The Cabin, Scenario 1. the Nightdress

by Grandad1950

Copyright© 2016 by Grandad1950

Erotica Sex Story: Grandad's seduction at the cabin

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Coercion   Heterosexual   Fiction   Incest   Grand Parent   First   .

It’s late when we arrive and pitch dark, deep in the forest. We round a bend of the dirt track and the headlights give you your first view of my cabin. Except, when I look round, you’re asleep.

‘Julie, ‘ I whisper in your ear. ‘We’re here.’

You open your drowsy eyes and smile. ‘Mmm, I like it Grandad. Can I explore?’

‘Sure, honey. Here’s the key. You go ahead while I get the bags out of the boot.’

By the time I enter, you’ve found the bed. ‘This your bed, Grandad?’ You bounce on it. ‘I love it.’

‘Yes, I love it too.’

‘Where’s mine?’

I deposit the luggage by the side of the bed. ‘We share.’ I put a match to the firelighters and rearrange the logs.

You frown. ‘Oh!’ You jump off the bed and walk over to the only other door. ‘I thought this was my bedroom.’

‘That’s the bathroom. This is the only other room.’

You turn and look at me. ‘I don’t think Mommy would want me to share your bed, Grandad.’

‘In which case, I suggest you don’t tell her.’

You frown again and bite your lower lip. ‘Hmm, I don’t know if I should.’ Abruptly, you brighten and run back to the bed. ‘You have a full length mirror.’ You stand in front of it and slowly turn around, admiring your yellow sun dress.

I walk over and stand behind you. In the reflection I notice how much taller I am. The top of your head is below my neckline. ‘You’re such a beautiful girl, Julie.’

‘Thank you Grandad.’ You turn, throw your arms around my neck and hug me tight.

I adore your body snug against mine. My hands slide down your sides, enjoying your young curves. You sigh, but when my hands grasp your buttocks, your whole body tenses. Your hand tries to release my grip, but it’s a waste of effort.

‘You have a lovely ass, baby.’

I squeeze them. Such wonderful handfuls. I lift the hem of your dress and clasp your soft cotton panties.

‘Grandad!’ You try to pull away, but stand no chance. ‘No, Grandad, please stop.’

Instead of stopping, my hands slip inside your panties and claim your buttocks. Such soft young skin. Your feet are already slightly apart, but I use my foot to push yours away. As your legs part, my right hand moves into your crack and strokes over your anus and perineum.

‘Stop that, Grandad or I’ll tell Mommy.’

I continue to stroke you for a little longer, but your struggling is spoiling the fun. Plenty of time, I think. ‘OK, darling. Grandad’s only playing with you.’ I extract my hands and turn you around so we’re looking at one another in the reflection.

‘Didn’t you like it, Julie?’

You blush. ‘I think so.’ You lower your eyes. ‘But... ‘

‘So why did you want me to stop?’

‘Because it’s wrong. You’re an old man, plus you’re my Grandad.’

‘You certain it’s wrong, if it feels good?’

I can tell by the expression on your face, you’re unsure. After a few seconds of silence, I whisper. ‘Never mind, darling. Right now, it’s late and bedtime.’

‘Ok, Grandad, ‘ you whisper as a smile slowly grows. ‘I love you, Grandad.’

‘I know you do, baby, and Grandad loves you so much. Loved you ever since you were born.’

Your smile disappears when I start to unbutton the back of your dress, but you don’t protest as I start to strip you naked.

When the last button has been released, I lift the shoulder straps and the dress slithers down your beautiful young figure to your ankles.

Your hands quickly cover up your bra and panties and you flush red.

I pull your hands away. You fight me, but give up when you realise you can never win when I’m so much stronger. ‘Keep them by your side, honey.’

I’m surprised your breasts are so well developed at your age. I run my hands over the thin fabric and I’m sure your nipples stiffen a little. I glance at your blushing face, watching my hands fondling you. I surmise from your expression you’re confused by Grandad handling you this way. I unclip the back and slowly pull your bra away, giving myself a slow tease. As your breasts are exposed, I sigh at their beauty, so full and firm, beautifully shaped. The straps fall from your shoulders and the flimsy bra falls to the floor to join your dress. Nearly naked for Grandad’s voyeuristic pleasure.

Your face was flushed, but now it’s spread to your neck and the swell of your childish breasts. Your eyes meet mine. ‘Mommy won’t be pleased.’

‘If you mention your Mommy once more, ‘ I growl, ‘I’ll spank you so hard. Don’t ever tell her what happens here ... or anyone. You understand?’

You nod. ‘Yes, Grandad.’ Tears form in your eyes. ‘Please don’t hurt me, Grandad. Please.’

‘You talking about me spanking your bottom?’

You gulp. ‘No ... with the other things you’re going to do to me.’

I turn you around and place a tender kiss on your lips. ‘You’ll be Grandad’s toy, but I’ll never cause you pain as long as you behave and obey me.’

You manage a faint smile and bite your lower lip. ‘I’ll do anything you say, Grandad.’

‘Good girl.’

