I kept pressure on her tender young pussy, moving my finger until I felt it sliding up and down over her clit. She must have been hyper sensitive there because just moments after I stroked her she grunted softly, grabbed my arm to keep my hand in place then convulsed and started shaking while huffing gulps of air. I had given Diane an orgasm. When her body quieted she released my arm, moved her hand to my stomach, pushed her fingers under the elastic of my shorts then gripped my erection, she was completely still except for the fingers softly exploring my cock.

The feel of her hand on me encouraged my libido. She let go of me when I twisted around and pinched the sides of her underwear to pull them off. Diane lifted her butt to let them move down her legs, when they were around her ankles she kicked them free. She rolled to her side and I knew instinctively she wanted me to open her bra. In moments my sister was naked, the heat radiating from her was almost smothering. She faced me, pulled on the hem of my shirt then tugged it off. Her hands rushed under the blanket to my shorts and pushed them down urgently, compelling me in silence to strip nude. As soon as there was nothing between us except space she rolled to her other side, putting her back to me. I spooned against her tight warm body and she lifted her top leg and rested it on my thigh. My tortured erection found its place between her open legs, pressed against her virgin slit. When I reached over her and put a hot hand on her developing breast I got a soft sigh and a bump of her ass against my groin as my reward. She rolled her hips, her whole body vibrated as her tender cunt lips slipped on my hard cock, deliciously inviting me to even more intimacy. I moved my hand to cover her crack then probed into her with my middle finger. Diane gasped vocally then rocked her pelvis against my hand, seeking more penetration, I pushed into her until my fist stopped me; again she held my arm in place. She began to whimper as she experienced her first finger fuck.

I fingered the girl for a couple of minutes but my balls were screaming for relief so I pulled my hand from between her legs and shifted around until the head of my erection was in the right place to enter her. Diane reached down, gripped my hard-on and rubbed it on her body, preparing to receive me. I pressed gently in but she wasn’t being hesitant or wary about losing her virginity. My sister held me while I pushed through her fist and into her, her small opening stretched to accept my thick erection. I felt the tightness, the resistance, but she and I were both slick with lubrication and driven by instinct so I pushed deeper. She had to move her hand and when she did I thrust up and in until my groin slapped into her firm round ass. Diane stiffened with pain but it was momentary, in a few seconds the hurt began to fade and she puffed quietly over her shoulder “Its okay now.” Those were the first words either of us said since we woke up in a craze of passion for each other. I grabbed my sister by the hip and started fucking her.

We were locked into a pure natural, spontaneous act. What we were doing and experiencing was driven by the same urges and needs that compelled our ancient ancestors to mate. Our minds, our laws and morals were rendered lifeless by a million years of male and female instinct. Even though Diane was only fourteen she was reacting to me with wild primal pleasure, she was taking from me as much as I was taking from her. She reached between her legs and started rubbing my balls while I thrust in and out of her. I was so into the feeling of her tight hot cunt that it took only those light caresses on my nut sack to spring the tension, I began gushing, squeezing long surges of cum into my virgin sister. She arched her back, rubbing her ass on my groin while she transformed from girl to woman.

She rolled over to face me when I pulled out of her. She was panting for air when she put her arm around my neck and hugged me. She was still turned on, her body was rolling in waves against mine. Diane found my face with her hand in the dark and pulled me close “Teach me to kiss, I want to make out.”

Just as I leaned to put my lips on hers, the lights came back on, I could see the girl clearly again. As my eyes adjusted to the light I saw who I had in my arms. The dark had curtained us and as long as I couldn’t see who I was fucking it was alright but I felt a surge of guilty terror when as I looked into my young sisters face. I leaned back “God Diane, I’m so sorry!”

She looked puzzled for a quick moment then smiled softly, she reached up and switched off the bedside light then discarded my apology with “I want to kiss.” She put her sweet full lips over my mouth and my guilt dissipated in another hot rush of desire.

We made out as if we were on a Prom date. Diane is either a quick learner or has a natural talent for all things physical because within minutes of our first kiss we were open mouthed tonguing while I felt and caressed her hot fluid body. Her hands were everywhere, exploring, touching, fondling, turning me on even more than I was before I fucked her. After what seemed like an eternity of heavy necking and petting I pushed my sister to her back and mounted over her wide spread legs. Diane chirped with delight and asked “Are we going to do it again?”

My answer was to put the end of my erection in her tight hole then plunge into her until my balls stopped me, “Yes, I’m going to fuck you again, maybe all night, would you like that?.”

A rasp of air followed by a sharp “Yes!” let me know I did something she liked. I bent my head and put my lips over a two inch bump on her chest and licked the nipple stiff.

