Cat in the Trees

by Ka Hmnd

Copyright© 2016 by Ka Hmnd

Science Fiction Sex Story: (Set in Addison World) A Kaire away from their empire and sent to protect elders of other clans. Unsure of the huge trees he finds friends in the dragons. He must protect the elders but also hunt and bring back some of the smaller cats found in the forest.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   .

I sighed as I moved through the port and stopped at the lounge to wait for the other Kaire. I was a long way from home but with all the aliens in the port I did not really stand out. I was here because my grandfather Alex asked me to come. He had a paid invitation from a collection of clans to come here and hunt.

I did not mind hunting but I was not sure about doing it in huge trees. The vids I had watched were daunting and exciting. The huge not cats were intriguing and I wanted to meet one of the dragons. I saw the door to the gates open but turned when I heard the crowd behind me. A tall human strode through them.

My eyes widen at the large spotted leopard walking in front of him with a small brown dwarf dragon almost leaning against it. I had to quiet the growl in my throat but the large cat heard and looked at me. It slowed and turned and the man cleared his throat, “Queen.”

The leaf leopard glanced back but kept moving towards me. I shifted as it reared up and put its front paws on my shoulders. It was heavy and I caught the body as it purred and breathed out in my face. I grinned and gave her a pat and tilted my head, “you are very pregnant.”

She bent her head and rubbed her face against mine and the man reached us. I hugged her and looked at the human as she moved back and dropped to the floor. He shook his head, “I have never seen her do that.”

I reached down to rub her face, “she is tame?”

He grinned, “bonded.”

I remember reading that and nodded, “she is a smart one.”

He looked over my shoulder, “very.”

I turned and saw the Kaire I was waiting for, “excuse me.”

I moved toward the dozen older males and touched my chest, “I am Styker Saj Alt McCandless. My grandfather wished to express his sadness that he could not come. The leader of clans has requested his presences and duty.”

They went from frowning to nodding in acceptance. I shifted and turned as the human approached and he touched his chest, “be welcome. I am Clinton Davis. My family has asked me to meet you and show you around the north colony and take you on a hunt.”

The elders bowed their heads and one by one introduced themself. I looked at the large group of shes and children and the elders smiled, “they will remain in the colony.”

I nodded and we turned to follow the human. Like before the large leopard walked in front which made everyone move out of the way. I looked down at my side when the little dwarf dragon bumped my leg. He was purring and chuffed which made the leopard glance back and answer.

I smiled and looked ahead, “I have been practicing with a bow and both a capture wand and a cast net. Is there a chance to find some of the smaller cats?”

Clinton looked back, “yes. You might be able to buy some in the market.”

I snorted and kept walking, it took several vehicles to take us away and to the hotel. An hour and we were walking through the crowds with bright stalls and shops on each side. I stepped into one shop and the humans turned and looked at me. I nodded and crossed to a display and looked at a dozen long knives.

I looked at the elder human that stopped beside me, “folded during forging?”

He grinned and opened the case and pulled out a long knife with a green wood hilt. I accepted it and felt the balance and the edge. I nodded to another, “and the small blue handled skinning knife.”

He pulled them out, “going hunting?”

I nodded, “my grandfather asked me to accompany old friends and keep them safe.”

He blinked and looked from my feet to my head, “in the Addison forest?”

I smiled slightly, “I am a listed warrior.”

He shook his head, “listen son. Almost everything you see in the forest wants to kill you.”

I moved towards another counter, “many people would like that very much. What do I owe you?”

He moved around and one of the other men moved closer, “listen Cat. You take our warning. Always look around, above and below. Never think there is not a large predator hunting you. Stay in the upper branches and do not go into the lower ones.”

I nodded, “thank you.”

He patted my shoulder, “you watch your back kid.”

He gestured to the owner, “put it on my tab. If he returns he can pay me back.”

I glanced at him before I bowed. When I left I walked the market and looked at the many displays of animals. One man had a small cat that had spots and looked like a leaf leopard. I watched it before moving closer. He shifted and his eyes narrowed as I squatted and the cat stood and stretched.

I grinned as it moved closer and crouched while watching the tip of my tail. It swung back and forth under my kilt and I pulled it up and chuckled, “that is not for you.”

The man laughed and I reached out to caress the cat’s face before I stood, “he is bonded?”

He nodded and looked back at the displays in his stall. I followed his look to see glass sided stasis boxes with many types of eggs. I looked at the labels and smiled, “only birds?”

He shrugged, “and tree rabbit and a flying lemur.”

I nodded and looked down, “thank you for letting me meet your friend.”

He smiled, “his pleasure.”

