Water Dragon Graveyard

by Ka Hmnd

Copyright© 2016 by Ka Hmnd

Fantasy Sex Story: Welcome back to the battle ground of hell. A teenage boy and a few friends decide to hunt the single river out of hell for the bodies of dragons killed by patrol boats. Of course the ocean has other dangers and there are still soldiers to worry about.

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   .

I was sixteen and wanted away from my home and the crazy never ending war. More men died from the war zone than the enemy. Just last week a troop of Manticore had rushed down one of the city streets and stung and killed twelve people. I came up with the idea when we heard one of the Constantine patrol ships had killed another water dragon in the river mouth.

I had joked with a few friends that was where the water dragon graveyard was. Only that hit the mark and the idea grew. Water dragons have dragon gems and when they are killed in the water, the bodies sink. Time and fish devour the flesh so only the bones are left. Well the dragon gems are also left I imagine.

Most of the guys were older and lived around the docks or were fishermen. I leaned forward as it got later and told the five men left my idea. They thought I was crazy but thirty minutes and they had agreed. The next morning I found an old abandoned fishing boat and even got sails.

The men arrived as I was getting it ready. They brought the rations and fresh water and the few edged weapons we were taking. I had a long spear I had converted, instead of a point I had a single shot barrel from a shotgun. The rounds were all heavy loads with solid slugs that I sealed with wax. One of the men brought a teenage girl and grinned, “my niece.”

He pushed her towards me and turned to set a bag down with the gill tanks. I blushed as I looked at her, “I am Nick.”

She smiled, “Emiko.”

I nodded to the wheel, “you are the pilot.”

A few minutes and we were pushing off and heading out of the harbor. We adjusted the sails and told her which way to turn. Once we reached open water we checked below but the old boat was dry. We passed more than one patrol boat and they watched us carefully. We took turns on the sails and the helm.

When Emiko was not at the helm she sat with me or napped. Each time I felt her firm breasts against my arm I got hard. When the sun came up we were near the mouth of the river out of hell. Two patrol boats were headed for us as I started putting on the weight belt and gill tanks. When we told them we were diving for the water dragon gems they stared like we were crazy.

I moved to the rear as we dropped anchor and one of the captains leaned on his rail, “hey kid.”

I looked at him and he grinned, “I will pay you a gold piece for one dragon tooth.”

I smiled, “sure.”

The ladder was put over and I climbed down and put the mouth piece in. I let go and fell back and into the water and turned to swim down. The gill tanks were working well and I was breathing easily. The water was clear and I could see a hundred paces. I swam slowly and looked down and finally saw large bones.

I dove towards the bottom and kept looking around. There were more than water dragons to worry about in the sea. I looked at the scattered bones and moved to the ribs. I had to reach through them to move the sand and silt. A few minutes and suddenly I saw a large gem. One by one I pulled them out and slipped them into a pouch.

When the large shark swam over me I almost panicked. I shifted the long spear with the shotgun barrel and drifted and tried to watch the shark. When it came back and headed straight for me I shoved the spear into it. The shotgun fired as the barrel struck the shark and it jerked and thrashed around.

Blood was everywhere as I looked around. I pulled a short piece of cord from around my waist and moved towards the shark. I made a loop as it rolled belly up and put it around the tail. I began ascending towards the surface slowly and pulled the shark after me. When I broke the surface I had to swim to the boat and pulled out the mouth piece, “get the hoist ready!”

When I tossed the cord and moved they pulled the shark up and out of the water. I climbed out and everyone looked disappointed. I held up the pouch, “I have the first dozen.”

They cheered and slapped my back as they helped me out of the tanks. I set it in a corner carefully with the belt, “I need to rest before I go back down. Someone cut up some steaks and make lunch.”

They laughed as I went below and Emiko followed. She pulled me through the galley and to the captain’s cabin. She closed the door and smiled as she began to take her blouse and skirt off. I grinned as I pushed my shorts down and stepped out of them. I waited and then pulled her naked body against me and kissed her.

I turned and laid her back on the bare mattress and knelt. I pushed her legs open and leaned in and started to lick through her pussy. She shivered and titled her hips, “mmmm!”

Her hips lifted as I kept licking her and began to nibble and then suck. Several minutes and she was shaking and twisting back and forth. She kept her legs spread as she humped and I grinned as I stood and then moved over her. She positioned my cock and I forced it into her very tight pussy.