That young girl fucked me like she was on her honeymoon, I think if she could have ripped my cock and balls off and stuffed them in her womb she would have done it. I’d screwed several high school girls and Diane was as hot, nimble and passionate as any of them. I went to my knees still between her legs then lifted her to sit on my cock. When she settled down she locked her ankles behind my back, we clutched together holding the other tight while our hips rocked back and forth. My erection was sliding in and out of the hot tender tunnel of her sex and she was whimpering with rapture. She leaned her head back to look into my eyes, put her lips on mine then began to huff with her second orgasm forcing the air from her chest into my mouth and lungs. I got dizzy from the sensation of her breathing for us, my cock convulsed then I rammed into her and unloaded into the awesome young body again. We didn’t even fall apart. I fell over with my sister clinging to me and we both crashed into an exhausted stupor.

When I roused in the morning I rolled my head to see Diane asleep next to me. She was on her stomach covered to her shoulders cradling a pillow, an aura innocence and purity surrounded her. From the amount of light in the room I could tell it was early, clear and sunny. We would be able to continue the trip home. As I studied my sibling another heavy wave of distress washed over me. I was looking at my innocent young sister. She looked flawless, clean, pure, guiltless and it pained me to know I had ruined the young maiden. She would never again be able to say she was clean, pure and guiltless. I crawled out of bed, the little heater had warmed the room so I didn’t need to grab clothes right away.

I went to empty my bladder and when I came back Diane had shuffled around on the bed, the blanket was lying across the back of her thighs, she was bare from head to legs and the sight of her trim round ass set my balls in motion again. The feeling of guilt and shame from earlier transformed into a torrent of lust as I studied her nudity. I took the blanket off then pulled her legs apart by tugging on her left ankle, my cock bloated with desire as I exposed her cum encrusted pussy. I got over her then probed between her legs then when I found my place I penetrated her again. I was fucking her slowly when she opened her eyes and rolled her head to look up at me. I felt the pressure of her thighs ease as she moved them apart, giving me more room then she smiled and said quietly “Good morning.”

I bent my head and whispered in her ear “You like this? You like getting fucked?”

She rocked her ass and murmured “Mmmm, you can do this all day if you want.” That was all it took, I slammed into her as far as she could take me then I pumped my morning load into her while she lay quiet.

She rolled to her back then sat up, “I have to pee.” She threw off the blankets and I saw her complete nudity for the first time in my life. She was tall for a girl her age, maybe 5’5 already, slender but not skinny. Her breasts stood perky stiff from her chest, a lot more noticeable than when she had on the bra and shirt. Her waist, hips and thighs were beginning to curve pleasantly, the junction of her legs was covered by a soft blond nest so fine it was almost invisible, my stomach fluttered at the memory of how silky that hair felt. She stood unembarrassed in front of me then went into the bathroom. My semi-hard cock twitched again as I stared at the pretty 8th grade blonde I screwed three times.

I was sitting on the edge of the bed still nude when she came back, even though I knew I asked “How old are you?”

She paused briefly, “Fourteen, why, did you forget?”

With my hormones at low tide I’d had time to think about her and was feeling abashed again, I didn’t know how to apologize, “I don’t know Diane, you’re not even in high school yet but what I did with you shouldn’t have happened for a couple more years if that soon, and never by your brother.”

My sister stepped in front of me, her nakedness lured my eyes, “What I did you mean, I woke up next to you and I couldn’t stop thinking about that, I never did it before and I never felt like that ever but I didn’t even have to guess what it was about so I played with you until you woke up. I wanted to do that more than anything in the world and I really liked it.” She paused only slightly then her voice dropped to a low intimate whisper “And I’m glad I did it with my brother first because I love you and I know you won’t tell anybody.”

I looked into her deep blue eyes and saw a dare, an invitation, temptation; my prick started reforming, I asked her “We should take a shower -- you want to, together?”

Diane looked at the reaction her nearness caused then smiled into my eyes “I never saw one before.” She straddled my legs to sit on my knees facing me then studied my erection earnestly while pumping it up and down until she was pleased with the results of her ministration. She looked up to my face then held it against the crack of her body. She lifted up, gripped my erect cock firmly then flexed her hips so that the end of it slipped into her warm tender pussy. Diane pushed me to my back on the bed; she was lying on my stomach, impaled on my erection, we were cheek to cheek when she grazed my ear with her lips “Can we shower later?”