When I returned to the hotel it was to the children running around to show off things they bought. I went to check my room and pack and replaced my knives. I met the elders for dinner and they seemed eager. Two shes crossed the room and two of the elders straightened. One of the shes was blue with golden spots and the other was bluish grey.

They stopped beside me and the first cleared her throat, “Styker Saj Alt McCandless I see you.”

I blinked and looked at the elders before I looked at her, “I see you.”

She smiled, “I am Glitter Nas Sil Lii and I claim you.”

I opened my mouth as the elders chuckled and glanced at them. I looked at the girl as she shifted and gestured to the other. She grinned, “Styker Saj Alt McCandless I see you.”

I sat back as I looked at them before I nodded, “I see you.”

She smiled like the other she, “I am Taz Alt No Garzzz and I claim you.”

I sighed and finally bowed, “I accept both of you.”

The elders laughed and I stood, “I will meet you on the landing pad in the morning.”

I glanced at the girls as I started for the door. They caught up and walked beside me and had satisfied grins. We went up and started down the hall and I stopped at an open door. The human Clinton Davis was kneeling halfway across the room. His Queen was on a large nest and growling at him.

I hesitated and moved to the door, “what is happening?”

He glanced back and held out a hand, “stay out.”

I looked passed him at the large animal, “she is laying her eggs?”

He had gone back to watching her, “yes and she does not allow anyone close.”

I moved in and he shifted and turned while reaching out. I brushed his hand away as I kept going. Queen growled as her eyes shifted to me and I met them as I answered it. She stopped and watched as I came closer to her head. I knelt and leaned forward and touched her head with mine as I purred.

She shifted and relaxed and I caressed her face. I watched her eyes each time she started to tense and touched her head while purring. She would relax and before I knew it she had laid three eggs. When Clinton moved closer she started to turn her head but I touched her face. She relaxed and he cleaned the eggs and moved them around and under her.

He looked at me strangely when he was done and sat beside her and hugged her. She was purring and bumped my hand. I smiled as I caressed her cheek, “you are welcome.”

I stood and moved towards the door and the crowd that had been watching. The girls were grinning as they caught my hands and pulled me to my room. When I closed the door they began to strip while moving towards the bed. I watched them and started removing my clothes and following.

I smiled when Taz pushed Glitter onto her back and moved down and licked through her pussy. I sat and bent to suck on her nipples as she shuddered and moaned. Her hips lifted and she spread her legs more, “mmmm!”

She humped and wiggled and kept moaning. It was a few minutes before Taz moved and I was stroking my cock sheath to keep it out. I moved over Glitter and sank my cock into her and she jerked and clutched me as her pussy clenched, “yyyeeeesssss!”

I pressed and jabbed and began to fuck her with short thrust. She spasmed and thrashed as she bucked, “aaaahhhh!”

Her pussy was wet and constantly grasping at my cock. I used firm thrusts and she clutched me while struggling. I planted my cock harder and kept shoving into her to get deeper. She yelled and screamed and jerked while her pussy tightened and kept squeezing. When I buried my cock and gushed strong spurts of sperm she wrapped her legs around me.

She shuddered and shook while her pussy milked my cum into her, “YES!”

When I finished I relaxed on her and rubbed her face with mine, “wild kitten.”

She grinned as Taz laughed and I pulled out. She sighed and turned to push Taz onto her back before she moved down her body. She began licking her pussy and Taz shuddered and lifted her hips, “mmmm!”

I grinned as I laid beside her to suck on her nipples. She groaned and held my head as she shook. She kept humping as Glitter continued to lick her pussy. Soon she was jerking and thrashing, “aaaahhhh!”

She twisted and covered her pussy before yanking and pulling me over her. She laid back panting as I pressed into her and rubbed. My cock grew and came out and pushed into her. She hugged me tight as her pussy was spread open, “ooohhhh!”

I began to grind and press and jab and she spasmed while her pussy clenched and tightened. She clutched me and struggled as she bucked and thrashed around, “yyyeeeesssss!”

I ignored her claws as she held me tight and jabbed and thrusts into her firmly. She turned and twisted and cocked her legs, “mmmaaatttteeeee!”

She was howling as I began to fuck her long, hard and deep. She began to convulse while her pussy tried to milk my cock, “mmmm...”

She was incoherent when I shoved into her and gushed sperm. She jerked and tilted her hips when she felt the warmth flooding her, “YES!”

She jerked and her pussy kept clenching until long after I stopped. I nibbled on her neck and pulled out and rolled Glitter over. I stroked her tail and pulled her up onto her knees as I rubbed my cock to keep it out. I sank it into her and she groaned and shoved back. It was a long time before we slept and they both had large smiles.

