Trophy Hunt

by Ka Hmnd

Copyright© 2016 by Ka Hmnd

Science Fiction Sex Story: My father was rich and a bastard. I was just another trophy and we were here on Addison so he could hunt and collect more. Of course Addison has hunters too and our hunt turns bad almost from the second day. Soon it is more a matter of surviving to return with a few friends we acquire along the way.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   .

I looked at the five men bragging and drinking and shook my head. The only one here that did not annoy me was Misty and she was a year older than me. We were here to do a hunt and I had been on more than my fair share of those. I was not really a hunter, I did know how and could if I wanted.

My father was a rich man with a lot of connections. So were the other three men with him that were his friends. Misty and I were baggage and just along because our fathers did not want us out of their sight. I guess we were trophies in a away, proof they had taken us from our mothers. I looked at the extremely fit looking Mr Dupree as he sat sipping brandy.

I stood and headed towards the door and my father cleared his throat, “where are you going?”

I glanced back, “to the bathroom. Did you want to hold it while I pee?”

He reddened and turned away and I kept going. I looked at Misty when she caught up and grinned at me. She was sixteen and stunning as she looked back, “nice.”

I blushed, “he is an asshole.”

She caught my arm when I stopped at the bathroom, “want to share a tent with me?”

I cleared my throat, “share a tent?”

She sighed and caressed my cheek, “to put your dick in me and pump sperm in?”

I blushed even more, “I have never...”

She looked at my body, “you are fifteen right?”

I nodded and she pressed against me, “ten nights you can have me?”

I looked back down the hall before I nodded, “okay.”

She kissed me passionately and pressed against me, “come down to the lower viewing lounge when you finish.”

Trying to pee when your cock is hard takes time and is not easy. When I walked into the lower viewing lounge Misty was naked. It was dim, there were no lights in this room. I moved towards the large armored window she was sitting next to. She grinned and I undressed and sat beside her.

She turned and spread her legs and pulled my hand to her pussy. It was trimmed and felt hot and almost swollen. She shivered and leaned back as I began to run my finger through her slit. When I pushed a finger into her she shuddered and her pussy gripped it. I groaned as I pulled my finger out and pulled her up.

I turned and laid her down on a fur on the floor. I moved over her while one of her hands positioned my cock. I pushed into her and slowly buried my cock. She was clinging to me and tilted her hips, “ooohhhh!”

I began to fuck her and grind and press and she shook while hugging me. A few minutes and I was using firm thrusts and she was struggling. She twisted and bucked and covered her mouth, “fffuuucccckkkkk!”

I fucked her hard and deep and then shoved into her and held her. My cock gushed strong spurts of cum and she gasped and clutched me, “YES!”

When I was done I relaxed and looked at her before humping into her. She shuddered and looked at me before she grinned and her pussy tightened, “once more?”

Actually it turned out to be three more times. I laid on the floor with her after we stopped and she put her head on my shoulder. We talked about things we had never told anyone. I finally pulled her up and we got dressed. When we reached our rooms I pulled her into mine and locked the door. I fucked her in my bed before we went to sleep.

I woke to the first rumble of thunder and sighed as I woke her. She kissed me before slipping out of bed, “see you in a little while.”

I got up and went to wash and then dress. I checked the new twelve millimeter pistol I would carry and the bow, arrows, net wand and cast net. I picked up my pack and left and went up to the kitchen. This was a very isolated lodge on the north continent. It was on the east coast and five hundred kilometers from the north observation post and the radiation zone.

We had gotten here by a strange type of boat that used anti gravs. I was cutting up fruit when Misty came in and Mr Dupree followed her. Before long everyone was up and getting ready. Finally we were putting on the special anti harness. I followed everyone else with Misty right in front of me while I pulled the anti grav sled with the tents and for any pelts.

First we moved away from the ocean and deeper into the forest. Five minutes and the house was lost behind us. We went lower and I was able to walk beside Misty most of the time while picking fire, spice leaves or tanning moss. When we stopped it was an hour after leaving and I frowned.

I saw my father aiming and turned to see at what. I saw the nest right before he fired and leaped forward and pushed Mr Allen and Morris out of the way, “stop!”

My father glanced at me, “quiet.”

I slugged him and he went down as I glared, “you bastard. It was a mother with young.”

He came to his feet, “try that again and...”

I had enough of him and stepped close, “and what? Next time I will kill you.”

I spun as his mouth dropped open and I shoved the Mr Morris out of the way, “asshole.”

I ignored them as I moved around and Misty followed. Finally I was able to use vines to reach the nest. The mother tiger monkey was dead and so were three babies. The round had gone through her and them. I moved her and saw two still alive and hesitated before shifting my pack. I struggled and pulled out two bags and watched before catching the babies one at a time.

When I got back to the large main branch I looked around. I smiled at Misty before we turned and went back to the men. They started walking as if nothing had happened and we began to collect fruit and follow. We stopped an hour later and I took my pack off and gestured to Misty. I knelt and pulled out fire and spice leaves and wrapped them.

We cut up fruit and pulled out the two bags with the baby tiger monkeys. Misty was grinning as we lit the leaves and then opened the bags. We pulled out the babies and let them breath the smoke before I brushed it off the branch. The two were mewing pitifully and I picked one up and cuddled it as I began to feed it.

