The Mistress and Her Doberman

by Kathrin

Copyright© 2016 by Kathrin

Erotica Sex Story: Being called by her mistress, Lara is immediately at her service - even when it involves taking care of the Lady's big Doberman. But will she let herself get degraded to serve the ferocious animal in every shape, and with every orifice? Is she strong enough to withstand the onslaught of his huge, animalistic member? And, more importantly: Will she enjoy herself?

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa   Reluctant   Slavery   Lesbian   Zoophilia   DomSub   Anal Sex   Bestiality   Oral Sex   .

“You called, miss?” Carefully, the girl stepped into the lavish room, wherein her mistress resided. She closed the door carefully behind her, and slowly approached the wide leather seat, where the Lady waited for her.

“Yes,” the mistress answered with a telling glance, that slowly travelled down her body. Her eyes rested especially on her slender hips, which were only covered by a short black skirt, not hiding much, while the rest of her body, including her small, firm breasts, were in full view.

Lara felt very exposed, naked as she was, getting sized up. Slowly, she lowered her eyes, the long pony tail falling down the side of her cheek, hopefully hiding some of the blush that reddened it. “How ... how can I serve you?” she asked meekily and looked down, where her shackled ankles moved restlessly.

“You know my faithful Doberman, Hass?” she asked and leaned forward, while the black dog by her side growled. Lara smiled and nodded. She wasn’t usually this shy, but being summoned by her mistress was a different matter entirely. On top of that, Hass was an impressive dog, the strongest and largest one she had ever seen, and she had always felt intimidated by him. For a moment, she fought the desire to crawl back away from them, but then just looked up at her and smiled again.

Her eyes wandered over to the grim, black animal, standing attentively by his mistress’ side. My god, she thought, was he aroused? In between the legs she made out a long, red shadow, but couldn’t see it clearly in the dim light. It seemed to sway with the dog’s moves, though. She suddenly felt an unnatural urge, and tried desperately to keep her eyes off Hass and on his mistress. “He does need a bitch,” the Lady said matter-of-factly. She didn’t use many words when she was commanding her slaves, but the few words were powerful.

Lara nodded and smiled. She didn’t quite know what she had to do with that, but she felt honoured that her Lady would involve her in this. She opened her mouth to give a response, but suddenly, looking into the eyes of the mistress, she understood what she was here for, and it left her speechless. Her mind was blank, words were at the tip of her tongue, but disappeared before she could utter them, and so she croaked and stuttered for a moment, feeling like a dumb girl. But then, as if led by a magical force, she gracefully walked over to the dog’s side and let her fingers run along the shaft between his legs. It was as if a different woman took possession of her, a strange, stronger, more confident, arousing woman, who knew what she wanted, and didn’t let herself get intimidated. “Maybe I can help with that,” she replied with a dark voice, almost whispering, while she slowly stroked the warm, hard member.

Now it was the mistress’ turn to be baffled. “Indeed,” she murmured and looked at her impressed. “It would be appreciated if you know what to do. It has been a while since Hass has...” She stopped and looked at her again, with the same telling look that had mesmerized her before.

Unknowingly, Lara licked her lips. A while, she thought, and wondered how much sperm has been collecting in all this time. And, heavens, how long it has been for her, too, to feel a cock between her lips – any lips. Before she knew what happened, she had already knelt down onto the floor and lifted the thick cock up to her mouth. It was fully erect, and hard, it’s thin, red head almost dripping from arousal. Maybe it was, because she was starved like this, but Lara couldn’t hold back any more. The tip of her tongue touched the end of the cock, and she kissed it with her full, red lips, until they were opened wide by the thick, warm shaft, that began to drill into her mouth.

You Lords, what a great feeling, she thought. How she had missed filling her mouth with glorious fuckmeat, sucking on it, nibbling on it, licking on it, as if it was the best food in the world. And it was, wasn’t it, she thought. Especially for the surprise filling at the end, when the cream would spray forth from it! The thought of that made her even hungrier, and so soon she sucked smacking on Hass’s strong shaft, while the Lady was watching her, not involved at first, but soon grabbing the ponytail of the slave and pulling her head harder against the cock, until it was lodged deep in her throat.

She didn’t expect to be taken like this, and the treatment alternatively made her feel hot and cold. A thousand fantasies were running through her head, while between her legs a slippery wetness began to spread, which she hadn’t known before. Would she have her get fucked just like that? Anywhere? Against her will? Was she just at his mercy? And why did the thoughts of it make her feel so horny?

Soon, the Doberman began to thrust forward, as he started to fuck her mouth. Lara still tried to give some stimulation with her tongue and lips, but she felt that she was just a willing fuck hole now, for him to plunge his cock into, and so she let him be, willing and aroused herself, from feeling used like this.

Before her mind’s eye, she saw the old Lara, watching her displeased, how a beautiful young girl would get fucked in her mouth by a dog, while the new Lara, the horny Lara, the wet, hot and willing Lara pushed her tits up and rubbed them along the hard shaft of the animal, its salivated cock in between them, nibbling devotedly at the tip. Maybe she was good for something after all, she thought, and if it was just to milk dog cocks.

Mmmh, finally it started jerking. She held the head tight between her lips, so it won’t escape, as the long awaited sperm ejaculation wouldn’t be long now. How he would taste? How hard he would squirt? How much...

She coughed and gagged, when he suddenly exploded in her mouth with force, filling it with hot, creamy sperm. His balls pumped so hard and fast into her that it came squirting out the sides of her mouth again, splashing all over her face and tits, but she didn’t want to swallow, but enjoy the taste a little while longer. The tart, strong, spicy, beastly, completely engulfing taste of sperm that she had missed for so long.

She swallowed and slurped finally, even gargled it some, like it was a fine wine, before letting it run down her throat, where a warm feeling began to spread in her belly. She felt as if she had come herself. Was that even possible? A mouth orgasm? She shook her head and tried to shake off the thoughts as well, while looking up at the Lady smiling. The spilled sperm began to run down between her breasts, but that made her only look hornier.

The stern woman smiled satisfied and nodded approvingly. “Mmh, I haven’t seen such skill in a while,” she remarked impressed. “You know what you are doing.”

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