Class Episode 02

by JiMC

Copyright© 2016 by JiMC

Humor Sex Story: We listen in on the second day of Mr. Milner's Sex Education class. Today's lecture also includes a lab with a demonstration, as well as the usual silly advice.

Caution: This Humor Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Teenagers   Reluctant   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Humor   Oral Sex   Petting   Teacher/Student   .

Welcome again, class. This is day two of our sex education class. I see a new face here today. Miss... ?

Thank you. Miss Williams. Yes, today is a full hand’s on lab, which is the reason for everybody’s lack of clothing. Excuse me? About Miss Samuels? Yes, she was given permission to leave her stockings and garters on, as they will not be in the way in today’s lab. Yes, Miss Martin? Yes, stockings and garters are definitely appreciated in this class, and if you happen to have any you’d like to wear, feel free. Yes, Miss... ? Miss Paul. Your question? No, I do not consider panty hose as a proper replacement for stockings.

Now, getting on with the subject at hand, we will be discussing female orgasm. Specifically, we will be getting into clitoral orgasms, but if we have the time and the right subject, we may venture into the area of the fabled grafenberg spot, or more commonly known as the “G” spot orgasm. If you think you can demonstrate this, please let me know and I’ll see if we can fit you into the discussion.

All right. Orgasm is a biological function. Yes, Miss Potts? Yes, I know you’ve experienced a few since yesterday’s class. You and Miss Samuels both did excellent work in your extra credit activities last night. You have every right to be smiling. I’ve heard that before, Miss Potts. This class is indeed one of the only ones where you can fuck to get an “A.” Ha, ha, ha.

Getting back to our subject, the biological function of the female orgasm is basically to provide pleasure to the female as a result of copulation. That is, intercourse, making love, playing “Hide the Salami,” or sexual union. There are lots of phrases for the physical male/female sexual act, and you may feel free to use some of the more common ones. Now, orgasm may or may not occur in females, depending upon a lot of factors, such as state of mind, sensitivity, interest of the partner, and many other things. It also doesn’t just occur during copulation. They can happen during manual stimulation by a partner or even to one’s self. Stimulation may happen in response to fingers, other sexual organs, tongues, toys, or even fruits such as bananas and the ever-popular cucumbers. Females are generally dissuaded from using pineapples as external stimulants. Yes, that was a joke.

Now the use of pleasure is a positive feedback mechanism. You copulate, you feel good. You feel good, you want to copulate. It helps ensure the survival of the species.

Miss Samuels, I’m going to call on you again for our demonstration. Can you please come up front? Thank you. Now, I promise you that I’m not playing favorites. I chose Miss Samuels because unlike most of you, she’s shaved her pubis, also known as pubic hair. This allows for a much better view of the activity we will be demonstrating. Miss Samuels, if you can get up on the table here? That’s right. Put your feet into the stirrups. Very nice and lovely. You’re welcome!

Now, you girls are all probably familiar with the outer parts of your pussies. Stop giggling, girls. That’s what they are. We can use formal names or more common names. There’s nothing inherently “dirty” about them. In fact, I would imagine that every pussy in this room has their own wonderful features. However, I’d like to give a quick refresher course so we’re all in agreement on the names we will be using. These folds are called the labia minimus. Oh, I’m sorry. I wasn’t trying to tickle you Miss Samuels! Now right about here near the top is the clitoral hood, and with just a bit of stimulation ... there, the clitoris itself. Again, every girl is different, and some may require a little more stimulation before it peeps its tiny head out. Going downward ... uh ... please keep your lips apart as I instruct the class, Miss Samuels. Thank you. Going downward, this is the urethral opening, where urine comes out. Do not confuse it with the clit! That’s a common male mistake. If necessary, make sure your partner knows the difference! Next is the vaginal opening, and I can tell you from experience that Miss Samuels has a nice, tight one. Your welcome, Miss Samuels. Yes, Miss Potts. You also. Further down is the perineum, and this little star-shaped pucker is the anus.