It quieted and ate and started to perk up and look around. He had a black mark over one eye so I named him Tar, Misty named hers Jane. When they stopped eating we put the packs on and turned to see our fathers sneering. I straightened and looked back and they turned away. We started moving again and I let Tar climb to my shoulder.

When the branch lion attacked it was mid afternoon. It had come from the front and the men were excited. What they had not done was read and learn about the animals. I pushed Tar and my bow to Misty and pulled my pistol and looked around. The second lion came from above and to the right. I fired as it was getting ready to leap.

The men spun and stared as I moved out a secondary branch. The lion slipped and dropped and I grabbed a handful of hide and yanked. It landed on the branch which groaned as I tried to balance it and put the pistol away. It weighed several hundred kilos so I was not going to pull or drag it anywhere.

I shifted and knelt while holding the lion to get my pack off. I glanced at Tar when he leaped onto my shoulder. He chittered nervously but held the end of a cord. I accepted it and made a loop and flipped it over a paw. Misty tossed the other end over a higher branch. Our fathers and the other men were busy with the other lion as I finally secured the one I killed.

I pulled my knife and began to skin it and Tar chittered and seemed to be advising me. Misty giggled a little later and I grinned as I finished. I rolled and folded the pelt and stuffed it into the sled. I remember reading about how to clean the hide and cut off a shoulder and added it to the sled.

We only walked for another hour before climbing fifty meters and stopping. While my father and the other morons began pulling up their tents close to the trunk I moved away. I shot a line over the limb above us and another above and to one side. That was so when we raised the tent it would not be directly below a branch.

We left the sled and I carried my bow with an arrow ready. Misty was dragging the pelt and I had the shoulder on a strap. Three trees away we stopped and spread out the pelt like the vids told us. I did the whistle and we moved back and surprisedly the beatle ants hurried down the tree.

They spread out and found the pelt and we watched in awe as they started cleaning it. I grinned as Tar and Jane sat on a branch to one side eating a apple berry. I glanced at them and then got the bow ready and moved and pulled the string back. The large bird was in a group of smaller branches and died with my arrow in it.

I went to get it and plucked it while we watched the beatle ants. Finally I shook the insects off and tossed the shoulder to them. Misty carried the bird while I carried the pelt. Once we were back she got out the leaves. She cut up the bird and I began to rub the tanning moss into the pelt and shook my head at the men drinking from a bottle.

They had not even cleaned the other lion pelt. It was growing dark when I finished and we ate. We put the lion pelt and our new friends into the tent and cleaned up before we got in. I looked at Mr Dupree and the men still on the branch before I lifted the tent. It went up and out until I stopped it where I thought we would be safe.

I closed the door and turned to see Misty already naked and laying back on the lion pelt. I grinned as I undressed and shut off the small light. I snapped awake to one of the men screaming. I pushed Misty off me and reached for the pistol and moved to the door. I heard shots before I got it open and looked out and down.

It was very dark but I used a light and saw Mr Dupree or his body. It was ripped open on the branch and a three meter King Lizard was writhing around beside it. I glanced up to see my father and Misty’s leaning out of their tent. I hesitated before I lowered our tent and slipped out. The large animal had stopped moving as I lifted and moved Mr Dupree’s body to his tent.

I set him inside and then used the remote to lift it as high as I could. I returned to my tent and lifted it and ignored my father as I closed the door. I expected us to return in the morning but that was not going to happen. Misty clutched me and held me tight and we did not sleep much for the rest of the night.

In the morning our fathers acted like nothing had happened. We had to hold and reassure the babies during the morning rain storm. We fed our new friends and I looked up at the tent with Mr Dupree’s body. I used my comm to report the death even though my father had not said anything. The babies hugged us and rode on our shoulders while looking around.

We coaxed them into climbing and walking on the first break. We still collected fruit and I had even killed two peacocks. It was during the second break that death came again. Tar and Jane were climbing a vine when I glanced to a large secondary branch. Two nightshade cubs were crouching and looking towards the men.

I pulled the net wand from my belt and pointed and fired as the mother I had not seen leaped and her mouth closed on the head of Mr Allen. She yanked and shook which broke the neck as the others panicked. I yanked on the cord for the net that had caught her two cubs as they fought and screamed.

I also pulled my pistol, turned and aimed before I fired past my father. The round exploded through the side of the nightshade’s head. She dropped and I spun and put the pistol away, “get Tar Misty!”

I jumped to another secondary branch and finally onto the one with the struggling cubs. I saw my father aiming at the cubs and snarled, “shoot them and I kill you.”

His eyes met mine and his face reddened before he looked away. I pulled fire and spice leaves as I knelt and lit them. I blew on the smoke and it went towards the cubs. Their struggling slowed and then stopped before they sank down. I looked at Misty with Tar and Jane clinging to her, “bring the packs with the peacocks.”

I put out the fire and worked the two dizzy cubs out of the net. I moved around and pushed one towards Misty as Tar scramble around and climbed up my body. Misty knelt and we started cutting up the two birds and feeding the cubs. I glanced at the men to see them putting up a tent and adding the body of their friend.

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