Private Striker

by Ka Hmnd

Copyright© 2016 by Ka Hmnd

Science Fiction Story: A slave engineered and trained to be a soldier is freed and becomes a striker. He is a anti pirate soldier on a private yacht with two other men.

Caution: This Science Fiction Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   .

I have trained to be a soldier since I was old enough to walk. I was engineered and trained on a grey world and sold to a corporation before I was freed when the corporation went broke. I am eighteen now and managed to get a job on a huge yacht. The owner was one of the many mega rich that did not want to stay in any one system.

The yacht was almost the size of a cargo ship. It had a full sim holo theater, a pool and holo rooms and dozens of suites. It even had a lounge with a solid armored crystal roof to see the stars. There were three of what the owner called his private strikers just incase a pirate attacked. We had our own suite of rooms with large bedrooms and a training and exercise area.

The alarm jerked us out of the sim we were running and I yanked the neural net off. I jumped to my feet and ran towards the suite arms locker while pulling my clothes off. I was not alone as I put the combat armor suit on and loaded weapons. I moved towards the door before the other two, “James up and waiting.”

The yacht should have just jumped into a system called Mercury. The sun was a yellow giant and there were sixteen planets in the system. It was also a border system or grey as many called them. The captain opened the encrypted comm as I continued towards the crew common area with the others following, “we have a ship coming up fast from the stern.”

I turned to head towards the rear of the ship as he continued, “they have the star comm jammed.”

I nodded to myself, “try to get it to come up on our port side.”

Clint growled, “we will be outside waiting.”

I grinned as Darren chuckled, “with a special surprise.”

We cycled out the after airlock and moved up on the hull. I saw the ship closing behind us and shifted and crouched, “three...”

Clint hissed, “two...”

Darren barked as we all leaped, “one...”

I pulled the grav gun I carried and aimed and squeezed the trigger. My thumb shifted a tiny lever as I was pulled towards the far side of the ship faster. I flipped before I reached the ship and moved the lever again. This time it slowed me and I released the trigger. I landed in a crouch and spun to start moving around and down to the far side airlock.

I glanced at the tracker to see Clint and Darren right behind me. I reached the hatch and pulled the emergency open handle. We did not care if the pirates knew we were coming at this point. The hatch opened and I moved in and to the controls at the other hatch. I waited and Darren growled, “sealed!”

I hit the emergency oxy dump as Clint placed charges. I moved back and a moment later the hatch shimmered and then shattered. I lifted the short assault rifle from under my right arm and moved into the ship. I fired into a man with a pistol as I went right. Clint went left and headed towards the engineering section.

Darren followed me and then spilt off and began to hunt. I shot a second man in the bridge hatch and stepped in. Three men turned with wide eyes and I shot each in the head, “bridge clear.”

I turned and went to the hatch and entered a lock code before I closed the hatch. I began hunting and it was a few moments before Clint called to say engineering was clear. The boarding crew got stuck between Darren, Clint and I. They were crowded in the airlock and dead on the floor outside it.

I moved up since the controls were on my side and hit the close panel. I waited and then started entering commands and then opened the outer hatch. I turned and headed back to the bridge as the dozen men were blown into space and died, “captain the ship is secure and the pirates dead.”

I unlocked the bridge and moved to the pilot seat, “do you wish us to dock?”

I heard the captain chuckle, “use the port aft airlock since you are already there.”

Ten minutes and the ship was docked and shut down and we went to let the captain board it. He inspected everything and nodded, “seal it and put it in vacuum.”

That was so the law could examine it. Once we finished we returned to our suite and started cleaned the suits and the weapons. The owner sent a request for our helmet vids to review what we had done. We put the three in a data packet and let him upload it. I went to wash and rest while Clint and Darren did the same.

It took a day to skip in and to the station and we stood by when the fleet officers and a set of peace officers came aboard. They had already received everything but now they had to do a physical inspection. When they left we were clear and Clint and Darren headed onto the station. I accessed the station entertainment vids and downloaded a few.