I woke to my alarm and looked at the two girls before I started to move out of bed. Taz growled and I grinned and rubbed a nipple, “I have to leave.”

She shuddered and turned to shake Glitter, “time to go.”

Before I knew it we were washing and dressing and carrying packs out. They both had pistols and knives and a type of cord with weights as well as capture wands. They followed me and I thought of Queen and Mr Davis. I was surprised when I saw him waiting and he grinned, “my mate is with Queen and the eggs.”

I nodded and glanced back but the elders were not here yet. He gestured and I looked into the transport. There were three cages with what looked like three adolescent dwarf dragons. I looked at him as his chirped. He shrugged, “they really do not need to be in cages. I heard about you taking mates and knew of a friend with the dwarf dragons.”

He pulled out a pack that had cut up meat and rolled fire and spice leaves. He shooed his Dodger away and lit the leaves and I opened one of the cages. I caresses the young animal and pulled it out and turned to give it to Glitter, “what is her name?”

He grinned, “that is Noisy.”

Glitter smiled as she knelt and held her head in the smoke. I opened a second cage and the young dwarf dragon leaped and I barely caught her. He laughed as I turned to give her to Taz, “that is Quick.”

Taz took her and knelt beside Glitter as I opened the last cage. The young animal looked at me calmly and stepped out. He glanced at the other two being fed and chirped. I picked him up and turned and let him breath the smoke until he sagged. Mr Davis put out the leaves and I began to feed him, “his name?”

He chuckled, “Scout.”

I rubbed his chest, “that fits.”

By the time they stopped eating the elders had arrived. We caressed the animals while the transport took off. It had external fuel cells and we headed south and east. It was a long ride before we dropped down into the huge trees and set down on a parking pad. Across from the pad was a large wooden warren that stretched between three trees.

I stepped out first and looked around before Mr Davis emerged. He glanced at me and turned as the elders climbed out, “straight across and in the front doors. We can scout and hunt after we put things away.”

I was still watching the trees as they carried packs across and into the warren. Glitter and Taz followed with their two new companions and I finally turned and picked up my pack. Scout leaped and flew a little awkwardly towards the door. I watched as I put the pack on and started to follow, “practice.”

Mr Davis chuckled as he followed with his Dodger beside his leg. The warren was very large and I froze when I stepped in and saw several huge dragons looking down from a wide ledge. One chuffed and I glanced at the elders who looked up in surprise. I grinned and nodded to the dragons before I nudged Taz, “find our room.”

She grinned and took my pack before pulling Glitter after her. I had memorized the hand signs and used them to greet the dragons. One chuffed and made a sign of greeting. I tilted my head and used the sign to ask where I might find smaller cats. One of the others stood and stretched before walking down a spiral ramp.

It walked straight to me and looked into my eyes. I could hear the elders and Mr Davis but watched the dragon. One clawed foot lifted, “you wish to capture?”

I nodded and signed, “my clan leader asked for smaller hunters to keep us company.”

It chuffed and I looked at Scout when he answered it with a chirp. The dragon looked down and then gestured and turned to move to a holo table. I followed as he used the tips of his claws and touched an area of a map. He signed, “here is a nest of a mid sized hunter.”

He touched another spot and signed, “here is a large colony of what the humans call red? cats or young cats or...”

I grinned, “scarlet kittens?”

He nodded and signed, “they were caught and released but are spreading very fast. We have also seen many of the large hunters in that area.”

On the other side he touched a spot, “this has an aberration.”

I blinked and tried to understand its meaning. It touched my chest and then signed, “a white leaf leopard cub. It is on its own and will be hunted.”

I looked at the spot and then at the elders before looking at the dragon and signed, “you can show me where it is?”

I turned as the girls returned, “stay here and I will return.”

I looked at the elders, “we hunt in the morning?”

They nodded and I grinned, “I hunt now.”

The dragon moved towards the door with Scout following. I strode after them and set the bow and arrows on a table. Once outside I started to trot as the dragon leaped into the air. Scout flew up and ahead and in moments I was off the platform and in the trees. I leaped and climbed and strode deeper while watching and listening.

Two hours I moved before I saw the dragon drop onto the branch in front of me and sign, “beware a tiger hunts below.”

I knelt and looked down off the branch before I signed, “the cub?”

The dragon pointed down and to the other side. I shifted and looked around and through the forest before I was up and moving, “the tiger is not taking my cub.”

I dropped and swung and leaped as I kept moving. A few moments and I saw the cub stalking a tree rabbit. Behind it the very large camo tiger was moving closer and stalking it. I swung and dropped and ran as I pulled my new long knife and the net wand. I saw Scout out of the corner of my eye before I leaped into the air.

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