Yes, Miss? Miss Fulsom ... Your question? Yes, indeed. The anus can indeed be considered a sexual organ. It offers a different type of stimulus, such as analingus, the licking of the anus, and ... anybody? Miss Potts? I prefer the term “anal intercourse” to the phrase “ass fucking,” but you have the right idea. Now, anal sex is not currently on the curriculum, but if there is enough interest... ? Let me see a show of hands. One, two ... that’s about six. Perhaps we can have a small extra credit session some time after classes are over, let’s say next Friday. I’ll pass around a paper and you can put your names on it.

Thank you. Now, back to Miss Samuels. You can see that as she has been holding herself open, a lot of moisture collects. This is identical to Miss Potts’ reaction to my stimulation of her yesterday. As I explained yesterday, this is perfectly natural. This is the female body’s way to prepare one’s vagina for penetration. The moisture is very slippery. It acts as a lubricant. As you can see, Miss Samuels has collected quite a lot. If I rub my finger in it, you can see it’s very slippery. Would you like a taste, Miss Samuels? There you go! Let me try some myself. Yummy! Just as I remembered. Remember, girls, your pussies are NOT dirty! Licking and tasting can lead to all sorts of fun!

Now, since this is an all-girls’ school, I wouldn’t be surprised to find people that prefer same sex partners? The term is lesbians, and that’s the term we will use here. One ... two ... Nice. Now, there are others that have used same sex partners because of the lack of male companionship? Oh, quite a few more. Fantastic. So a lot of you are already familiar with stimulating members of the same sex. Indeed. I ask this every year and find generally the same proportion.

As you can see, we have a number of tables placed around the room. I would like each girl that had her hand up just now to stand up next to a different table. There you go. Miss Potts! I’m finding you a big help in this class! What’s that, Miss Samuels? Oh, yes. However, I’m going to want you to remain here. You can relax your fingers now. We’ll get back to that in a minute.

Now, there were two girls in the lesbian camp. Is that it? Any others? Fine. Miss... ? Thank you. Miss Payne and Miss Didi. Now, are you two friends? Not yet? Interested? It’s not a problem. It’s just that you might prefer activities with another lesbian. Of course. You’re welcome. Miss Potts, can you please give them your table, and come up here with Miss Samuels? Miss Potts has already been together with Miss Samuels a couple of times. That’s fine, dear.

No, Miss Potts. And I want all of you to understand this. Just because you may kiss a member of the same gender doesn’t automatically make you a lesbian. Now, there’s nothing at all wrong if your preference goes that way, such as with Miss Payne and Miss Didi. To actually be a lesbian is more a state of mind than it is something you do. In yesterday’s class, I said that “sex” isn’t something you do, but something you are. If you find that you prefer the sweet, loving, and gentle caresses from the fairer sex, it is nothing to be ashamed of, and should actually be something to celebrate. After all, a lot of guys also prefer girls, so you shouldn’t fault their taste!

Yes, Miss ... Miss Carson. Your question? Ah, that’s a good one. How do you know if you are one? Would Miss Payne or Miss Didi care to explain? Too embarrassed? That’s perfectly fine. I don’t require people disclosing the more intimate details of their personal lives. That’s not what this class is about. All right, Miss Carson. You see a room full of naked females. Does that turn you on? Yes? That’s fine. Now, if you remember yesterday’s class. Did my nudity turn you on? Yes? That’s fine. You may not have made a decision yet, and there’s no rush to do so. Try to discover what you like and don’t like, and go with your instincts. Does that make sense Miss Payne and Miss Didi? It does? Thank you very much!

Yes, Miss ... Miss Imtiaz. Ah, yes. This is a non-religious school. We do not favor any particular religion or even non-religion. If your faith requires you to abstain from sex until marriage, then you will not be able to perform in our labs, which is a requirement for this class. We could work out something if you have another period free that might work for me. Private counseling. No free periods? How about Thursdays at 3:30? Fine. You may abstain from this particular lab. However, I must insist that you remain unclothed for the entire period, and listen and watch. Do you understand? Thank you.

All right. Now the rest of you still at your seats, please find a table with only one person at it. That’s it. Right now. Yes. I am hoping we have enough for everybody. We do? That’s great. Miss Imtiaz, we were going to be one short. However, if you would like to perform the lab with me, I see a free table ... No? All right. We’ll discuss options on Thursday.

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