I kneel in front of you and slide my fingers into the waist band of your panties. I slide them down your legs to finally expose your young body. You steady yourself with your hands on my shoulders as you step out of your clothes.

‘Place your leg over my shoulder, baby.’

‘Yes, Grandad.’

I stroke a finger tip up and down your pussy lips. ‘What do you call it, Julie?’

In a shaky voice you reply, ‘Kitty.’

‘Mmm, you have a beautiful kitty.’ I gently open you up and look inside. ‘Such a darling little kitty.’

‘Thank you, Grandad.’

I pick you up, lie you on the bed and spread your thighs even wider. I study your exposed hairless pussy. ‘Mmm, ‘ I sigh as I part your lips to expose your virgin pinkness. Pleased to see your hymen has been broken. Later, I’ll ask when and how you did it. I would love to molest you, but not now. ‘It’s late. We should get ready for bed.’

You sound relieved as you agree.

‘Grandad has a present for you, baby.’

You sit up and bounce off the bed. ‘Oh wonderful, Grandad. What is it?’

I pick up my bag and place it on the bed. ‘Close your eyes.’

You stand beside me with your eyes screwed tight and a big grin.

I take out your present and lay it on the bed. ‘Ok, you can look now.’

You open your eyes and they open even wider when you see what I’ve bought you. ‘Oh, Grandad, they’re yummy.’ You pick up the light blue nightie and matching panties and rush to the mirror. You hold the nightdress in front of you. ‘It’s lovely, Grandad. Thank you.’ You pause and the smile vanishes. ‘Grandad, they’re ... transparent. I can’t wear these when you can see me. I’ll be ... naked.’

‘I’ve already seen you without any clothes.’

‘I know, but that was just the once. If we’re in the same bed, you’ll be able to see me anytime you want. I feel exposed, revealing everything to you.’

‘That’s the whole point, honey. Whenever I want to see your titties and kitty, I can gaze at them.’

‘Oh!’ You screw up your face, as you struggle to digest this new shock. In the end, you groan. ‘Ok, if I must.’

‘Put them on. Let Grandad see how you look.’

You start to walk away. ‘OK, I’ll change in the bathroom.’

‘Nonsense, stand in front of the mirror, so I can see all of you.’

You dare to scowl at me, but step into the panties and pull them up.

I stroke my fingers over your backside. ‘Perfect fit, ‘ I hush. ‘You look gorgeous.’

You look uncomfortable as you stand before the mirror topless while my fingers tenderly abuse your softness. I kneel and gently bite your buttock. My fingers smooth over the front of your sheer panties, stroking your soft young flesh. I stand and smile at you. ‘Now, the nightie. Lift your arms.’

I slide the gossamer negligee over your torso, then take possession of your silky curves. I watch as my hands run freely all over your boobs, caressing their softness. There’s no doubt your nipples are responding even though your face shows your disapproval of this molestation of your helpless body. My right hand abandons your breast and slides down to the bare gap between the hem of your nightie and the top of your panties.

‘No, Grandad, please don’t.’

The tips of my fingers invade the defenceless barrier of your lacy panties, slide inside and glide over your mons until they rest on your virgin lips. At last, you’re wet. Not soaking, but without doubt, the tell-tale dampness of your arousal. My middle finger dips into your sweet, private place. You stiffen as I occupy your baby pussy, however there’s no opposition to my finger’s entry. I even catch your soft sigh as I stroke inside you, exploring you.

I pull out and sense your disappointment as my hand exits your panties. ‘Bed time, ‘ I whisper into your ear.

‘Ok, Grandad.’ You crawl under the duvet and pull it around you.

I face you as I start to strip. The whole time I’m undressing, you never open your eyes. I search inside my bag until I find my pj bottoms. I pull them up. ‘You can open your eyes, Julie. I’m respectable.’

The first thing you look at are my pjs and I’m sure your eyes never leave the bulge of anticipation tenting the right leg of my pants.

I switch the light off and slide under the duvet. You kiss me on the cheek and whisper,

‘Thanks for my present. Goodnight, Grandad.’

‘Goodnight, darling.’

‘Can we cuddle?’

‘Mmm, that’ll be wonderful, ‘ I whisper.

You snuggle close and put your arm around my waist.

The drive was long, it’s late and I’d decided to sleep, but after five minutes, I know it’s impossible. The proximity of your body excites me beyond any passion I’ve ever experienced. ‘Put your hand inside Grandad’s pjs, baby.’

There’s a long silence. ‘No, Grandad, it’s wrong.’

‘Why? Does my cock frighten you?’

‘I don’t know. I’ve never seen one.’

‘Julie, put your hand inside.’

‘Must I?’

‘I could spank your bottom.’

Your hand is shaking as it enters the gap in my pjs. I thrill as your little fingers slide through my hairs. You pause, but eventually you find my balls. Your hand slides between my thighs and cup them. Your cool softness is gentle on them.

‘Stroke them, baby.’

You obey me and my cock begins to strain against the cotton enclosure.

‘Explore me, little girl.’

You start to cry. ‘Please, Grandad, I really don’t want too.’

‘Do it!’ I snarl.

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