She groaned as she shifted and hugged me. I humped and pressed and used short grinding jabs. I kept fucking her as her pussy clenched and grasped my cock. After awhile she spasmed and thrashed and began to buck, “yyyeeeesssss!”

I was using firm thrusts and she was clinging to me. I kept kissing her and started to fuck her hard. A few minutes and I shoved into her and held her under me. She gasped as her pussy gripped my cock, “YES!”

I gushed and spewed sperm and her pussy constantly squeezed to milk it all into her. When I was done I gave her a kiss as she sagged to the bed. I pulled out and rolled her over and straddled her legs and pushed back into her. I fucked her three times before I stopped and she crawled onto me and hugged me.

We got up a little later and I put my shorts on as she got dressed. No one, not even her father said anything when we came up. I ate a shark steak and glanced at the patrol boats moving back and forth. Finally I put the gill tanks and belt back on and wrapped the cord around my waist. I took the empty pouch before I slipped into the water.

This time I had a better idea what to look for and swam over the bottom and searched. I saw a skull and went down and looked before pulling a tooth. I brushed silt and sand as I moved down and found the skeleton. Like before I had to shift the ribs to get at where the gems were. This time I only found eight before I swam up off the bottom.

The next water dragon was still a body and I hesitated to cut it open. It was huge and I worked quickly and ripped and cut and tore out the gizzard before I slowly started ascending. I saw the sharks as they headed towards where the body had been. I had a few swimming towards me since I still held the gizzard.

I finally broke the surface not far from the boat and spit out the mouth piece, “get me out!”

They tossed a rope and hauled me up and in as one of the sharks made a run. I rolled onto the deck and tossed the gizzard to one side. The shark struck the boat before turning away and I came to my feet as one of the others knelt and picked up the gizzard. I tossed the pouch as Emiko came to dry me with a towel, “eight more.”

They cut open the gizzard and found six before they tossed it onto the water. We could see a lot of sharks now and I set the gill pack and belt aside, “no more diving today.”

I set the tooth beside the wheel, “if that patrol boat comes back see if the captain still wants the tooth.”

They laughed and we sat back and talked and cooked more shark steak. I held Emiko and when the patrol boats returned they tied up. The men came aboard and bought shark steaks and ate with us. I fell asleep on deck with Emiko half on me and woke when the patrol boats left in the morning.

We moved the boat west a little before anchoring again. The sun was up as I stretched and looked at the water. I could not see any sharks and put the gill pack and belt on. I climbed down and fell into the water before I turned and dove. I found three skeletons right away and almost together. I got sixteen gems from them before I started to ascend.

I stopped when I saw the huge shape appear in the distance. It was swimming underwater and towards the boat. I turned and started to swim fast as it went past me. It circled the boat underwater before going down. It started up fast and I knew it would leap and crash into the boat. As it started past me I jabbed out and into the ear hole.

The shotgun round exploded out and through the hole. The single large bullet expanded as it tore into and through the brain. I was frantically trying to reload the end of the spear but the water dragon began to thrash and spasm. It floated to the surface and I swam up and looked around, “cut it open and get the gems! I have to go back down before I get the sickness!”

The men were white faced but nodded and I put the mouth piece in and dove. I was shaking as I swam down and finished reloading the shotgun barrel. I waited and then began to slowly come up again. I could see one of the patrol boats beside ours. Finally I surfaced and moved to the back and climbed out of the water.

I took the tank and belt off as I looked at the dead dragon, “well?”

Emiko ran into my arms and her father chuckled, “it had five gems but we are cutting out the teeth for the men on the patrol boat.”

I nodded and caressed Emiko and started for the hatch down into the boat, “I need to rest.”

I tossed my pouch to one of the men and he weighed it and nodded. I was pulled down and all the way forward to the bed. Emiko pushed my shorts down and off and then began to take her clothes off. After several times we stopped and I held her and fell asleep. I woke to her licking my chest and giggling and lifted up to look at her.

I grinned and moved off the bed, “crazy witch.”

I put my shorts on while she got dressed. When we came up it was to the smell of cooking but not fish. I looked at the huge steaks and then at the two patrol boats where soldiers were eating. I shook my head, “the body sink?”

Emiko’s father nodded, “a little while ago. There were a few sharks but not many.”

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