She was leaning back on the pillows smiling at me, not uncomfortable at all to be talking about what we did, how she felt about it. Her knees were pulled up, wide apart, I had an unhindered view of her sweet young cunt. She put the fingers of her right hand on the lips of her pussy and spread them so the small pink hole was visible. I was a bit awed that I had just had my thick round erection in the small opening, that it didn’t looked stretched or stressed. Her eyes glinted happily as she dipped a finger into herself then pulled it back out. She unblocked the passage so when her finger pulled away it was followed buy a flow of cum. The pearly white fluid dripped from her cunt, down the crack of her ass to the blanket. Diane felt the discharge and used her finger tip to smear it over the lips of her down covered pussy then lifted her fingers, studied the mess then sniffed it. She looked up at me “Is this what makes babies?”

“Yeah, I should have been more careful, sorry.”

My sister was unconcerned, “I’m probably too young to have a baby.”

I felt a twinge of angst because I knew she was wrong. She was developing into a young woman and it wasn’t unheard of that a fourteen year old got pregnant. I got off the bed to wet a washcloth with warm water. I returned to Diane then started cleaning up her thighs, pussy and thin blonde hair. She rested her head while I wiped her clean, saying nothing but watched with contented eyes. After cleaning her up I put aside the washcloth then as I looked her up and down she asked with a trace of hope, “Can you do it again? I want to watch you do it to me.”

The sound of the question, the offer to fuck me again caused a flash flood of hot blood directly to my cock. I stretched out next to her then pulled her left hand to my growing erection. She stroked it with her fingers then wrapped them around it, feeling my hard-on strengthen. Even though I had fucked Diane four times in about nine hours my body once more rose to the occasion. I was thrumming with tension when I pulled her from the pillows to flat on her back. She spread her legs then watched intently as I got between her thighs. She looked over her head to find a pillow then folded it in two and positioned it so she could lie back but her head was high enough to see what was happening. I placed my hands on either side of her shoulders then pushed up until she could see my hard cock hovering over the split of her cunt. “Hold it, put it where you want it” I told her. She reached for me then with her five finger tips held it gently. I pressed down until the head of my cock pressed on the lips of her pussy then she moved it up and down as it eased into her vagina. I was slick with lube, she was slippery with cum so the end of me slid in with no resistance, I could feel the small hole again widening to accommodate the girth of my cock. Diane pressed against my stomach, a signal to stop moving. She looked from where we connected to my face, “Go slow, in and out, I want to see and feel how you fuck me.”

Hearing her say ‘fuck me’ stunned me momentarily, but only. I rolled my hips and dipped further into my sister when her eyes returned to the bond between us. I casually pumped in and out of her, pulling far enough out that I could feel cool air on the end of my prick before pushing back down. She watched raptly as I screwed her until she had satisfied her curiosity then rested her head back on the pillow. When I saw her close her eyes and felt her legs go even wider I moved my hands to hold her ass then began a hard core body banging rhythm. She started heating up as we slammed our groins together, her cunt was flowing with lust, her breath was getting harsher as we overheated. She pulled her long slender legs up so her knees were bent then let them fall farther apart. Our groins were slapping noisily as we coupled.

Diane started to shake as her body clenched with another climax but she managed to catch her breath long enough to gasp “Don’t do it in me, I want to see it squirting.”

It was a good thing she spoke when she did because just seconds later my cock began to cramp as the flood of semen jammed up, I was on the verge when I pulled out “Now Diane, I’m cumming now!”

She lifted her head and locked her eyes on my erection just as the first stream fired from the end. A line of hot fluid surged up and over her stomach as far as her chest, splashing between her small breasts. The second pulled to the right and covered the nipple then the next few shots smothered her lower stomach. When I was done convulsing Diane looked up at me and grinned hugely “Awesome! Totally Awesome!”

I collapsed down on her, my chest was pressed on her groin, my face very close to the puddles on her skin. She lifted her legs then wrapped them over my back, put her hands in my hair and fell back to the pillow again. My sister and I lay like that for several long moments. I kissed the top of her pussy then reluctantly rose from between her legs and off the bed. “We have to go.”

She sat up, drew a finger tip through the largest blob of cum on her tit then looked up “I know, but I really would like to stay here and do this more.”

“We can’t Diane, mom and dad are waiting, it would be real hard explaining to them why we stayed in the motel all day.”

My sister stood off the bed and put her arms around me, her slender developing body pressed on me in all the right places, my discharge smeared from her stomach all over my belly. She looked into my eyes “This has been the greatest trip I ever had in my life, I love it, I love you.” She finished the hug with a peck on my lips and a question, “When we get home can we still do this? I don’t want to do something with any boys from school, I hear rumors about girls like that and don’t want my name whispered in corners.”