It was evening when the suite hatch opened. I was not expecting Clint or Darren back and turned. The ship owner smiled as he stepped in and a teenager followed clutching a bag. He gestured, “James this is Gem, she is from Mandarin. I purchased her on the station. She is your comforter. The other two preferred credits.”

I looked at her as I straightened, “that is not...”

He turned to the door, “no but I wished to give you something.”

I watched him leave and looked at the girl who was staring at the floor. I sighed and turned and gestured, “follow me.”

I led her to my sleeping room and turned, “you can put your things away and use the fresher if you want.”

She nodded and I hesitated before I left. I had no idea what a comforter was or what to do with one. I returned to the galley and thought before I pulled out rations for two. I looked at the girl when she returned. She was naked and her body was beautiful. She was still looking down and I gestured to the table, “dinner.”

She sat and I hesitated before I went to get one of my tee shirts. I came back and put it on her, “eat and relax.”

I started eating and it was a few moments before she did too. After we finished I cleaned up and then pulled her up and into the common area. I sat her down and started one of the vids and leaned back. She kept glancing at me and slowly relaxed. When the vid was over I shut everything off and led the way to my bedroom.

I pulled her into the fresher and we went to the bathroom before returning to the bedroom. I gestured and she climbed onto the bad and laid back. I cleared my throat as I dimmed the light and moved to the bed, “you will get cold on top like that.”

I lifted the sheet and blanket and she crawled in and laid down. I stripped and laid beside her and slowly started to relax. She shifted and turned and put her head on my shoulder, “you did not want me?”

Her breasts on my arm had my cock hard, “you want me to use you?”

She shifted to look into my face, “I am your comforter.”

I looked into her lovely eyes, “what is a comforter?”

She blinked and then smiled, “I am here for you to have sex with.”

I looked at her and whispered, “I have never done that.”

She grinned and turned and straddled me and lifted to position my cock. She pushed down and sighed before she started to grind and rub her pussy back and forth. She felt so good, warm and a little slippery. A minute and her pussy was even more slippery and she was lifting off my cock before rocking back onto it.

Her pussy was grasping and clenching as she shuddered. She twisted and rolled her hips as she began to spasm, “sssoooo ... gggooooodddd!”

She fell on me and I hugged her before she pulled and I rolled over. She pulled on my hips and I began to fuck her firmly. She lifted her legs and yelled as her pussy tightened, “yyyeeeesssss!”

It was awhile before I buried my cock and held her as I gushed sperm. She struggled and clutched me when she felt the sudden warmth pumping into her, “mmmm!”

When I was done I looked at her as she panted and hesitated before I humped, “again?”

She grinned and hugged me as she wrapped her legs, “yes please.”

Again turned into over two hours and even after I stopped fucking her I still laid beside her and felt and caressed her. She fell asleep half on me and I finally closed my eyes. We were in the station for over two weeks and I spent the time exercising and checking equipment. Clint and Darren returned after three days and looked at Gem before ignoring her.

I had taken her off the ship a few times to shop and get her a new comp. Everywhere I went she followed and stayed with me. She used her comp and asked for credits which I gave her. I was not spending them and if she wanted something she could use them. Finally the owner returned from the planet and the ship left.

We returned to our training sims and practice. Each night Gem would comfort me and sometimes that was only soothing sore muscles or bruises. It was three months and six systems before we emerged from a jump and another pirate started after us. This time their ship was much faster and armed so we had to be careful.

I leaped away from the ship and Clint and Darren followed. I pulled the grav gun I carried and aimed and squeezed the trigger. My thumb shifted the tiny lever as I was pulled towards the far side of the ship. I flipped before I reached it and moved the lever again. It slowed me and I released the trigger.

I landed and spun to start moving around and down to the far side airlock. I reached the hatch and pulled the emergency open handle. The hatch opened and I moved in and to the controls at the other hatch. I waited and Darren growled, “sealed!”

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