When we left the room later I looked at the rumpled cum stained sheets and felt a shiver of dread that the motel manager might call the cops because it was pretty obvious I had fucked the young girl in his bed. I quit looking in my mirror and breathed a lot easier when I crossed the state line an hour later.

The next morning I was getting ready to go show off my car to my best friend when my father called me to the front room. I stepped in where I saw him and mom side by side, the looks they greeted me with made me wary.

It started; “Did you have sex with you sister?”

Everything froze still, time stopped, I looked at my parents “What?! What did you ask me?!”

“You sister! Diane! Did you fuck her!?”

When my heart started beating again it was hammering with panic “What the hell are you saying, are you nuts? The girl is 14 years old and my sister! There is no way in hell I would ever have sex with her!”

Dad flung a pair of Diane’s panties in my face “Then how in hell do you explain cum stains in her underwear, the underwear she had on after spending two nights in a motel with you!!!”

I was crumbling inside, I didn’t know where to hide, where to run, what to say, I could deny screwing my sister as loudly and vehemently as possible for only so long. The main thing in my mind was how in hell could Diane be so careless, to just throw them in the dirty clothes, she should have known mom would see the mess when she did laundry. Now dad had her dirty briefs and was tying to get me to admit having sex with my way underaged sister. I was judging the distance to the door but I would have to bolt past my enraged parents to get there. I was younger and more agile but he was watching me warily, like we were about to go to war. I knew my life at my childhood home was over, the only thing for me to do was escape without getting killed, “No dad! We didn’t do anything like that!”

“Then how in hell do you explain this? There is only one way, only ONE, that will result in a mess like that. She got fucked and you were the only prick near her. DID YOU FUCKING RAPE YOUR SISTER!?”

Just as I tensed to dash past my father Diane rushed into the room, “NO! Daddy! NO! It wasn’t him!”

He spun to face her, still enraged, “What the hell!? Who else could it be!? Why would you protect him if he hurt you?”

My sister hung her head and started to cry, between sobs she said, “I met a boy at the motel daddy, he was really cute and we didn’t have anything to do because of the snow so we went to a room to watch TV. After a while he asked me to have sex and I did it with him. Nobody raped me, we did it two times then I went back to my own room.” She pointed at me “He didn’t know where I was and got mad that I was gone so long. After that he wouldn’t let me go anywhere without him.”

I don’t know who was more shocked, my parents because their daughter just confessed to casually giving up her virginity to a kid after just meeting him, or me because of the brash lies she was telling to protect me. My father turned to me, his voice a lot less agitated but still gruff “get out of here but stay home, we’ll talk later.” I fled, leaving my sister to face our furious parents alone.

Nothing was said the rest of the day, I skipped dinner because I didn’t want to face my family. Even though Diane lied to them I was still afraid they might find out it was me who put the sex stains in her panties. The next morning dad came to me, “I’m sorry son, I should have never doubted you. It’s just that we couldn’t think of any other plausible explanation for what we found.”

“Jesus dad, you scared the crap out of me. I didn’t know what she did, I only know she was gone too long and it pissed me off. I grounded her for the rest of the time we were there.”

He smiled ruefully, “You grounded her two hours too late. Now your mother and I don’t know what to do. She’s still years too young to be screwing around but we don’t know if we can keep her from experimenting any more. Your mom is taking her to the clinic to make sure she isn’t going to surprise us but we don’t know what to do after that.”

“Surprise you?”

“Have a fucking kid” he snarled, “she’s not too young to get knocked up, even if she did do it only twice. Do you know who she was with?”

“Dad, I didn’t know she was with anybody” I lied again.

My father looked frustrated as he got up to leave, “The only thing she will say is that his name was Tim, he was sixteen and they screwed two times.” Two times? She told them she did it only twice? If I counted right I fucked her five times. I was smiling inwardly as my father turned away.

It was two more days before I could be alone with Diane again. I didn’t hesitate “How are you doing, did they hurt you or anything?”

Her smile was marginal, “Mom asked me if I ever had sex before and I told her that was the first time. Now I can’t date anybody until I’m 18 and have to clear with them anytime I want to go out with my friends. God, that’s going to suck. I’m in prison for life! Also she told me she is going to teach me about men, women, babies, sex and reproduction, she’s looking on the internet for stuff.”

I felt bad for her, guilty that I had ruined her future as a teen “I’m so sorry Diane, I should have never done that with you and I don’t know how to make it up.”

My sister stepped to me and put her arms around my waist, her head on my shoulder, “I’m not sorry, not ever.” She looked up then kissed me softly on the mouth. “They grounded me but they didn’t say I have to stay away from you. I liked doing that with you and could do it again.” She smiled seductively into my eyes and repeated “And again.” In spite of everything that happened in the last two days, my cock started expanding. I kissed her on the neck then flexed my hips, giving her a feel for what she was doing for me. She smiled back then reached an arm between us to rub the bulge of my cock.

I pushed her away, my conscience was talking, “Get back, we can’t do that anymore.”

She flirted coyly, “Yes we can, and if you don’t, I’ll tell dad you made a pass at me.”

Her mood was catching “Why would I do that, you’re just a little girl?”

Diane hooked the fingers of both hands into waist of my jeans and tugged me closer then challenged me with her wide blue eyes, “Well, it’s like this you see, since you know I like to fuck and you think I’m your slut sister you think it would be okay to have sex with me so you keep coming to my room at night. I always tell you no but since you won’t give up I have to tell mom and dad. They will kick you out of the house then I can be safe until I’m 18.”

“You like to fuck?”

“I think so, I have to try again to be sure.”

My cock was solidifying “You left out sexy.”


“Yeah, sexy slut sister.” She wriggled the fingers in my pants and kissed my chin. I turned more serious, “I’ll be leaving for college in a few months, then you’ll be alone. How is that going to be?”

“I’ll either break probation, or wait until you come home.” She paused to think, “Probably both.”

I pulled my phone out of my pocket and punched in mom’s number. She answered after the third ring. “Hi, I was just wondering when you guys will be back, Diane wants to go somewhere so I thought I’d better ask you before I let her go.”

“Sometime after five but don’t let her go anywhere, she can start cooking dinner later.”

I shut off the phone “I have to go to CVS, want to go?”

“Why, what’s there?”

“Mom and dad won’t be home until this afternoon so we are going celebrate the free time but I need some condoms so you won’t have a mess in your panties again and I won’t worry about screwing you too well.”

Diane’s eyes flashed flames “You going to get more than one?”

The come on in her eyes and the rush of lust to my balls once again overwhelmed my morals. I dropped to my knees in front of Diane, reached under her skirt and ripped her underwear down and off her legs. I lifted her skirt and kissed the soft brush of blonde curls then twisted her around and urged her back to the cushions of the sofa. When she laid back I pushed her legs apart with my hands then put my head between her thighs and licked her tender young cunt. The suddenness of my attack surprised her but she didn’t fight me off. She rocked her ass more toward the edge of the cushion and splayed her long slender thighs even wider. When I began licking, kissing and probing the soft flesh of her pussy she arched her back and yipped a sound of passion.

I stayed between her legs, eating her until her stomach began to quiver. I pushed two fingers into her pussy and plunged in and out while my lips caressed her body. She brought her legs together and rested them on my shoulders, the soft skin of her inner thighs pillowing my ears. It took only a few seconds longer to send her off on a flight of rapture. When she climaxed a wash of fluids dripped from her which I licked off. I pulled away from her, dropped my pants then put my raging erection where my fingers had just been. I fucked my little sister until my nuts ruptured. I pulled out of Diane quickly, grabbed the end of my shirt and shot my entire load on it.

As she watched me wipe the cum off my hard-on Diane said with a satisfied smile, “Lets go to the store.”

We went to the pharmacy where I bought a variety box of lubricated Trojans while she stood outside acting like she didn’t know what I was doing; we thought it would be awkward me buying them with her standing beside me. We didn’t know the cashier by name but we knew each other by sight so I pretended to keep my little sister in the dark about my purchase.

It turned out that we didn’t use any that day, we talked about intimate stuff but we didn’t fuck again. Diane was curious about sex so she asked me endless questions about my girlfriends, how we did it and how they kept from having babies. I told her about dating, screwing different girls, what some liked, what some didn’t like and what I liked. I asked her if she was thinking about sex with any boys from her school but just like the day in the motel, she said she wouldn’t because she didn’t want to be talked about.

Ten days later Diane turned 15 and even though my parents were still upset with her, they threw her a proper birthday gala. There was a gaggle of girls laughing and flitting around the house from 6 to 10 that night; I was out with my girlfriend Bridget. The house was dark and quiet when I got home, the family was in bed. I went to my room and logged on to meet Bridget again. Even though we had just crawled out of the back seat of my car we weren’t done with each other. We started teasing and turning each other on over the internet. I heard fingernails clicking on my door then it eased open, I looked up to see Diane standing in the hall waiting for an invitation to come in. I signaled her in so she stepped up next to me and waved at my girlfriend on the monitor. Bridget wished her a happy birthday then she and I made a few promises then logged off.

“Happy birthday little girl, or should I say Awesome Fifteen?”

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